The Saga of Vincent Dawn – Volume 15

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Disclaimer: This novel contains adult material including sexually explicit activities, strong language, extreme violence, familial abuse, and a wide spectrum of grotesque or otherwise disturbing content. This work is not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

The Saga of Vincent Dawn
Volume 15: The Novus Logs

The following Volume of The Saga of Vincent Dawn contains spoilers for the endings of novels Verde’s Doohickey and The Malice of Abigale Quinlan. Spoiler-adverse readers should express caution before reading this Volume. 

The Novus Logs was an ambitious undertaking by Verde Dusk, one where she would express her creative skills by forging a multi-part saga that would follow the development of Jad Novus as she exposed them to a plethora of abnormalities. Upon completing each Scenario, Verde would ask Jad to confide in her, sharing his experiences while providing Verde with an opportunity to comfort and guide him through his adventure. Verde had done extensive work on various Scenarios planned for this undertaking, manufacturing a sort of arc for her to send Jad along, one of self-discovery and self-fulfillment.

While it could be argued that Verde was only manufacturing all of this for her own amusement, she never attempted to control Jad or anybody else, granting them free will and full lives of their own, with her only making an outline for the Scenario to follow. It was a looseness that made the Scenarios somewhat of a surprise for not only her characters, but for herself, and this approach resulted in Verde’s Doohickey being a satisfying endeavor for her. Even though she felt her behavior was erratic throughout her meeting with Jad, and would go on to question the immensely negative tone she took in describing her past life as Vincent Dawn.

This success spurred Verde to begin production of a sequel Scenario for this newer incarnation of Jad Novus. One that would draw back from the Scenario where Jad first originated, My Life As Abigale Quinlan. For as much as she disliked many, many, many aspects of her prior identity of Vincent Dawn, Verde still had a soft spot for a number of the concepts seen within the Scenarios he produced. However, Verde did not want to create a Scenario that would result in the death and demise of Jad Novus’ identity, but rather give him a challenge to undergo, push himself further, and possibly cause him to reevaluate a lot of things about his life.

Verde was exceedingly pleased with what she laid out, but when assembling all of the variables for this Scenario, which would go on to be known as The Malice of Abigale Quinlan, she made one very critical and preventable mistake. While this novel only discussed a handful of the Scenarios devised by Vincent Dawn were discussed here, he composed dozens more, most of which were less ambitious endeavors more comparable to short stories. One of these Scenarios centered around another rendition of Abigale Quinlan, known as Kuro (Black) Abigale Quinlan. An excessively cruel individual created for the expressed purpose of torturing Terry Tanaka following the completion of Psycho Shatter (95YcH0_Sh4πeR). When preparing things for this upcoming Scenario, Verde accidentally selected this rendition as opposed to the one she intended to use known as Zen (Good) Abigale Quinlan.

The results of this error were positively devastating to the Scenario, as it sent Jad along a far darker, morbid, and overall painful path than what Verde had originally intended. By the end of The Malice of Abigale Quinlan, Jad ended his relationship with Verde, causing her to spiral into a deep sorrow as everything she planned for The Nous Logs came tumbling down. This instilled a panic within Verde, and she was desperate to make this feeling of crushing failure go away. While Verde herself had undergone a great deal of development since she became a divine entity, certain traits are instilled deep into one’s personhood, and Verde’s response to abject failure remained unchanged even after all these years.

Overcome by despair, Verde began digging deeper into the capabilities of VDVerse and devised a method for the program to not only delete her essence but to delete everything. Every Scenario she created, every character she crafted, and every world she generated. It was all destroyed in a fit of rage. With no greater foresight or concern, Verde entered her commands into VDVerse, and with it, sealed her fate.

She was removed from her domain while everything around her crumbled. Her surroundings became that of an abstract visualization of her worlds, all showing signs of decay as the program eradicated their contents. Observing this carnage and destruction, Verde sang, affirming to herself that the end was near for her and for everything, announcing her inability to tolerate the guilt she felt, and desiring to put her dark soul to rest. Her consciousness faded after she hit her final note, and she passed on, ready to embrace an eternity of nothingness. 

Das Ende

Is this the end of Verde Dusk and her Scenarios? 

Can she, a god, truly kill herself? 

And where the hell do Maple Loves Senpai and Psycho Bullet Festival: The Odyssey of Abigale Quinlan fit into this cockamamie timeline? 

Find out the answer to all of these questions, and more, in Psycho Bullet Festival 2222! Coming February 2022!

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