The Saga of Vincent Dawn – Volume 08

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Disclaimer: This novel contains adult material including sexually explicit activities, strong language, extreme violence, familial abuse, and a wide spectrum of grotesque or otherwise disturbing content. This work is not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

The Saga of Vincent Dawn
Volume 08: My Life As Abigale Quinlan

The following Volume of The Saga of Vincent Dawn is a condensed retelling of My Life As Abigale Quinlan. A novella released as part of The Body of Raiyne novel on April 1, 2014. Readers who are not interested in this summary are advised to skip to the Aftermath.

Day 01: How Could This Happen to Me?

September 25, 2014. 

The Scenario begins as Jad Spencer, a 17-year-old boy with an unremarkable background, wakes up one morning in a bedroom coated in red and black, where he sees a wall-mounted clock that reads 8:37. Still half-asleep, he jolts up thinking he is late for school, but pauses as he realizes that his body is not his own. He went to bed last night as a scrawny white boy, and is shocked to look down and see a darker complexion, modest breasts, and a lean yet muscular physique. 

Jad’s mind spins into a tizzy as he comes to terms with his current predicament, but he finds himself unable to walk out of bed, and feels as if he was injected with a powerful anesthetic. Despite the overwhelming numbness throughout his new body, Jad makes his way across the bedroom and to the computer and desk located on the other side. Upon reaching his destination, he brings the computer out of sleep mode and navigates to an open browser window, clicking on a lone bookmark labeled “Master Plan.” The bookmark redirects him to a simple website with a post containing a message from someone by the name of “Abigale Quinlan” that was published at 8:30 AM.

In this message, Abigale Quinlan introduces herself as an immortal demigod terrorist and boasts about her immense abilities, namely her intellect. Following several paragraphs of showboating, she starts divulging details about her exploits over the past 11 years. Including the Rainy Woods disaster of 2003. The assassination of the Republican and Democrat presidential candidates during the 2008 United States election. Along with The Devastation of Mexico, an incident where half of the country of Mexico was ravaged by the largest disaster in human history, resulting in the deaths of 52 million people on December 21, 2012. 

Abigale mentions how these are only the highlights of the atrocities she committed, and provides a series of facts, codes, and insights meant to connect all of these events together and effectively prove herself to the greater authorities by revealing classified information. Furthermore, she threatens the governments of the world to find her by July 4, 2016, or else another great disaster will grip the world. In the meantime, she mentions that an associate of hers will launch an attack at 10:40 EST. An attack that is said to be the first of many that will go to ravage the country day by day until she is discovered. If, and only if, they find her, she promises that she will prevent the great disaster.

Jad finishes reading this at 8:52 local time and is perplexed by this message. Curious about its validity and spread, he looks up the name Abigale Quinlan in the browser’s search bar, and he finds mention of her across a number of breaking news stories that claim Abigale Quinlan’s words are true. She is indeed the person responsible for the three atrocities she mentioned, along with a developing list of lesser acts of terrorism. Jad looks at this news with confusion and wonders if it relates to his current situation, before he is distracted by a ringing smartphone on the computer desk. He cautiously picks it up, and is greeted by the voice of his original body, who identifies themselves as Abigale Quinlan. 

Abigale Quinlan’s comments are vague, but she says that she just conducted another “glorious” act of terrorism using Jad’s body, and claims that her plans for the future will not be progressing as intended due to an error that left her trapped in Jad’s original body. She tells Jad to enjoy her body before the call ends. Jad then looks up his hometown, Oransen, Illinois, and discovers that a terrorist attack just happened at his high school. As he reads more into the story, he learns that the attack involved the use of a powerful gas bomb, military grade weaponry, and resulted in the deaths of over 250 people, including the person responsible for this heinous act, Jad Spencer. 

As he is faced with the fact that he is in the body of the greatest mass murder in history, and that his body of the past 17 years was both dead and despised, Jad becomes overwhelmed and distraught. He remains locked in this bedroom as he tries to reconcile what has happened to his life overnight, digging deeper and deeper into developing stories regarding both Abigale Quinlan and his high school. After hours upon hours of confirming this unpleasant reality, Jad finally succumbs to mental fatigue and exhaustion as the evening creeps in. 

Day 02: I Can’t Believe It Myself

September 26, 2014. 

Jad wakes up early in the morning and chooses to distance himself from the computer, lest he fall into an obsessive furor about actions he had no hand in. Instead, recognizing his restored mobility, he begins to explore his surroundings a bit more, which he begins by looking through a curtained off bedroom window to see the mostly abandoned streets of an unfamiliar city. Jad then leaves the bedroom and is taken into a pristine and roomy apartment, where he makes his way to a fridge full of pre-made meals. He scarfs one down while remarking about how different everything is compared to his old body. From the simple act of walking, to the act of chewing or using his hands.

After drinking a liter of water, Jad continues his discoveries by heading to the bathroom and peeing. He finds the process eerily familiar to urinating at a man, and upon looking down at his crotch, he sees a lone penis head popping out from above his vagina. Curious, he pokes at the head, and eventually tugs it, ultimately revealing a 20-inch firm penis that he can control in a manner similar to a tail. As Jad discovers this, he tries moving it up and down, twisting it, and is even able to support his body weight with it, which he tests by performing a penile pull-up on the shower curtain rod. 

Jad then turns over to the bathroom mirror and takes the first proper look at his new body. That of a 6-foot tall woman with a very mixed ethnic background, shoulder length jet black hair, emerald eyes, a fairly muscular build, and B-cup breasts, wearing both a loose tank top and a pair of tight shorts. While Jad finds his new form to be quite attractive, and fondles himself a little bit, he is nevertheless frustrated by the fact that he needs to live life as the person he sees in the mirror, because that’s not who he is. In his rekindled rage, Jad punches the mirror into bits with his giant tail-like penis.

Normally, this would result in terrible wounds as shards of glass go flying, and while Jad’s body was covered with glass shards, they all oozed out of his body within a matter of seconds, and whatever wounds they caused were miraculously healed. Dazed by his supposed immortality, Jad then focuses on his massive penis, and recedes it back into his body with thought alone. Still baffled by these revelations, Jad decides to cool off with a shower where he winds up scrubbing and familiarizing himself with his new form as he both cleans and ‘unintentionally’ fondles his new form. But in doing so he causes his penis to grow once more, this time properly erect. Startled by this, Jad tries to shove his penis back into his new body’s… penial crevice for lack of a better term. But exerting such force onto his genitalia only goes to further stimulate it. After a brief pressure-filled struggle, the sole masculine appendage on Jad’s otherwise very feminine body unleashes a stream of a honey-like substance that splashes across the wet shower wall.

After having an accidental ejaculation, Jad ends his shower and sits in the tub, wet and filled with a complex flurry of emotions as he tries to comprehend what his body’s sex is even supposed to be, and if he should feel ashamed for jerking off in the shower like this. After several minutes of depressed wallowing, Jad is called out of the bathroom by the doorbell. He answers the door to the apartment dressed in a towel, but right as he opens the door, he slips on a tile beneath him, exposing his wet naked body to the delivery person. Awkwardness ensues from both parties, and Jad winds up signing a scribble in order to receive a very small cardboard box. 

Before opening this package, Jad finds a large room filled with clothing, and fumbles his way into some clean underwear and a grey tracksuit. While he thinks about experimenting with his body a bit more, he is still a bit intimidated after his bathroom misadventures. Instead, he approaches the peculiar package he was given, and opens it in what is currently his bedroom. Inside, Jad finds a small electronic device akin to a tomodachi. As he touches it, he is struck with a powerful shock that renders him unconscious.

Day 03: Suddenly I’m up on Top of the World

September 27, 2014. 

Jad wakes up in a daze and looks up to the screen of Abigale’s computer, where he sees an effeminate looking prepubescent boy with floppy blonde hair, wearing a full leather bodysuit that emphasizes his slender form and plump buttocks. The figure looks towards Jad and walks closer, growing larger as he does so, before reaching roughly 15 centimeters in height. As he reaches this height, his body steps through the screen in a burst of electricity and enters the real world, where he gains the appearance of a semi-transparent hologram with periodic visual glitches. The boy speaks in a voice that sounds like a woman’s subpar imitation of a young boy and introduces himself as Peatrice. He explains to Jad, whom he refers to as “Yahd-kun,” that he is an artificial intelligence created by Abigale Quinlan who, for reasons unknown to him, was imprisoned for several months before some sort of failsafe was engaged and he was delivered to Jad. 

Peatrice then elaborates that only Jad can see and hear him, and that they are linked thanks to a microchip embedded in the brain of Abigale’s body. This chip was stimulated through an electric shock created by the small device that was delivered to Jad. While still wrapping his mind around this concept, Peatrice recaps the events of the novella Raiyne’s Whimsy, while filling in the details on what his master, Abigale Quinlan, or rather “Gale-Senpai,” has been up to the past decade. 

Essentially, after stealing the body of Raiyne Underwood, Wheatley Quinlan changed their name to Abigale Quinlan, and quickly became drunk off their newfound power. They considered themselves to be something more than human. They were a demigod who treated the rest of the world as their personal plaything and expressed a ruthless disregard for all other forms of life. Which inspired them to stir up political turmoil, rape animals, and go on a genocidal nuclear-powered killing spree for the sake of going on a genocidal nuclear-powered killing spree. 

Jad is baffled by the malice Peatrice recounts, but Peatrice brushes off Abigale’s innumerous sins and encourages Jad to look on the bright side. Highlighting his sexy, immortal, and powerful body, along with the fact that he was supposed to die on the 25th. Peatrice then shifts focus, asking Jad to try pulling a hatchet from the apartment floor. A request that Jad hesitantly abides by, and accomplishes with surprising ease, transforming the matter beneath him into a metal tool within a few seconds through a process that Peatrice calls Real Booting.

Jad is left positively stunned by this and quickly asks Peatrice if there are any other ways for him to test his newfound powers. Peatrice agrees to help him, but before they can progress, Peatrice claims that he must catch up on current events, saying that he should be done in a few hours.

Day 05: I Wish It’d Have Been Somebody Else

While Peatrice takes control of Abigale’s computer to update himself on various things, Jad decides to do the same by turning on the large television in Abigale’s apartment. By watching local news he learns that he is located in Funke, Colorado, a suburb of Denver, and sees footage of Ji-Hyun Xing, a middle-aged Chinese-American woman who became the president of the United States after Flynn Sinclair perished in the Devastation of Mexico, attending an international meeting. Backstory aside, President Xing announces the launch of “Civil Protection,” a vaguely detailed program meant to ensure the safety of the nation, effectively turning it into a military state until the threat of “Abigale Quinlan’” is dealt with.

Not wanting to think about surrendering his person to the government for the greater good, Jad lounges around, stuffing his face with food while watching the American media stir up a panic, before eventually being called back into the bedroom by Peatrice, who shocks and knocks him unconscious yet again. Upon waking up, Jad finds himself in a moderately sized and mostly empty storage unit that had been damaged heavily. Peatrice explains that he took over Jad’s current body for an extended period of time in order to test their abilities and make it easier for him to use Abigale’s powers. 

Jad is naturally not very amused by this and asks why Peatrice doesn’t just take control over his body. While Peatrice admits that controlling the body of Abigale Quinlan has its benefits, they are already an immortal and invulnerable lifeform that has backups that can be activated if need be, and a fleshy form would only limit them. Jad is satisfied by this answer, and upon recognizing the fact that his womanly body is naked, Peatrice directs him to a box in the corner containing a somewhat revealing and feminine outfit, causing Jad some frustration as Peatrice encourages him to embrace the “new kind of sexy” he has been given. 

Now clothed. and uncomfortable in a different way, Peatrice instructs Jad to snap while thinking of blowing something up. Doing so allows him to create a small explosion that damages one of the room’s concrete walls. Jad continues practicing this new ability, effectively ruining the storage unit, and is left amazed at his powers. But before he can completely blow the place up, Peatrice announces that they have spent the past two days here, and should probably return to their home.

Before leaving however, Peatrice explains a number of things about Abigale Quinlan’s body and its limits to Jad. This includes the ability to function without food, water, or sleep for an indefinite period of time. The ability to survive without oxygen, albeit in an unconscious state until exposed to oxygen or matter that can be converted into oxygen. Along with the ability to Real Boot literally any object that Jad can mentally comprehend. 

While all of this strikes Jad as amazing, he still finds himself wishing that he could just return to his old unremarkable life. Saying that he does not care if he is the most powerful person in the world if it means he does not feel like he is himself. Exasperated, Jad leaves, is momentarily blinded by the afternoon sun, and enters the sparsely populated streets. Peatrice advises Jad to keep a low profile and gives him directions back to his current home. During the walk, Jad notices numerous armed guards going on patrols, likely the Civil Protection thing he heard about on the news. 

Jad eventually makes it up to his apartment, only to realize that Peatrice did not pack him a key. However, Peatrice “mentally uploads” a schematic of a skeleton key, which Jad Real Boots using part of a wall. Once inside, Peatrice informs Jad that he has his permission to do whatever he desires for the remainder of the night. Which Jad spends doing what he normally would do if he still had his own body, checking game industry news, watching anime, and browsing a few other websites, all while being reminded of how he is in a different body every time his shoulder-length hair falls into his face, or he looks down at his darker, more slender hands.

Day 08: Remembering What Was Lost

October 2, 2014. 

After being in this body for over a week, Jad has developed a steady routine. He would spend hours a day practicing his Real Booting powers at Peatrice’s behest, turning clothes into guns and making sandwiches out of trash, before binging games and anime for hours at a time, trying to distract him from his body and shitty situation. While deliberating if he should turn himself into the authorities to try and reclaim what his life was, Jad is interrupted by Peatrice as he appears on the television screen. 

The electronic pixie asks Jad about those close to him. Namely, his parents along with his close friends, Maxxie “Maxxisaurus” Flare, and Zoe Xing. Jad then recounts how he met with the two on the first day of elementary school where a rude child by the name of Yuccot Kikansky was teasing Maxxie for being boyish and Zoe for being a nerd. Jad, thinking that mocking someone like that was wrong, fought back against Yuccot, and was suspended for the day. However, this stint of bravery was well worth it, as he wound up making two lifelong friends..

Jad mentions how the three of them have always been together, talking about games, anime, or whatever they were into at the time, and how he has been trying to ignore how lonely he has been feeling without them. He describes Maxxie as a very energetic and creative woman who lacks book smarts and came from a wealthy family. And he describes Zoe as a studious and mature man who is set for greatness despite his family’s financial woes after his father passed away. Jad continues to describe his own father as having an unsightly crass personality, and having nearly sent his family down the financial toilet, but got incredibly lucky. Jad also claims that his mother being an incredibly sweet woman who was abused by his father over the years and forced to get various surgeries to preserve her beauty and function as a trophy wife and fuck-doll for his father.

When prompted by Peatrice, Jad continues reminiscing about his lost life by recapping his final day in his original body. He describes it as beginning with a doldrum school day punctuated with occasional conversations with his friends about survival horror games due to the upcoming release of The Evil Within. Once school was over, the trio headed over to Maxxie’s house, where they played Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds before ordering pizza from a place called Doodlers and parting ways for the night. Only for Jad to return home to see his mother being fucked by his father on the living room coach. Not saying anything, Jad made his way to his bedroom, where he did his homework before going to bed. Peatrice, amused by this, thanks Jad for playing his games and wiggles his phanny in front of Jad before disappearing off the TV screen, leaving Jad to wallow about what he lost as he sat on the couch alone and devoid of any clear ties to the life he once knew.

Day 13: Peatrice Is My Pet Peeve

October 7, 2014. 

Over the past few days, Jad spent a lot of time learning about his abilities by heading down to the storage area from before and using various debris to practice his Real Booting abilities using mental schematics given to him by Peatrice. When not training, Jad spends the rest of his time following the 24 hour news cycle of hyperbolic fear mongering as the government reacts aggressively to Abigale Quinlan’s words, inconveniencing others while being unaware that the person responsible for the deaths of 52 million is already dead. Furthermore, the Civil Protection initiative that had been launched these past few days has only caused more civil unrest as protests and riots have been breaking out throughout the country. 

While this was an unquestionably awful happenstance, Jad had come to accept this panic as normal, much like he was coming to accept his new body, which he was now considering his own with little hesitation. For as much as he wanted to look at his new face in the mirror or his retractable penis with ire, he was growing very content with his form, and the idea of staying like this forever. Such thoughts occupy his mind as he prepares for the unnecessary routine of slumber when, a few minutes before midnight, he is interrupted by the sound of his apartment door bursting open. Tear gas fills the air as a group of people adorned in a body armor and masks come rushing in. Through the gas, Jad can tell that this group is heavily armed, and they waste little time securing all corners of the apartment.

Jad rushes away to the other end of the apartment, pressing his back against a window, before the leader of this group approaches him. A large, scarred, and gray-haired man by the name of Dick Kikansky. Dick explains that he is here to apprehend Jad, or rather “Abigale Quinlan” on behalf of the US government, and orders two of his men to apprehend Jad. As they grab Jad, Peatrice urges him to fight back and use the powers he had been practicing these past few days. But Jad is apprehensive towards the idea of murdering humans, especially when he has the ability to reason with them.

After Dick taunts and mocks Jad, Jad tries to explain his side of the story, and that he is not actually Abigale Quinlan. Dick naturally does not believe Jad, and punches Jad in the face for good measure. As Dick strikes Jad, a small morsel of blood escapes from Jad’s mouth and onto the floor. Shortly after the dash of blood lands, it begins to move, trailing up Jad’s body before crawling back up into his mouth, all within a matter of seconds. 

Dick and the other soldiers are shocked by this, and lower their guards as they contemplate this new discovery. Recognizing this as a prime moment to act, Peatrice activates the emergency self destruct bomb placed inside this apartment, causing a flurry of fire and shrapnel to assault Jad as he is propelled out of the apartment window and down ten stories to the city streets below.

Day 14: Threw in the Towel Too Late

October 8, 2014. 

Jad regains consciousness and finds himself naked, laying on the street outside his apartment, and surrounded by a small crowd of people. Their eyes and smartphones capturing the sight of his body repairing itself and of the burning apartment building he was thrown out of. Peatrice laughs at this situation, commenting that things are finally getting interesting, before advising Jad to escape into the sewers, which he does by transforming a nearby manhole into water. 

Peatrice guides Jad through the sewers, having a map at his disposal, and explains that the “Gov’ment” decrypted Abigale’s IP address in order to finally locate them. He further theorizes that they only waited so long because they had to verify that it was Abigale Quinlan residing in that apartment, and they were not about to raid an innocent person’s apartment. Jad understands this, but questions Peatrice’s decision to murder so many people in that explosion. To which Peatrice dismissively replies that he was designed for murder.

Jad then finds himself overwhelmed by a wave of sewage that sends him bopping down the sewers. He eventually regains his composure as the torrent subsides and he finds himself right next to a ladder leading up to a manhole. Jad opens the manhole to escape from this rancid metal tube and finds himself in a suburb of Funke. He is thankful that nobody is out looking for him, eyeing up his naked sewage-drenched body, and is quick to follow the advice of Peatrice once again, who directs Jad to a nearby nature preserve. Yet as Jad enters this enclosure of woodlands, he takes note of a swarm of military vehicles storming into the suburb, with men rushing out of trucks and dozens of helicopters shining spotlights over the entire neighborhood. 

Jad knows they could only be looking for him, and asks Peatrice for further advice, but the only advice Peatrice offers is to rack up some “Murder Death Kills.” Distraught and lost, Jad continues deeper into these woods, where he hides away in a tall, mostly barren, deciduous tree. Because panicked people don’t always have the best plans.

The helicopters soon locate Jad, and soldiers come shortly thereafter, armed with flamethrowers and the intent to apprehend Abigale Quinlan. Even if it meant burning this whole nature preserve asunder. The trees are quick to burn, and with Peatrice being unresponsive to his cries for aid, Jad is at a loss for what to do. The flames climb up the tree rapidly and soon spread to Jad’s borrowed body, engulfing him in a searing hot agony that causes him to lose his grip and fall 20 meters down to the forest floor. 

The dirt does little to suppress the flames, and Jad finds his skin gnawed into nothingness and muscles eviscerated by the flames, leaving behind a charred husk. However, he still continues to feel even in this form and, after the most painful seconds of his short sad life, Jad’s immortality kicks in and his body is absolved of all wounds.

With his body restored, Jad lifts himself off the forest floor and runs throughout the burning greenery to the edge of the woods. But before he can get more than a few meters away from the billowing inferno, a group of soldiers shoot him. As Jad writhes in the combined pain of several bullet wounds, the group of soldiers approach him to either finish the job or apprehend him. And as the opposition grows closer, something within Jad snaps. 

Filled with a sense of rage and fury after experiencing death by fire, and fueled by the pain of constant gunshots, Jad assaults the surrounding soldiers, killing several as his bloodlust rages on. He turns the dirt beneath his feet into a knife to stab them with, robs them of their weapons, and uses his overwhelming strength to shatter bones with a single blow. Jad continues fighting these soldiers as they keep coming, severely wounding many and killing far more, before a stray bullet pierces his skull. As the bullet oozes out from his brain, Jad regains consciousness and comes to terms with what he had done. A sense of guilt and shame flow throughout his being, and he stops fighting back Even as the soldiers repeatedly shoot at him, he remains as static as he can be.

The soldiers eventually interpret this as a sign of surrender, and apprehend Jad, shoving him in the back of a small truck. Jad acknowledges that he could easily escape from this prison of his, but instead he sits on the cold metal floor of the vehicle and hangs his head down in shame. Isolated and apprehended, Jad silently wishes that he had really been the one who died two weeks ago. For he had lost his only opportunity of living a normal life, and there was no longer any way he could convince the military that he is anything more than a monster

Day 20: I Sing the Elf’s Song

October 14, 2014. 

After being brought into a military base, Jad was kept in a constant state of pain. They bashed his head open with hammers, kept him unconscious with a flurry of gunfire, and attempted to end his life through every conventional and unconventional means possible. Jad was submerged in acid, flattened by metal crushers, penetrated by rows of spikes, and injected more times than he can recall.

However, through these repeated experiments, the United States military reached the conclusion that Jad could survive any injury and, for the time being, their only goal was to contain Jad. To achieve this, they prepared a special room for him. A concrete room the size of three basketball courts with dozens of guards and motion detection turrets aimed at him, ready to fire. They were all positioned around the sides, while Jad was in the dead center, sitting on his knees, with his hands and feet encased in metal spheres chained to the ceiling.

Unable to move much, and unable to Real Boot without the ability to physically touch matter, Jad is left to wait while his fate is determined by people beyond his grasp. He does not even have Peatrice to keep him company, as Jad had not heard from him since his capture. In the hours, if not days, Jad spends stuck in this position, his mind focuses on the pain he was forced to experience at the hands of the military, while his eyes remained locked with the guards positioned around him. Men and women who prevent Jad from so much as thinking of escaping, and who examine his naked body with both intent and disdain.

As Jad wallows in frustration, he sees the door to this room open, revealing one person pushing another confined to a wheelchair. As they draw near, Jad recognizes the wheelchair-bound individual as a heavily injured Dick Kikansky. His face is covered in bandages, an oxygen mask covers his mouth, and both of his legs have been amputated. As Dick’s escort finishes pushing him forward, Dick moves his shaky and bandaged hand underneath his shirt, where he pulls out a handgun that he aims centimeters away from Jad’s temple. While Jad knows that he should try to be honest and cordial with Dick, he finds himself unable to muster any such attitude after what he has gone through, and the words that leave his mouth are both sarcastic and rude, much to Dick’s aggravation.

As Dick spouts questions Jad cannot hope to answer, he comes up with an idea of how to use this situation to escape his imprisonment. He takes this plan into fruition by riling up Dick further, eventually drawing him out of his wheelchair and putting mere inches between the two. Once he is sufficiently close, Jad shoots out his retractable penis and uses it to punch Dick in the face. As he does this, Jad also snaps his fingers, causing small explosions that free his hands and feet from the metal spheres. With his mobility and limbs restored, Jad presses himself to the ground and begins Real Booting it into a thick opaque gas in order to provide him with cover. With a moment to himself, Jad constructs an incredibly dense suit of battle armor around his body, meant to withstand the flurry of gunfire that would be shot at him. With his enhanced durability, Jad is able to cleave his way through the soldiers and turrets around him, shattering flesh and metal using nothing but his hands, while stealing weapons for dealing with foes at long distances.

The deaths of dozens of soldiers in this room is followed with the deaths of hundreds as Jad Real Boots his way through the door into this chamber, and storms through the military base, taking the lives of every man and woman he comes across. Time loses all meaning as Jad goes about his manhunt, destroying equipment, blowing up everything in his path, and making damn sure that none live to tell the tale. 

After turning the place upside down looking for any survivors, Jad returns to his former prison. A room painted red with the blood of warriors and with walls tattered from the perils of battle. Yet through all the debris and viscera, Jad hears the grouchy moans of Dick Kikansky. Due to pity, shame, or a sense of malice, Jad leaves Dick as he is before leaving the military base in general. He steals some ill-fitting clothes, a wallet, and a jeep before driving out into the Nevada desert for several hours, with plans to start a new life. One far, far away.

Day 27: My Life is Near Its End

October 21, 2014. 

Jad successfully escaped the US and has taken up temporary residence in a small town in Ontario, Canada, where he is residing in an inconspicuous hotel. It would have been a daunting process, especially given the increased border control following the Civil Protection initiative launch, but Jad managed to enter the country smoothly by Real Booting an ID and money, despite never having schematics for either of those uploaded into his mind by Peatrice. In fact, he had not heard a peep from Peatrice since the 8th. At least, not until he has a dream during a midday nap.

In the dream, Jad meets with Peatrice, this time given a more corporeal form. Peatrice explains that, due to the immense damage done to Jad’s body at the military base, Peatrice’s consciousness, knowledge, and personality have begun to meld with Jad’s. Now, within two week’s time, they will merge into a single person. While Peatrice is none too concerned about this, reminding Jad that he has backups all around the world, Jad is thrown into a furor as he accepts these words as fact, and wakes up from this dismal dream.

As Jad recollects on this dream, confirming the reality of it all, he hangs his head in dismay. After everything he had been through, he had learned to accept the idea that he would live forever, but now he knew that, within two weeks, his very sense of self, his identity, would be mutated beyond all recognition.

Filled with frustration and sorrow, Jad takes his first shower in two weeks and masturbates while doing so, hoping that the chemicals released into his brain as he paints the walls orange with his honey-like ejaculate will help curb his anxiety. After relieving himself and momentarily wallowing in sorrow, Jad composes a bucket list of things for him to do before his personality dies and he becomes one with Peatrice.

Day 37: The Bliss of Murder

October 31, 2014. 

In the past ten days, Jad attempted to tick off things from his bucket list, but as he tries to eke the last bits of pleasure out of his life, he finds his personality changing rapidly. He no longer sees joys in the things he once loved and has become prone to acts he previously would deem unthinkable. Such as hijacking and crashing a plane in a remote wilderness, simply because he was bored. Jad admits to having felt some remorse for such actions at first, but quickly reached the conclusion that with human lives being so plentiful, the loss of several hundred, thousand, or million, is largely insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

Having recognized the inherent joy with inflicting pain onto others, Jad makes his way back to the Ontario town he briefly lived in with the intention of making the most of the night of Halloween. Yet before he can look for some fun, he believes that he must first dress himself up for mischief by getting a new look, or costume if you will. So he Real Boots himself a wig of longer hair, a cream dress with a dark outer corset, a tight short jean jacket with rolled-up sleeves, fishnet stockings, and brown leather boots with a small heel.

With this new outfit, Jad inquires his way to a sizable party hosted by a local wealthy family. There, he quickly meets with a fetching young man hosting this party, whom he seduces with great ease, comfortably flaunting his body about and earning this man’s fancy. The unnamed man then drives Jad out to a small forested area with the intention of having woodland sex. The man is nervous, with his palms sweaty, knees trembling, and arms heavy. Yet both he and Jad wind up stripping down to nothingness, granting Jad the opportunity to reveal his tail-like penis, which he promptly uses to strangle the man as he screams in terror. Jad looks into his eyes and laughs at him while life is drained from this man’s face, before tossing his lifeless husk carelessly into the woods.

Just a month ago, Jad would have been utterly appalled by these actions, but having succumbed to a more malicious personality, he is left ecstatic by this act, and laughs as he dashes away from the scene of the crime. His mind fixating on the idea that “the world is his bitch, and he can rape it as much as he wants.”

Day 55: Jad Spencer; I Hardly Knew Me

November 18, 2014. 

After his murder victim is discovered, Jad leaves the small town he found himself in, along with the entire nation of Canada, and returns to the United States via foot. Following several days of cross-country adventures, and dozens of murders, he finally reaches his destination, his hometown of Oransen, Illinois. He notices how the city is surrounded with military officers thanks to Civil Protection, but with his face still unknown to most, he is not inconvenienced by them, and is allowed to explore the town at his leisure. 

This tour begins at Oransen High, which was ravaged more than Jad ever imagined. Parts of the building were reduced to rubble, windows are still shattered or missing, and the walls inside appear to have been warped by toxic gas. Jad only looks at the building from afar, and cannot help but admire how well Abigale did in her attack on the school. However, he also looks at this building with a sense of melancholy, as he did ultimately enjoy his time at this school. 

Desiring some closure, Jad wanders to the local cemetery and finds a small and fresh gravestone with his name on it. He Real Boots away the earth to reveal a coffin containing his decaying remains, which he looks upon with a blank expression before crushing them to dust. The remains of Jad’s original body are then carried away by the autumn winds, and he leaves the grave and coffin open as he departs from the cemetery.  

As he walks, he recalls the date, and realizes that it is his friend Maxxie’s birthday. As Jad looks at the sky and notices the encroaching twilight, he ascertains where he might find Maxxie today, and makes his way to a pizza place called Doodlers. He opens the door to find a desolate and quiet restaurant and quickly finds a table with two familiar faces. Maxxie and Zoe, partaking in a dinner of pizza and cake. He orders a small pizza for himself and observes his two friends as he waits, reminiscing as he recalls the years they spent together. Playing games, watching movies, and getting into innocent trouble as they engaged in stupid antics from time to time. 

However, as he looks on at the two, he can tell that they are empty, depressed, and devoid of the energy they once had. He could tell that Maxxie was forcing her cheerful demeanor, and it upset him greatly. He realized they were trying their best to live on without him and decided it would be better if he did not say anything to them directly. Still, not wanting to abandon them, he leaves them a note saying “Row, row, write the power,” an inside joke of theirs.

Upon leaving the restaurant, Jad is chased by Zoe, who asks who he is. Jad responds cryptically, saying that he will know who he is by tomorrow, and says that Zoe should know before the end of the year. Jad then flees the scene, and arrives at his parents’ house around midnight, breaking in to brutally kill his father, Bryce Spencer, before deciding to kill his mother as she tries to contact the authorities. It is here, looking over his parents’ corpses, that Jad answers the question of who he is, disowning the name Jad Spencer and adopting the name Abigale Quinlan.

Day 64: Former Vice President Ji-Hyun Xing

November 27, 2014. 

Since her revelation a week ago, the new Abigale has reached the conclusion that she is a god. And as a god, she desires to have sanctioned and recognized power over a world that she could easily destroy. In order to achieve this, she makes plans to confront and threaten US President Ji-Hyun Xing and issue demands to her. While her initial plans were to Real Boot herself into Ji-Hyun’s body double, Abigale realized that would be a very impractical, bordering on impossible, endeavor, and decided that a more direct approach would be best.

Abigale attacks the White House from underground during the day, digging her way to the center of the building before embarking on an assault to find the president. She murders all guards and aides who cross her path, either Real Booting them into nothingness, or blowing up their heads with a snap of her fingers. Through much bloodshed and exploration, Abigale eventually makes it to a heavily fortified safe room, which she Real Boots opens and subsequently seals, locking her into an impenetrable chamber with the president. 

Abigale then speaks with the middle-aged Asian president, Real Booting herself a gun and putting on her best Saturday morning edgelord impression for the sake of making the encounter more fun. Ji-Hyun responds to this situation with horror, struggling to accept this reality, and fearful of losing her life. Abigale makes her desires clear, saying that unless Ji-Hyun hands over the country, she will submerge America in a nuclear holocaust and turn the remains into her new domain.

Wanting to make this process a tad spicier, Abigale gives Ji-Hyun four weeks to reach her decision, telling her to announce the spot for their delegations before biting off Ji-Hyun’s left ear and spitting it onto the ground. As Abigale leaves Ji-Hyun, she wonders if she should let her one shot, her one opportunity to seize everything she wanted in this one moment, slip her by. But she remains confident in her ability to withstand anything the world can throw at her. As she leaves the building via an underground passageway, she begins making plans on how to spend the upcoming four weeks, and asks herself how much havoc and destruction she can wrought throughout the nation before her fateful Christmas day encounter.

Day 92: We’re Here… The Final Frontier

December 25, 2014. 

On Christmas morning, Abigale Real Boots and flies a one person plane to a Florida-based military base, which was selected by Ji-Hyun Xing as the meeting spot for the two. Upon crashing the plane into the military base, killing dozens, Abigale is confronted by the US president, who claims that she examined Abigale’s abilities and actions very closely before reaching her conclusion. After saying this, the concrete ground beneath Abigale’s feet opens up, and she tumbles into a pit, splatting upon impact before reviving herself. As she regains consciousness, all Abigale can see is unending darkness. She laughs it off, saying that a pit cannot hope to contain her, only to feel her body be pushed upwards from the ground. 

Floating in mid-air with no way to propel herself back down, Abigale hears Ji-Hyun’s voice. She explains that a central weakness of Abigale’s is that while she is seemingly invulnerable, she does ultimately rely on matter to both defend herself and get out of any dire situation. Her Real Booting ability makes her truly formidable, but if Abigale does not have any access to matter, and lacks any sort of air to function, she is effectively powerless. 

Ji-Hyun further explains that the governments of the world have been working non-stop on preparing a vessel that can simulate the environment of outer space, a vacuum devoid of gravity and oxygen that would rid Abigale of the ability to Real Boot or retain consciousness. However, this vessel was only a temporary solution, and Abigale will soon be propelled beyond Earth’s orbit, where the vessel she is in will break apart and she will be left drifting in outer space, never to return to Earth. Ji-Hyun ends her message by declaring that Abigale is a monster, before the remaining oxygen is drained and Abigale is left in a void free of sight or sound, with nothing but her own thoughts to occupy her mind.

As she is faced with her own demise, Abigale belittles herself, identifying herself as a psychotic fool who idolized a remorseless killer to the point where she adopted their name and persona, along with their body. She ultimately became the sort of person who, just three months ago, filled her with contempt. With her final thoughts, she apologizes to everyone. To those she killed. To her country. To Maxxie. To Zoe. But most of all, to Jad Spencer. 


After all was said and done, Vincent Dawn was very satisfied with the Scenario he brought to life, and his ability to continue the tale of Oni Abigale Quinlan. However, much like Raiyne’s Whimsy, Vincent Dawn was slightly displeased with the structure and pacing of My Life As Abigale Quinlan, as it left out numerous details it could have divulged in. But he ultimately did what he set it out to do. Tell the story of one person’s descent into madness as they become the person who they appear to be by traversing along the bloodstained path of a demigod. Although, there was one major aspect of the story that Vincent was remiss about being unable to emphasize. 

It was to be a reveal that never came to be and centered around Peatrice. As Peatrice is, in actuality, just an electronic backup of Oni Abigale Quinlan’s consciousness that presented themselves as a different person in an attempt to monitor and shape Jad as part of an elaborate ploy, a larf. The timing of the post, the death of her consciousness in Jad’s body, the delivery of the mental backup containing Peatrice, and the timed explosion that was triggered when the military broke into her apartment. It was all part of a plan Abigale devised in order to embark on her own bizarre adventure.

An adventure wherein she would also slowly alter Jad’s psyche through the implementation of certain brain chemicals at key moments. All as part of a process that, in theory, would turn Jad into a murderous psychopath, much like her. Oni Abigale Quinlan’s ultimate intention was to take over her body again after Jad Spencer more or less accepted the death of his old identity. The whole story about Peatrice’s consciousness merging with his own was a complete and utter lie meant only to hasten his descent and instill him with a greater level of dread.

While Jad’s sense of identity ultimately shattered upon murdering his parents, Abigale never followed through on the final phase of her plan, restoring her consciousness and erasing Jad Spencer’s mind. She was too enamored with Jad’s cocky, vile, and malicious rendition of her, and remained in the passenger’s seat as he wreaked havoc upon the world. But she waited too long, and before she could take control once more, her body was locked in a vacuum, ready to be shot off into space.

Following the completion of this Scenario, the next step was obvious for Vincent Dawn, that of another sequel that would follow Oni Abigale Quinlan after she inevitably returned to Earth. But it would be a destroyed and post-apocalyptic Earth, and one that followed a very different protagonist. He intentionally placed a lead in the first day of My Life As Abigale Quinlan that would serve as a cataclysmic catalyst for the sequel, and one that strengthened the connection between these three Scenarios. This trilogy’s concluding chapter would be known as Punky’s Post-Apocalyptic Adventure.

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