Announcement (11/01/19) The Novel Update!

Because things are changing!

Hello everybody, I just wanted to let you all know that going forward I am going to be changing up how I distribute content on this rinky dink little site of mine, and felt like I should give you all a slightly more formal update than nestling something into the preamble of a Rundown.  

Dedicated readers of mind will know that I have written a number of novels in the past, and have been chipping away at one over these past few months.  Historically these novels have been hosted on GoogleDocs, as I simply did not want to share these stories on Natalie.TF as, well, I did not have any header images to go along with these posts, and I do not like posting things without a key visual.  I eventually found a way to remedy this dilemma back in June, when I began creating sprite art header images for my Randoms series, and since then I have been working on sprite art headers for every individual chapter of my latest novel, Psycho Shatter 1985: Black Vice Re;Birth.  Which will be released on November 18th, 2019.  

As for how I plan on posting Psycho Shatter 1985 onto Natalie.TF, I have settled on publishing a chapter every Tuesday and Friday until the entirety of the novel is published on this site.  Afterwards, and throughout the entirety of 2020, I will continue this schedule by republishing my prior novels on this website, re-edited, revised, and with accompanying sprite art headers for each and every chapter.  This includes Verde’s Doohickey, The Malice of Abigale Quinlan, Psycho Bullet Festival: The Odyssey of Abigale Quinlan, and The Saga of Vincent Dawn.  But not Maple Loves Senpai, which I plan on remaking at a later time, and have delisted from Natalie.TF accordingly.

Following the publication of each novel, I will be undergoing a two week hiatus, with the next novel beginning publication the following Tuesday.  I am implementing this little break period for four reasons. It gives me extra time to edit and create headers for the next novel, it gives readers extra time to catch up on these novels, it gives me more time to re-edit the novels, and it allows me to stretch this schedule over the span of an entire year… which I want to do, because it sounds cool.  If that schedule sounds confusing, please consult this detailed schedule of when I intend on posting every chapter going forward.  

Now, one can ask why I want to stretch all of this out, and why I am bothering re-publishing my older works onto this site?  Well, the reason is quite simple. I want people to read my stuff. I love writing, I love creating bizarre stories, and I want people to be able to experience my work in as comfortable and convenient a manner as possible.  

Oh, and Randoms are now being published on the last Saturday of every even numbered month.  Which makes sense to me, but is probably really unintuitive to any casual reader, as the schedule seems to be… random.  I would love to make these things a monthly occurrence, but I just don’t have the time to do so.

Anyways, that’s all for now.  I’ve got games to play, reviews to work on, and should probably get started on the outline for my 2020 novel sooner than later.  

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