The Saga of Vincent Dawn – Volume 05

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Disclaimer: This novel contains adult material including sexually explicit activities, strong language, extreme violence, familial abuse, and a wide spectrum of grotesque or otherwise disturbing content. This work is not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

The Saga of Vincent Dawn
Volume 05: Intertoids

The following Volume of The Saga of Vincent Dawn is a condensed retelling of Intertoids. A nonsensical, convoluted, and bizarre 2012 web novel series with shifting perspectives and obtuse lore. Readers who have difficulty following this summary are advised to skip to the Aftermath.

Tale One: M of the Silver Hole

This Scenario begins by following Rory Fingers, a professional games reviewer who, upon going to bed one evening, wakes up to see him surrounded by three clones of his friend and coworker, Onion Joseph. Rory, bound to his bed, is unable to stop these clones from injecting him, causing him to fall asleep once again. From there, he awakens in Onion Joseph’s apartment, makes his way to the bathroom, takes a poop, and looks into the mirror to see Onion Joseph’s face looking back. As Rory looks at this, he thinks nothing is amiss and assumes this is what he always looked like. Afterward, ‘Onion Joseph’ turns to the poop he left in the toilet and discovers that it is a miniature version of his former self, Rory Fingers, who he compulsively cleans in the bathroom sink before returning to bed. Upon waking up once more, the new Onion Joseph finds himself in an entirely different world from the one he once knew.

In this new world, Onion Joseph is married to the now full-sized Rory Fingers that he pooped out the prior night, and is a doctor renowned for a process known as Marsing. A procedure that involved copious amounts of hormonal injections, mental restructurings, and genitalia alteration. It is a procedure used on Fems, female humans, in order to alter them and transform them into a “truer version of HuMANity.” 

While the process of Marsing is primarily used towards Fems, certain manifestations of it are used on the undesirables amongst this society, the mentally ill, heterosexual men, along with people who enjoy media and escapism. Furthermore, the act of Marsing is considered a just and humane one by the controlling class of society, who views individuals such as Onion Joseph as being paragons amongst men. All of which is meant to be a terrible contrast considering how the Onion Joseph of reality is actually a social worker who helps people with mental issues.

Tale Two: The Autumn Dice 

Things shift over to games critic Ace “Diceman” Pillock as he falls asleep one evening to find himself transported into a strange yet massive white room where he is tied to a cot. He is then approached by a pale rotund woman in a yellow dress who proceeds to try and restrain him further as he shouts at her, struggles against his confinement, and demands his freedom. As the woman restrains Ace, he frees one of his legs and kicks the woman upwards, causing her to float up to the ceiling like a balloon before bursting and covering the massive room with an uncannily perfect coating of yellow paint.

In this new yellow room, not dissimilar to the plain yellow backdrop from his show, Null Exclamation, Ace undergoes a physical and mental transformation of that into that of the stick figure avatar he uses in his aforementioned show. While horror initially ensues, his mind quickly becomes that of a puppet that identifies itself as Diceman, who is eager to take orders from his master, who watches him from a transparent wall in this otherwise unending sea of yellow. This master is none other than his former self, Ace Pillock. From there, Diceman spends his days as a puppet for Ace’s show, unable to think of anything greater than the orders that he is given, or his lost humanity. All before Ace eventually dies, and Diceman is left to spend an eternity in the yellow room, patiently waiting for his dead master and former self to string him along, but he never does.

Tale Three: The Longest Fantastical Star 

The established trend continues as the focus shifts over to Mina Long of the defunct D-Bomb Show. Following the filming of a live show on Friday, Mina returns home to discover a strange package that knocks her out and sends her into a fantasy world based on the open world RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but with far more pervertedness. A fact Mina becomes painfully aware of as she discovers a penis between her legs, one capable of retracting and unfurling from her crotch, having the flexibility, strength, and control that warrant it being called a Tail. Mina eventually learns that she transformed into a being known as a Zanker, the dominant species of Earth 237. 

Having awakened in a small stone settlement in the middle of a wide expansive field, she looks over to find a being known as a Centaur-Set, a creature similar to the horse, except it lacks any eyes and possesses a saddle-like apparatus designed as part of its body.

Mina, being experienced with horseback riding, gets on the creature, places her limbs in their appropriate saddle sockets, and uses her newfound Tail to penetrate the Centaur-Set via an orifice located near where her crotchal region sat. Upon implantation her Tail into the creature, she is able to take control of it, viewing the world in the third person as she gallops along the expansive field, enjoying the body-feel of being a horse frolicking through a field. After several hours of travel, and come evening, Mina stumbles onto a lone cabin. Dismounting the Centaur-Set, she enters the home and is approached by a tall woman, or rather Zanker, with a dark complexion named Raiyne. Raiyne treats Mina with a sense of familiarity while offering her dinner and lodging, which Mina nonchalantly agrees to despite her suspicions. 

Come dawn, the two leave the cabin on their own Centaur-Sets and soon reach a populous city. After leaving their Centaur-Sets at the stable, Raiyne escorts Mina to the center of the town, while Mina remarks how all the citizens appear to be female. Once at the center of town, they reach a stable of sorts that houses Carriers, the “males” of this world, who are treated in a manner similar to livestock. They are hairy and dirty individuals with massive testicular sacks that house two children, which grow to a size comparable to a basketball during the pregnancy period. These sacks drag along the ground, yet are incredibly durable.

Upon casually thinking about how odd this sight is, Raiyne escorts Mina to a local inn, where she is sent to a room containing a Carrier with empty testicles. Consumed by a sudden lust, Mina’s Tail bursts from her clothing and embeds itself in the Carrier’s vagina, pelting him against the wall as she has sex with him. During this process, Raiyne comes into the room and starts encouraging Mina, remarking how she has the “Longest” Tail she ever saw and encouraging her to impregnate the Carrier with her great genes. 

After sexually ravaging the Carrier, Mina is consumed by a great sense of fatigue and finds her consciousness fading and transferring into one of the Carrier’s testicles. She spends the next few months in the body of a growing child as it develops from a zygote to an embryo, and a fetus, before finally emerging from the testicular sack as a newborn Zanker. Mina finds herself embraced by her mother, a warrior woman known as Mina The Longest, and she passively watches as a Zanker takes her twin brother away, separating him from his would-be sibling in order to lead a life as sexual livestock

Tale Four: Twin Paths of Fate

Things then focus on Mina’s co-host from the D-Bomb Show, Jay Inferno, who returns home intending to turn in early for the night, and goes to bed along with his girlfriend Jenna. Upon waking up and seeing his significant other missing from the bed, Jay groggily wanders to the bathroom and discovers that his body transformed overnight. He now resembled a hypothetical teenage child of Jenna and himself, and one with an androgynous appearance. 

Shortly after this discovery, Jay obtains many of Jenna’s memories. Concerned over this, Jay looks around his apartment in more detail, only to discover that his apartment was transplanted to a tropical resort. After leaving the front door of his apartment, he notices that the rest of the building it belonged to was mysteriously missing and that there is a lavish-looking beach house along the horizon, which Jay runs toward, grimacing as he is reminded of the more feminine qualities of his new body.

Upon entering the home, the entire world around Jay, including his own body, rapidly transforms into a series of blocky pixels with a complexity and color palette comparable to a GameBoy Color game. He then encounters a generic anime girl, who is appropriately pixelated, while a textbox consumes the lower third of his depth devoid 2D vision. The girl speaks in bleeps and boops, asking if Jay is a Boy or a Girl. Upon interacting with the appropriate menu that popped up, Jay selects “Boy,” but is greeted with the message: “Don’t be silly, you’re a girl if I ever saw one,” before he is sent back to the initial option once more.

After finally selecting “Girl”, the generic anime girl says “Silly, I could already see that,” before entering an expository tirade that Jay struggles to pay much attention to, before his perception of reality was altered once more, into a title screen for Jay Inferno’s Fantasy Beach Sex Island, a game he joked about over the years. Using his mind to move through the menus, he discovers that he was mentally playing through a GameBoy Color dating sim wherein he has to go through dialogue trees to earn Relationship Points to win over the hearts of characters based on fake Twitter accounts of him that people had set up over the years. These include: LittleGirlJay, FoolyDeInferno, HipsterInferno, FrenchInferno, and JayPedoferno. 

Upon going through all scenarios, all of which concluded with an interactive GameBoy Color sex scene, a blank screen appears to give Jay two choices. “Stay on the Island and Embrace Your New Half’s Fate” or “Leave the Island and Embrace Your Old Half’s Fate.”

In the reality where Jay chose the first option, they awaken in Earth 237 as a Zanker named Julie (in reference to Jay’s birth name of Julien). Julie serves as a ranch hand of sorts for Carriers in this world, and after having enjoyed a nice nap underneath a tree, she promptly returns to work, setting off to gather up the stranglers of her herd, bearing an iron rod in hand.

In the reality where Jay chose the second option, he awoke in the now war-torn Earth 152, where he serves as a heavy class soldier known as a Brick Unit, one that had been given the designation of JUL.INF-JAY. He awakens from his military barrack and quickly sets off into combat, grabbing an oversized weapon and entering a biomechanical vehicle known as a Boar while setting off on a genocidal hunt for all Fems that still remain in this mad, mad world. 

Tale Five: Separation of Self

Part five kicks off with a young man by the name of Birdman petting his pet bird, Juan. As he does so, Juan bites one of Birdman’s fingers hard enough to draw blood and drinks it. Birdman is naturally upset about this and chides his pet bird who, after letting out a sort of cough, begins to fly around Birdman’s home before crashing to the ground in the living room. Birdman goes to comfort his bird, who bites another one of his fingers, spitting into the wound as blood is drawn.

After recognizing and rinsing his finger wound, Birdman feels ill and notices that Juan’s body is pulsating and growing. As he notices this, Birdman is overcome with sudden stomach pain and begins vomiting profusely, releasing blood, fat, and muscle from his mouth. After releasing several pounds of his own body mass, Birdman stumbles towards Juan and falls on the floor. As he feels his consciousness leaving him, Birdman looks at Juan and sees his proportions shift and morph into something akin to a human being.

Once his vision returns, Birdman finds himself transformed into that of his pet bird, and observes a fat bearded man licking and consuming the blood and muscle he was vomiting up prior to his transformation. Upon seeing this man’s face, Birdman realizes that it is his former body.

Being effectively powerless and unfamiliar with his bird body, Birdman is quickly snatched up by the transformed Juan, who shoves him into the household oven, where Birdman suffers a slow, excruciating death of being burned alive. Yet, even as he died, Birdman retained his senses and awareness of his physical form, allowing him to experience what happened to his body afterward. Upon having his avian form fully baked, the transformed Juan then eats his former master, chopping up, chewing, and digesting Birdman as he is forced to experience the horrors of being consumed by another being.

This should have truly been the end for Birdman, but instead, after his form is fully consumed by his former pet, Birdman wakes up in a concrete bunker. He has his original body once more, but he is dressed in a grey jumpsuit instead. Before Birdman can question what happened or examine his surroundings, a massive man wearing metal armor barges into the bunker and knocks Birdman out.

Tale Six: Revelation on Infinite Earths

After installing an update for his drawing tablet, famed internet artist Erin Kasindak finds herself in a blank white featureless voice devoid of any substance, aside from her tablet. She feels compelled to use the tablet and produces a quick sketch of a character, unsure of why she was doing so in the first place. As she finishes the sketch, a figure resembling her illustration appears before her as a fully detailed, colored, and textured person. A person who claims Erin is God.

The person then instructs the confused Erin to try to create a galaxy using the tablet which she promptly does, several times, filling the canvas of the world before her and that of her tablet with swirling nebulas over the course of a few minutes. It is around here where Erin questions what she is doing, yet at the same time seems compelled to abide by a certain impulse, as if she was not fully in control of herself. Worried, she begins to do a quick sketch of herself in a vain attempt to retain his own threatened sense of identity.

Upon finishing the sketch, Erin finds her consciousness transferred to this newly created being while her former body, known as Nira, enters a fetal position while continuing to draw on the tablet. Nira proceeds to scribble planets into existence while Erin, thoroughly perplexed, moves toward them. Nira then screams and begins tearing its flesh off, mashing their disconnected skin and muscle into the tablet where it is sent swirling through the swath of galaxies that she created.  

Baffled, Erin snatches the tablet from her psychotic doppelganger and uses the eraser tool to remove it from existence. Then, Erin creates a portal to take her back to her home planet, which is within one of the galaxies that she drew while under Nira’s influence. Upon using the portal to go back home, she places the tablet into her closet, hoping to forget about the strange journey as she goes about the rest of her day. She is able to easily forget about these transgressions for several hours, but after going to bed, she is approached by two figures. 

One of these figures resembles an idealized version of herself, donned in medieval armor, while the other resembled a male version of Erin if they were obscenely muscular and wore scrap metal for clothes. The two figures speak to her in unison. “We are the duo, we are the ones fighting over this realm, and we will destroy ourselves if need be. You must choose your side, or will you have yourself lost here and now, obtaining neither of your views.” Somehow this cryptic nonsense makes sense to Erin, and after the two vanished, Erin is blessed with great knowledge about what was actually going on here.

Open entering the white void, Erin was influenced and later possessed by an entity named Nira, who controlled both Erin and the character she drew in order to gain access to the tablet so that he could enact a bizarre plan that worked like so: Have Erin create a multitude of galaxies and use her body to create two in its own image. One based on its view of men and masculinity, and another based on its views of women and femininity. These galaxies would be populated with people from Erin’s home galaxy, who would undergo some sort of unusual trial that would determine which of these galaxies they belong in, their bodies and minds altering in bizarre ways. This process would continue until it affects every human on Earth, removing the entire species from the planet.

After processing this information, Erin realizes what she must do. Use this tablet to save her planet. She quickly makes her way to the closet, pulls out her tablet, and uses it to create a vortex of infinite nothingness that consumes her two alternate selves, dooming them to fall for all eternity. Then, Erin uses the tablet to create a list of instructions for what she needs to do in order to save his world, and upon reading through them, she creates a portal that would take her wherever it was she needed to go. Because she can just do that.

Tale Seven: The Indoctrination

The perspective shifts yet again, this time to the young pre-transition trans woman, Bhaalspawn, deliberating her life, job, and show, Rudely Vocalized Irritations, while drifting off into sleep. She is then led to a transitory state where her vision is continuously divided by two as she travels through a series of doors that only leads to more doors in an area of nonsensical space. As 2 grows into 256, Bhaalspawn struggles to maintain her composure and eventually passes out, with her mind and self dividing amidst a total of 256 scenarios, though only 2 are detailed.

In Scenario 152, Bhaalspawn wakes up as a 12-year-old girl in a war-torn city, where she is fleeing against the forces of the world’s government and trying to survive as best she can. The recent days have been hard on her, having lost an arm and struggling to find both food and warmth during the obscenely cold winter. Desperate for warmth, she enters a nearby moose carcass and weighs her options. Either she could join the resistance of Fems and risk being slaughtered, or she could turn herself into the government and the Bricks in order to live for four years until her body reaches maturity and she is forced to undergo a transformation. Before she can decide between the two, she is apprehended by a patrolling Brick, who quickly knocks her unconscious. 

Bhaalspawn then awakens in a filthy and bloody operating room, where she finds her body aged into that of an adult and sees a doctor overlooking her. She asks if she will undergo the Marsing process, but the doctor describes that they have moved beyond Marsing and have another way of handling the excess of Fems. The process transforms her into a Carrier, a wheel-shaped creature devoid of most senses and designed to process the semen of Brick soldiers on one side, and then give birth to new Bricks on the other. After being informed of her fate, the operation begins, and Bhaalspawn is converted into a being that exists only to pleasure and to reproduce. A sentient wheel with an input vagina and an output vagina that uses what remained of her mental capacities to pray for death, as her life was already over, and all that awaited her in the future was an endless cycle of rape, rapid child manufacturing, and birthing.

In Scenario 237, Bhaalspawn awakens in a lavish mansion in her normal form, yet completely naked. Upon hearing a Zanker’s voice in the distance, she hides behind a couch, only to float up in the air along with the furniture, exposing her from any cover. The Zanker, a dark-skinned figure known as Raiyne, looks at Bhaalspawn and subs her a carrier due to her naturally masculine body, but stares at her male genitalia with confusion. She lowers Bhaalspawn along with the furniture and examines Bhaalspawn’s small penis being her own penis, her Zanker Tail, much to Bhaalspawn’s confusion. The penises then touch one another, and a surge goes through the bodies of Bhaalspawn and Raiyne, knocking them both back.

Through the force of the unknown, their penile contact caused the two to switch bodies. Bhaalspawn finds herself in Raiyne’s strong and clothed body and feels rather comfortable within it. Meanwhile, Raiyne finds herself in Bhaalspawn’s body, which has transformed into that of a Carrier. Meaning that Bhaalspawn’s body’s testicles have enlarged and their penis had inverted into a vaginal orifice. Before any words may be exchanged between the two, a group of warrior Zankers storm into the room and apprehended the Carrier, while another Zanker, Mina the Longest, heads over to confront who she assumes to be Raiyne, but is actually Bhaalspawn. 

As Bhaalspawn looks at Mina, she instantaneously learns much about Raiyne’s background. She is a member of a group of elite Zanker warriors known as the Nightingales, who, under the command of the prophesied leader of her people, Mina The Longest, are preparing to wage war with an opposing force from another world, who refer to themselves as Bricks. All of which was the culmination of the actions of a dark interdimensional entity of malice, known as Nira. While still confused, this installs Bhaalspawn with a sense of duty and feels obligated to accept the destiny that has been thrust upon her. She assumes the identity of Raiyne for the time being and pledges to aid Mina in this war.

Tale Eight: Dawn For One

Things cut back to Birdman, who was apprehended by the Bricks and, through the chain of command, they brought him to the highest authority of the Earth 152, President Doctor Onion Joseph. Upon seeing Birdman, Onion Joseph is able to determine that he is of a different Earth based on his appearance, which goes against the idealized masculinity that was deemed the norm in this world. Frustrated by his existence, Onion Joseph begins to torture and wound Birdman using a knife, stabbing and cutting him as he cried in pain, much to Onion Joseph’s disgust. 

As the torture continues, Birdman is rescued by none other than Erin Kasindak, who uses her tablet to erase the knife held by Onion Joseph and remove his Brick guards from existence. Erin then grabs Birdman in the confusion and takes him into a portal. Onion Joseph is unable to stop them, but sees the portal and somehow knows what is going on. He then contacts someone and orders a Code White, knowing that things are about to get messy.

It is then explained that, using her Tablet, Erin has been traveling across the 255 Earths that Nira had created by influencing Erin. These 255 worlds were all created to draw from the original Earth, Earth Prime, which is gradually being destroyed, with all of its inhabitants having their consciousness, and sometimes bodies, transmuted across these new worlds. These 255 worlds all have their own history and properties, and they are all gradually converging towards the location of Earth Prime. Once the convergence is near, inhabitants of all of these worlds will wage war with each other, with the victor’s Earth surviving the convergence, while the other 254 all suffer the fate of absolute destruction, resulting in the genocide of trillions. 

Of these 255 Earths, two of them were receiving dramatically more inhabitants than others. Earth 237 and Earth 152, both of which are preparing for the ensuing war. Erin wished for the means to prevent this whole process and created a new Earth, Earth 256. She has been using her tablet to travel to these other Earths, manipulating space and time, in order to capture and rescue everyone she could. She had saved dozens of millions of people, including her friend Birdman, but was not even close to achieving her goal given the encroaching convergence of worlds. Furthermore, due to the fact that many people’s consciousnesses were transmuted to multiple worlds, the odds of saving everyone were astronomically low. Yet, this does not stop Erin from trying.

Meanwhile, Earth Prime is undergoing the adverse effects of the encroaching convergence, with much desolation about and no human life, except for one. The original Onion Joseph, who finds himself wandering amidst the streets of Boston before being granted divine enlightenment, telling him that he is the chosen one, the one with the power to prevent the convergence from commencing.

Tale Nine: Dusk For All

Going back to Bhaalspawn, after having switched bodies with Raiyne, she is led by a voice in the back of her mind to visit a dungeon where her former body is held. Upon entering their cage, Bhaalspawn’s consciousness fades momentarily, and when it returns, she sees that her penile Zanker Tail has unleashed itself against her will, but its appearance was far different from what she recalled. The Tail adopted a dark gooey consistency, while the head had transformed into a mouth with jagged monstrous teeth. Teeth that were in the middle of tearing through Bhaalspawn’s old body. 

Bhaalspawn is actually glad to see her former body die, as she kind of hated herself, and as her weird retractable monster penis thing finishes eating every giblet of her former disgusting male body, Bhaalspawn is granted immense power. She gains full access to Raiyne’s magical skills, while her Tail gains the ability to transform into a series of crotch tentacles. Feeling refreshed and powerful, Bhaalspawn leaves the dungeon and travels throughout a city with intentions of returning to The Longest in order to prepare for their inevitable battle, but then she is attacked by a Zanker, one wielding a strange black object in her hands.

Bhaalspawn then wakes up in a white room that serves as a holding area, where a message is relayed to her from the one who captured her, Erin, telling her to stay here while the universe is saved. She ignores it and using her tentacles, known as the Darkspawn, she destroys the world around her. Through her power of overwhelming proportions, she escapes from the white realm and into an empty field protected by an impassable barrier on all sides. Desperate for freedom, she uses her Darkspawn to destroy the ground beneath her, hoping to find some way out of this prison.

Tale Ten: Journey of Infinite Earths

Cutting ahead, the militaries of Earth 152 and 237 are colliding together in what is to be a battle to determine which Earth shall become the dominant Earth once the convergence is completed. As the battle wages on, with the armies crossing each other’s worlds via portals, Onion Joseph of Earth Prime stares into the sky, observing other worlds clashing into each other and drawing near Earth Prime. As he observes the scene as best he can, he is gifted with enlightenment and makes his way to a door that would take him through a series of 255 convoluted nonsense challenges that he would need to overcome in order to save his world.

These included a challenge where he is a Pomeranian dog in a ruined Tokyo who was eaten by a carnivorous elephant who Onion Joseph then possesses, before being set ablaze by an unknown means. One where he is transformed into a mud man that is eaten alive by a ravenous mob of quadruple amputees. One where he is murdered by an army of doves that burst from his rectum and wound up in hell where he was told by a demon to “Buy another GameCube or be raped by my genitals, which are a GameCube.” One where he is a “Miggity Miggity Mac Daddy” who goes on a sexual escapade of sorts that was deemed completely indecipherable. One where Onion Joseph is a Carrier hunting Zanker who ultimately is overwhelmed by the force of 100 foes and dies a warrior’s death. And even one where Onion Joseph is a Brick who battles against a giant worm creature with insufficient equipment, yet manages to heavily wound it. He ultimately runs out of reserves to continue the fight and dies shortly after he sees Doctor President Onion Joseph of Earth 237 loom over his body.

Tale Eleven: Timeless Paradigm

Things shift over to the final challenge, which places Onion Joseph in an abstract world where he meets a group of dozens of people who look like Rory Fingers in extravagant costumes, who call themselves Mediators and offer an explanation as to just what is going on here. They admit that the rules and regulations of this universe are utterly nonsensical and are the result of Nira being a psychotic entity that came up with a series of overly complicated and contrived rules that abide neither logic nor reason. Because of this, these Mediators tried to reset the universe, except that did not work, because nothing in this universe actually works. 

After offering this explanation that the universe is inherently screwed up, they are all murdered by an evolved form of Bhaalspawn’s Darkspawn, who somehow escapes from their containment. Upon escaping, they were able to grow into a planetary size that was rapidly consuming planets with its dark tendrils, and after absorbing all 257 Earths, begins devouring the remaining planets in the solar system. 

With basically everything destroyed and everyone dead, things looked a trifle bit grim, but somehow Onion Joseph not only escaped from Darkspawn’s assault but had found his way towards the sun of the solar system, which he merges with. That not being enough though, Onion Joseph draws in distant stars that joined with his new solar body and turns him into a creature of pure light and a size that dwarfed Darkspawn.

Determined and empowered, Onion Joseph then punches Darkspawn, only for his hand to get tangled in this thick web of black tentacles. With his hand covered, Onion Joseph is then absorbed by the tendrils of Darkspawn, who consumes and absorbs him and the mass of several stars. Larger and more powerful Darkspawn then continues its consumption, spreading throughout the entire universe until naught but black remains. 

Tale Twelve: The Last Drop

The setting shifts to the interior of Darkspawn after it absorbed the entirety of the universe, where Rory Fingers miraculously exists and is left aimlessly floating in the nebulous black tentacle filled void that is Darkspawn. It is here where Rory pleads for answers, and he receives them from none other than Vincent Dawn himself.

Vincent explained that this entire Scenario was something of an experiment for him, one where he was testing the capabilities of his new infrastructure, the VDVerse, and got carried away, unleashing a mess of ideas that were haphazardly combined with each other. He wanted to make something grand, epic, and well beyond anything he ever tried before, but realizes that was a mistake ex post facto. He apologizes to Rory before informing him that his universe would be reset and that most of what was done here will be stored away and never touched again, as even Vincent, despite the ego he had grown since gaining divinity, realized that this entire thing was one big wet hot mess. 


With that, the universe of Intertoids was archived away into the dark recesses of Vincent Dawn’s computer and subsequently dismissed as a learning experience. He walked away from this project of his with a sense of melancholy and proceeded to spend several weeks playing games, watching anime, and enjoying the company of his dearest Abigale Quinlan. After this respite, he would go on to adapt several of the stories he wrote in middle school into fully-fledged miniature Scenarios in an attempt to better understand his abilities, the art of storytelling, and discover what sort of story he wanted to create. 

Through this experimentation, he would eventually come up with a Scenario that would focus both on body swapping and the exploration of bizarrely constructed alternate worlds but offer far more structure than the fast and loose exploits of Intertoids. It was to be yet another ambitious project with copious amounts of characters and many unique worlds. It was a Scenario that Vincent named Nari’s Log.

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