The Saga of Vincent Dawn – Volume 10

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Disclaimer: This novel contains adult material including sexually explicit activities, strong language, extreme violence, familial abuse, and a wide spectrum of grotesque or otherwise disturbing content. This work is not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

The Saga of Vincent Dawn
Volume 10: Terrance & Urabe’s Alien Assassination Adventure

The following Volume of The Saga of Vincent Dawn is a condensed retelling of Terrance & Urabe’s Alien Assassination Adventure. A novella released as part of The Transformation, Ascension, and Degeneration of Terra novel on September 11, 2014. Readers who are not interested in this summary are advised to skip to the Aftermath.

Event 1: Nice to N.E.E.T. You!

The Scenario begins on May 22nd, 2015, with an introduction to Terrance Honyaku, a 17-year-old freelance translator who is in the middle of chatting with his online friend, and only friend for that matter, who goes by the handle of Aku_Mako. They briefly discuss his translation work for a while, highlighting how he worked on numerous fan projects in addition to having a steady stream of commissioned work. But after a while, Aku_Mako leaves him, saying they are looking for a summer job after recently graduating high school, prompting Terrance to go downstairs to get some dinner.

As Terrance heads downstairs to the kitchen, he is stopped by his mother, Juniper Honyaku. A 31-year-old half-Japanese half-French woman who Terrance begrudgingly describes as being rather attractive. She asks him if he thought about attending the local community college before the summer semester begins, but Terrance quickly brushes her suggestion aside, claiming his workflow is hectic before rushing back to his room with his dinner in tow. 

Defeated, Terrance begins his usual routine of watching an episode of an anime while he eats, observing how the official translation was handled and deliberating the goal of translation as he does so. Right as he finishes the episode and his dinner, Terrance’s senses begin to fade rapidly before he loses consciousness. 

Event 2: The Girl of Pure Sin

Terrance awakens to find himself running through his hometown of Oransen, Illinois, at 40 kilometers per hour, where the wind is flowing through his now longer and thicker hair and brushing along his newly bare and slender legs. He tries to stop running, but finds himself unable to control any part of his own body. Just as Terrance is about to go off on a panic attack, he hears his body speak to him in an exaggerated southern feminine drawl. 

Terrance notices his body’s pace slow down to a walk, before his body introduces themselves as Urabe. She bluntly explains that she and Terrance will be sharing her body for a little while. Terrance will be the tagalong observer while she dictates and controls all the action. To help calm Terrance’s nerves, Urabe looks down at her own body, where Terrance observes a feminine form with a pair of modest breasts, dressed in what could be described as a typical Japanese school girl summer uniform. As Urabe presents her body before him, Terrance notices how he can truly feel everything she does. From the steady motion of her nostrils as they take in air to the way hair brushes against her ears.

As Terrance takes all of this in, Urabe resumes walking and begins explaining who she is. She is a millennia-old super android from a distant planet who was sent to Earth on a mission by her master, Vincent Dawn. Urabe speaks ill of Vincent after bringing up his name, blaming him for her faulty translation module, which makes her sound like a cultural stereotype, as she is unable to speak a single sentence in proper English. Terrance asks if she can speak in Japanese so they can better communicate, but Urabe claims that, despite looking like a Japanese school girl, she does not actually have any knowledge of the Japanese language.

As Urabe finishes her first wave of explanations, she enters into one of the seedier parts of Terrance’s hometown, Oransen, and soon wanders into a crummy motel. Urabe uses her enhanced vision to look through the walls of one of the rooms and makes out two large hairy men having a threesome with a woman. Terrance is appalled at this sight, and Urabe is quick to ask him why he’s so unnerved, as this sort of thing is pretty tame compared to some of the stuff she expects a teenage boy like Terrance to be into.

Before Terrance can respond, the two men finish their business and leave the motel. Urabe hides behind a corner as they disperse before returning to the motel room of interest. She flings open the unlocked door and encounters a lone woman. A malnourished individual with pale skin and hay-like hair with a hand squirming beneath her panty. Urabe explains to Terrance that this woman is actually a creature known as a Scumbag, an alien parasite that traveled to Earth in hopes of avoiding extermination and to propagate their race amongst humans by taking residence in their bodies until they are able to gestate more offspring. A total of seven have escaped to Earth, and they have found host bodies in the town of Oransen. These Scumbags are seen as an intergalactic menace by Vincent Dawn, and because of this, Urabe was sent to earth to exterminate them before they have the opportunity to reproduce.

As Urabe finishes her non-verbalized speech to Terrance, the sex-crazed woman finally notices Urabe and emits a hoarse and dry laugh. The woman claims she is not afraid of death, that she enjoyed her time in this body, and that she will not confess any information to Urabe. Urabe snickers in response, stating that she does not need any information from this woman, she just needs to end her life. Urabe then transforms her left hand into a syringe filled with a sodium-based lethal injection. 

As Urabe rams this needle into the woman’s neck, her body grows limp, and whatever creature resided within her body perishes immediately. This not being enough, Urabe takes the corpse to the motel bathtub and transforms her hands into jagged metal claws, which she uses to hack up this woman’s body parts until they are small enough to flow through the bathtub drain. Terrance, still in the passenger’s seat of Urabe’s body, is forced to partake in the sensation and sights of a body being brutally maimed, and reacts with abject horror.

Terrance’s terror surprises Urabe, who apologizes for introducing him to this feat of ultraviolence without any sort of warning. She stops hacking up the body, as her job is already done, and states she just got permission from Vincent Dawn to spend more time on her current mission. Urabe then goes to wash her claw hands off in the nearby sink and, while doing so, she stares into the mirror, offering Terrance a look at her face. In the mirror, he sees a cute teenage-looking Japanese girl with bright cyan eyes and puffy black hair that does not go past her shoulders. It is also here where Terrance notices how sharp his vision now is, as he is able to see far more detail than he once could, even when wearing his glasses. Urabe briefly jokes about how she looks like one of his anime girls, before offering to treat the traumatized teenager to some ice cream.

Terrance lashes out at her for such a terrible suggestion, but Urabe fails to understand why he is so frustrated, inspiring him to just drop his frustrations and take Urabe up on her offer. Terrance then begins trying to ignore the events that just transpired and focuses on the body he is currently inhabiting. As Urabe walks out of the motel and into the breezy summer afternoon, Terrance finds comfort in the clothing and form of his temporary body. At least before Urabe breaks Terrance’s concentration by asking him to share more details about himself. Something that Terrance is reluctant to do, but does nevertheless. 

Event 3: Murder Death Killz

Terrance begins explaining his background with the background of his mother Juniper. Back when she was 13, she lost much of her family in a horrible car accident. Her parents left her a great deal of wealth, but her guardian became her distant non-blood-related uncle. A cruel man who abused her both physically and sexually, eventually impregnating her with her only child, Terrance. As the abuse continued, Juniper reached a breaking point and murdered her legal guardian. This act only furthered her mental trauma, and once she was born, she was deemed incapable of taking care of her newborn son. 

Juniper was a trailblazer throughout her teenage years, indulging in vices as she tried to reclaim things that were stolen from her. And she remained on a destructive streak until she reached 19, when she went to visit her 5-year-old son, only to discover that the child did not recognize her. This encouraged Juniper to cool down and finally become an adult and a parent.

During the early years of his life, Terrance was homeschooled by his nanny, Eleanore Flare, who educated him at a very advanced rate, taught him Japanese, and often had him play with her own son, Max, at least before Max started attending public school. Terrance continued to be tutored by Eleanore Flare until he was 11-years-old when he had already completed the equivalent of a middle school education. Following this, and his high marks on standardized exams, Terrance started to attend high school, mostly taking honors and AP classes. However, that all ended after he became the target of Yuccot Kikansky, a bully at his school. Through a mixture of teasing, minor violent altercations, and prepubescent molestation, Yuccot made Terrance’s life miserable and eventually caused him to go feral, leading the school to expel both parties.

Afterward, Terrance continued his education by getting a GED while also developing his skills as a Japanese translator, working on numerous projects. While he had considered going to college, his terrible experience with high school helped him develop a fear of large groups of people and inspired him to lead a mostly solitary existence confined in his room. He had tried to get over this, citing one time when he went to a local anime convention to meet his friend Aku-Mako. However, the crowds overwhelmed him so much that he had to leave the convention within a matter of minutes.

As Terrance finishes his story, Urabe finishes purchasing a three scoop waffle cone with blue, French vanilla, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. She begins eating it, telling Terrance to let the flavor ease his worries away before she takes the opportunity to detail her origins. 

Urabe explains that she was an android created by a mad scientist type fellow who wished to take over his world by defeating another android known as Seita. Urabe was the first creation of his to even come close, and she ultimately killed Seita. While this success was a cause for celebration for her creator, a programming error caused Urabe to go berserk. In this psychotic state, she not only murdered her creator, but she destroyed her entire planet, killing billions in the process. After detonating her homeworld, Urabe was left drifting aimlessly through space before she was picked up by Vincent Dawn. An otherworldly being who used her to murder populations, spread death, and kill all who Vincent thought ill of.

With the topic of murder in the air, Urabe heads to her next assassination destination, a pristine condominium, one far away from the sleazy motel. She gets on the elevator along with a pizza delivery boy heading to the same suite. After learning this, Urabe punches the delivery boy in the face and, as the elevator ascends, she strips the delivery boy of his “Doodlers” branded baseball cap and polo shirt, puts them over her clothes, and takes the pizzas he was delivering with her as she heads to her destination. Terrance is aghast at her sudden outburst of violence towards an innocent, but Urabe shrugs it off as she leaves the half-naked unconscious delivery boy in the elevator.

Urabe then reaches the destination, and after opening up the door by turning one of her fingertips into a key, she is greeted by a rancid-smelling dwelling filled with refuse, body odor, and general mess. She enters regardless, disabling her sense of smell before wandering into a dark room where she encounters a horribly obese man in a recliner staring blankly at a television screen. The man struggles to speak or move in response to seeing Urabe, overwhelmed by his immense and horrible mass, and unable to even resist as Urabe disinterestedly stabs him in the neck with a lethal toxin. She sighs as she does so, remarking how lame it is to kill somebody like this, and how she craves a challenge.

After accomplishing murder number 2, Urabe leaves the condo and returns to the elevator where she drops the pizzas on the floor and strips off the delivery boy’s uniform before limply tossing it on the unconscious teenage boy next to her. Urabe then leaves the building and, with her next destination already in mind, she boards a conveniently positioned and timed bus, pulling bus fare out of her palm before saying that she wants to take a more colorful route to target number 3.

Event 4: Attempted Murder Begets Real Murder

With nothing better to do during their transit time, Terrance asks if Urabe enjoys her job as an assassin. She replies to him mentally, as to not cause a scene on the bus, explaining how her life is effectively one long job, and that she has become desensitized to the act of murder after having killed trillions in her time as an intergalactic murder bot. She neither likes it nor dislikes it. It’s just life.

As she finishes her story, the bus reaches her destination, so she gets off and finds herself in yet another rough part of town, where she is almost immediately accosted by a young man in gaudy clothing, who hits on Urabe and tries to molest her. In response, Urabe grabs the street urchin and tears off his right arm in one swift motion. 

She leaves the youth in a bloody breed of pain, explaining to a shocked Terrance that the youth will survive his dismemberment before she arrives at her destination, a run-down convenience store named Solid Patriot. There, Urabe quickly encounters a cigar chopping casually dressed young Hispanic woman at the cash register, who shoots Urabe in the face right as she approaches her. Urabe laughs it off, pulling out the bullet as her face repairs itself, while the target flees the scene while tossing a match that sets the building on fire as she slips out the rear. Urabe runs through the flames to give chase, only to find the target already in her car, recklessly driving away.

Being a space android powerful enough to turn space planets into space dust, Urabe is fast enough to catch up with the car, but before she can latch onto the vehicle, it crashes into a streetlight. With the Scumbag incapacitated by their airbag, Urabe chooses to make things interesting by pulling out an optical-disk-shaped explosive from her mouth and tossing it at the car before dashing away as an explosion erupts in the background.

Terrance is stunned by this and begs Urabe to not do something so outlandish in the future, believing that she deliberately chose to turn this into a mad chase, which Urabe admits was true, but brushes it off, saying that she has little reason to care for this world, or if the Scumbags cause collateral damage. She admits that this makes her immoral, but being above society’s constraints for so long has made her numb and apathetic towards concepts such as right and wrong.

Event 5: Packin’ It In

Terrance continues the conversation from the prior Event, asking Urabe what it is she even desires, and what has kept her going over her aforementioned centuries of service to Vincent Dawn. Urabe explains that she is effectively Vincent’s slave, bound by his intangible hands, and forced to do his bidding. As such, she has little to motivate her to keep going other than a desire to maintain her own existence. 

As they continue to talk, and after the sun finally sets, Urabe makes her way to a nearby nightclub known as ‘The Prime’, pulling an ID out of her arm in order to get past the bouncer. Terrance tolerates the flashing lights, loud music, and aroma of trendy drugs as Urabe makes her way to a bar area. There she sits near an idealistic-looking blonde woman in a red dress, with a gaggle of men fawning over her. 

Urabe is direct with her intentions to murder the blonde woman for being a Scumbag, but the blonde woman tries to dissuade her, stating that she simply wishes to enjoy the life she has now and has no intention of propagating her race. This does not gel with Urabe’s objectives, so she gives the woman a head start before chasing her. 

In response, the woman runs through the back entrance while kicking off her heels and dashing out into the street, where she is run over by a speeding van that kills her instantly. Viewing a dead Scumbag as a dead Scumbag, Urabe walks away and mentions how there are 3 more assassinations to make. But before she can plot a course to target number 5, she receives word from Vincent Dawn, ordering her to cease murdering for the night, and take Terrance home, much to the young man’s delight.

Event 6: The Blue Birdy Boy

Terrance is apprehensive of returning home while he is imprisoned within Urabe’s body, but Urabe is resolute in her orders, saying that she will even help him out with whatever he could use a supercomputer for. Terrance tries to think of a good argument, but before he knows it Urabe is at his doorstep, face to face with Juniper, who is clearly distraught by her missing son. Barging into the Honyaku household, Urabe explains that Terrance is in her head, and attempts to convince Juniper by transforming her left arm into a gatling gun. 

Juniper naturally panics upon seeing this, so Terrance begs Urabe to turn her arm back to normal and try to explain the situation to his mother like a goldan human being. Urabe does so, causing further horror to be instilled in Juniper’s mind as she explains how Terrance witnessed four deaths. Upon ending this little recap, Urabe announces that Juniper will be able to speak with Terrance again very soon. Seconds later, Terrance’s consciousness fades. By the time he regains his composure, he finds himself back in his original body, completely naked, on the floor, in front of his mother. Terrance is able to move his body freely and covers his genitals before his mother embraces him. 

After being given fresh clothing and glasses, Terrance lies on the couch and, between tears, he expresses how glad he is to be free from Urabe, even if it is only temporary. He reinforces the frustration he felt from both her crass and flippant personality, the horrible acts she committed, her self-centered nature, and especially her horribly forced sounding accent. After being comforted by his mother, she recommends he take a shower and offers to buy him a treat. Following that, he spends the remainder of the night in his room pursuing the most distilled form of happiness as he can. Listening to upbeat Japanese songs, reading some manga, and sipping on a milkshake. After he finishes his shake and the comic he was reading through, Terrance departs to bed around midnight.

In bed, Terrance thinks about how, despite hating Urabe as a person, her body fascinated him. It was comfortable and welcoming, to the point where he feels ever so slightly uncomfortable in his normal male frame. This inspires Terrance to question parts of his own identity, but his tired mind is unable to invest much thought into this subject before Terrance begins drifting off to sleep. Yet, right before his consciousness fades, Terrance hears Urabe’s voice in the back of his head, saying that she has some business to take care of before daybreak. 

Event 7: Embrace Your New Reality

Terrance wakes up to find his vision clear and discovers that he is in Urabe’s body, wearing the same clothes she was last night. However, instead of being a mere spectator in her body, he is in full control of it. Perplexed by this situation, he begins looking over his current body, examining it from various angles and testing its abilities by pulling out a knife from seemingly nowhere. He speaks to himself, hearing Urabe’s voice free from her obnoxious dialect, but does not hear anything from her even when he calls her name. Terrance then leaves his room and encounters his mother, having just finished her morning shower. Terrance explains his situation to Juniper, only for the two to be interrupted by a noise from Terrance’s bedroom. 

On Terrance’s monitor, the two see a series of scrambled text accompanied by a robotic voice. They identify themselves as Vincent Dawn. Vincent casually tells Terrance that Urabe is done with this planet, and both he and Urabe will be leaving things as they are. With this, Terrance is confronted with the fact that he is now stuck like this. Stuck in the body of an incredibly advanced android from space that also was the person responsible for the most traumatic experience of his life. Just as this settles in, Terrance looks at the corner of his computer and sees that it is May 24th, meaning he lost consciousness for a full day. 

Terrance cries as his mind is flooded with worrisome questions, only to be embraced by his mother, who assures him that things will work out no matter what. Terrance spends several hours in isolation as he tries to process what happened. That his body is gone and he will, presumably, need to live the rest of his life as a super android from a distant galaxy which, while enticing from some perspective, is beyond anything he ever so much as desired.

After Terrance gets over his initial dread, Juniper returns to his room and brings up the matter of clothing, saying that if this is permanent, Terrance will need to dress themselves in something other than a sailor fuku. Being ever loyal to his mother, Terrance agrees and goes along with her to a nearby clothing store. As they drive to their destination, Terrance notices how he can easily gather information from something just by looking at it, such as identifying the heart rates of squirrels, information about homes, or the type of grass used on each lawn. Yet the information is not distracting and can be disabled with just a thought. At this moment, he considers this to be just a reminder of his new form and its lack of human limitations.

Once Terrance arrives at the clothing store, he abides by his mother’s directions, following her as she picks out clothing for Terrance to try on. As he does so, Terrance dreads the idea of seeing Urabe naked, echoing how he did not even want to see her again after the night the two went through, let alone see new parts of her body. Despite his initial reservations, Terrance finds himself steadily growing more and more comfortable with his new form as he tries on outfit after outfit, seeing his body from different angles, and learning to disassociate the person who traumatized him with the girl looking back at him in the mirror. 

In the end, Terrance and his mother leave the store with roughly a dozen outfits for him to wear, but right after they get into the car, Terrance’s senses go blank.

Event 8: Terry’s Gotta Love It!

After finding himself in a domain of featureless darkness, Terrance is greeted by Urabe, this time speaking without her usual dialect. She explains to Terrance that she is indeed a servant of Vincent Dawn who was sent to Earth with the intention of exterminating the seven sinful Scumbags. But in the process of transferring her matter to Earth, she wound up killing Terrance. After realizing this, Vincent Dawn decided to play a little game with multiple phases, all based around the psychological profile of Terrance and what Vincent believed he desired. 

Looking at Terrance’s psyche, Vincent ascertained that the young man possessed a latent and growing desire to be female, to do something truly great in this world, and to gain some sort of companionship after leading an isolated life. So, Vincent decided that after the process of exterminating the Scumbags was complete, he would bestow Terrance with Urabe’s body, or at least this copy of it, granting them a female form, immense power that could revolutionize the world, and a collection of friends, who Urabe broke the ice with yesterday while Terrance was unconscious.

But in order to ensure that Terrance would choose to do good with their newfound power, Vincent ordered Urabe to adopt a persona different from her typical polite demeanor, one where she would be openly hostile and crass to Terrance the majority of the time. This concept operated under the pretense that this terrible experience would encourage Terrance to do good in the world. Terrance identifies this as a terribly roundabout and confusing plan. Urabe agrees with this sentiment and warns Terrance by stating the following:

“Vincent Dawn is a child, a child with the universe in his hand, and I am merely one of his many toys. You, Terrance Honyaku, or rather Terra Honyaku, are an insect he has taken a liking to, I suggest you do not question him any further, let alone shatter his expectations. So go forth, young Terra, seize the day and make this world your own, for that is your destiny!” 

After regaining her senses, the newly renamed Terra brings up what happened to her mother, who explains she was fully aware of what Urabe was planning and helped her with this bizarre process in order to help Terra in the long term. Juniper played her role by taking Terra on the shopping trip the two just completed, and while Terra was unconscious, Urabe met with three people who she believes should become Terra’s friends going forward. Per Urabe’s planning, Terra is to meet with these people once she gets home. Terra is apprehensive about meeting new people like this, but after having undergone so much in the past two days, she is willing to accept whatever is thrown her way.

After taking the tags off her new clothes, Terra is greeted by a trio of 18-year-olds. Jad Spencer, Maxxie Flare, and Zoe Xing, all more or less recycled from My Life As Abigale Quinlan. As they meet, Maxxie immediately hugs Terra, claiming it has been so long since they last met. This confuses Terra, but after some prodding, she realizes that Maxxie is actually the person she knew as Max back when she was young. Jad then introduces himself as Terra’s online friend Aku_Mako, which helps ease Terra by establishing some common ground for her to grasp among this group.

After the three make their awkward introductions, they begin to recount their story to Terra. Yesterday the three were confronted by Urabe, who explained her situation, and after demonstrating her abilities a bit, she convinced Maxxie, Jad, and Zoe to all meet with Terra. It seemed ideal from both of their perspectives, as Jad and Maxxie both assumed Terra lived far away, and wanted to meet them in person for quite some time. As for Zoe… he mostly just served as a tagalong and was adamant about joining in with Jad and Maxxie after realizing the gravity of the situation. Despite these odd origins, the four hit it off and held a lively discussion for a few hours before making plans to meet again, which they did, again, and again.

In the ensuing month, Terra strengthens her bonds with her new friends, becoming the fourth member of the trio, and learns more about her body’s natural abilities. She gradually discovers how to use her enhanced speed, strength, and ability to alter any matter through a process that she named Real Booting. The Scenario ends as Terra prepares her things for a road trip with her newfound friends to Funke, Colorado, and excitedly runs out of the house with her bags in tow as she sees the three arrive outside. As she departs, Juniper waves from the front door, a tear rolling down her face as her daughter leaves home on her own for the first time in years.


While Vincent Dawn began the construction of this Scenario with the goal of fulfilling the latent desires of his dear childhood friend, he gradually lost track of these ideas as he forged the Scenario. He was sidetracked by his own desires and wound up turning this tale of self-discovery into something akin to an inverted My Life As Abigale Quinlan. However, Vincent ultimately found the inspiration he had been craving as he brought this Scenario to life, and he continued to pursue this rediscovered high by rushing into the development of a Scenario that would continue the story of Terra Honyaku.

Unfortunately, his haste proved to be his downfall, as Vincent once again stumbled on many narrative roadblocks as he tried to prepare the necessary components to bring this Scenario to life. Not wanting to get discouraged though, he immediately devised a different approach. So he decided to skip over the hard parts of this narrative, the character and relationship building, and instead retrofitted his ideas around an homage to other TG/TSF stories he read back when he was a mere mortal. With this new idea in place, and without consulting Terry on any of his creative decisions, Vincent began creating a sequel to Terrance & Urabe’s Alien Assassination Adventure. A Sequel dubbed Return Of Mighty Terra: 2052 – The DNApocalypse.

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