The Saga of Vincent Dawn – Volume 14

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Disclaimer: This novel contains adult material including sexually explicit activities, strong language, extreme violence, familial abuse, and a wide spectrum of grotesque or otherwise disturbing content. This work is not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

The Saga of Vincent Dawn
Volume 14: A Vile Doohickey

The following Volume of The Saga of Vincent Dawn is a condensed retelling of A Vile Doohickey. A novella released on December 21, 2014. Readers who are not interested in this summary are advised to skip to the Aftermath.

Chapter 01: German Gift

Things begin in Oransen, Illinois during the early afternoon of November 15th, 2014. The protagonist of this Scenario, Jad Novus, is idly enjoying his weekend in his bedroom before he is called downstairs. Not unlike his prior incarnations, Jad Novus is a thin, white 18-year-old male with curly brown hair and green eyes. After going through his empty home, he finds a small cardboard box on his front doorstep, addressed to him. He brings the box into his bedroom to open it and finds a turquoise remote control with three buttons on it labeled 1, 2, and Go. 

Before Jad can examine this remote further, his lifelong friend, Maxxie Flare, calls him to the front door. Jad describes her as a slightly chubby 17-year-old Blasian woman with messy black hair, wearing an outfit consisting of a purple sweater, a black leather overall skirt, and some thick blue and purple stockings. Jad had previously invited her over in order to celebrate her birthday, which technically is not until November 18th. 

Following the exchange of familiar greetings, the two head up to Jad’s room, where Maxxie immediately gravitates towards the remote, calling it a “Vile Doohickey” because of its mysterious origins and functions. Through fiddling around with the device, they determine that pressing the numbered buttons while pointing it at someone causes a chill to go up their spines. Now curious as to what the ‘Go’ button does, Maxxie presses it, causing Jad’s senses to become foggy and unfocused.

Chapter 02: Dissonant Discovery

When Jad regains his composure, he finds himself on the other side of his bedroom, and after glancing down at his person and attempting to speak, he concludes he is in Maxxie’s body. Just as panic and confusion set in, Maxxie distracts him in his body, shouting in excitement as she pokes at her current body’s newly formed erection. While Jad is left befuddled by this situation, Maxxie is considerably more genre-savvy and adaptive, quickly stating that they should enjoy this opportunity to the fullest, before going on a diatribe about Tiresias, the prophet from Oedipus Rex, whose sex was changed as part of a bet between Zeus and Hera, which they recently learned about in school.

While they talk, Jad tries to orientate himself in his new body, walking slowly to acclimate to his newly distributed weight. He remarks on the sense of comfort and warmth he feels in Maxxie’s body, along with the uncanny sensation of speaking with her voice. Before pondering things further, Maxxie requests that the two masturbate in each other’s bodies before their friends arrive, with Maxxie claiming it could be a birthday gift for her, as she always wanted to know what ejaculating as a man felt like. 

Jad then recounts that Maxxie has a distinct fascination with the sexually deviant, and considers herself pansexual, making this a ‘but thou must’ situation where ‘no’ is not a valid answer. Once the agreement is made, the two head to opposite bathrooms with the intention of discovering what pleasure is like for the other half, and while Jad expresses some concern over this, he admits he is quite curious about what a female orgasm feels like.

Chapter 03: Pleasing Perversion

Because of his close relationship and decade-old bond with Maxxie, Jad is hesitant to explore her body. But knowing that forgoing the process would only go to upset her, he strips his new body, pulling off the modesty shorts and underwear to be greeted with the sight of female genitalia, something Jad had never seen in person up until now. He continues stripping while looking at the form of his best friend in the mirror, excitement welling within him as he removes the leather overall skirt, purple sweater, and skin-toned bra, revealing a pair of modestly sized breasts.

With a rush of erotic thrill coursing through him, Jad caresses his naked form, making note of the softness and sensitivity of Maxxie’s skin, and especially her private parts. Jad lets out a series of moans as he continues to poke and rub his newly acquired breasts and vagina, pausing to remind himself that Maxxie gave him permission to engage in behavior like this. With one hand on a breast and another two fingers in his borrowed vagina, Jad’s clumsy and unrefined movements are enough to lead him to a climax. Jad feels a momentary twang of shame as he looks down at his borrowed brown hands and sees them damp in a translucent goo, but he’s quick to dismiss this sensation, quoting and imitating Maxxie by decreeing that “shame is for dummies.”

After enjoying a good giggle, Jad cleans up his mess using a damp washcloth before returning to his discarded clothing, struggling slightly to dress himself, clasp his bra shut, and overall maneuver with his new proportions. After making himself presentable, he notices the quantity of bodily fluids remaining on the washcloth he used to clean up and the towel he laid on whilst masturbating. Deciding that he should hide the evidence in some more definitive way, Jad makes his way to the laundry room with dirty towels in tow, only to run into an ecstatic Maxxie, who startles him with a hug from behind. 

They quickly begin discussing their masturbation experiences. Maxxie was elated with the experience and the power felt as she unleashed her load, but wished that it was longer, as she only lasted three minutes before she came. While Jad states that he still feels awkward about the whole affair, but he ultimately enjoyed himself, and would like to try doing it again, after he gets a bit more comfortable being in a female body. 

After putting the towels in the washing machine, Jad and Maxxie notice the time and realize that their other friends, Zoe and Shiaka, should arrive in a matter of minutes, Jad starts the towels before switching bodies with Maxxie once more, so it is easier to introduce the concept to their friends.

After swapping back, Jad is comforted by the familiar feeling of his own body, but quickly examines the Vile Doohickey itself, asking himself many questions about its origins, limitations, and whether it is being sought out by powerful organizations. But before he can ponder such concepts further, the doorbell rings, calling Jad and Maxxie to the front door.

Chapter 04: Major Miscalculation

Jad and Maxxie answer the door to reveal Zoe Xing and Shiaka Kurokawa. Jad describes Zoe as being a 17-year-old Chinese-Ukrainian man with a tall stature and toned body who, with his sharp hairstyle, stylish glasses, and professional clothing, all made him look older than his years. He is one of the highest performing students in all of Oransen High, and, as Jad recollects, the only reason they became friends in the first place was because the school district was worried about Zoe’s asocial behavior at a young age, so they paired him with Jad and Maxxie to help him develop his social skills. While he was apprehensive at first, the three grew very close over the years.

Meanwhile, Jad describes Shiaka as a short and demure 17-year-old Japanese-Hispanic woman with a head of inexplicable dirty blonde hair, wearing an authentic Japanese school girl uniform, an outfit Maxxie gave her and wanted her to wear for this informal get-together. Jad further claims that Shiaka led a hard life of emotional and physical abuse from bullies before moving to Oransen, where she was scouted by Maxxie as a potential friend. While she is still rather distant and shy, she is an incredibly kind person, in addition to being a prodigy in mathematics and programming. 

Before Jad can greet the two, Maxxie pulls out the Vile Doohickey and uses it to switch Jad with Zoe. Jad prepares to chide Maxxie for this nonconsensual swapping, only to realize that Maxxie already swapped herself with Shiaka. Zoe reacts to this with a lack of amusement, while Shiaka is left startled by her new form, but before they can truly take in their new forms, Maxxie sweeps this awkward situation under the rug, switching everybody back and reiterating the story of the Doohickey thus far.

After making their way to Jad’s room, the quartet discusses what they should do with the Vile Doohickey at the moment. Upon examining it, Shiaka has no clue how the device functions, as she cannot so much as pry it open without possibly damaging it. While Shiaka fiddles with the device, Zoe serves as a voice of reason among the group, highlighting how they are in possession of immensely powerful and world-shattering technology. Zoe advises the group that they should experiment with the device for the time being, while keeping its secrecy intact until they have a plan to introduce this technology to the world. A notion that the group all agree to.

From there, the four decide to try swapping bodies in a more organized manner, choosing to switch their forms on an hourly basis until they need to depart in a few hours. The switchings begin as Zoe and Maxxie exchange bodies, followed by Jad and Shiaka. Jad recounts the sensations from the top down, highlighting the softness of Shiaka’s hair, the loose feeling of her sailor fuku, the vulnerability he feels thanks to her short stature, a lack of warmth provided by her frail body, and the weight of her chest, which is far larger than Maxxie’s. After mentally cataloging this, Jad turns to Shiaka in his body, noticing her discomfort. He tries to reassure her that they are all safe and there is nothing for her to be concerned about, only for all tensions to be dismissed as Maxxie proclaims that Zoe has a large penis.

After their discussions veer into a more sexual direction, the group discuss the logistics of masturbating in each other’s bodies to compare the differences between the sexes. Jad asks if Shiaka is okay with the prospect, to which she shyly confirms, saying that while the whole situation is a bit much for her, she always thought Jad and Zoe were attractive, and is interested in being in both of their bodies, despite how strange such a sensation may be.

Chapter 05: Friendly Fapping

After the group chose to pursue the second most sexual avenue they could after swapping bodies, Maxxie and Zoe make their way to the two bathrooms of the Novus household while Shiaka tries to fashion Jad’s messy brown hair into something more appealing. Afterward, they too make their masturbatory voyage, and while Shiaka claims to have enjoyed the experience, Jad is more mixed on the experience. He found himself hampered by Shiaka’s daintier body and larger breasts and claims to have enjoyed his round as Maxxie more. Following that, the four hold a brief conversation on the difference between male and female masturbation. Despite their best efforts, the awkwardness of the situation eats away at them, and they instead focus on something less perverted. They decide to test out the difference in hand eye-coordination amongst themselves and their bodies, and they choose to test this by playing video games.

Having all brought with their Nintendo 3DS systems, the four decide to play through a few rounds of the recently released Super Smash Bros. title. As they play, all of them find their reflexes and reaction speed marred because of their differing bodies, though their rankings by the end of the affair were about aligned with what the crew would have expected, falling into the order of Shiaka, Jad, Zoe, and Maxxie. Yet before they can move on to another title, Maxxie’s timer goes off, indicating it is time for the next round of body swaps. Jad winds up in Maxxie’s body once more, Maxxie winds up in Jad’s, while Shiaka and Zoe experience their own swap.

After once more sharing stray thoughts and conjecture about their new forms, Maxxie darts to the backpack she brought with her and pulls out a small box with some tiny microphones. Jad immediately recognizes this as an opportunity for karaoke, and with Maxxie being the birthday girl, there really was no dismissing her desires. The song selections are, as Jad expected of Maxxie, a wildly anachronistic assortment of tunes that lead to a slew of off-pitch yet heartfelt performances as the four struggle with the finer details of their new voices.

Having spent the past hour singing, the quartet moves onto their only remaining choice in bodies, with Jad gaining Zoe’s body, Maxxie switching into Shiaka’s body, Zoe nabbing Jad’s body, and Shiaka hopping into Maxxie’s. Upon entering Zoe’s body, Jad mirrors a sentiment that was previously expressed by the other two, as he finds Zoe’s body powerful and masculine, more so than his own, yet he finds Zoe’s prim and proper business-like clothing to be restrictive. Before they can plan out the next activity, however, the group cumulatively realizes that night has fallen, and they are all getting rather hungry. Maxxie recommends that the four try making something in Jad’s kitchen, thinking that the ensuing antics would be well worth stomaching whatever they wind up making. While going downstairs, Jad pauses and recalls how his mother left several hours ago to go grocery shopping, yet has not returned.

The three recognize this as a reality check and begin making plans to end their little body swapping adventures, choosing to switch back before contacting Jad’s mother, Caroline Novus. However, immediately after Maxxie and Shiaka prance upstairs to retrieve the Doohickey, Caroline returns home. Jad panics, as he is not in his body to greet her, but Zoe impersonates Jad in front of his mother.

Jad describes Caroline as an attractive 34-year-old woman with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and finer features, all adorned in a feminine green dress, carefully applied makeup, and hoop earrings. All of which Jad cites as being a wardrobe mandated upon her by his father, Bryce Novus. After greeting the bodily displaced Jad and Zoe, Caroline cautiously reveals that she was not getting groceries as she claimed, and instead was meeting with a childhood friend of hers named Raiyne Underwood. 

Caroline explains to the person she believes to be Jad that Bryce had been abusing her for years, that she will no longer tolerate this abuse, and that she started pursuing legal action against him. In the midst of listening to Caroline apologizing for the inopportune time of this reveal, Jad finds his senses drifting to another body yet again. But instead of returning to his original body, Jad is displaced into his own mother’s body. Much to his dismay. 

Chapter 06: Righteous Revengeance

After coming to terms with this swap, Jad looks up to the top of the nearby stairway where he spies Shiaka and Maxxie, both wearing worried expressions, and holding the familiar Doohickey. Maxixe looks down at the people below and quickly realizes her mistake. She quickly swaps everyone back to their appropriate bodies and walks downstairs, making jokey comments to ease this tense situation. Jad and his friends explain the Doohickey to Caroline, who catches on rather quickly, and rather than express any concern or worry about her son or the device, her eyes light up as she hears of its power, viewing it as the answer to her woes. 

Caroline begins by recapping her relationship with Bryce, a man who she fell for when she was very young. He swept her off her feet, they got married when she was 16, and he encouraged her to both leave her old life behind and to serve as his dutiful wife. However, their relationship changed after Caroline learned that Bryce was engaging in a variety of heinous criminal acts. Narcotics, weapons, and any black market asset that he could spin to make a quick return on his investment. She confronted Bryce about these issues years ago, but Bryce responded violently, threatening her life if she were to tell the police about what he’s been doing, and demanding that she keep her submissive role, serving as his “tool”.

Telling this story earns Caroline the favor of the main four, who immediately agrees to aid her out of this abusive relationship. Maxxie and Zoe quickly devise a solution that involves using the Vile Doohickey to frame Bryce by swapping with him, physically abusing Caroline, and then calling Raiyne, who currently works as a detective for the Oransen police department. With freshly staged evidence, along with supportive information provided by Caroline, Maxxie and Zoe believe that this will free Caroline from Bryce’s abusive clutches.

While There was some doubt among all five due to the spontaneity of this plan, they all agree that they want to take care of this problem sooner than later, and with Bryce returning home in a matter of minutes, they decide now was the best time. Before they can begin, Shiaka requests to be excused from the proceedings, given her own history with physical abuse. She thinks about going home, but due to how she lives several miles away from Jad’s house, she instead requests that she spend the intervening time walking to a nearby restaurant to pick up dinner for her and her friends while they stage their plan. While everybody has some doubt about this plan, and Zoe is against Shiaka walking alone at night, they ultimately view this as the best way for her to be a non-participant during this event.

Chapter 07: Beneficial Blunder

Shortly after Caroline, Jad, Maxxie, and Zoe finished their preparations, which involved binding Zoe to a chair and blindfolding him, Bryce returns home. Jad describes him as a large man with a rough face, tall stature, and a layer of hair coating most of his body. Caroline quickly greets him with a smile, informing him that she is done acting as his servant, and returns her wedding ring to him. This act inspires Bryce to assault his wife, grabbing her by the throat and jamming her against the wall as Jad and Maxxie, who hid away in a closet, drop the Doohickey, causing Jad to rush out of the closet while Maxxie searches for the body swapper.

Jad emerges from the close and looks on at the scene before him with horror in his eyes. His mother splayed across the floor, her body bruised and beaten, while Bryce stands above her. His arms coated with cuts and glass in his fist, but his eyes still look down at Caroline with disdain, as if he registers her as something less than human. Jad snaps upon seeing this and jumps at his father, but Bryce is quick to counter with a kick to Jad’s abdomen. The impact is enough for Jad to vomit, and before he can clear his mouth of the acidic bile, Bryce continues his assault, whipping Jad with his belt. 

Jad is powerless against his father, who continues to physically and verbally abuse Jad, slashing away at the skin on his hand while sprouting derogatory slurs to shatter his spirit. However, before Bryce can bring his hands around Jad’s neck, he suddenly pauses and drops his belt onto the floor. Jad realizes that Maxxie finally swapped Bryce with Zoe. As he examines the scene before him, Zoe reacts with an appropriate level of disgust, pondering how any man could house such disdain for those he ought to love.

As Jad and Caroline share in sighs of relief, they overhear Maxxie shouting into her cell phone, informing the police of the abuse she witnessed and begging them to come as soon as possible. With the worst behind them, and help on its way, Jad apologizes to his wounded mother, saying it was his fault they dropped the remote, and that he should have swapped Bryce and Zoe before he started hitting her. Caroline brushes his concerns aside, saying that she knew the risks with this plan, and is just happy that it is all over.

As sirens billow in the background, Maxxie switches Zoe and Bryce back once more and leaves to go free Zoe. Upon swapping back to his original body, Bryce pieces the situation together and threatens his wounded family members with death for having the audacity to disobey him. Before he can so much as land a punch, the unlocked front door is opened by a tall dark-skinned woman in her mid-30s, adorned in a stylish blue and white suit, named Raiyne Underwood. Raiyne explains how she figured things would go south sometime tonight and informs Bryce that she has all the evidence to ‘take care’ of him. Caught with his hands red and bloodied, Bryce accepts his fate, puts his hands out to be cuffed, and is escorted away by two unnamed officers.

Raiyne tries to comfort Caroline, looking at her battered body with a strong sense of sorrow, and guaranteeing the wounded woman that she will never be harmed by Bryce again. As a paramedic comes in to remove Caroline, Raiyne turns her attention to Jad, Zoe, and Maxxie, saying that they are all going to need to come in for questioning. 

Chapter 08: Criminal Confrontation

Later that night, Jad finds himself in a small conference room at the local police station, sitting at a table with Raiyne Underwood. She questions his relationship with his parents, what he and his friends were doing earlier in the night, and what happened during the encounter. Jad replies as calmly as he can, forgoing mention of the Vile Doohickey in order to keep it a secret. Only to be told that Caroline informed Raiyne about the body swapping device after she was admitted into the hospital. 

Seeing this as a potential problem, and with his mind loopy from the eventful day, Jad reveals the truth of the Doohickey to Raiyne. He recites what he and his friends intended to use the device for, and what ultimately happened with regards to body swapping after Bryce returned home. This dazed Raiyne and she momentarily leaves to retrieve Maxxie, Zoe, and Shiaka, who was brought in after returning to Jad’s home, in order to verify Jad’s claims. The three are all surprised by Jad’s honesty, and after exchanging worrying glances, Jad requests the Doohickey from Maxxie in order to show its powers by swapping bodies with Raiyne.

After momentarily adjusting to Raiyne’s body, finding it to be strangely pleasant, and reminiscent of the various bodies he occupied throughout the day, Jad turns to see Raiyne panicking in her new skin. Satisfied, he undoes the swap, returning himself and Raiyne to their original forms. Raiyne remains shaken after returning to her body and gradually parses her way through the situation. She ultimately concludes that while the Doohickey is dangerous, Caroline requested that the device remain in Jad’s possession, and due to how the two were close childhood friends, Raiyne wishes to honor such a request. That, and she does not want to go through the hassle and potentially disastrous consequences that would come with submitting this piece of world-changing technology as evidence in what is otherwise a run-of-the-mill domestic violence case.

From there, the main four return home, except for Jad whose home is still being examined, spurring him to spend the night at Maxxie’s house, where the two reminisce about their shared childhood as they drift off to sleep in the early hours of the morning.

Chapter 09: Soothing Snowflakes

The following week proved to be a challenging one for Jad, with his mother hospitalized, father facing numerous criminal charges, home life generally thrown out of whack, and school life ruffled by a series of rumors that have circulated. By the following Sunday, November 23rd, 2014, things returned to normal after Caroline’s discharge from the hospital. To commemorate the weekend and upcoming holiday Jad, Maxxie, Zoe, and Shiaka gathered together once more for Maxxie’s “Super Mega Big Bad B-Day Redux.” Where they planned to enjoy an evening at a pizza place called Doodlers, where the four rented a private party room so they could swap bodies and compare each other’s taste buds. 

Upon gathering at the locale and waiting for their pizza, Maxxie brings up the idea of the group switching their bodies around for a day at school, inspiring the quartet to go through their schedules and how things should be fairly relaxed for them during their final semester of high school, starting this January. With a loose plan established, and after adorning Maxxie with a barrage of gifts, the pizzas finally arrive and lead to the four compiling a ranking system as they mutually devour two large circles of cheese, bread, and tomato sauce. They agree on the taste bud rankings of Maxxie, Shiaka, Zoe, and Jad before ending their night satisfied, having gained more insights into both body swapping and each other. After briefly touching on why they feel their tastes differ so much from one another, Jad and Maxxie say goodbye to Zoe and Shiaka, parting ways as the first snowfall of the season gradually flutters down from the night’s sky.

Chapter 10: Erotic Eruption

As Maxxie drives Jad home, Jad finds his eyes drifting out into the night, watching the snowflakes as they fall, and pondering where his life will go from here. This trail of thought is then interrupted by Maxxie, who asks Jad to spend the night with her once more. Jad agrees, as they only live a few blocks away from each other, and he has spent hundreds of nights at Maxxie’s throughout his life.

Shortly after acclimating themselves and getting everything ready for bed, Maxxie gingerly approaches Jad, asking if the two can try something a bit more extreme, as a final present to commemorate her 18th birthday and adulthood. That request being for the two of them to have sex in each other’s bodies. Jad is baffled by how forward Maxxie’s suggestion is, but admits to having had some reserved interest in Maxxie sexually, even though he admits to being perfectly content with their friendship being just that, a friendship. 

Jad cautiously recommends they try to get naked in each other’s bodies first and see where their comfort levels are at there before trying anything sexual. Maxxie morphs this request into showering in each other’s bodies, thinking that rubbing and scrubbing each other’s form will help put both of them in the mood for intercourse. While reluctant due to the inherent awkwardness of the situation, Jad nevertheless agrees to her request, leading the two to swap bodies before departing to bathrooms on opposite ends of Maxxie’s home. As he makes his way to the bathroom and acclimates himself, Jad finds himself growing aroused due to how excited Maxxie, and her body, were before initiating this swap.

Feeling overwhelmed by this sensation, Jad quickly strips his borrowed body and darts into the shower before the water can get warm. This does little to suppress the burgeoning libido of Maxxie’s body, however. While washing himself, Jad finds his hands and thoughts drifting to more perverted matters, ultimately leading him down the path of full-on masturbation. Jad expresses regret for his lack of control, commenting that he hopes Maxxie isn’t mad about what he’s in the middle of doing, only for Maxxie, in Jad’s body, to pull back the shower curtain, her body naked and fully erect. Jad moves over, inviting her into the shower with him, only for Maxxie to pull him closer and begin their promised intercourse as the hot water continues to pour down on them.

Through many moans, thrusts, and sways, the act eventually comes to an end and the two climaxes. As their fluids seep and they realize what they just did, both Jad and Maxxie erupt in laughter as they turn off the shower. Upon exiting and grabbing their towels, Maxxie thanks Jad for allowing her to bring a fantasy of hers to life, while Jad reluctantly admits to having enjoyed the sensation. Maxxie then asks if Jad is interested in a second round, but the two instead elect to spend the rest of the evening playing video games instead… while still remaining in one another’s bodies.

From there, the Scenario ended. Verde summoned Jad to recap these events to her while she made various comments and saw how Jad viewed the circumstances that she had planned for this Scenario. She ultimately said little to Jad, clearly struggling with the act of conversation after only interacting with Abigale Quinlan for so long, but despite her quiet disposition, Verde still felt that things went well and made a promise to meet with Jad again. A promise that Verde would go on to… tangentially fulfill.


Following the conclusion of this Scenario, Verde felt conflicted. She believed that the assorted characters she assembled primarily from remnants left by her previous incarnation held potential, and she believed that the idea of friends going on an adventure with a body swapping remote was a truly wholesome and endearing concept. Yet she felt it became bogged down with the insertion of sex and violence later on— two common elements from the Scenarios crafted by Vincent Dawn— much to the detriment of the Scenario. This, combined with her limited involvement in this Scenario and interactions with Jad, caused a good deal of frustration for Verde and led her to rethink the successive Scenarios she wanted to create. 

Wanting to seek out quality in her work, and be truly satisfied by her creation, Verde eventually chose to not continue the story that began in A Vile Doohickey. Instead, she viewed it as a mere prototype and began production on another Scenario meant to surpass it in every way. This idea quickly spiraled out into a greater concept, one that she dubbed The Novus Logs, a saga detailing the adventures of Jad Novus, where she would participate as a sort of mentor figure for him, one who would send him on a variety of extraordinary excursions meant to help him grow as a person. Following this decree, she tweaked the characters, world, and concepts of A Vile Doohickey around into something more ‘stable.’ It was only after much pre-production and consultation from Abigale Quinlan that Verde had finally completed everything she needed to embark on her next Scenario, Verde’s Doohickey.

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