The Saga of Vincent Dawn – Volume 11

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Disclaimer: This novel contains adult material including sexually explicit activities, strong language, extreme violence, familial abuse, and a wide spectrum of grotesque or otherwise disturbing content. This work is not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

The Saga of Vincent Dawn
Volume 11: Return of Mighty Terra: 2052 – The DNApocalypse

The following Volume of The Saga of Vincent Dawn is a condensed retelling of Return of Mighty Terra: 2052 – The DNApocalypse. A novella released as part of The Transformation, Ascension, and Degeneration of Terra novel on September 11, 2014. Readers who are not interested in this summary are advised to skip to the Aftermath.

Entry 0: Benefitting Backstory

Following the completion of Terra’s road trip in June of 2015, she continued to explore the powers of her super android body, and did so in the secluded woods near her hometown. However, during one of these training sessions, some unknown individual captured video of Terra expressing her robotic abilities and uploaded it online. This footage quickly spread, causing much confusion and unrest across various news outlets and social media, before attracting the attention of the United States government, who apprehended Terra. 

While she recognized this as a potentially disastrous scenario, Terra also viewed this as an opportunity to better her life and the lives of her friends. Terra offered the government a full year to examine her robotic body in an attempt to gain technological insights, but under the conditions that both her and her friends would be granted a generous settlement, and that the technology found within Terra’s body would not be used to design weapons of mass destruction. While the military and related parties pushed back against this offer, the rest of the government viewed this opportunity as too valuable to not comply with Terra’s modest demands. 

After being set free in mid-2016, and with her friends scattered across the country as they attended college, Terra chose to use her immense power to better the world. She traveled to assorted towns and settlements, building cities, forging roads, enriching farmland, planting crops, and providing sources of clean water for those in need. Her actions made her a renowned figure across the world, but come 2020, her friends called her back to Oransen, following their college graduations. Through their reunion, they established a company known as Nigmaworks Industries and began devising a plan to better utilize Terra’s abilities to benefit the world. They quickly stumbled onto emulating an ability that even the United States government seemed perplexed by. Real Booting. An ability that allowed Terra to transform anything into anything else.

Through much experimentation, Terra developed a way to create and manufacture machines capable of creating more or less anything from anything else. Devices that she creatively dubbed Real Booters. Following the initial production and distribution of these highly expensive machines, Nigmaworks as a company was able to expand to absurd sizes, becoming the largest conglomerate in history through a blitzkrieg of acquisitions, all managed through Terra’s calculating and computationally adept mind. Despite this rapid growth, Terra never lost sight of her goal, that of helping others and making the world a better place, however she could. This mentality led Nigmaworks to become an idyllic and altruistic super corporation that, almost single-handedly, helped usher in a bright future for humanity, with things looking better and better each passing year. At least until 2033. When the face and co-founder of Nigmaworks, Terra Honyaku, mysteriously vanished.

Entry 1: Apocalyptic Awakening

The Scenario begins properly with Terra waking up in an unkempt field where she finds her clothes tattered, her face dirty, her hair overgrown, her automated repair systems disabled, and her body sore, which she thought to be impossible given her robotic form. She soon wanders out of the field and into a highway. She walks alongside the road, her footing shaky and pace slow, before she happens across a dingy roadside diner that looks to be nearly a century old. Entering the establishment, she meets Gayle, a cute, freckled, and busty young woman in stereotypical waitress garb. Terra tries to explain her situation to Gayle, only for Gayle, and by extension Terra, to be called over to the kitchen.

There, they find another young woman, one wearing pajama pants and a musty oversized jacket, named Susan. Terra tries to explain her identity, situation, and her need of aid to the shoddily dressed woman, but Susan is apprehensive of Terra’s story, claiming that Terra has been missing for nearly 20 years, while offhandedly remarking how today’s date is October 17, 2052. As Terra tries to process this fact, she falls unconscious once more.

Entry 2: Warped World

Terra wakes up… again, and finds herself in a diner booth. She raises her head from the soft cushion of the place before she notices a person staring at her with rapt attention. This person introduces herself as Arjeanne Sterling, a teenage girl with a petite figure and stature, pale skin, emerald eyes, and thick shoulder-length platinum blonde hair, wearing a light pink dress, a navy jacket, and a pair of yellow rain boots. 

After giving the girl a confused greeting, Terra notices that an electrical cord is sticking out of her lower back, not unlike a tail. She does not understand where this came from, but nevertheless plugs the cord into a conveniently placed outlet, which causes her Heads Up Display to return, informing her that she is operating on only 0.02% of her usual power reserves. After groaning at the thought of how long it would take a standard power output to fully charge her robust battery, Terra redirects her attention to Arjeanne, who looks at her with awe, recognizing her as the world-renowned Terra Honyaku.

Terra, still confused, asks Arjeanne about what happened in the last 20 years, to which she immediately replies as if she was waiting all her life for this moment. On November 18th, 2033, Terra disappeared during Maxxie Flare’s birthday party, having supposedly wandered off into the rural wilderness, where she disappeared from the world. In the wake of her absence, Zoe Xing appointed himself president of Nigmaworks Industries. 

As president, Zoe began re-engineering the Real Booters to override the restrictions Terra placed on them, namely those which prohibited the manufacturing of weaponry. With these restrictions lifted, Zoe was able to create the most powerful military force in the world, which he used to threaten the world into doing whatever he wanted in pursuit of his goal. With that goal ultimately being to create the Unified Utopia of Uberty, a globe-spanning nation where every person has access to their own Personal Real Booter, currency is nonexistent, and much of society has been structurally reworked. In order to achieve this goal without causing a full societal collapse, he attributed his actions to Terra’s wishes, claiming that he was fulfilling her ultimate will, and reappropriating her as something of a divine figure, a symbol, all in order to further his own ambitions.

Arjeanne further details this world by explaining that she attended a school where Terra is positioned as a deity, and her exploits are discussed in great detail. While Arjeanne views it as glorified propaganda, she nevertheless admires Terra, and is honored to meet her, especially in an environment as casual as this. Terra is left dazed as she tries to process what she just heard, and absentmindedly gives Arjeanne permission to cut her mangy hair. 

As the haircut goes on, Arjeanne casually comments that she is not used to her current height and claims that she used to be a 13-year-old boy named Anthony a few days ago. Terra reacts to this with an appropriate level of confusion, but Arjenne continues to explain how she is not the only one who underwent a transformation. According to Arjenne, Gayle used to be a 7-year-old boy, and Susan used to be a 73-year-old woman. Right as this explanation ends and before Terra can ask any questions, the two are interrupted.

They turn their heads to see a crass, tall, and curvaceous Hispanic woman named Yuccot Kikansky, dressed in a revealing tank top, jean shorts, tall boots and poofy black hair. She approaches Terra with hostility, accusing her of being an imposter. Terra attempts to disprove such claims by pulling a knife out of her arm, and while she succeeds, all this proves to Yuccot is that she has a robot arm, which inspires her to go on a spiel about how she used to have a robot arm and used to be a 57-year-old white man, before the “DNApocalypse.”

Before Terra can ask Yuccot to leave, Susan shoos away the crass woman. Susan apologizes for her rude patron, and offers Terra both a hamburger and an old radio, telling her that she needs to keep her energy up, and probably has a lot of questions that can be answered in a radio broadcast set to begin shortly. Terra tunes the radio to the right frequency before eating her meal, listening with rapt attention to every word that comes out of the garbled static-rich speakers.

Entry 3: Enlightening Exposition

Terra tunes into an hourly DNApocalypse Rundown, hosted by Caroline Steticks and Raiyne Underwood, their personalities both copied over from Raiyne’s Whimsy. Through their playful banter and light jabbing, they reveal a plethora of details about this world. On October 13th, 2052 at 19:30 UTC something happened around the world that caused every human to undergo a transformation. One that resulted in the deaths of many elderly, sick, and pregnant people, and significantly altered the DNA and appearance of the survivors, to the point where they are no longer considered Homo Sapiens and are now a new species entirely, known as Homo Provectus, or Hyumins. 

Those who survived the DNApocalypse underwent a complete genetic transformation, turning all human, young and old, male, female, and non-binary, into something resembling an 18-year-old woman. However, this transformation came with many changes that took people several days to realize. These Hyumins can generally be described as advanced humans with better learning capabilities, better memories, better strength development, better reflexes, better immune systems, and so forth. But perhaps the most bizarre difference between the two is how Hyumins can gradually change their appearance over time, and can change their appearance entirely in a matter of weeks.

These changes have baffled scientists as they’ve examined this phenomenon, but the most remarkable part of this transformation has been how accepting everyone has been. This was an unsolicited transformation, and while many were shocked at the sight of their new form, the vast majority of the population has been accepting of their new bodies. Those who are angry or uncomfortable with their forms are considered statistical outliers at the moment, and it is believed that they too will come to accept this transformation in due time. 

The only true and inarguable downside to this transformation is how, with everybody in a different body with different DNA, there is no reliable way to identify who anybody is. The hosts theorize this could be solved with a mandated ID chip of some sort, but that will need to wait until the global infrastructure is repaired.

Before ending the broadcast, Raiyne and Caroline mention how the DNApocalypse has also greatly affected children and infants. Both groups have shown an unprecedented development of motor and linguistic skills over the past few days, and what were once newborns can now walk, talk, read, write, and go to the toilet on their own. It raises questions for the future of this new race, and how subsequent generations will perceive the world, if they can undergo months of human development within a matter of days.

Entry 4: Valiant Venture

Terra finishes her burger as the broadcast ends, and as she lets this revelation settle in her low-power-mode mind, she reaches the conclusion that the first thing she needs to do is visit Nigmaworks headquarters. She looks at her power reserves, sees that she is still functioning at less than 1%, and reaches the conclusion that she cannot get there on her own, even if she knew where in the world she was at the moment. Desperate for aid, Terra approaches the quartet of diner dwellers and asks them for directions and a ride to Oransen, Illinois. After some silence, Yuccot groans and offers Terra a trip, saying that she is traveling there for a delivery anyway, and mentions that she already has another tagalong in the form of Arjeanne. Before leaving, however, Arjeanne insists on finishing Terra’s haircut, and Susan insists on giving her some non-raggedy clothes in the form of a stylish business suit.

Now looking like a typical Japanese businesswoman, Terra wishes Susan and Gayle well before departing into the night and to a well-kempt truck that Yuccot claims to be her own. Inside, Terra remarks how the interface is designed for automated driving, and how the seat, while clean, holds numerous stains and an engraving that implied that Yuccot was far heavier a few days ago. With Terra wedged between Yuccot and Arjeanne, Yuccot starts the truck and begins driving to Oransen. But before they can get more than a kilometer away from the diner, Yuccot asks Terra questions about her abrupt disappearance.

Yuccot says that it is incredibly suspicious that Terra resurfaces now of all times and begins theorizing to her that the DNApocalypse is ultimately her doing. That this was all part of a plan to transform the world as she saw fit. Yuccot believes that Terra, as a transgender woman, has a deep hatred of all men, and wanted to eliminate them from the face of the Earth by turning everybody into a female-coded unisex species. Terra rolls her eyes at the theory, calling it utter nonsense, but Yuccot replies by bringing up how back in 2015, Terra tore off her arm all because she hit on her. It is here that Terra realizes just who Yuccot is, the person who bullied her out of school, and the innocent person who Urabe maimed during her rampage 37 years ago. 

Terra responds with an apology before restating her background to Yuccot hoping she comes to understand the circumstances around that horrible event, but Yuccot does not bother listening to her. Looking for a new topic, Terra asks Yuccot and Arjeanne their stories of the DNApocalypse. Arjeanne begins by explaining that she was driving with her parents when it happened, and that in the ensuing confusion, her parents died in a car accident. Arjeanne could do nothing but cry and beg for help that never came as they slowly died. She remained near them for hours before leaving, hitchhiking for a ride to anywhere but there, and she was eventually picked up by Yuccot. 

Yuccot, meanwhile, claims to have been a former mechanic who, after regaining their youth and exploring their new body via masturbation, was sent on a cross-country delivery from Oregon to Oransen, Illinois, in order to provide Nigmaworks with unspecified goods. It was by sheer coincidence that the two stopped by an Illinois-based diner, and shortly thereafter they finally met Terra. 

Entry 5: Insufferable Imbecile

The trio’s conversation continues with Terra inquiring Arjeanne about her three friends and Nigmaworks co-founders, Jad, Maxxie, and Zoe. Arjeanne explains that Maxxie perished in a Real Booter accident in 2037, when she was helping out at a factory in Terra’s absence. Her death sent Jad into a spiral of depression, before he disappeared from the face of the Earth, claiming he never wanted to be found. This shocks and hurts Terra, while Yuccot laughs in the background, claiming that Terra is being a sentimental bitch and should be above such mortal matters if she is who she says she is. Terra glares at Yuccot as she makes this claim, but says nothing to her

After Terra monologues about how Jad and Maxxie always seemed especially close, while Zoe was always a business-minded person, Yuccot asks Arjeanne if she checked out her “goods” yet. As Arjeanne explains that she has not looked at her naked body in detail, Yuccot pulls the truck over to the side of the road, and begins to strip herself in order to show her and Terra the detailed bodily differences between humans and Hyumins. 

Breasts weigh less, nipples and areola have a less pronounced shape and are the same color as the surrounding skin, and while the genitalia is quite similar to a human vagina, the clitoris is far larger and has the ability to expand beyond one’s crotch, where it functions similarly to a penis. As Yuccot demonstrates this, she plays with her clitoris-penis hybrid genitalia. At least until Terra yells at her for fondling herself like this, and orders Yuccot to tuck it back into her jean shorts, which she does with a groan.

Looking out the window, Terra sees that the afternoon is fading away into early evening as the sky turns orange and the clouds become a pinkish purple. As she looks onwards at her surroundings, she sees signs indicating that they are only a few kilometers away from Oransen. She looks forward and zooms her vision to get a better look at the impressive and developed skyline of this town turned city, and as she does so, she sees a platinum statue of herself, positioned at the center of town. Terra is both flattered and perturbed by this, recalling how she explicitly wrote that she did not want her image appropriated in such ways.

Upon seeing this, Yuccot mocks the statue, claiming it is made of fecal matter and trash like everything Nigmaworks makes, because Real Booters use waste materials to create useful things, as that is the most disposable and easily accessible matter available. This stirs something In Terra, shocked by how stupid Yuccot actually is, and frustrated by her crass attitude. 

However, before Terra can yell at her, Arjeanne does. She claims that Yuccot is an idiot through and through, her criticisms and refusal to accept things are laughable and that she is ultimately in the bottom one percent of human beings. As Yuccot tries to comprehend how somebody as demure as Arjeanne could spew such disdain, Terra takes this opportunity to open the truck door and hop out, taking Arjeanne with her. She shuts the door behind her and, with Arjeanne by her side, Terra continues to walk towards Nigmaworks HQ.

Entry 6: Progressed Plan

After exiting the truck, Terra monologues about how she effectively transformed the quaint little city of Oransen into one of the most technologically advanced settlements on Earth after establishing it as the home of Nigmaworks headquarters back in the 2020s. But before she and Arjeanne can make their way to the city proper, Yuccot drives up to them, rolls down the passenger window, and flings her own excrement at Arjeanne’s face. Before either her or Terra can react, Yuccot flips the bird and drives off. While Arjeanne cries as she tries to clean her face, Terra reaches for a nearby light post and absorbs power through the electrical grid of the city, causing its lights to dim and flicker. After several seconds, she pulls up her HUD and sees that she is already at 7% of her full battery. With her powers sufficiently restored, she Real Boots some wet wipes to clean Arjeanne’s face. 

After comforting the child turned adult for a moment, Terra has Arjeanne grab her back. Once her legs are securely locked around Terra’s waist, Terra uses her foot-based thrusters to fly through the air, eventually catching up to Yuccot and landing on the hood of her car. Yuccot slams the brakes in panic as Terra does this, and immediately begins apologizing for her behavior, only now believing that Terra is actually who she says she is. Terra scoffs at her groveling, before ordering Yuccot to apologize to Arjeanne and get out of her sight, which Yuccot does both promptly and pathetically. 

Arjeanne hugs Terra as thanks for what she did, praising her for her kindness, and claiming that she is even better than the figure she was taught to idolize in school. Terra laughs at Arjeanne’s enthusiasm and says that she was worried that Arjeanne would be disappointed with her, as she has not been operating at her usual capacity due to her low power reserves. Arjeanne states she is actually happy to see a more human side of Terra, and mentions how grateful she is to have met Terra like this, as she feels that she has seen a side of her that few people have ever could..

With her power somewhat restored, Terra knows she needs to make her way to Nigmaworks HQ, but questions what she should do with Arjeanne, as she has been orphaned. Thinking back on what the two went through together, looking back on her past, and wanting to fill in the void left in her heart by her deceased and missing friends, Terra offers to adopt Arjeanne, much to the young woman’s delight. With that informal adoption out of the way, the two fly off to Nigmaworks HQ to confront Zoe Xing.

Entry 7: Dastardly Darn

Knowing Zoe’s habit of staying the night at the office during self-imposed crunch periods, and assuming the president’s office to be the top floor, Terra and Arjeanne fly up to the lavish and cluttered top floor of Nigmaworks HQ, where Terra uses a finger-based laser to make a hole in a window. She heads to the center of the room after putting Arjeanne down, where she comes face to face with an exhausted woman in a black and red suit, whose eyes widen as she sees Terra for the first time in nearly 20 years. Before they make any introductions, Terra rightfully assumes this person is Zoe, and promptly expresses her dissatisfaction with how they have been handling things. When confronted with these criticisms, the usually calm and collected Zoe bursts out in anger. 

The two debate how Zoe could have and should have handled things, with Zoe defending her actions by claiming that she made the best moves she reasonably could have given the volume of chaos that surrounded Terra’s departure. This included the decision of giving everybody a Real Booter, albeit one with limitations to prevent easy access to weapons and turning Terra into a deific figure to keep her image alive and honor what she did for the world. As things heat up, Terra dismisses the argument in its entirety, saying that they must focus on the present at this critical juncture. Zoe identifies the starting point being the restoration of Nigmaworks company servers after they went out during the DNApocalypse. Terra volunteers to go repair them, but just as she is about to fly out the window with Arjeanne in tow, Zoe stops Terra to inform her about her mother Juniper. Zoe claims that she passed away in 2050, after she put her life in danger as part of a last-ditch effort to contact Terra.

This news sends Terra’s ordinarily calm and collected mind into a spiral of rage and frustration, as she realizes how much she truly lost because of her absence. She monologues about how she wants nothing more than to seek vengeance on who or whatever is responsible for both her disappearance and the DNApocalypse, which she assumes must be linked in some way. As if on cue, the night’s sky then fills with a cyan light emanating from an unidentified flying object. An object that projects a kilometer-tall hologram of an alien creature known as Gregg Vava Darn. A surreal lifeform with the head of a horse, torso of a crocodile, arms of an ape, hands of a human, antlers of a moose, feathers of a peacock, and legs of an octopus. He speaks to the city and requests the return of their finest “asset,” Terra Honyaku. A “tool” that Gregg used to cause the premature and permanent alteration of the human race known as the DNApocalypse.

With a new target, Terra nods to Zoe and Arjeanne before flying out of the office and towards the UFO, which she promptly slams her robotic body into, propelling it to the outskirts of Oransen, where it crashes. From the wreckage, Terra pulls Gregg out and onto the ground, not caring if he has any injuries. She questions and kicks him as he coughs up blue mucus, demanding answers, and he responds by saying he does not need to answer to an object such as her. This insult inspires Terra to kick him in his dumb horse face until it bleeds green ooze.

After hitting a certain damage threshold, Gregg explains that he is a Zxkuqyb, a proud and advanced race that believes itself to be entitled to all value and property in the known universe, and Gregg personally took an interest in the planet Earth, which he wanted to make his domain. Yet due to the difficulties inherent to invasions and his own limited resources, Gregg chose to use Earth’s assets against them, and he determined there to be no asset greater than Terra. Using her immense powers, he planned on transforming humanity into a race of horrific mutants that would die rapidly, allowing him to clean and remake the planet in his own image without worrying about intelligent lifeforms resisting his dominance. 

Gregg spent 19 years trying to hack into Terra to achieve his desires, but due to an error on his part, and a poor understanding of how Terra’s body functioned, he instead turned all humans into Homo Provectus via a burst of energy that was released from Terra’s body. A move that caused her to break free from Gregg’s imprisonment. Her body was propelled from the recesses of space and back to Earth, where she conveniently landed just 2 hours away from Oransen.

Terra is sickened by this creature’s selflessness, but just as she is about to murder him more definitively than anything has been murdered before, she thinks back at her life, her current role in the world, and decides she should not do something so rash and destructive, with her memory flashing back to her night with Urabe. So instead, she leaves him for the authorities that come rushing to investigate the UFO crash, saying that she has better things to do than seek out revenge against a space-grade psychopath.

Entry 8: Cadaverous Chum

Nearly a year after repairing the world, reintroducing herself to society, and acclimating to everything that happened these past 19 years, Terra finally finds the time and bandwidth needed to continue her personal search for Jad Spencer. Through much detailed analysis with the help of her robot brain, she determined that Jad Spencer’s most likely location would be in a bunker located several miles from Funke, Colorado. Ripping through dirt and underbrush, she finds the door to this dwelling and is met with a large room with little in the way of clutter or furnishing. A bed, a dresser, a computer, and a Real Booter. Just as this search seems fruitless, the bunker’s bathroom door opens, revealing a figure who looks exactly like Maxxie Flare circa 2015. 

Terra is left stunned as she is glomped by ‘Maxxie,’ who maintains the expected bubbly persona. Terra, while enthused, asks this person who she is, as she found more than sufficient evidence to confirm that Maxxie passed away back in 2037. ‘Maxxie’s’ face sours as this fact is brought up, and with a hearty sigh, she reveals that she used to be Jad Spencer, but now refers to herself as Maxxie Flare II, disassociating herself from her former identity by referring to Jad in the third person.

Maxxie II explains that Jad blamed himself for what happened to Maxxie all those years ago, and chose to reject the reality he was in, along with the outside world. He spent 15 years in isolation and threw himself into work to suppress the despair over losing his favorite person in the world. During this time, Jad did an exceptional amount of research on space stations and filled a massive hard drive with design concepts and research documentation.

Maxxie II explains that she has no need for this hard drive any longer and offers it to Terra. But only under the condition that Terra respects her new life decision, and allows her to remain in this bunker, believing herself to be Maxxie, until she inevitably dies. Terra examines her friend’s sad mental state and agrees to her proposition, not wanting to force this individual to face the harshness of reality when she can lead a happy-go-lucky isolated existence. She agrees to the proposal and hides the entrance to the bunker. Terra later informs the world that Jad Spencer died in that dwelling. As she believes that the least she can do is preserve her friend’s happiness.


After having gone through two of Vincent’s Scenarios, Terry Tanaka is finally freed from the clutches of the VDVerse and allowed to speak freely with Vincent about his experience. However, what they had to say both went against the warning Urabe had given him in the prior Scenario, and was not what Vincent wanted to hear. 

They criticize these Scenarios for their lopsided pacing, where little of substance happened, yet things moved at a rapid pace. The lack of background, detail, and development for any character other than Terry’s, combined with the sheer abundance of supporting characters. The confused focus where the story was overburdened with scenes of characters talking about things, rather than doing anything interesting. And how the entire DNApocalypse plot point felt utterly pointless, despite its untapped potential. But what pissed Terry off more than anything was how Vincent completely failed to fulfill Terry’s request. Instead of walking away with the feeling of what it is to live as a girl, Terry walked away knowing what it felt like to lose a loved one, and what it is like to pry the life out of a person.

Vincent was not prideful enough to deny that his work was devoid of flaws, but his days as a human left him with something of a complex towards people who heavily criticized him. People who said he was not normal, that he was lesser, and insinuated that he was doing something wrong. This was something that Vincent had not encountered in a nebulously lengthy amount of time, and hearing it again, especially from someone who he once considered a dear and loving friend was… painful for him. He lashed out at Terry for pointing out these flaws, and for expressing such audacity, Vincent decided to use Terry for another Scenario. But first, being a stickler for trilogies, he wanted to make it a continuation of Return Of Mighty Terra: 2052 – The DNApocalypse. Meaning that an epilogue was in order.

Entry 9: Ravaged Reality

Things cut forward to 2077. The research done by Jad Spencer, combined with salvaged technology from Gregg Vava Darn’s spaceship, allowed Terra and the rest of the Hyumin race to expand outwards into the stars, making settlements across the moon, Venus and Mars. From the comfort of a lavishly decorated space station, while relaxing with Arjeanne, who like most Hyumins, barely aged in the intervening 25 years, Terra looks out at the stars and wonders where the species can go next. 

As she enjoys a relaxing faux evening with her adopted daughter, the pair notice that a number of stars are disappearing from the sky, before the entirety of their surroundings are encompassed in darkness. As they look out into the recesses of space and see nothing but a black void, the darkness seeps into the spaceship itself, absorbing the many denizens of the structure, including Arjeanne. Unable to fend off the darkness, Terra is left alone, floating in a black void devoid of light, sound, or any sensation.

It is in this demoralizing situation that Vincent speaks to her. He explains to her how she is a mere toy for him, one that he had many plans for, and wanted to use in a number of Scenarios, showing the evolution of a timid, sheltered, and dejected youth exposed to the darkness of the world, and choosing to combat that darkness with the great powers they had been gifted. Vincent states that he has grown tired of this concept, and now has other plans for Terra, choosing to rework their universe and mind into something far darker, to punish Terry for their insolence. This leads into the story of Terrance Orokanuma, and the twisted tale of Psycho Shatter (95YcH0_Sh4πeR).

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