The Saga of Vincent Dawn – Volume 03

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Disclaimer: This novel contains adult material including sexually explicit activities, strong language, extreme violence, familial abuse, and a wide spectrum of grotesque or otherwise disturbing content. This work is not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

The Saga of Vincent Dawn
Volume 03: The Deviant Deity

Throughout human history, there exist countless theories devoted to the concept of death. Hypotheses detailing what happens to a being after their life comes to a close and their body ceases to function. Societies created these concepts in order to hide away the harsh and likely reality that what came after death was nothingness. That death was the end of a person’s existence, an end of their thoughts, and after that, the only way one lived on was through the impact they had on others. It was a theory that Danny himself had come to accept. He confidentially believed this was all that awaited him as he plunged the knife through his head to so brutally end his life. But he was not greeted with senselessness and nothingness as he anticipated. Instead, he found himself drifting amidst darkness.

It was an empty void where his voice was the only thing he heard, and his own body was the only thing he felt. He tried calling out for something, anything really, but he received no answers. He was alone, with no one and nothing beyond an endless beyond. Dread consumed Danny’s mind as he realized this, and when faced with this imposing sight, he tried to escape it by thinking about someplace else. His bedroom. His sanctuary, his domain, the place wherein he was most comfortable in what little of the world he had seen. He thought of all of its intricate details, remembering them clearly as he shut his eyes to distract himself from the darkness he would see otherwise. 

It was then that he observed something aside from the endless dark. Through his shut eyelids, he saw a light shine through. He promptly opened his eyes upon realizing this and was greeted with the sight of his room’s ceiling, the illuminated fan mounted onto it, and beneath him, he felt the familiar well-worn mattress he had known for as long as he could recall, covered in the same frail sheets and blanket that had always kept him warm at night.

Danny then stood upright, hopped out of his bed, and began examining his room in greater detail. He walked over his wooden floor and found the creaks in the same places he had long since memorized, saw that all of his belongings were exactly as he left them last night, and he was even dressed in the clothes he had last worn. Everything was where it should have been, but something still did not feel quite right. Things still felt… empty. Danny cautiously looked beyond the blinds of his window to curb his curiosity and was met with the sight of blackness. Emptiness as far as he could see, unaffected by the light pouring from out his room. As he opened his door, he saw naught but darkness. He had created his room in its entirety simply by wishing for it, but nothing else.

Struggling to parse this revelation, Danny continued to think of familiar sights, imagining well beyond the scope of his room, and to the small town where he lived, shuttering his eyes as the image filled his mind. As he opened his eyes, he looked out the window once again. It matched the sight he wistfully looked up at mere hours ago, from the neighboring houses to the moon looming in the night’s sky. Fascinated and in awe by what he was witnessing, Danny left his room and explored the rest of his house, finding everything exactly where he thought it would be, excluding his parents. 

Their bed was unoccupied and devoid of any traces of Danny’s brash actions. It was as if the murder had never happened, yet Danny’s memories said otherwise. Still curious of his current predicament, he thought of his parents, imagining that they were still resting in bed like they would any other night. As he imagined such a thing, it became reality, with his parents’ bodies plopping into existence, their bodies immersed in their bedsheets, eyes shut, and nostrils releasing steady gusts of air.

Through an exertion of will, his parents were brought back to life… but that’s not what Danny wanted. He looked over them and leered, keeping his eyes open as he imagined their bodies bereft of life, as they were when he last saw them. And just like that, it became reality. His parents’ bodies were now limp and drenched in their own blood, with large knife wounds in their necks. He then thought of undoing such a thing, and as expected, the two returned to normal and resumed calmly breathing as they slept. 

Danny, with an expression bereft of feeling, then thought of his resurrected parents rising from their bed and embracing him in a hug, saying that they loved him. They did just that. They woke up from their slumber in an instant and lovingly grabbed their son between their arms, filling his ears with affectionate words that seemed in-character for them. At least, as far as Danny could tell. He momentarily relished in this sensation, feeling a sense of warmth and completeness that he had not felt in nearly a decade. However, his frustration was still high. He had not forgotten what his parents did and have done over the past decade of his life.

Danny remained stoic and, with a mere thought, his parents’ heads rolled off their necks, landing on the floor without a drop of splatter as their bodies fell limply along with them. Life had left their body once more, but with another thought, the disembodied heads of his mother and father sprang to life, their lips moving and voices filled with confusion.

A smile appeared on Danny’s face as he finished processing everything he was seeing and everything he was experiencing. He chuckled as he reached the conclusion that, somehow and through some unknown means, in his death, he had continued to live. And in this new realm of existence, he was the master of reality. He could do anything, he could change anything, if he desired it, if he thought it, it became reality. Though Danny may have died, he was reborn as a God. 

As this revelation set in, Danny further exerted his will upon the world and elevated himself off the floor, his body moving higher and higher as it floated through the ceiling and into the sky. He soared above his neighborhood and continued upwards through the stratosphere before reaching the recesses of space. Once there, Danny momentarily marveled at the sights before him. From the size of the moon, the majesty of the Earth to the glorious glimmer of the stars that resided in the distance. He stared at this sight as he let the magnitude of his might settle in his mind, and once it had, he devised a plan.

A plan that sent him traveling further away from his home, reaching a distant solar system with only a few planets surrounding its young sun. Satisfied with his surroundings, he willed a new planet into existence, one of his own creation, and not a very creative one, all things considered. It was a planet with a singular swampy biome with geography that repeated every few square miles. Still, satisfied by the sight of the world he so effortlessly plopped into existence, Danny entered the atmosphere of this planet, and with a snap of his fingers, caused his parents to appear beside him.

The two were restored to their normal selves both physically and mentally, and as such, reacted to their new location, that of a humid swampy locale, with a degree of confusion and frustration before noticing that their son was floating above them. They asked him the typical trite questions of how, where, and why, but Danny offered them no answers. Instead, he simply stated that he would get his revenge on the two of them. Confused, his parents looked at one another and began to notice something… odd about themselves. 

Their faces were contorting, their body mass was expanding, their skeleton compressed, organs churned harshly, and the limbs shrank to frail stubs. They became unable to support their weight on two legs and fell onto their newly morphed fingerless hands while the changes expanded to the rest of their body. Their hair fell off their heads and persons in blotchy clumps while their skin brightened from a pasty caucasian hue to something more colorful.

As the changes slowed, the result was plain to both the mother and father and to any would-be onlookers. Mister and Missus Verres was no longer human. They were adult pigs. The mother was now a male hog, the father was a female sow, and as they comprehended their abrupt transformation, they unleashed a horrific squeal that echoed throughout this empty world. 

Yet, this last cry, this shout of horror as they comprehended the loss of their humanity, lasted nary a moment before the two culled themselves and directed their attention down to the ground below, where they began to consume the substance that laid at the bottom of their hooves  Despite being a swamp planet, Danny had crafted this world as one not made of mud or dirt, but rather a sort of bio-waste akin to the slop or refuse foodstuffs that pigs were typically fed. And as pigs, Danny’s parents wasted little time indulging in their urges, digging their maws and noses into the boundless mesh of slop. Doing so caused their bodies to grow further, and as their hunger was satiated, a new desire arose within these pigs. That of arousal. In their new bodies, Danny’s parents humped one another in an effort to fulfill their newfound urges before the process concluded, with the hog ejaculating into the sow, impregnating her after mere seconds of coitus. Typically, the gestation period for a pig lasts nearly four months, but here, the litter was born from the female in roughly one minute.

Upon being born, the litter quickly took to their mother’s milky teats and rapidly grew as they suckled her juices, growing in size as they exhausted her supply before turning their heads down to the slop that surrounded them, consuming it in order to grow even larger. Once sufficiently large, they did like their parents and reproduced with the closest member of the opposite sex. 

This process continued at a rapid rate, with each generation growing in size, and the old ones continuing to reproduce over and over until their bodies were either be consumed by their descendants or perished and became part of the biowaste that this planet was made of. 

It was a never-ending 10-minute-long cycle of consumption, reproduction, and death that was disgusting and bizarre on its own, but it was made far more disturbing when one looked into the minds of Mister and Missus Verres. While it may have appeared that Danny’s mother and father were lost, their minds having fully devolved to that of gluttonous and lustful creatures, that was not the case. While his mother and father were unable to do anything against their new animal urges, they retained sentience, awareness of the world around them, and the ability to think. 

This alone would be cruel enough, but Danny gave each of his parents their own hive mind of sorts. His mother would feel the sensations of every male pig that was born, and his father would feel the sensations of every female pig that was born. The number of sensations, which grew at an exponential rate, would overwhelm and disable his parent’s minds as the process of consumption and reproduction continued ad infinitum. Yet they would never truly die or succumb to madness. A fragment of them would always remain, always aware, and always screeching in agony as they struggle to comprehend what was happening to them

Upon observing his work for a few minutes, Danny smiled, finding this callous and surreal punishment to be sufficient payback for a lifetime of abuse. Accordingly, he left his parents to this fate and promptly teleported himself back to his bedroom, where he laid on his bed and laughed profusely, taking an immense amount of pleasure in his actions. This took care of the first item on Danny’s then growing mental list of things to do with his newfound powers, and after staring at his ceiling while whistling a jaunty tune, he decided on a second.

Danny slowly got out of his bed and looked at his desk, where a piece of paper waited for him. The paper listed an address and featured detailed directions for Danny to follow. As he looked over it, Danny breathed heavily, a sense of eagerness welling up within him as his mind began running through the many ways in which his newly envisioned scenario could play out. Clutching the paper between his palm, Danny dashed out of his house and into the night, following the directions as he sprinted away from the familiar bubble of his neighborhood and arrived at his destination. An innocuous home surrounded by many others just like it, but inside, Danny knew he would find something truly spectacular.

Upon walking through the door, unperturbed by the pesky matter before him, Danny began moving through the home, taking in the sights and smells this abode offered him, before arriving at the master bedroom. In it laid a lone woman wrapped in her sheets, tranquility slumbering the night away as the clock continued moving closer to 1:00. Shaking in anticipation, Danny continued to glare at the woman, getting close enough to smell her hair and see her chest rise and fall as she slowly breathed. 

It was Miss Williams. The teacher who truly cared about him as a person. The woman who inspired him to become a better student. The person who imparted onto him lessons and wisdom that he has only built upon ever since. And the object who captured Danny’s affection at a young and impressionable age. Many things filled Danny’s mind as he was reunited with her, but none were as strong as his rekindled desire. His desire to become her.

With his face already close to her’s, Danny chose a well-explored trigger for body swapping and pressed his lips against those of his former teacher. His senses paused for a fraction of a second before they returned to him, with his position altered and body replaced. He was wrapped tightly under a warm blanket, while a sheet of smooth black hair covered his head and seeped down to his shoulders. He moved his hands away from his sides and up his body, crossing over his fit stomach up to his nicely sized breasts before reaching a slender neck that led to a smooth face. He elevated his hands to take a better look at them, awestruck by the display and temporarily paralyzed as his mind tried to keep up with what was happening. Danny then rose out of bed suddenly and whispered to himself in Miss Williams’s voice.

“Miss Williams… I’m you. It’s real. It finally happened. Your skin, your face, your body… it is all so beautiful and now… now I’m in control of it. Now I’m you, aren’t I?”

After entering her body, Danny spent the remainder of the night exploring. A night full of speaking lewd comments, observing his new body from many angles, and delving into his new womanly body parts in order to experience things he never could before. It was a night of pleasure, where Danny would do everything from trying on the wardrobe of clothes before him, to bathing, to simply eating, all while mentally cataloging the differences. 

It was a joyous period of roughly 5 hours, but this erotic party came to a booming end as Miss Williams’s alarm clock erupted in a cacophony of noise. Signifying that it was time to get ready for Monday. Upon turning off the obnoxious wailing, Danny looked over to his old body, which had fallen into a deep coma-like sleep as per his wishes upon switching bodies with Miss Williams. While Danny briefly considered switching back with Miss Williams while she taught her class, he shot it down vigorously, reminding himself that this was his true dream. To truly live a day in the life of Miss Williams by teaching one of her classes on his own.

The idea sounded great in Danny’s head, but after thinking about it for 2 seconds, he realized he had absolutely no idea of what he realistically should be doing. He did not know what an adult woman like Miss Williams would do to prepare for work, how to drive a car, what he would need to do at work, or any information about the class he was going to teach. Just the thought of these things made Danny nervous, but he quickly stumbled onto a solution to his woes. Why not just take Miss Williams’s memories? So, with a snap of his finger, a sea of new faces, concepts, locales, and situations flooded into Danny’s mind, where they mingled and merged with his own knowledge, memories, and personality in a manner that inspired momentary dizziness as he struggled to process it all.

Upon regaining his composure, Danny immediately noticed slight changes in how he was standing, where his hands were, and how… his mind worked. He suddenly understood concepts that were completely alien to him. Things that once perplexed the boy were now sensible. And the knowledge available to him dwarfed what he knew before he took on this new set of memories. He felt as if he had undergone an awakening of sorts, an advancement, and alteration of who he was, but he was a bit too giddy about the prospect of being Miss Williams for a day to dwell on that. Or, to use her first name, something Danny had not known until this point, Claire.

As the thoughts and knowledge of Claire Williams washed over Danny’s consciousness, he began going through her daily rhythm and experiencing every detail of her morning routine from her perspective. He thought about her daily plans, what to focus on in class, workplace drama, and assorted minutiae about Claire’s home life. They were mundane thoughts, but they felt like they were his own. After fantasizing about what it would be like to be Claire for so many years, it was now finally his reality. He was now Claire Williams in body and mind, and he was determined to make the most of this.

At 7:30 AM, Danny confidently walked out the door to a bright early autumn day, which he greeted with a satisfied grin. The sun was bright, the birds were chirping, and the leaves were just starting to fall off the trees. He stood there for a moment, dressed in Claire’s typical work clothes, carrying her bag, and upon taking in the sights, he walked to her car in a manner that would not arouse even the slightest bit of suspicion from any neighboring onlookers. 

Excited, Danny drove to the school he had not been to in roughly two years and followed his new memories to glide him through a routine of getting ready for class, mingling with co-workers, and, finally, holding class after escorting a gaggle of 25 children into a classroom. Children who admired and adored Miss Williams, who diligently heeded her instructions, and who relied on her to learn. Their affection towards her was palpable from the minute class began, and it inspired Danny throughout the day. 

With his pre-existing knowledge of the subject matter and Claire’s teaching abilities, Danny gracefully soared through the concepts and lessons planned out for the day. A sixth sense notified him to aid any students who were struggling, and as his body moved in accordance to borrowed memories and influence, he focused more on the minuscule details of his new form. The subtle movements of his head while talking. The way he positioned his feet as he stood. And the cadence of his voice, moving up and down to capture and retain the attention of the class as the day went on and on.

After the clock struck 3:00 PM, Danny made his way out of the school, saying goodbye to the children taught throughout the day, and returned home, eager to give this body some additional thorough exploration. An exploration sweetened and enhanced by Danny’s new memories, turning what was a clumsy escapade by a teenage boy in the body of an adult woman into something that more resembled a well-experienced woman satisfying herself, fully knowing how to maximize their pleasure.

As a euphoric evening gave way into a dim night, Danny pondered his current situation. Having realized his dream of being Miss Williams for one day and experiencing the pleasure that his former teacher’s body could offer, he felt that he should move onto the third matter on his list of things to do with his god-like powers. 

As he rubbed his most sensitive body parts, remembered another very special person to him, his friend Terry. He had been unable to find a trace of him since he moved away 6 years ago, and now Danny had the means of willing his way to wherever he lived, meaning that he could reunite with his first and only friend.

Following a cleaning session and after changing into one of his most comfortable outfits, Danny, still in Claire’s body, willed himself across the country, his body clipping out of his house and into the sky, where he traveled at the speed of sound before arriving at the opposite end of the country. As Danny landed with the utmost grace, he found himself plopped outside of a house that supposedly was the residence of Terrance Tanaka and his mother. 

After brushing past Terry’s mother with a wave of his hand, Danny eventually made his way to Terry’s room and greeted the 13-year-old sitting at his computer. Their meeting was an awkward one at first, but through the sharing of assorted trivia of their relationship from half a decade ago, Terry was convinced that this adult woman was the male friend he made back in second grade. And upon accepting this, the next logical question was what they could or should do, to which Danny replied, “I can do anything.”

He explained his divine capabilities to Terry, whose reaction was fraught with both awe and concern over the immense power supposedly in the possession of somebody that Terry knew based on experience, was not the most well-adjusted mentally. Still, given their history together, Terry wanted to help Danny in whatever way he could and questioned the true extent of his powers to gain more information.

As their conversations progressed, the subject shifted from Danny’s powers to the past few years of their lives. Terry described how he found online friends in recent years, continued earning high marks in school and had even taken some extracurricular computer classes. This eventually spun-off into a discussion about Danny trying to exert his will over the universe via a computer program, in order to make his changes more direct and controlled than they would be coming directly from a human mind. Danny found the concept intriguing but soon cast it aside to describe the past few years of his life.

Danny had previously sheltered Terry in regards to how he lived, and now, older and more experienced, Danny hid no details and described his living conditions to Terry, who became crestfallen as he heard how his friend’s parents abused him… only for his expression to change as Danny began discussing Isaac and Olivia, how he brutalized them, and how he murdered his parents before reviving them to elongate their suffering. As Terry took all of this in, he slowly offered a response.

“Danny, that’s… that’s awful. I know they weren’t good people, but nobody deserves that. I know you’re better than this. I understand that you and your parents never had a good relationship, but… what you did was just horrible. You need to undo this. You need to help them.”

Danny pondered Terry’s words as they left his lips. Terry was his only friend, somebody that Danny adored, and who he had placed upon a pedestal for the past several years. He thanked him for so much and wanted to believe him. Part of Danny knew Terry was right. That he should not be so malicious towards those who gave birth to and raised him. But as Danny thought back on the abuse, the apathy, and the words he heard on the night of September 30, 2012, he could not admit he was at fault. And even if he was… he was a god. Who was Terry to talk down to him? To tell him what he “needs” to do? 

A more mature and collected individual might have been able to put aside these feelings of disdain, but despite having the bodies and memories of an adult woman, Danny was still a child at the core of his being. A temperamental child who did not want criticism, but validation. Danny wanted Terry to support him, but he felt like he was being ordered by his friend. And Danny knew he was above being ordered by anyone or anything.

Danny exploded back at Terry after mulling over his words. He went on about how his parents were emotionally abusive, failed to raise him in any meaningful way, and that his punishment was a means of enacting justice upon them. Terry tried to point out how cruel and unusual punishment is never appropriate, and that two wrongs do not make a right in a situation like this, but Danny cared little. He had gained immense power this past day, and with it came great arrogance. He denied everything his former friend was saying before leaving in a huff, ending this reunion on a sour note.

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