Fan Fiction Funsies: Dragalia Lost – Chapter 14a: True and Terrible Pleasure

Featuring Coitus in the Capital and Sentient Vegetable Sodomy!


For those unfamiliar with the game, Dragalia Lost is a mobile gacha RPG developed by Nintendo and CyGames that I have been thoroughly invested in since I started playing it last year. And in that time, I have been mulling over the idea of making a TSF story that involved the world and characters. Especially after I completed Chapter 5 of the main story, which sees an ancient demon by the name of Morsayati possessing a pure and innocent little sister princess by the name of Zethia.

Rather than acting on this impulse at the time, I decided to let the idea sit and ruminate until I launched Efu Efu Efu as a semi-regular segment, and by the time that happened, the developed released Chapter 14 of the main campaign, which filled me with a burst of inspiration… that I let sit for about two months before returning to it, because my schedule is rigid like that.

Ultimately, this evolved into an alternate version of Chapter 14 of Dragalia Lost, beginning from Chapter 14 / 4-4: True and Terrible Power, in what is assuredly going to a somewhat confusing story, as it is dealing with narrative minutiae, ancillary lore, and a lot of characters, minor or otherwise. But hopefully, it is at least somewhat comprehensible to those not familiar with the game. And for those you are, I hope I did a halfway decent job writing these characters.

Also, I’m sorry that the header is a bit crap. I normally like to use the full sprite library of games I pay tribute to with Efu Efu Efu, but I did not want to spend a few hours trying to learn how to datamine Dragalia Lost for varied character expressions, so I just took stuff from the Dragalia Lost Wiki, changed some eye colors, and called it a day.


  • The following is a fan-fiction parody. Dragalia Lost is owned by Nintendo and CyGames. The game is available for iOS and Android devices. Please support the official release.
  • This work lifts text directly from Chapter 14 / 4-4: True and Terrible Power for the sake of retaining the spirit, tone, and continuity of the original work.
  • This work contains sexually explicit content, incestuous intercourse, and is not appropriate for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

エフ³ : 二次創造の楽しみ
Efu Efu Efu: Fan Fiction Funsies
Dragalia Lost – Chapter 14a: True and Terrible Pleasure

A palpable darkness lingered over Sol Alberia. The capital of the vast continent had fallen onto hard times over a year ago, as its once virtuous ruler rebranded the nation as the Dyrenell Empire and imposed undue hardships upon its citizens. People toiled and died while soldiers flaunted their power with no hesitation, all in the name of fighting a traitorous prince and his budding nation of New Alberia. As this new nation grew, so too did the hardships of the common man, and doubt began to fill the minds of those who once professed loyalty to their ruler. People wanted change and to see their lives improved, and as this unrest was billowing towards its apex, the walls of the capital were finally breached at the crack of dawn.

With the defenses of Sol Alberia low, the rebels of New Alberia aimed to seize the capital, sending an army of hundreds past the city gates and directly towards the royal palace. The seat of power of the entire nation. This impressive structure was locked in a thick mist of darkness, occupied only by the soldiers appointed to protect it, the woman who had taken ahold of its throne some months ago, and those who wished to claim the throne for themselves. For those living in this city, this was a day of dread, with fear and uncertainty repressing any hope its people could cling to as they waited for this conflict to reach its conclusion.

And fortunately for the peasants huddled in their homes, the soldiers risking their lives, and all citizens scattered across the Dyrenell Empire, this conflict was already nearing its climax.

The halls of the castle were silent, its ceilings shrouded in darkness, and its floor littered with the bodies of men and women of immaculate pedigree, all cast down by the same force. The invading traitorous prince who founded New Alberia. The seventh scion of Aurelius, Euden.

The man, young, blonde, and dressed in armor both practical and radiant, marched his way through the echoing stone halls, his allies following him, leaving nary a meter between one another.

They were Ranzal, the gallant mercenary, and one of Euden’s dearest friends. Elisanne, a Paladyn branded as a heretic by the church who found a new home in New Alberia. Cleo, the protector of the Halidom and former servant of Alberius the Founder. Luca, a Sylvian archer whose spirit and idealism caused him to disengage from his village and fight for the betterment of all races. Sarisse, Luca’s younger sister, an equal match for him in combat, and a bright voice in dire times. Mym, the lovestruck Flamewyrm Brunhilda, who assumed a human form to be closer to her darling, Euden. Alex, a cold-hearted assassin trained and abused by the Ilian Church, in the midst of rediscovering her identity alongside her new allies. Laxi, an android sealed away 300 years ago who possessed not only great power but the hearts and minds of two persons. And finally Notte, a feisty pint-sized faerie who sought to instill support in Euden and his allies no matter how bleak things may be.

As this squad of ten marched onwards, they finally reached their destination. The throne room. Its doors stood tall, and from its cracks, an ominous fog seeped outward, dissuading any but the most determined souls from leaving. Yet after more than a year of continuous conflict, Euden had the resolve needed to anything, no matter what.

“We’re here,” Euden declared, “Morsayati and Zethia are waiting for us just inside.”

“Dude, I can’t believe we’re FINALLY gonna save Zethia!” Notte exclaimed with delight.

“You’re damn right we are, Notte. Come on, everyone,” Euden shouted, rallying his allies.

He brought his gauntlet-clad hands to the doors and thrust them open, sending a concussive burst of noise throughout the room before him. From the throne, a dark aura could be felt and seen, pulsating throughout the room and out the castle walls into the sky above. It was a miasma released by none other than Empress Zethia. A once kind and loving woman, the Auspex of the Ilian church, whose body and mind had been corrupted by The Other— Morsayati. An evil sealed away long ago by the founder Alberius. For months, Euden has fought to the nail to see her body restored and reclaimed from this malicious force, and now, with the two parties in the same room once more, this battle— this war— would finally come to its end.

“Hehehehe,” The Other laughed, twisting Zethia’s voice as if it were their own.

“Morsayati,” Euden said sullenly.

“You have done well to come this far, little prince. As the Holywyrm’s chosen holder of countless pacts, I expected no less. I have been awaiting you most eagerly.”

“This ends today, Morsayati! I’m freeing Zethia!”

“Well, depending on your attitude, perhaps we COULD arrange to have this body returned to her.”

“…What?” Euden exclaimed, his eyes wide.

“I trust this dude about as far as I can throw him,” Notte commented, “and these little stick arms can’t throw ANYTHING!”

“In a way, Prince, your sister is my home. And when a person purchases a fine new home, they have no need for the old one. So if there was a vessel more suited to housing my soul— perhaps one that held free control over dragons— I would not be particular about holding onto the Auspex.”

As Morsayati’s words lingered into the minds of those around him, a look of shock painted the faces of the prince and his allies.

“Okay, hang on,” Luca interjected. “You think we’re all gonna just stand around and let you possess Euden?! No way, fool!”

“I will not permit you to lay one slimy finger upon my darling!” Mym erupted, her voice echoing across the room.

“Heh. Allow me to phrase this another way. I have power beyond the likes that you can even comprehend, and I WILL get what I want. We can do it peacefully and let all of you live, or I can slaughter you and claim the prince’s body after. Though I cannot say for certain that the Auspex’s body is strong enough to survive such an ordeal…”

“Are you saying that Zethia—” Euden began.

“Oh, that is EXACTLY what I’m saying. I’ve been using and abusing this body over the months, you see, and I fear it cannot endure the strain much longer.”

“NO!” Euden erupted.

“But if you willingly surrender yourself as my vessel, I no longer need the Auspex and will return her to you unharmed.”

A look of happiness and bliss danced across the prince’s face for nary a moment, a confirmation that his greatest desire would be heeded, and that he would finally see Zethia restored.

“So then, little prince! What is your course? Will you lay down your life for your sister, or sacrifice her in the name of ‘peace’?”

“…All right. I’ll do it,” Euden declared, sheathing his sword as he abandoned the route of combat.

“Have you lost the last damn marble rollin’ around yer head, boss?!” Ranzal shouted, appalled by his leader’s actions.

“Your Highness, you cannot do this thing! If you were gone, who would bring peace to all Alberia?!” Elisanne beseeched.

“Are you not the one who has taken up the dying wish of King Alberius?!” Cleo implored.

“After all this time— after all this fighting— you’re just going to give up like this?!” Sarisse exclaimed.

“I’m sorry— and I know this looks like I’m betraying everyone who trusted me… But it’s the only way to save Zethia.” Euden declared, putting his back to his allies.

“Dude, Zethia wouldn’t WANT this! You promised the three of us would be together again! You PROMISED!” Notte said, tears welling up in her eyes.

“I’m sorry, Notte. I’m… I’m so sorry.”

“Heh. It seems you’ve resolved yourself. Well, then—let us begin the rite of transference. Come, Prince, follow me to my bedchambers.”

“Bedchambers?! You don’t mean—” Mym questioned, her voice cracking.

“Indeed. If you wish to preserve your sister, the exchange must be performed properly.”

“So in order to get Zethia back, I need to— to—” Euden stammered.

“Lay in the same bed with me, embrace this body in its purest form in the act of coitus.”

“You sick dastard!” Elisanne shouted with fire in her throat.

“I assumed a force as malicious as you were above such depravity,” Alex began. “I shudder to imagine what you’ve done to Zethia since you stole her body.”

“Heh. That is my secret to keep. Now then, seventh scion, would you care to join me and reclaim your sister?”

“I… I shall do whatever is necessary to rescue Zethia. I know you might not agree, everyone, but… please.”

The warriors of New Alberia looked on at their leader with forlorn faces. Euden had made up his mind, and they knew what would happen if they acted on their emotions and tried to stop him. Either they would be pushed away by the man they followed, or they would be overwhelmed by the power of Morsayati. All they could do was stand, watch, and let Euden sacrifice himself, and the power gifted to him by Elysium, to The Other.

By the time their sorrow gave way to fury, Euden had already left the throne room, following behind Morsayati as he ventured down the halls, Euden’s metal boots clanking down the barren halls while Morsayati’s bare feet silently brushed along the stone. As they walked in silence, Euden’s eyes drifted to these halls, while his mind played back memories of his youth. Of wandering these halls with his father, late mother, and other siblings. The shut doors that he passed by were once the chambers of his brothers and sisters, and as he recounted these happier times, he became all the more aware of how much had been lost since Aurelius’s expedition, and since he became the vessel for the monster before him.

Just as Euden was clenching his fist, preparing to chide himself for his weakness, his inability to stop things before they got this bad, the robe-clad figure before him stopped and opened the door to what had been Euden’s room. The sheets, the shelves, the desk he would study and read at, everything was as he remembered it, almost as if it had been placed in a bubble unaffected by the flow of time. It made Euden pause and ask himself how long it had truly been since he stepped foot in this room. Since he had been home. It was more than a year, but had it been years? If so, how many? How many months and seasons had passed since he began living at the Halidom and with the colorful individuals he met in his pursuit of prosperity?

As Euden mulled over such thoughts, Morsayati was already moving into the room, where he daintily cast aside the blankets before plopping his womanly form onto the uncovered bedsheets.

“Are you ready to become one with me, dearest brother?” He asked, adopting a soft and loving tone more befitting his form.

Euden clenched his teeth as he looked over his possessed sister, saying nothing but clearly conveying his disdain through his expression alone.

“Oh, are you nervous Euden? Well, don’t worry. It’s a new experience for me too.”

“Zethia… you are my sister. I love you. I swore that I would do anything for you and if this… if this is what is necessary, I’ll do it.”

“Thank you, brother. I shall let you take the lead.”

“…The lead?”

“Embrace me. Expose me. Make me yours.”

“I… If that is what you desire.”

With narrowed eyes and clenched face, Euden brought his hands to Morsayati’s back, where he brushed his metal-clad fingers against the knot that kept his elaborate outfit around his person. Euden fumbled for a moment while Morsayati smiled in contempt, soaking in the frustration of his future vessel as their bodies drew closer. As pressure left Morsayati’s torso, Euden brought his hands to the bands that wrapped his possessed sister’s arms, unfurling the cloth away and exposing more of her fair and unsullied skin.

Upon taking a deep breath, Euden continued to undress his sister’s form, bringing his hands to the horns erected into her hair, and the blue ribbons. As he leaned close to undo the knots, he looked into the face before him, eyes shut, depicting joy, and whispering the word “brother”. Euden shook his head, reminding himself that he was looking at a monster, before putting the headgear off to the side of the bed.

“We’re almost there!” Morsayati gleefully exclaimed, a finger loosening the cloth around his neck.

“Yeah, we are,” Euden said, his voice flat and heavy.

Shutting his eyes, Euden pulled off the clothes covering Zethia’s body, pulling down the top while sliding the robes down her entire body. His motions were slow, deliberate, and done to avoid any needless touching until the deep violet cloth had been fully severed from Zethia’s body. Euden turned his head before opening his eyes and solemnly threw the dress onto his desk, biting his tongue as he slowly turned his head to look at his unclothed sister, only for his composure to shatter.

He had expected for Zethia’s body to be covered with undergarments, but instead, it was completely nude. Her breasts, her genitals, all was laid bare before Euden, and with how Morsayati had composed the body, splaying his legs wide and propping his torso up, Zethia’s womanly features were practically being shoved into Euden’s face. As he looked at this sight with dilated pupils, Euden cast his head to the side before offering a panicked reply.

“I— I’ll disrobe now.”

“Heh. Thank you for helping me, brother. I love you soooo much!”

Euden ground his teeth as he heard his sister’s voice to say something so innocent yet perverse. His desire to be rid of Morsayati eclipsed all others for a mere moment, causing his hand to drift to his sheathed weapon, but he did not so much as grip it. Instead, he heeded his own words and began to take apart the plate armor that covered his body beneath his neck.

It was a process he could perform even when wracked with exhaustion, yet fear over what would follow this act caused him to unconsciously stagger his actions. Still, before too long, the Prince was reduced to his smallclothes, and those too were discarded, exposing his naked body. His frame was lean, lacking the refined musculature that one would expect from a knight or imposing ruler. But instead of raw strength, Euden relied more on his heart, conviction, and earnest bravery to push him through whatever trials laid before him. Including the one positioned ever so provocatively on his childhood bed.

“I’m ready,” Euden replied curtly, facing Morsayati with a body equally bare as his own.

“Oh, but dearest brother, it appears that you forgot something. If you would kindly,” Morsayati said, raising his right leg before Euden, a bracelet bound to his ankle.

Euden steadily closed the distance, his vision blurring as he approached his naked sister’s form, before doing as The Other requested, loosening and pulling the last thing covering an inch of Zethia’s body while feeling her toes brush against his fingers. As their skin made contact, the Prince shivered before he flung the bracelet onto his desk and returned his attention to the possessed woman before him.

“So, how do we…”

“You get in the bed with me, embrace my body, and place yourself inside of me. Are you truly that innocent, Euden?”

“I… in a sense, I suppose. This is far different from any lecture I received. Especially because it’s with…”

“Your darling sister?”

“…Yes. That and so much more.”

“Oh, then perhaps you would like me to take the lead?”

“I… No, I can do this myself. For Zethia, there is nothing I can’t and won’t do!”

Steeling his convictions, the prince focused his vision and looked at his sister’s manipulated and stolen form in every detail. Her clean, soft, and fair complexion, as pure as it ever was. The supple curvature of her developed form, from her face to her slender limbs, and thin torso. He looked deep at the signs that she was no longer the young girl he spent his days with, glancing at the womanhood displayed between her legs, a small puffy pink slit that allowed a man to enter her, and was the point from which all human life began. It was a sight that Euden had never laid eyes on in all his years, and only knew of in a strictly medical and functional sense.

Euden momentarily cast his attention away from the womanly form before him, glancing at his door, still open slightly. The option to flee and try to fight again another day was available, at least in theory, but he could not abandon Zethia now, even if the only way to save her involved engaging in a cardinal and profound sin. Laying with another member of the same family. It was a taboo process that filled Euden with disgust, especially because Zethia could not, and assuredly would not, offer her consent to this deed. In order to save her, in order to establish peace around the world, he would need to become an incestuous rapist. A monster. But with his goal splayed so gracefully before him, he had little choice but to pursue it.

“Zethia, I’m sorry! I’m sorry for everything! But this is the only way!”

As Euden made his declaration, speaking to the woman trapped within her own body, he thrust himself onto the bed and into the body of his younger sister. His flaccid penis meshed awkwardly into the slit he aimed it towards, but as the genitals mingled, as Euden forced his hips to move, it began to stiffen. His eyes remained sealed as he penetrated his sister’s form, but his ears confirmed to him just what he was doing, as the sound of his sister’s distinctive voice filled the air and entered his ears. The tattered panting, the fragmentary words, the very sounds of pleasure, and the words with a more malicious intent.

Brother, thank you! Thank you Euden! I love you so much!”

These words caused Euden’s body to tense and stomach to churn. Morsayati was only feeding on Euden’s disgust at the situation and using his familial love of his sister as a catalyst for greater despair as he continued to deepen himself in the act of sex. He wanted to chide Morsayati for such words, but he knew nothing good would come from such actions. Instead, he continued blindly thrusting away, trying to divorce himself from the situation as much as possible… before Morsayati brought a slender hand to Euden’s soft boyish face.

“Look at me brother! Look at your lover!”

Euden steadily opened his eyes, blurring them as he did so to ease him into the unpleasant reality before him. His sister’s body in the midst of copulation, her body vibrating, her breasts gyrating, and her mouth open, releasing bursts of hot air that he could feel against his face. His eyes gave way to tears as he saw this sight,but before his tears could pass his cheeks, they were wiped away by Morsayati, who locked eyes with Euden once more.

“Touch me, brother. Truly embrace me!”

Morsayati then grabbed onto Euden’s torso, thrusting him down into his childhood bed as their chests touched and faces pressed against one another. The slender arms of Zethia wrapped across Euden’s broad and strong back, locking the two together as they continued to look into one another’s eyes.

“Please, Zethi— I mean—”

“It’s okay, brother. For now, I AM Zethia. Of course you can call me by my name.”

As the prince recoiled from the faux sincerity of Morsayati, he found his lips sealed, embraced in a prolonged kiss wherein his mouth was invaded, with Morsayati exploring Euden’s oral features with their stolen tongue.

“Why?” Euden thought to himself. “Does your cruelty truly know no bounds? Are you indeed this depraved? So deprived that you would subject me to something like this, that you would try to frame an act so foul and reprehensible as something loving? I can’t… I can’t let this continue! I need to FINISH this!”

A fire was lit from within Euden, and the once passive and hesitant young man became a dominant force. His arms clenched the back of his sister, and their bodies became ever closer. He too invaded the mouth of Morsayati, who unleashed a muffled chortle in response, satisfied in having seemingly broken Euden and elated by the sensations reverberating through his stolen female body. As their kiss intensified, so too did Euden’s thrusts, his member growing harder, and his hips thrusting faster.

“I often made pleasure to this body during times of respite, but this… this is of another caliber,” Morsayati thought as his face became wrapped with bliss.

As Euden lost himself in the act, heeding Morsayati’s advances, he felt an unusual sensation reverberating throughout his lower regions, particularly the part inside of Zethia. While ignorant of the sensation on a personal level, he knew what it was. That the climax was near, in more ways than one. As he could feel this happening, his body stiffened, his lips left that of his sister, and his face contorted into a scowl as he shouted at the heavens.

“Dragons! I summon you! Please, lend me your power! Let me save Alberia!”

As Euden’s cry resonated throughout the room, many things happened in synchronicity. Euden unleashed himself, ejaculating inside of Zethia’s stolen body, causing Morsayati to recoil as Zethia’s body was tainted by a viscous hot whiteness that seeped into its innards. The act was complete, Morsayati’s plan had reached its next stage, and the souls of the two persons in the bed began to loosen. Euden’s essence became slacken and malleable, allowing Morsayati, the living miasma he was, to enter another form, pushing Euden out of his own body and into that of Zethia. As Euden’s body reopened its eyes, now shaded a distinctive red, it appeared as if all hope was lost, and Euden had fallen for Morsayati’s ploy.

Morsayati was elated as he felt himself ease into everything that was Euden, the man with countless pacts, and the blessing of Elysium. The ideal and perfect vessel for him. With these two powers combined, he ought to be unstoppable, capable of demolishing all, and making the world his with the greatest of ease… but he did not feel that way. The body he entered into was weak, exhausted, and drained. Morsayati scowled as he realized this, and swifty stood up, ripping his penis out of the semen-filled vagina of his former vessel, fluids overflowing from it and onto the sheets. But as Morsayati left the bed, he found himself tumbling on the floor, unable to bring his spry male body upwards despite his efforts.

“Damn! What the HELL is this? Is this a—”

Morsayati’s speech was then interrupted by a sound of laughter coming from the bed. It was Zethia. Or rather, Euden from within Zethia’s body.

“How fortuitous that even a being as mighty as you is susceptible to a folly as great as lust. I suggest you examine that which you stole in greater detail.”

Morsayati darted his crimson eyes away from the bed and down at the body he now called his home. Its chest was flat, possessed lean musculature, was devoid of any bodily hair, and had modest genitalia resting between the legs. There were no blemishes or wounds more severe than slight bruises… but then he saw it. A piece of dense yellow vegetation— a root that began in his lower regions, lodged between his buttocks, and ended underneath the bed they had sex on. His body weak, Morsayati crawled on his chest to lift the bed skirt that hid what this root let to… and what he saw was… a vegetable.

A being not animal, human, Sylvian, Qilin, Rokkan, nor demihuman. It was a plant, with a large head, stubby limbs, stocky torso covered by an approximation of a shirt, and leaves adorning its head like a ribbon. It moved, it had eyes, it had a face, and it looked at Morsayati with glee as it flaunted one of its arms. An arm that was connected to the root lodged up Morsayati’s anus.

“Pipple! Please! Finish the Soul Transfer! Now!” Euden from within Zethia’s body shouted.

“Piya! ♪”’ The sentient vegetable known as Pipple said in a chipper tone.

Morsayati glared at the creature before him, halfway under the bed, as he felt a building pressure in his rectum, something leaching into his prostate and an entity that crawled up through to his spine. Morsayati’s limited mobility was reduced to nothingness within a matter of seconds, and his already tenuous grasp over the body of Euden dissipated away. His vision became blurry, hearing muted, and the sense of soreness across his being was replaced with nothingness. However, it did not remain that way for very long.

Morsayati’s senses returned just as soon as they had left, but they were all… wrong. He felt small. He could not feel his fingers, and his proportions were… simply inhuman. The only reason he did not immediately piece together what was going on was due to how piteous his situation was. He, an almighty demon, had been reduced to the form of a goldarn potato!

“Pi pi chuu?!” Morsayati exclaimed, unable to speak the language of man.

As Morsayati examined his new vessel, he looked at the one he had for only a matter of minutes. Euden’s body, naked, and lying across the carpeted floor. They looked at Morsayati with both full green eyes and a smile before speaking.

“Chu chu chu… got chu! ♪”

“Thank you Pipple,” Euden said with a haggard voice. “But we’re not done yet… Listen well, Morsayati! I might not be Alberius. I might not be powerful enough to seal you away on my own. But I’ll tell you what I do have. I have friends. I have allies who have been there with me through good times and bad, and ALL of them are more than eager to put an end to your reign. Dragons! Forces of New Alberia! KILL THIS VEGETABLE AND SEND HIM TO THE NEXT DIMENSION!”

As those words were said, the once quiet lodging wing of the castle erupted with noise. The floors beyond the door were filled with the sound of clanking metal, while the window outside gave way to a barrage of roars. Roars not of any fiend or beast, but of something greater. The roars of dragons.

“Piyeeee!” Morsayati shouted as they heard the sound and emerged from under the bed.

Morsayati attempted to channel his immeasurable might, believing that it would allow him to take on whatever threats were coming his way, but as he focused on the dark source of his power, he felt nothing, like it was blocked or restricted by his current body. Try and try as he might, he could not seem to channel anything as potent as a ball of magical origin to lob at these foes, and this revelation caused his reddened eyes to become wide. He was weak. He lacked the powers he once had, and while he could not see or touch the magic repressing brand carved into the back of his thick round head, he knew there was nothing he could do to prepare himself for combat as the dragon cries grew louder and the sound of metal on stone drew near.

With no chance of victory, Morsayati took his only other path of salvation, and ran, escaping from the open door and out into the hall beyond… only to pause once more as he saw that both sides featured no less than a dozen individuals marching down both, their footsteps loud and voices louder. In searching for an avenue of escape, Morsayati looked onwards and realized there was a large window before him.

Moving with the vegetable equivalent to adrenaline and the desperation of a man teetering on the edge of his own demise, Morsayati returned to the room he and Euden engaged in coitus, grabbed Euden’s discarded sword, and brought it out to the window, bashing it with as much force as his frail body could muster before, much to his surprise and delight, the glass shattered, and freedom became a possibility. A sense of relief filled Morsayati as he realized this… but it was soon followed by the sense of gravity dragging him down three stories.


After seconds of freefalling, Morsayati found his face covered in the dirt and greenery of the castle courtyard, shards of glass puncturing his form. He was feeble, wounded, and groaning in an incomprehensible baby-talk that even he could not decipher. Still, he tried to stand, to flee, to recoup his strength to battle another day… but then he found his dainty form thrust into the air once more, this time by a mighty tempest unleashed by a familiar foe. Midgardstormr, his power fully restored as he adopted his High Dragon form, and eyes targeted on Morsayati. However, he was not alone. Mercury, Jupiter, Zodiark, and nothing short of an army of dragons, all flying through the air, or rushing towards him. And on their backs, amidst their persons, they brought more allies. The friends of the seventh scion. Those who pledged their lives to New Alberia. All rushing towards him, and ready to see his reign end here and now.

“How did they enter the castle?” Morsayati thought to himself. “Nothing should be able to get past my barrier!”

Yet as he cast his eyes skyward, he could see the folly in his plan. A tear in the fabric in space, the likes only possible through the use of an otherworldly fragment.

“The prince must have accumulated many of these in order to assemble an army of this size. How could I be so blind? …No, I was not blind. Merely overly confident in my abilities. I could take on this threat if I had my powers, especially if I could control these dragons. But… I never thought they would find a way to put my essence into a magically inert plant!”

As Morsayati berated himself, he was assaulted by Mercury, who doused him in an aggressive torrent, dampening his body before it was shocked by Jupiter, only for the husk to be lathered with poison by Zodiark. What little remained of Morsayati could barely contain his being, yet it did, allowing him to wither and cry in agony as he became overwhelmed by afflictions. This would have been enough in most cases, but as the Greatwyrms made their assault, the adventurers of the Halidom had gathered together and were eager to lay their steel against Morsayati’s husk. It was an assault, a massacre, and as they all unleashed their skills, not a scrap of their body remained… but that almost meant Morsayati was no longer restrained. His essence billowed upwards and outwards, aiming for the sky above, only for something to begin tugging at this palpable miasma.

It was yet another portal to a world between worlds, and he could not escape it. Morsayati cried as his plans of escape were foiled, but his roar was naught but the muttering of a church mouse next to that of the heroes and dragons who looked on at this newly formed portal with vigor, rushing towards it and the domain that rested beyond. Soldiers, merchants, artists, scientists, smithies, children, treasure hunters, priests, thieves, ninjas, entertainers, royals, and more. No less than a hundred brave souls rushed into this world, fearless in their conviction and eager to bring peace to this land. Yet, as they rallied and enthralled one another for the beatdown of the millennia within another world, some remained behind.

While the dark barrier cast around the castle vanished and the mist billowing through its halls faded into nothingness, three women made their way from the throne room. This group made up of Elisanne, Mym, and Notte, all dashed throughout these emptied and restored halls before making their way to their destination. An open door parallel to a shattered window that overlooked the castle courtyard. A sheet of glass shards guarded the entrance, but the women carried on regardless, far too eager to reach their destination and see what remained in this room.

What they saw was the body of Euden, bereft of clothing, with eyes colored a pale green, looking and examining his own person with an elated look on his face as he wagged his fingers, wiggled his toes, and looked down at the erect appendage that laid between his legs. It was a sight that caused the trio to gasp in unison.

“DUDE!” Notte exclaimed, “when you signed up for this, you said you wouldn’t do anything weird! And this is MORE than just weird! Put some flipping underwear on right the HECK now!”

“I always imagined what it would be like to see my darling in his purest form, but I never imagined it would be like this,” Mym moaned with a sullen expression.

“Pi-Pipple! You may be just a vegetable, but surely you have SOME sense of decency!” Elisanne shouted.

“Puuaaa…” the vegetable friend in Euden’s body moaned, “Pipple is so-ru. Pip— I… got excited.”

“Whaaaa?! Pipple can talk now?” Notte exclaimed.

“We have far bigger concerns than that right now, Notte!” Elisanne shouted at the feisty faerie.

Following that decree, the three moved over to the bed of the bedchamber and gasped once again at what they saw. The body naked body of Zethia, her eyes green, face covered in dried tears, body doused in sweat, and a mass of semen flowing out of her vagina and onto the sheets she laid upon.

“D-DARLING?! CAN YOU HEAR ME?!” Mym shouted as loud as her human lungs would let her.

“I… I can hear you Mym,” Euden responded using Zethia’s body, “Tell me… did the plan work?”

“Morsayati’s getting his butt pummeled in some portal by a hundred pairs of shoes and like 60 dragons,” Notte answered, her expression dire even as she tried to lighten the mood.

“That’s good. I was worried that something would go wrong, or that his power would be too great even in Pipple’s body, but… we…”

“Your Highness… Euden, please just… rest while we take care of you,” Elisanne said while averting her gaze. “I cannot bear to see a member of the royal family in such a piteous state.”

As the three looked over Euden in the weary body of his twin sister, Elisanne pulled a dampened cloth from her belt and began to blot it against Euden, cleaning his current body of sweat with slow deliberate motions, her face sullen as she made way from his borrowed face to the lower regions of his form.

As Elisanne finished her part, Mym went in to dress the naked body of Zethia, using smallclothes and underwear found elsewhere in the castle to retain some of the princess’s bodily decency. She moved the garments with hesitation, clearly not used to the delicate task of dressing another, let alone someone whom she looked at with such complex feelings. Knowing that beneath this womanly face was her betrothed, and knowing that as much as she wanted it, she would not have Euden’s virginity.

Once Euden was left fully clothed, he let out a small moan, before being covered up by Notte as she tugged the discarded blanket strewn across the floor, protecting him from the chill that brushed into the room from the shattered window and through the opened door. As the warmth began to return to him, Euden opened his soft green eyes and offered the three above him, and the half-dressed Pipple in the background, a sincere smile.

“Thank you,” Euden said weakly, “I don’t know what I would do without friends as good and true as you. You and everyone else fighting. I just wish that I could join you all.”

“PUH-LEASE!” Notte exclaimed, her voice booming despite her size. “You went through the most of all of us, Euden.”

“That’s true,” Elisanne began, “even if we all joined together, Morsayati would have still been an overwhelming foe, and through all that exertion, Zethia’s body might have—”

“I don’t want to think about it,” Euden groaned. “The most important thing is that the plan worked. We put our faith in the words and advice of a faerie from another world, and it paid off.”

“But, darling, did it really? I mean, what you had to do was so—” Mym pleaded before being interrupted by Euden.

“It was. While I wanted none of this… I know Zethia is safe. And once the magic settles, she can finally have control of her body back once more.”

“Right, it will take approximately one week before you can return to your body,” Elisanne recounted. “Will you truly accept these conditions, your Highness?”

“It does not matter if I am okay with it. I have no choice but to wait and hope that Alberia can lay in wait until I recoup the energy needed to lead and restore this nation. And to do that, I must rest. Thank you all for… everything. You lifted my spirits, gave me support in so many ways, and joined me in the dire straits of combat against an ancient demon. I could ask no more from anyone, but still, you volunteered to help me now that I am unable to so much as lift myself off this bed. Morsayati’s power has left a lingering drain on this body, and as my soul is adjusting to it, I find myself struggling to so much as find my words.”

“Euden… just get some rest and we’ll have a piping hot meal for you when you’re ready, alright buddy?” Notte said with a forced smile.

Euden meekly smiled at Notte’s comment before his eyes shut. After taking a hand to check his temperature, the three began to tidy up the room and space before them. Cleaning up the clothing strewn about, taking a broom to the discarded glass, and escorting the eager and zealous Pipple to a safer place for him to experiment with the joys of fingers, the miracle of speech, and mystery of the thingamabob between his legs. As they concluded these tasks, they finally shut the door to afford Euden some privacy as he slept. However, he did not sleep with a contempt or pleasant expression on his face, as his mind was left to stew and stir.

Euden awoke in a place cold and desolate. The air was thick with a violet miasma. His surroundings consisted of coarse stones. And while his body was that of his own, he was wearing his lighter armor. Unable to see past his arms, Euden slowly stumbled throughout this darkness, and as he did so, it began to recede. With each step, the darkness dissipated, and as his pace continued, he began to see radiant lights shining across the horizon. Confused and desperate for direction, Euden wandered towards the brightness and was met with the sight of the one he cherished more than any other. A young blonde woman in a vibrant blue dress, kneeling with a staff between her hands.

“Zethia!” Euden shouted as he moved as fast as his legs would carry him.

Upon hearing her name, Zethia turned her head, her face shimmering as her eyes landed on her brother, inspiring her to leap off the ground below. The two met one another with open arms, spinning and pressing themselves against one another as they were reunited once more.

“Euden! It’s been so long, and now… now…”

As Zethia began to speak, her eyes grew wide, and her grip on her brother loosened.

“Zethia… I must apologize. What I did to you was wrong. I abused your body. And no matter what reason and justification I have for it, I… I don’t deserve to—”

“Brother, you saved me! Without you, I would have spent the rest of my life as Morsayati’s puppet. You freed me of him, cast him down the path of destruction, and while, from what you told your friends, I don’t have my body back yet, I will soon. And to think… of all the things you did for me. You traveled across from Valkaheim to Chanzelia to Saint Lotier and beyond to save me. You faced countless foes and even took arms to the capital. You did so much for me, expressed such bravery, that no matter what you did to me… I could never hope to hate your Euden. You are my brother. You have always been there for me, and now… after what we shared naught hours ago, I—”

“I’m sorry! I never meant to do something so vile to you, but it was the only way, and I knew that Morsayati would request this. That he was so deranged that he would force us to engage in such incestuous sin. As the Auspex, you have every reason to admonish—”

“I love you! I always loved you! And I loved what you did to me. I felt everything. As you… made love with me, Morsayati made certain that I felt everything. He wanted to break me, but I didn’t break. If anything, it just confirmed the feelings I have been mulling over for so long.”

“Zethia, I… do you mean to say you love me as a brother or—”

“I love you as a MAN! I want to be with you both in body and mind. After what you did to my body, I… want to try it again, except this time, with both of us able to enjoy it. Whenever I thought about giving up, about letting Morsayati take full reign over my body, you kept me going. I believed in you, I put all my faith in your ability, and you did it. I thought about you so much and for so long, and after all that time, I reached this conclusion. I know it’s wrong, it’s indecent, but I— I just don’t want to repress it. I don’t want to repress anything. I have spent the past YEAR being repressed, under his control, unable to do anything but watch the pain and misery Morsayati was causing. To you and to all around him. And now that he is gone, I just want to know something.”

“Euden, do you love me… as a woman?”

“Zethia, I… I had no idea that you felt this way. I guess it really has been a long time since I was last able to speak to you like this, but I… I cannot find it in me to feel that way about anyone, especially not you. I will protect you, care for you, and do whatever I can to bring you joy and happiness. But I… cannot say in truthfulness that I care about you the way you care about me. I’m sorry.”

“…I should have known better. Somebody as good and pure as you would never have such indecent desires. You would never have been corrupted so deeply.”

“I… I regret what I said about the act we shared together. I have always been told that it is deplorable for two of the same blood to act on such desires. In meeting so many people from so many corners of the world, I ought to have learned to think twice before I demonize such trivial things. If they are your true honest desires, then who am I to say you’re wrong for fostering them? You desire to spread love, affection, and happiness, and even if that may be in a way I am not used to or… want, I cannot call you a monster for harboring such desires.”

“Are you speaking honestly?”

“Zethia, I lack it in my heart to lie to you. And while it might not be in the same way, I do dearly, deeply, and truly love you.”

“Thank you, brother. And I’m sorry for breaching this subject with you. I was so wound up and bothered that I needed to ask the question and now… now my spirit grows weary. Morsayati has been eating away at me for so long, and after that… I think I must rest, and allow you to return to… my body.”

“I promise to take care of your body, Zethia. I will respect your privacy and do all I can to make sure it’s in tip-top shape once we can be transferred again.”

“Does your kindness know no limits, brother?”

“Heh. Perhaps not. I guess that’s part of the reason why I’ve made so many friends and allies this past year.”

“Well, I’m glad to see that part of you hasn’t changed, even if I have… Goodbye for now, Euden. I hope our next meeting can be a touch less… awkward than this.”

As Zethia said her final words, the world became entrapped by darkness once again, Euden found himself devoid of body or form as he departed the world of dreams and entered the world of the living.

However, the sights he saw as he fluttered open his borrowed eyelids were not that which he expected. Instead of his castle bedchamber, Euden was met with a cloudy blue sky, brown mountains, and a gust of chilling wind. He groaned as he looked over this sight, releasing disjointed syllables as he sorted out his thoughts, only to have his attention redirected once more as an unfamiliar voice spoke to him from behind.

“I see you are finally awake.”

With a girlish gasp, Euden turned his head and looked on at the speaker. His hair jet black and slick. His clothing as dark as night, his face pale and adorned with scattered markings, and his eyes colored both red and green. He looked on at Euden, still confined in Zethia’s body, with an apathetic and tired expression, before grabbing him on a small shoulder. His face then morphed into a small smile, while fear painted Euden’s.

“My name is Nedrick,” the man in black declared, “and I… am your twin brother.”

Das Ende


I always enjoy these bouts of sporadic fan fiction, as they provide me with the opportunity to write stories considerably different from what I usually dabble in with my original writing, as I can simply co-opt an existing fantastical world, casually mention lore, and have pre-made characters for me to impersonate and veer into wildly different directions if the opportunity calls for it.

And while I almost certainly got some minutiae wrong, I had a lot of fun writing this wild, rambunctious, and overwhelmingly silly story about incestuous rape and vegetable sodomy. And as a fan, it was great to take the story and characters I have been throwing myself into over the past year and create something original with it.

However, the obvious question that I’m sure you, my dear reader, might have about this story has to do with the open cliffhanger ending, and whether I plan on producing a sequel. Quite simply, no, I do not plan on ever continuing this story.

When initially writing an outline for this story, I planned on its ending being more triumphant, with Euden being branded the king of Alberia while villains stir amidst the shadows. But after reading through Chapter 14 and 15 again, that ending made increasingly less sense, as this was always meant to be a parallel story, and Chapter 14 concludes with Nedrick capturing Zethia with the aid of the Agito. I saw no reason why this wouldn’t happen in my version of Chapter 14, so it only seemed right to end True and Terrible Pleasure with Nedrick capturing Euden/Zethia, and taking them elsewhere.

This does leave the story open, and while I am against writing cliffhanger endings, I do not necessarily want to pursue the ideas I have to continue this alternate story, because I wrote what I wanted to write. One about body swap incest and vegetable sodomy. Because I find body swap incest to be both fascinating and kinky, and I think the idea of food-based sodomy is absurd and kind of hilarious… look, I never said I had good tastes, all right?

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