The Saga of Vincent Dawn – Volume 12

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Disclaimer: This novel contains adult material including sexually explicit activities, strong language, extreme violence, familial abuse, and a wide spectrum of grotesque or otherwise disturbing content. This work is not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

The Saga of Vincent Dawn
Volume 12: Psycho Shatter (95YcH0_Sh4πeR)

The following Volume of The Saga of Vincent Dawn is a condensed retelling of Psycho Shatter (95YcH0_Sh4πeR). A novella released as part of The Transformation, Ascension, and Degeneration of Terra novel on September 11, 2014. Readers who are not interested in this summary are advised to skip to the Aftermath.

Fap 1: Shift

In order to more effectively cause Terry pain, and to gain a greater sense of personal satisfaction in doing so, Vincent elected to forgo his usual passive approach seen in prior Scenarios, and take an active role here. He positioned himself as a god figure and narrator of this Scenario, reshaping reality as things played out before him.

Vincent begins the Scenario by describing the life story of Terry’s new proxy identity, that of Terrance Orokanuma. Terrance Orokanuma was a kind boy throughout his youth and led a strife-free life with his two loving parents. But once Terrace turned 15, Vincent began transforming this well-tempered young man into a murderer and rapist, one whose newfound charisma and cunning allowed him to achieve his dark desires unimpeded. 

That is until Terrance turned 17, after he had claimed dozens of victims. It was around here where Vincent tired of the success Terrance had accumulated and chose to once again alter his mind, lowering his physical capabilities and mental capacity, turning a once athletic and suave individual into somebody mentally retarded. This left Terrance unable to hide the evidence he had accumulated from his various crimes, and his parents eventually discovered mementos of his past crimes. Because of their wealth and stature, Mister and Missus Orokanuma felt it would be bad for their reputation if their son’s terrible misdeeds were made public, so they elected to hide away this inconvenient truth.

To accomplish this, and to be rid of their murderous retard of a son, mister and missus Orokanuma hid Terrance away and sent him to the outskirts of the small midwestern town of Murinona. There, Terrance was locked in a padded room and cared for by underpaid caretakers for two years, until the true beginning of this scenario, the evening of July 15th, 2000.

Things begin with one of Terrance’s caretakers, Jessie Shines. A 21-year-old black woman majoring in Psychology who got this job through a summer work program, with the intention of using her experience with him as the basis for a paper. Unfortunately, the two months she has spent on this job have been grossly uneventful, and she spent most of her time reading or watching TV. Vincent describes her as an attractive woman with large breasts, a well-sized butt, a toned stomach, and short black curly hair, all clad in light revealing clothes that, due to the immense midsummer heat, were soaked in sweat. 

After checking the time, Jessie goes to check up on Terrance, heading upstairs and undoing a lock to greet him in his padded room, its walls stained with all breeds of bodily fluids, and its contents empty beyond that of Terrance. An obese man in his mid-20s, his face shielded by a piece of fortified headgear, and his body bound in a straight jacket. After grabbing a diaper from a box outside the room, Jessie pushes Terrance down, strips off his pants, and replaces his diaper, gagging as the smell of his feces and piss wafts into her nose. She cleans up and places the soiled diaper in a conveniently placed bin before heading downstairs to prepare Terrance’s dinner.

As Jessie goes through this routine, she rants about how she is being paid minimum wage to be a glorified babysitter for Terrance, when she was told to expect more. When she agreed to this job, she was under the pretense that she would make use of her degree and analyze a deranged, murderous psyche. Instead, all she’s done is waste two months of the prime of her youth.

While Jessie blends Terrance’s liquid-based dinner, Vincent narrates and explains how, in addition to making Terrance a deranged killer, and mentally retarded, he also gave him the latent ability of Psycho Powers, the ability to change the world around him using nothing more than the power of his mind and imagination. Terrance first expresses this by channeling his clouded desire for freedom at the door imprisoning him. He imagines the lock being undone and the door opening, and as the image solidifies in Terrance’s mind, it is made unto reality. The door slowly unlocks itself and gently opens, allowing Terrance to leave this room, unimpeded. 

Free, Terrance fumbles his way out of his prison for the past two years and begins walking to the stairs, where he encounters Jessie, Terrance’s meal still in her hands. Before Jessie can react, Terrance leaps from the top of the stairs and collides with Jessie’s head first, causing the two to fall to the floor, where they lay motionless.

Fap 2: Squirt

Minutes later, Terrance awakens to find himself in Jessie’s body, and discovers that his mind was no longer clouded or limited, and his thoughts were as clear as they were before Vincent Dawn cursed him with mental retardation. In addition to this, he also finds himself able to access Jessie’s memories, recalling her past, friends, family, classes, and her time as his caretaker. As these thoughts pour into his head, and his hands examine his new form, Terrance decides he will do whatever it takes to keep this new body of his. However, Terrance is less than eager to adopt Jessie’s life or identity and instead chooses to adopt a new moniker for themselves, and quickly settles on the name T-Bird. Because he liked taking birds apart in addition to children. After establishing this, T-Bird begins referring to themselves as female, while Vincent does the same.

Eager to embrace her newfound lady bits, T-Bird heads to the nearest bathroom and strips herself. She uses Jessie’s memories to find the most sensitive spots of her body and begins masturbating in the bathtub. Though rubbing, poking, licking, nibbling, coating her body with lotion, shoving a shampoo bottle up her bum, and a litany of deranged laughter, T-Bird experiences a flurry of orgasms, and is left utterly elated with her new form. As she lays in the afterglow, T-Bird realizes that if she wants to preserve what she has going at the moment, she will need to murder the original Jessie who, T-Bird rightfully assumes, is in her original body. She muses about the best way to do so as she goes in for another masturbation session while taking a shower.

With her body both damp and wrapped in a towel, T-Bird walks over to her former body, and notices that it has not moved since the fall. T-Bird expresses no remorse for her former self, calling it a “festering heap of retarded dung” and decides to be rid of it, and Jessie, by burning the body alive in the home’s oven, after stripping it of course. As the oven heats up, Jessie’s newfangled cellular phone rings from her backpack. T-Bird answers it and is greeted with the voice of Juniper Funkatron, Jessie’s lifelong friend. 

Juniper says that she is on her way to take ‘Jessie’ to the local drive-in, saying that she will pick her up in a couple minutes. Interested in this opportunity, T-Bird accepts this obligation and then dresses herself in Jessie’s second set of clothes, that of a pair of dark skinny jeans and a snug purple T-shirt. Satisfied by these new form-fitting clothes, T-Bird eagerly awaits her friend’s arrival while this home is gradually filled with the hearty aroma of cooked human meat

Fap 3: Scamp

After waiting around for 15  minutes, Juniper finally arrives and is revealed as a short, slightly overweight Hispanic woman with a ponytail, wearing a revealing tank top and shorts that do not compliment her rotund figure. Once face to face, Juniper finds herself momentarily mesmerized by T-Bird’s cyan eyes, a trait that Vincent Dawn explains to be a representation of her Psycho Powers, which were transferred in the body swap. After they exchange greetings, the two head off to Juniper’s car, off to watch a slasher movie by the name of Psycho Shatter. But rather than follow them, Vincent’s attention lingers on the home.

Nearly an hour later, the unlocked door to the home is opened by a brown-skinned 7-year-old girl by the name of Abi-chan. A cute kid with short dark hair wearing a simple outfit of a t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers, and absolutely drenched in mud and child sweat. Her internal narration reveals that she ran away from her mama and papa after being forced to go to summer school and act more feminine. Her original goal was to find newer and better parents to take care of her, but after wandering the woods for an entire day, she just wants to get some food.

Abi-chan quickly heads into the kitchen where she smells what she identifies as a pig baking in the oven. Eager to fill her grumbling tummy with animal flesh, Abbi-Chan stumbles through various drawers before she finds a pair of oven mitts, which she uses to reveal the charred corpse that served as the former vessel of T-Bird, and less-former vessel of Jessie. After batting away the heavy smoke, which doesn’t trigger a fire alarm because there isn’t one, Abi-chan grabs a pizza cutter and uses it to sever the penis affixed to the charred corpse before her. Abi-Chan does this because, to her, the penis looks like a hot dog. 

Upon taking a bite into the charred penis, Abi-chan remarks about its “funky” taste but claims it is better than other foods her parents made her eat, especially those from the old country. Still hungry though, she digs around the kitchen some more and gobbles up a box of store-brand cookies before she is distracted by a police siren. Assuming that the police are here to take her back to her parents, Abi-chan flees into the home’s basement, dashing down the steps into the dark and dusty concrete hole.

Fap 4: Scared

The police siren finally stops as a car parks outside of the home, revealing a handsome blond-haired blue-eyed policeman by the name of Yuccot Kikansky. He recounts how he was called away from a night with his mistress to investigate this home after ‘Terrance’s’ ankle bracelet went offline. Hoping he can spin this as an opportunity to kill a disabled person, Yuccot enters the home through the open front door and is immediately assaulted by the sight of the charred corpse of the person they sent him to investigate.

Confused by this situation and how ‘Terrance’ wound up like this, Yuccot informs the rest of the police station on his findings before he investigates the rest of the home. He starts by going through the empty ground floor before hearing a suspicious noise from the basement. Yuccot heads down to the basement to investigate, pulling out both his flashlight and handgun as he searches through this dark concrete hole. While searching, Yuccot is drawn by a platinum ring with an enormous emerald embedded in it. The ring speaks to him, asking to be taken away from this place, and informing Yuccot of its great value. Curious, he grabs it, but in doing so Yuccot both seals his fate and ends his life.

As his skin touches the ring, Yuccot’s body unfurls at a rapid rate. His innards are torn from his palm outward, and all consumed by the ring. He screeches in agony as he realizes what is happening, but is silenced a mere second later. This noise draws Abi-chan out of her hiding spot, and as she moves towards the flashlight rolling slowly across the basement floor, she spies a platinum emerald choker resting on top of a disheveled police officer’s uniform. Abi-chan looks at the clothes with confusion, wondering why a police officer would decide to walk around naked here of all places. Despite this question, she leans down and grabs the choker.

As she tries to put the accessory on, Abi-chan is filled with immense pain from around her neck as the jewelry suffocates her. As her consciousness fades, she apologizes to her parents, begging them to stop this pain, and claiming that she just wanted to have fun. However, Abi-chan’s words do not reach her parents, and she falls on the floor, her head bouncing against the concrete below.

Fap 5: Senpai

Things pick up hours later, where Abi-chan awakens in the basement and discovers herself to have the body of an adult woman. A naked adult woman. She plays with her longer hair, developed breasts, firm bum, and toned legs, all while remarking how much smaller the world now looks with her additional 50 centimeters of height. But before she can explore her body any further, a flustered male voice distracts Abi-chan. A voice coming from within her own mind.

The voice calls himself Peatrice, and claims to be an entity that resides in the platinum and emerald choker that now rests on Abi-chan’s neck. Because she still has the linguistic skills of a 7-year-old, Abi-chan struggles with Peatrice’s name and starts calling him Peaty-kun. Taking this in stride, Peaty-kun explains that he recruited Abi-chan as a hero to stop an individual known as the Psycho Trigger from bringing about a Cataclysm. To do this, Peaty-kun needed to age up Abi-chan, causing her to, as she puts it, digivolve into Abi-senpai. 

As Abi-senpai continues to play with her new body, nearly reaching full-on masturbation, Peaty-kun begs her to listen to him and help him save the world. But with Abi-senpai being the selfish sort, she does not want to do anything for free. But she changes her tune once Peaty-kun starts promising her toys, sweets, and whatever else she desires. 

Satisfied and gullible, Abi-senpai agrees to this arrangement, and dresses in what were once Yuccot’s clothes, but were modified by Peaty-kun, who also created a bra and panty. Abi-senpai dresses herself in the basement before heading upstairs to a bathroom to get a better look at herself. She smiles back at her reflection, happy with how cool she looks in a police officer’s uniform, but she objects to the choker around her neck. She tells Peaty-kun that she wants a scarf instead, to which he obliges by transforming his vessel from a choker into a stylish purple scarf.

Happy with her fresh look, Peaty-kun sends Abi-senpai out to Yuccot’s police car, where he has her work the pedals while he, with his scarfy form, operates the steering wheel while they drive around. With Abi-senpai putting the pedal to the metal, Peaty-kun begins searching for a concentration of Psycho Powers in hopes of finding and defeating the destructive Psycho Trigger before they can unleash their full power on this world. 

Fap 6: Screw

The Scenario then cuts back to T-Bird as she and Juniper are at a cheap restaurant where Juniper is stuffing her face with greasy fried chicken and fatty biscuits. T-Bird, frustrated by this scene, does not mince words and mocks Juniper for eating such drivel, saying that she should take care of her body and keep it in shape, rather than living such a lazy unhealthy lifestyle, which T-Bird knows about in great detail thanks to the memories she inherited from Jessie. While T-Bird’s words would have likely caused a more frustrated reaction under normal circumstances, Juniper agrees with her, having fallen under the influence of T-Bird’s Psycho Powers once their eyes locked. 

T-Bird pushes Juniper more and more as the conversation goes on, and reaches the conclusion that she can mentally control people. With this power, T-Bird believes that she can freely indulge in her every desire. And at this moment, she desires to have sex with the person before her, finding her thicker form… enticing. With a plan set, T-Bird orders Juniper to drive them away from this restaurant and out into the middle of the woods that surround the small town of Murinona. 

As they drive, Juniper asks T-Bird what they thought of the film they watched earlier in the evening. She bitches about how the horror genre is meant to illicit cheap thrills due to how safe modern life has become. How the need to apply logic to the actions of a murderer is misleading, as murderers are often simply psychotic. To how incredibly coincidental the prevailing storyline in the film was, relying on contrivances and happenstance in order to push its plot forward. Eventually, they reach their destination, a clearing in the middle of the woods, where T-Bird orders Juniper to join her in the back seat.

Side by side, T-Bird ‘confesses’ that she loves Juniper. She uses her acquired memories to convince Juniper that her love has been long-standing, and pronouncing that she is “lesbian for her” before embracing Juniper in a deep kiss. After hugging her and amplifying the effect of the Psycho Powers with a kiss, T-Bird strips herself and Juniper before ordering the now fully subservient woman to pleasure T-Bird’s vagina using her tongue. As that happens, T-Bird begins to fondle Juniper’s breasts, caressing her nipples in order to fill both of them with some form of erotic pleasure. 

After orgasming, T-Bird requests they switch positions, yet upon licking Juniper’s unshaved privates and being dissatisfied with the taste, she decides to bite into it instead, tearing through her flesh. Juniper’s self-preservation instincts eke out as she meekly begs T-Bird to stop, but T-Bird insists and barks at Juniper to sit back and accept her affection. Steadily, Juniper loses all means of resistance and is paralyzed as T-Bird bites into her supple flesh. She continues to rip off chunks of meat from her arms, breasts, sides, ass, legs, and so on, before making her way to the neck, which T-Bird opens vigorously, causing blood to spurt out and the life to fade from Juniper’s eyes.

Coated in blood, with human flesh in her stomach, and a corpse at her side, T-Bird reminisces about how much she missed the sensation of murder and the thrill of sexual intercourse. As she takes all of these sensations in, she pleasures herself with bloodied hands while gazing into the lifeless eyes of her most recent victim.

Fap 7: Splice

Upon finishing her third masturbation session of the evening, T-Bird contemplates what she desires now. She reaches the conclusion that she must clean herself of blood, change her clothing, and dispose of all evidence of her murder. She thinks of everything she needs, manifests her desires onto reality, and opens up Juniper’s car’s trunk while bearing an elated grin. In the trunk, T-Bird finds several water bottles, a towel, a change of clothes, a loaded handgun, and a canister of gasoline. 

After cleaning herself and changing into a low cut top and short skirt, T-Bird douses Juniper’s car in gasoline, spreading it across the interior, the grass beneath the vehicle, and all over Juniper’s lifeless corpse. Once the canister is emptied, T-Bird throws a lit zippo, something she found in Juniper’s purse, at the vehicle. As the flames begin to spread, T-Bird dashes away from the scene of the crime, and does not look back at the growing inferno she left in her wake.

The focus then returns to Abi-senpai and Peaty-kun as they drive across the forest with only a vague idea of where they’re going. Peaty-kun grows worried as he spies the signs of fire through the dense forestry and smoke clouding up the night’s sky, but before he can put two and two together, he sees the Psycho Trigger walking alongside the dirt road he is driving on. Upon seeing T-Bird, Peaty-kun tries to explain the severity of the situation to Abi-senpai, stating that she must murder the Psycho Trigger, and that the future of humanity rests on her shoulders. Though, his concerns hardly phase Abi-senpai.

After making his murderous intent clear and seeing a wonderful opportunity, Peaty-Kun slams his scarfy self down on the gas pedal while aiming the car in T-Bird’s general direction. However, Abi-senpai snatches the wheel, swerves, and causes the car to crash into a tree. Abi-senpai quickly bursts free from this wreckage, no worse for wear, before directing her attention to a very confused T-Bird. Peaty-kun starts incessantly panicking at the sight of T-Bird, asking Abi-senpai why she would dare to defy him. But Abi-senpai pretends not to hear him and instead rushes up to T-Bird, where she wraps her in a tight hug and refers to her as Jessie-senpai. This baffles both T-Bird and Peaty-kun, but as T-Bird accesses Jessie’s memories, she recalls how Jessie used to babysit a strange child by the name of Abigale Flare, also known as Abi-chan.

T-Bird, thoroughly confused, asks the grown-up Abi-chan what happened, and Abi-senpai regales her with everything that happened to her last night, as she is not smart enough to listen to the voice shouting at her to stop talking and start fighting. T-Bird nods as Abi-senpai finishes her story, only to immediately pull out her gun and fire it at Abi-senpai’s neck, where it ricochets off of Peaty-kun’s magical body and hits T-Bird in her forehead, much to the surprise of all present parties. Abi-senpai is in hysterics as she sees her former babysitter die before her, and chides Peaty-kun, calling him a “meany villain” and a “piece of poop” before using Peaty-kun’s body to lap up the blood pouring from T-Bird’s skull, an action that Vincent Dawn cites as being a very, very bad idea.

Fap 8: Sugoi

Vincent Dawn explains that Peaty-kun’s powers are not dissimilar to T-Bird’s Psycho Powers, and due to their close proximity, T-Bird is able to absorb the latent energy flowing through  Peaty-kun’s scarf-shaped body. This grants T-Bird with an awesome power that causes her body to reawaken with a stream of cyan light shining from both her eyes and the bullet hole in her skull. Amidst the confusion, T-Bird grabs and tugs on Peaty-kun, aiming to separate him from Abi-senpai. But due to how the two are physically bonded, the action only tightens Peaty-kun’s grip on Abi-senpai’s neck. Before T-Bird can strangle Abi-senpai to death, she is distracted by the sound of police sirens growing louder with each passing second.

In response to this familiar noise, T-Bird tosses Abi-senpai into a nearby tree and dashes towards the approaching police officers with the intention of murdering them. She tackles one car headfirst, only for her cranium to shatter from the force of the motor vehicle, causing blood to gush from her shattered skull and onto the windshield of the police car. From the bloody and broken remains of T-Bird’s skull, a gooey cyan tendril emerges and latches itself onto one of the police officers, possessing them and turning them into a puppet. The other five officers gawk at the sight and fail to react as T-Bird has the possessed officer pull out their gun, using it to kill their allies through a series of clean headshots. And to conclude this act of possession, T-Bird has the possessed officer bring their gun to their forehead, and pull the trigger.

Upon eliminating the police, T-Bird’s tendril escapes from its host and begins attacking T-Bird’s body, tearing away at the bone, flesh, and skin as more blue tendrils escape from her form in a manner not unlike the albumen of an egg escaping from its cracked shell. Before too long, T-Bird’s body is destroyed, and all that remains is an otherworldly mass of glowing cyan tentacles that levitates above the ground. A being that Vincent Dawn simply dubs Psycho Trigger. 

Seeing this scene, Peaty-kun explains to the unconscious Abi-senpai that he must take control of the situation to prevent the Cataclysm, and must kill her in the process. After the scarf becomes a choker once more, Abi-senpai’s body is encompassed in an emerald light that steadily shifts into a vibrant orange. This new orange mass extends well beyond the usual proportions of a human and reshapes itself into an overly sexualized 20-foot-tall cat girl that Vincent Dawn dubs Abi-Neko. Abi-Neko quickly grabs the attention of the Psycho Trigger through provocative gestures, inspiring the mass of tentacles to embrace the overtly feminine figure before them by shoving tentacles into all of her orifices. 

As the Psycho Trigger continues to pour itself into Abi-Neko’s swelling body, Peaty-kun shouts at the Psycho Trigger, claiming that they are powerful, yet predictable, and stating that they will be confined to a human form for all eternity. Peaty-kun then tightens the choker that Abi-Neko still wears, causing her neck to constrict more and more before her head plops off. The now headless tentacle-filled body then melts into a nebulous dark goo while the remaining head shifts its form into that of Abi-senpai, completely naked and unconscious. 

Fap 9: Success

Things resume the morning of July 16th, 2000, in a small prison cell where T-Bird awakens to find herself inside Abi-senpai’s body. Shortly after this discovery, T-Bird is approached by an older female police officer who begins asking her various questions about where she was last night, after the cops found her naked in the woods. T-Bird is quick to try exerting her Psycho Powers on this woman and is met with success. She effortlessly convinces the officer to open up the cell, give her a fresh set of clothes, and escort her out of the police station. 

T-Bird walks the streets of Murinona and, with her newly cemented freedom, she contemplates what she wants to do next with her life. She has access to deific powers, but before she plans anything bigger, she wants little more than revenge on her parents, mister and missus Orokanuma. T-Bird is not sure what she wants to do afterward, but she figures that if she ever gets bored, she can always go on a cross-country murder-filled extravaganza.

However, before T-Bird can pursue any of her aspirations, the world around her begins to crumble, dissipating into a black abyss that she floats through. As she struggles and fails to move throughout the nothingness, T-Bird finds her body being consumed by darkness, until she is reduced to nothing. As T-Bird and the world she lived in fades away, Vincent Dawn cackles with glee, eager to confront Terry Tanaka once more. 


Upon gaining the memories of T-Bird, Terry Tanaka was mortified. He despised Vincent for forcing him to undergo such a cruel and unusual punishment, that of living the life of a rapist, murderer, cannibal, and all-around shitstain of a human being, and he did not hide these feelings. However, his complaints fell on unsympathetic ears. If anything, this entire Scenario only brought Vincent joy, so much that he decided to prolong his estranged relationship with Terry through another equally morose Scenario, and then another one… and another one… and another one. 

It was only after a nebulous quantity of repetitions that Terry finally reached a revelation. That Vincent Dawn was not Danny Verres. That he was not the person whom he once called a friend. Vincent was something beyond redemption and would only continue to hurt him for the remainder of his existence. So, during one of their post-Scenario meetings, events where Vincent would toy with Terry and mock him for the atrocities Vincent forced him to commit, Terry stopped retorting and resisting. He subjugated himself before Vincent and begged for death. He had no future, no belief that things would ever get better, and after being hurt so deeply and so repeatedly, all Terry wanted was to put an end to it all. He wanted his suffering to stop. And if the only way to do so was to permanently end his life… then so be it.

Vincent heard Terry’s desires and, with some hesitation and confusion, granted them. He deleted Terry using the VDVerse, thereby granting him the sweet release of death via non-existence. It was quick, it was painless, and it was devoid of any impact. Vincent felt no loss or sorrow as his friend begged for death, and as he vanished from all of existence, he felt nothing as well. However, as time went on and the matter settled in Vincent’s mind, he questioned his actions, his beliefs, and his very identity.

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