Student Transfer

Student Transfer is a community developed freeware Ren’py visual novel that centers around TSF/TG/gender bending, body swapping, mind control, transformation, possession, and more. The game itself takes the form of a large scale choose your own adventure style visual novel that follows John Davis, an unremarkable high school student whose ordinary life becomes extraordinary on one fateful night when he either receives an incredibly powerful alien remote as a consolation gift after being probed by some aliens, or an ancient spellbook written by his ancestors. From this initial decision, the game opens up into a sprawling web of storylines, routes, and choices, boasting an expansive and colorful cast of characters. The game is available to download here.

Work on Student Transfer began in 2015, where it was heavily inspired by a similar game by the name of Press-Switch, another freeware visual novel centered around TG, body swapping, mind control, transformation, possession, and more. Over the following years, the project has developed substantially, increasing its scope, quality, and sheer breadth of content, all thanks to an assortment of writers, editors, and creators who have breathed life into this project. The title is associated with the TFGames.Site community, where the bulk of its fanbase resides, updates are posted, and fans post their own stories using the Student Transfer game engine and assets, known as Scenarios.

The majority of visual assets used in the project come from Japanese commercial visual novels, primarily those from the developer CandySoft, but many of them have been edited over the years to be more uniform and better fit the needs of the developers. Meanwhile, the soundtrack largely consists of the royalty-free offerings of Kevin Macleod.

Since the project’s inception, I have been producing detailed reviews of Student Transfer following the release of every new version, highlighting what I considered to be the finer points of each release and the game overall, while pointing out areas in which I think the title may be improved.

Student Transfer Version 7.0 Review
Student Transfer Version 6.0 Review
Student Transfer Version 5.0 Review
Student Transfer Version 4.2 Review
Student Transfer Version 3.0 Review
Student Transfer Version 2.0 Review
Student Transfer Version 1.4 Review

In addition to reviewing each iteration of this project, I have also become its go-to “Flowchart Girl,” creating elaborate flowcharts meant to guide players through this game because… it gets messy at points. Due to the scope of this game and the number of options available, I have split up the flowcharts between the “Magic” and “Alien” routes. In addition to the flowcharts for the base game, I have also made several flowcharts for fan-made Scenarios. My apologies if some of them are a bit elaborate (I tried my best), and if you find any errors in any of these flowcharts, please notify me.

With the release of Student Transfer Version 6, the developers have released an official interactive online flowchart, but I will continue to produce new flowcharts for the foreseeable future.

Version 7.X Alien Flowchart
Version 7.X Magic Flowchart
Version 6.X Alien Flowchart
Version 6.X Magic Flowchart
Version 5.X Alien Flowchart
Version 5.X Magic Flowchart
Version 4.X Alien Flowchart
Version 4.X Magic Flowchart
Version 3.X Alien Flowchart
Version 3.X Magic Flowchart
Version 2.X Alien Flowchart
Version 2.X Magic Flowchart
Version 1.X Alien Flowchart
Version 1.X Magic Flowchart

In addition to supporting a robust base game, Student Transfer also doubles as a visual novel storytelling platform through the use of Scenarios that expand upon the world, concepts, and characters found in the base game, while doubling as a creative platform for various writers and creators. Since this feature’s introduction in Version 2.0, dozens upon dozens of Scenarios have been released, spanning a wide spectrum of quality, content, subject matter, and creative ambition, with some featuring comparable quality to routes seen in the base game. Despite this, none of the Scenarios released for Student Transfer are canon, even ones created by current and former members of the development team.

Due to technical changes made to Student Transfer’s functionality over the years, certain Scenarios are only compatible with certain versions. For a cumulative list of Scenarios, broken down by version compatibility, check the Scenarios page of the official Student Transfer website.

Scenario Reviews:
In addition to reviewing the base game, I also periodically review Scenarios. I originally began reviewing multiple Scenarios in batches, or ‘parts’ in June 2019, but I switched to reviewing Scenarios individually in August 2021.

While these reviews both praise and criticize, I want to make it clear that I admire and appreciate the effort of every Scenario developer, and if I do come across as harsh in any of these reviews, that is because I see untapped potential in them. Scenario developers are responsible for keeping this community active and help prolong the life of this incredibly special game

Below you will find links to my Scenario reviews, links to the TFGames.Site page for the Scenarios I’ve covered, direct download links, and custom flowcharts I’ve made with the aid of Graphify, a computer-generated flowchart program for Student Transfer Scenarios created by nexoq.

2023 Reviews:
Eman Looc’s Possession Scroll by DarknostWebsiteTFGS ThreadDownloadFlowchart
Yrammus Dar’s Ghost Hunt by DarknostWebsiteTFGS ThreadDownloadFlowchart
Why Can’t I Be Sayaka? by DarknostWebsiteTFGS ThreadDownloadFlowchart
Under Control by SmurfikTFGS Thread – Download – Flowchart
Magical Harem Plan DX by ChocMintTFGS ThreadDownloadFlowchart
Remote Possibilities by EvilBlenderTFGS ThreadDownloadFlowchart
Axiomatic by MimoTFGS ThreadDownloadFlowchart
Detachment by nerditalkTFGS ThreadDownloadFlowchart
Valentine’s Lies by ChoripanTFGS ThreadDownload – No Flowchart

2022 Reviews:
Under the Skin by KisaraTFGS ThreadDownloadFlowchart
COWA, The Change One Word App by MayxMarzoTFGS Thread – Download – Flowchart
Year of the Fox by GarySavageTFGS ThreadDownload – No Flowchart

2021 Reviews:
Spirit Hymn by TripleCeeKTFGSDownloadFlowchart
Yui-nduction by Luckyquid & CalamanTFGS – Download – Flowchart
Riley Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Assistant by ChoripanTFGS – Download – No Flowchart
Reality Warp by CalamanTFGS – Download – Flowchart
A New Life by BuggsBTFGS – Download – Flowchart
Curiosity by Kisara, Spirit of White DragonTFGSDownloadFlowchart

Scenario Reviews – Part 8
Backtracking by ChoripanKillerDownload – No Flowchart
Eman Looc’s Possession Scroll by DarknostDownloadFlowchart
Family Swap by MonsterslotsDownloadFlowchart
He’s All That by TheokgatsbyDownload – No Flowchart
In Praise of Being by ClavietikaDownload – No Flowchart
Katrina the Statue by ch_whDownload – No Flowchart
Kwumpus Hunt by MechMageDownload – No Flowchart
Sayaka Possession by WolfLegsDownloadFlowchart
The Principal by Omen064DownloadFlowchart
Truth or Syn by the7saint7Download – Flowcharts (Base, Maid, Mall, Yui)

Scenario Reviews – Part 7
A Matter of the Heart (And the Head) by NargDownloadFlowchart
A Sayaka Scorned by SoffiaDownloadFlowchart
Cornswap by IK12345DownloadFlowchart
Empyrée by C.R.E.A.M.DownloadFlowchartVersion 5 Download
Graceful Misfortune by ChoripanKillerDownload – No Flowchart
Gyara Ara~ by LuckysquidDownloadFlowchart
Principiis Magicae by AdamdeadDownloadFlowchart
Scrambled by ThanosSnapDownloadFlowchart – Version 4.X

Scenario Reviews – Part 6
A Place in the World by Reman91DownloadFlowchart
Class Swap by SatoDownload – No Flowchart
Into the Janeverse by ClavietikaDownloadFlowchart
Never Again by C.R.E.A.M.DownloadFlowchart
The Shape of Things by BlortleDownloadFlowchart

Scenario Reviews – Part 5
A New Life by BuggsBDownloadFlowchart
A.S.A.P.! by ChoripanKillerDownloadFlowchart
Cold as Ice by HizackDownloadFlowchart
My Arch Nemesis by ApplemelonDownload – No Flowchart
Popular by Omen064DownloadFlowchart
Scenario Scenario by TaleSpinnerDownloadFlowchart
Social Experiment by Amel1995DownloadFlowchart
SummerGals! by GeobreakerDownloadFlowchart
The Fate of Hannah Sterling by NargDownloadFlowchart

Scenario Reviews – Part 4
Body Thief by KawaiiSwitcherDownloadCharacter PackFlowchart
Christmas in ST by Applemelon – DownloadFlowchart
Escape the Manor by NargDownloadFlowchart
Help Me Be Happy by JeffCharFlameDownloadFlowchart
The K-Files by bricksDownloadFlowchartVersion 3.1
Library Antics by ZeBesteDownloadFlowchart
Witches and Warlocks by dukejonesDownload – No Flowchart – Version 3.1

Scenario Reviews – Part 3
Never v2 by C.R.E.A.M.DownloadFlowchart
Mirror, Mirror by TheokgatsbyDownloadFlowchart
Playing With the Devil by GweddryDownloadFlowchart
When Worlds Collide by DarkSquidDownloadFlowchart
Yui Spellbook by ApplemelonDownloadFlowchartVersion 3.1

Scenario Reviews – Part 2
Odds and Ends by VuanauntDownload – No Flowchart
Osmosis: The Story of a Mistake by WestlinghouseDownloadFlowchart
Priestess of Chronos by TaleSpinnerDownloadFlowchart
Strange Sunday by luckysquidDownloadFlowchart
The Festival by ChoripanKillerDownloadFlowchart
The Gift of Switching by mbradDownloadFlowchart
Wishful Thinking by XBPDownloadFlowchart
Tina Koya Quest by PaintedNecrozDownload – No Flowchart – RPG Maker

Scenario Reviews – Part 1
Always Get the Warranty by urciocelloDownloadFlowchart
Carrie The Stalker by MakotoDownloadFlowchart
Connie Offshoot by kinuyasha2DownloadFlowchart
Dream Girl by CaptainCaptionDownloadFlowchart
Helping Zoey by Jasmine359 – Pre-Installed in V4.X – Flowchart
John, Interrupted by WeebeeDownloadFlowchart
Remote Possibilities by EvilBlenderDownloadFlowchart
Stuck by MissCelle – Pre-Installed – Flowchart
The Ghost of Jack Mallory by BlortleDownloadFlowchart
The Heaven We Were Promised by LotusDownloadFlowchart

Useful Links:
Official Student Transfer Website
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