Psycho Shatter 1985: Black Vice Rebirth – Remastered is Now Available!

Hello, my lovely readers. I previously announced that I intended to re-edit, revise, and remaster my fifth novel, Psycho Shatter 1985: Black Vice Rebirth to correct various typos, grammatical missteps, and miscellaneous errors I missed when I first released the story on November 18, 2019. And now, on the novel’s second anniversary, I am happy to report that the novel had been re-edited, correcting hundreds of errors, updating the header images, and keeping the story just as dark, gross, and deplorable as it’s always been!

Seeing as how I find this to be a straight improvement that changed essentially nothing about the content of the story, I updated the original 2019 chapter posts instead of reposting the entire novel. This means that you can read through the entire 50,000-ish word story right now and, over the next few days, it will also be released on Scribble Hub, where it hopefully won’t get delisted for breaking some sort of content restriction.

I will also release my usual post-mortem section for this novel on December 1st in the form of Natalie Rambles About Psycho Shatter 1985: Black Vice Rebirth. Where I will describe what compelled me to write a novel about a serial cannibal pedophile who becomes a god. Though, the short answer is this: I am a trifle bit fucked in the head.

So, yeah. I hope somebody enjoys the fruits of my labor, creativity, and word crafting. But until next time, see ya!

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