Announcement (2/15/20) Novel Delays

Because I am working three jobs and studying to become more than a mere master in accountancy!

I have made some changes to my 2020 schedule going forward, and will no longer be posting new novel chapters on Tuesdays after I finishing publishing Verde’s Doohickey on Natalie.TF. The process of editing my older novels and creating art assets for them has proven to be a bit too much for me to manage at the rate I initially set out at, and I am looking for ways to lower my personal workload given how limited my free time has become as of late.

Also, for anybody who is anticipating my next entirely new novel, Psycho Bullet Festival 2222: The Permutations of Abigale Quinlan, its development has been delayed, and it will not enter full production until 2021. Because I simply lack the time to write it.

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  1. qwerty

    Take your time. As I believe most people will agree, it’s better than stressing out over it for everyone concerned.

    1. Natalie Neumann

      Yes, it’s almost always better to take one’s time on something, rather than rush something out. Which is why I am going to take my time editing these novels.