Let Natalie Know Your Thoughts on the Nigma Box Redesign!

Hello my lovely readers. As you have (hopefully) noticed, Nigma Box received a dramatic facelift this past weekend. While I am generally happy with how Nigma Box's new look, I am more than open to any and all suggestions about this site's presentation. Whether it be font choices, layout suggestions, or color balancing, let me know if there is anything you want to see me change. Because with the new tools at my disposal, I can change A LOT!

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The End of 2016!

p4g-fin-the-end-goodbye-forever-i-am-done-with-thisSeeing as how the year is at its end, it is time to look back and assess 2016. There were some real bad things that happened throughout the past 366 days, most of them relating to the world at large, but the year did have some high points, at least for me. I started my gender transition, met my significant other, put out a novel and novella, started attending a real college, and started a new better job. I also reviewed over fifty games this past year, many of which I loved, and I feel it is appropriate to summarize and celebrate my favorite special treats I’ve indulged in throughout 2016. (more…)

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Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School Review


Upon hearing the news that the overarching story of the Danganronpa series would be concluded in the form of an anime series instead of a third installment, I was more than a little confused, but understanding. There are a lot of loose ends to tie up, and if it were to serve as a conclusion, a third Danganronpa game would probably be constrained if it were presented in the format established in the two mainline entries, and Spike Chunsoft presumably did not want to change the game’s very foundation for a sequel. I previously reviewed Danganronpa 1, Danganronpa 2, and the spin-off Ultra Despair Girls, and will be spoiling all of them, as it is hard not to when talking about the story of a direct sequel.


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Thank Goodness: 2015 Is Dead!

HeroJob It Looks like brains were yanked out this is random and should not be happy awkward shitYeah, this year was really not very good for me. There was a lot of self loathing, depression, and general bad feelings all around, and on top of everything, I really did not beat a lot of video games. A total of 29 game reviews went out this year, due in part to there not being a lot of games in my library that I really wanted to play, or games that I could not play very well with my hardware. I hope to get to more games in 2016 than I did in 2015, but as is customary, here are my top… 4 games I played for the first time in 2015, listed in the order in which I played them. (more…)

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Punch Line Review

CoverThe more I think about it, the Zero Escape series is one of the biggest influences I had to start writing proper stories and developing whatever odd idea that popped into my head into a short story, novella, or novel. It’s been almost three years since I started, and I feel that I have gotten far, far better at writing, storytelling, characterization, plot outlining, and so forth. Sure, no one really gives a toss about my work, but I’m enjoying it and am doing exactly what I want to with a story that I hope I do finally put to bed, once and for all within the next few years… Anyhow, the writer of Zero Escape, Kotaro Uchikoshi, wrote this anime, I watched it, and here’s my thoughts on it in the form of a review. (more…)

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Nigma Box Update 4/01/2015: No Jokes, Just Updates

1 DR Bored now going to get on with it next here we goAlright, as I am writing this I am just getting over a lump of depression and inferiority, which has technically been bugging me my entire life, but it has sprung up, I dunno, at least twenty times this year alone, which is probably not healthy, but so is having such shit output for the past quarter. That’s a fourth of a year and I’ve got 60 years left, so I basically just wasted .5% of my remaining life force, like an idiot… Okay, maybe the depression has just manifested itself in another form, but onto what I want to discuss… in something that is indeed going up on April First, but is not a joke in any way, shape, or form. (more…)

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The End Of 2014 Post

KLK Cute fun happy times with an elephant and bath swim time joy adorableSo, this year ended on a very busy note for me, hence why I have not been posting as much as I would like to. I’m basically working full time for a month, have an hour commute each way, and basically run off of six hours of sleep. Still, was this year good for me? Yeah, I released seven novellas! I thought two of them were crappy, and the rest had issues stemming from my lack of experience writing stories. But this post is mostly to call out the games I played and loved this year, which really are few in number. Yes, I enjoyed plenty of games, but those I loved, properly adored to a certain extent, were small in numbers, to the point where I lack ten. (more…)

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The Arbitrary Best of 2013 Post

Well, the year is coming to a close, so I do believe it is customary to pick out your highs and lows from the prior year, because it is the only way to be a cool in these modern times. So out of all the games I reviewed this year, it’s time to name my top ten favorite games that I played in 2013, only half of which were released in 2013.


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Nigma Box’s Best and Worst of 2012 Awards

Well, it figures that after trying to do some sort of super awards thing for several months in order to lower my workload would end up making me realize that, A. I am not happy with 90% of my stuff that I wrote before Darksiders II.  And B, I reviewed tons of stuff within a year.  67 game reviews, several impressions, 21 Anime Reviews, a 12 part series of some truly bizarre fanfiction, and a failed attempt at looking back at every Kirby title.  But I have the urge to praise some of my favorite titles I reviewed, with my top and bottom ten games, and top and bottom five anime reviews.  It’s unoriginal, but simple enough to do in two days!  Oh, and the ordering doesn’t follow the scores, because opinions change over time, and I have different standard for different products, alright?


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