Natalie.TF is a the blog of Natalie Neumann, an autistic transgender woman who started up this site in 2012 in an attempt to improve her writing skills and critical eye. Over the past decade, she has done just that, producing a vast array of writings spanning over 3 million words and expanding into the realm of a ‘bootleg novelist.’

Currently she produces the following content:

Video Game Reviews: A segment that is pretty self-explanatory in and of itself. Since 2012, Natalie has been reviewing every game she has played in an attempt to better appreciate the medium and celebrate the games she adores.

Rundowns: A weekly segment on Natalie.TF where Natalie goes through the happenings in the video games industry while going on her own personalized tirades.

Rambles: A series of personal essays about topics Natalie is particularly passionate about. Ranging from broad societal issues, to video game nonsense, or her own novels.

TSF Series: A short story anthology series where every installment features TSF (Trans-Sexual Fantasy) to some degree.

Novels: Since 2015, Natalie has been working on interconnected series known as The Saga of Dawn and Dusk. A positively buck wild series that has remained a primary passion of hers over the years. All of her novels are available for free on Natalie.TF, but if you wish to support Natalie’s work, you can also buy her novels on Amazon.

If you wish to contact her, feel free to spur up discussion in the comments of any given post, email her at electnigma at gmail.com, or contact her on Twitter @ElectricNigma.

Natalie Neumann, February 2022