The Saga of Vincent Dawn – Volume 06

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Disclaimer: This novel contains adult material including sexually explicit activities, strong language, extreme violence, familial abuse, and a wide spectrum of grotesque or otherwise disturbing content. This work is not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

The Saga of Vincent Dawn
Volume 06: Nari’s Log

The following Volume of The Saga of Vincent Dawn is a condensed retelling of Nari’s Log. A grandiose multiverse epic 2013 web novel series with an abundance of surreal subject matter. Readers who have difficulty following this summary are advised to skip to the Aftermath.

Cycle 01: The Purple Pit

The Scenario begins with Nari, an amnesiac young man with pale skin, platinum blonde hair, and cyan eyes, who finds himself stranded in a strange land where the ground is made of a thick purple sponge-like substance. Confused and naked, Nari explores this abnormal locale while asking questions typical of an amnesiac and cupping his crotch with his hands. He soon discovers a beat-up classic train locomotive embedded in the ground, which he approaches, only to be ambushed by a pair of women, who claim that he is not the person they are looking for.

One of these women is Flare, a bald woman who looks like a youthful gymnast with the skin of an 80-year-old. She wears a burlap sack and has the ability to shoot fireballs from her hands. The other woman is Flare’s “relative”, Akarin. A little girl wearing what looked to be a tattered white curtain, and strange hair that gradually fluctuated between a dizzying array of colors. They explain that they’re also amnesiacs, having woken up a few hours ago, but in that time they regained some of their memories while also being pursued by a mysterious cowboy named Quinten, whom they initially mistook Nari for.

Perplexed by this and desperate for an objective, Nari agrees to help them, and receives a towel for his troubles, allowing him to conceal his crotch. Seconds later, Nari, Flare, and Akarin, all hear gunfire and flee from the locomotive, only to come into contact with the aforementioned cowboy, who stands on a hill not too far off in the distance. The trio hides behind the locomotive itself in order to avoid the gunfire, but Nari, not being satisfied with this plan, decides to taunt Quinten, who fires an explosive javelin at the group, causing them to flee. But Nari is not able to completely avoid it and winds up with a leg full of shrapnel.

As Nari is wrought with pain, some of his memories surfaced to his consciousness. Namely, how he was a recent high school graduate who had just enrolled in college, lived a modest life in a moderately sized Canadian town, and was from the early 21st century. He grimaces that he is dying at such a young age before he is hit with yet another explosive spear, causing him to accept his fate as death seems imminent. He loses consciousness, but soon gains it back once more, where he awakens to see the debris ooze out of his body while giblets of his flesh return to the core of his body.

Nari laughs in response, having realized that he is immortal, and taunts the baffled Quinten, mostly to cope with the bizarre situation at hand. In response, Quinten hits Nari with another explosive javelin and loses consciousness for a period of time. He awakens to find Flare and Akarin looking over him, and he sees a steady stream of smoke billowing from where Quinten once was, presumably due to a fireball that Flare lobbed at him while he was being distracted by Nari. 

The three wander over to observe the cowboy’s remains, and find nothing but scorch and ash, without even the man’s skeleton remaining. They briefly begin wondering what to do next before they are distracted by a bright blue light coming from the locomotive they previously occupied. After being blinded by the light, Nari and the rest look to see the locomotive standing on top of the purple goo, fully repaired and given a slightly futuristic look. From this vehicle steps out a figure in a white cloak. Nari approaches and greets this figure, realizing that he is fully naked as he does so.

The figure reveals herself as Y’vonne, a demure young woman with distinctive navy-colored skin, white hair, and purple eyes. She asks Nari to come with her, claiming that his presence is needed elsewhere. While suspicious of this woman, Nari agrees to come with her and follows her into the newly refurbished locomotive. Once in there, he feels a rumbling and soon falls unconscious, where he is prompted by some abstract voice to mentally recount a “log” of the events he just experienced.

Cycle 02: The Omnibahn

Nari then wakes up in a Victorian-styled sleeper car, clothed in a white trench coat with turquoise accents, a matching pair of white pants, a skin-tight black shirt, and elevated black boots. He looks outside of the conveniently placed window and discovers that he is on a train traveling through space. Shortly after this revelation, Y’vonne enters his room and injects him with a drug that numbs his body, before proceeding to take him to see “the Doctor”. Nari objects to this, but Y’vonne claims she is simply following her orders and drags him to a train car resembling a well-furnished rec room.

There Nari meets with a figure projected on a large television, a talking red panda with an eccentric demeanor known as the Doctor. After a brief introduction, the Doctor lectures to Nari in order to pre-emptively answer his numerous questions. He explains that there exists a multitude of universes with their own properties that all exist in a place known as the Omni. The Omni is normally inaccessible to all life forms, but long ago a group of scientists from one universe was able to reach it using a highly advanced spacecraft. In the process of crossing into the Omni however, the scientists all perished and from their biomass, combined with several samples that were aboard the spacecraft, a new life form was created. That lifeform would come to call themselves the Doctor. 

The spacecraft itself was also transformed into a space train that the Doctor dubbed the Omnibahn. The Omnibahn is the most advanced piece of technology in all the Omni, being equipped with technology so advanced that the Doctor claims it is powered by magic. While the Doctor has been doing many experiments over the years from within the Omni, he recently has been investigating a phenomenon involving individuals known as Shifters.

Shifters are individuals who have the ability to shift their consciousness across universes, inhabit the bodies of Hosts, who can realistically be any intelligent life form in the entirety of the Omni. Also, Shifters are immortal. Thus far, the Doctor has only located three Shifters across thousands of worlds, them being Nari, Y’vonne, and a person called Maxxi. In order to get more accurate information about the various worlds the Shifters visit, the Doctor has them Log their experiences so that he may consult them and gain information from their accounts. With the act of accumulating information being the sole reason for the Doctor’s existence… aside from goofing off.

As for why Nari saw Y’vonne in the train car, the Doctor explains that it was actually just a projection of her, as were the lights, and that the train car that Nari entered there was created by the Doctor, who manipulated “loose matter” in order to create a vessel to transfer Nari to the Omnibahn. Regarding how exactly Nari got to the purple pit in the first place, the Doctor explains that he does not really know, and it probably doesn’t matter. Somewhat satisfied by this, Nari then asks about the two he met in the purple pit, Akarin and Flare, whom the Doctor passively describes as Constants; individuals who exist in multiple universes within the Omni, and they will probably serve as recurring characters throughout his voyages. 

In addition to having a ‘constant’ presence across multiple worlds, Constants also have access to what is known as the Constant Collective Consciousness. A shared consciousness of all renditions of a particular Constant across the Omni. Constants do not trigger the Constant Collective Consciousness unless they encounter Shifters.

After finishing his explanation, the Doctor summons the aforementioned Maxxi, full name Maxxisaurus Biscuit. Maxxi is an eccentric young pregnant Indian woman with a lispy voice, yellow-eyes, and a very strong fascination with the act of sex, which she inquires about immediately as she meets with Nari. Soon after Nari expresses his exasperation, the Doctor explains that Maxxi is a very odd individual who was originally born as a human man and used a device on the Omnibahn to change her biological sex and species.

She did this in order to fulfill her lifelong dream of transforming into a female dog and give birth to a litter of puppies. Maxxi used the various tools aboard the Omnibahn to make this a reality, but shortly after getting impregnated by a male dog, the Doctor discovered what Maxxi had done and disapproved of her activity. As punishment, the Doctor prohibited her from using the transformation tool any further and is forcing her to give birth as a human woman.

Immediately after dropping that bizarre bomb, Maxxi begins to play with Nari’s white hair, and the Doctor tells her to lay off the sexual coercion due to how Nari is asexual and not interested in sex. With his bullshit threshold exceeded, and still struggling to remember his own identity, Nari leaves this chaotic room behind and returns to the room he woke up in, falling asleep shortly thereafter, knowing that he would wake up in the body of a new Host in a few hours.

Cycle 03: Club Eternity

Once Nari awakens, he finds himself in a different world, and in a different body, just like the Doctor said would happen. The body in question being that of Octavia, a conservatively yet fashionably dressed and cute young woman with a darker complexion and a slight British accent. Before he can gather his bearings, he is confronted by a young woman named Vinyl, who was notable for her blue hair and punk attire. As Nari gets his bearings, Vinyl insinuates that she and Nari are going to a nightclub for the evening, seemingly against Octavia’s wishes. Having zero sense of direction or goal, Nari plays along.

Nari stumbles in his high heels to reach the lavishly designed club, dubbed Eternity, where the two are let in by a rhino-man who serves as the bouncer for this establishment. Nari quickly discards his confusion over the existence of animal people in this world and tries walking into the club as casually as possible. Within the confines of Eternity, he is met with loud bombastic music, bright neon lights, and a crowd made up of both regular humans like Octavia and Vinyl, along with numerous animal-human hybrids. 

Before Nari can even think of asking his companion about this world or some such thing, he is ditched and left to navigate this hectic and overwhelming environment by himself. Wanting to get used to his body at the very least, he slowly makes his way to a restroom where he is accosted by a gaudily dressed black woman who remarks that Nari’s attire makes him ill-suited to any potential male suitors he may be looking for. Only to have her claims dismissed by a mantis-man wearing a baseball cap and a varsity jacket who claims Nari, or more specifically Nari’s current body, is quite fetching.

Upon seeing this individual up close and looking at his bug-like bug-face, Nari flinches, insinuating to the mantis-man that he is uncomfortable around animal people, who, based on the comments of the mantis-man, are an ethnic minority who face much prejudice in this world. Still being unsure about everything, Nari flubs his way out of the conversation before retreating into the restroom.

After entering a stall, Nari searches through the purse that was on Octavia’s person for clues and stumbles upon her smartphone, which greets him with a message from the Doctor. In the message, the Doctor explains that this entire thing is just a test, and encourages Nari to try and have fun and not cause too much trouble for his Host. With no real goals, and being uncomfortable by this setting and his current very feminine body, Nari meanders about awkwardly before reaching a friendly looking bartender, an old yet fit man by the name of Lou.

In their conversation, Nari learns that in this world there exists easily purchasable means of granting a person temporary or even permanent immortality, and that anyone in the confines of this club is immortal, which is part of the reason why it is so popular. Accepting the chaos that is now his life, Nari asks for a drink and is given a white substance that he believes is just salty milk. After finishing the drink, the various lights in the club dim, while the stage area near the center of the club lights up, causing a horde of people to come rushing over to it, including Nari.

The stage curtain opens to reveal Vinyl, along with an eccentric batch of bizarrely dressed women who are all members of a group called The Daughters of Discord. They perform a single electronica song before pausing when a spotlight shines on Nari, and one member of this band, a blonde woman wearing a red dress, orders some guards to take Nari to her dressing room, which they promptly do. Nari tries to speak against this, but he is quickly drowned out by the musical performance.

The guards, who are also animal men, drag Nari through the club before taking him to a back room. In this room, Nari meets with a skeezy-looking man in a grimy red coat who calls himself Quinten. Nari, being fed up with everything he has experienced at this point, comes clean to Quinten about how he is a Shifter and mentions his relationship with a red panda who calls himself the Doctor. Quinten leaves after hearing this, saying he needs to inform Uni, the blonde woman who summoned Nari in the first place. 

Uni, with the aid of the same two guards from earlier, interrogates Nari for more information about the Doctor and his plans for the Omni. Uni tortures Nari with a knife as she demands answers, and in response, Nari confesses that this is his very first Shift and that he came to this world alone. Uni, displeased by this, takes a syringe from one guard and injects Nari with a deadly toxin that fills him with immense pain as it courses through his body but does not kill him due to the club’s magical properties. After some time, Uni whispers a strange phrase into Nari’s ear, “All that is yours is rightfully mine. And mine it shall be.”

Upon hearing this phrase, Nari is given a second wind and is granted the energy and determination to free himself from his restraints and take the knife that Uni used on him. Using Uni’s surprise to his advantage, Nari slices her throat open, and as blood seeps from his neck, Nari blacks out.

Cycle 04: Cyh Anide and I

Nari is then woken up by a blaring alarm clock and discovers that he is once again in a strange new place and in a far stranger new body. He finds himself in a bedroom with walls bearing illustrations of demonic rape and inside the body of a young woman named Cyh Anide. A disturbingly skinny Asian woman with unkempt shoulder-length bright orange hair, and numerous robotic augmentations that extend to her brain, left eye, arms, legs, buttocks, and genitals, dressed in a foul-smelling pink jumpsuit with an anarchist symbol adorned on the front of it. Upon recognizing his situation, Nari immediately runs out of this room and finds himself in a post-modern-looking apartment. 

Before Nari could bask in the situation’s absurdity or ask himself any questions, he is interrupted by a voice from within his head, that of Cyh Anide herself, who initially mistakes Nari for the household AI that regularly hacks her body. They bicker incessantly for a while, with Cyh being an intolerable prick, Nari stooping to her level, and the two eventually settling down to a vaguely civil conversation where Nari describes what has happened to him thus far. Afterward, Cyh informs Nari of how the technology of this world is advanced beyond anything Nari knew from his world, and how people with mechanical augmentations such as Cyh are considered rebels who defile their bodies with outdated technology instead of embracing the modern advancements of genetic engineering and nanomachines. 

Eventually, the household AI comes out of the literal walls of the home and gives Nari a condensed breakfast shake, and prepares a live video, as per Cyh Anide’s schedule. Still curious about this world, Nari follows the AI’s request and sits down to watch a news broadcast hosted by Paul Barker, a pug man in a business suit, and Edmund, a bear-man in a leather jacket. They begin by bantering about how Edmund recently underwent a process to become an anthropomorphic bear via genetic alteration, how the process was streamlined greatly the past few years, and how the industry is experiencing turbulent growth. 

From there, the two news anchors begin by talking about the rising success of a pop sensation named Uni, a dark-skinned man dressed in tight clothing that looked to be more machine than man. Cyh moans slightly upon seeing him on the screen, but Nari does not question it. The anchors then go on to recap how modern society considers genetic augmentations good and socially acceptable, and considers those who stick to the older form of robotic augmentations traditionalists, radicals, and all-around idiots.

To further their beliefs, Paul and Edmun then transition over to an interview with an individual known simply as Gregg. A moose, elk, horse, and human hybrid who is a sort of celebrity in this world. The individual, when prompted, explains how they believe there is nothing wrong with people using robotic augmentations, and people should be allowed to transform their bodies however they see fit. Paul and Edmun take offense to this belief, decry Gregg as a radical, and declare that these “self-declared anarchists” have no right to “pierce through society like a heated blade into a firm black penis”. Seeing as how the interview did not go as intended, the news anchors promise to send all offended parties a bushel of apples as an apology, before things cut to a new “Vid” from pop sensation Uni.

With his attention drawn away from the broadcast, Nari tries to speak to Cyh once more, but he finds himself unable to move, as Cyh, somehow, regains control of her own body. Immediately after gaining control of her body back, Cyh screams out Uni’s name before tearing open her jumpsuit and proceeding to masturbate using her robotic vagina. She plays with herself as a video of Uni is displayed on the screen, with him talking about how people should be more open to new ideas, and how experimentation is a means of life for this species. Nari is revolted by this sensation, as he is asexual and hates masturbation, but he is forced to experience what it is like to have a robotic oil-based orgasm against his will in a body that he finds to be positively disgusting.

After masturbating, Cyh zips her jumpsuit up, oil still seeping from her genitals, and exits the door to the apartment to enter the outside world. Unable to move their borrowed head, Nari gets a vague glimpse of the outside world and gathers that he is in a city with skyscrapers that pierce the sky and the clouds above, and realizes that he must be at least 100 stories above the vaguely defined ground below. As he is in awe of this sight, Cyh nonchalantly jogs across a small walkway to a strange pink half-cylindrical object. Cyh opens a door on the object and reveals it to be an AI-controlled vehicle with a comfy seat for two and a screen at eye level. Upon plopping her bony ass down, Cyh shouts at the vehicle to take her to Uni. The vehicle heeds her order, locking her and Nari in the black windowless interior before the screen turns on, resuming the news broadcast with Paul Barker and Edmund.

After finishing a story about someone who genetically transformed themselves into a bon-bon, Paul enjoys a nice rum and coke while Edmund talks about the kiddie J-Pop group CC^2 doing a crossover with a sultry Austrian plant diva named C2. Paul comments on how this will cater to the “Bronaboo” audience. While Edmund theorizes that this collaboration will lead to copious amounts of pornographic fan fiction depicting the exploits between a group of 12-year-old girls who primarily market themselves to pedophiles and a person who considers themselves to be a living fetish symbol. 

Before Nari can try to decipher what he just heard, the vehicle stops, and Cyh runs out of it, entering another building located high up in the sky. She finds herself in a bizarrely dingy-looking building where she meets with a woman in gothic lolita attire wearing a glass afro-like object filled with pink bubbles. After a brief greeting, the woman nonchalantly escorts Cyh into a small room wherein she may “unify” with Uni via sexual intercourse. 

After a brief wait, Uni comes in and sticks his robotic penis into Cyh’s equally robotic vagina, interlocking their components while they grind their bodies together. As this happens, Nari shouts at Syh, begging her to stop and free him of this unwanted sensation, but his words fall on deaf ears and Uni ejaculates inside of Cyh’s electronic genitals. As Cyh wallows in the aftermath of her oily creampie, Nari regains control of her body and promptly makes his presence known to Uni, demanding answers from him about what happened at Club Eternity. Uni laughs as he hears Nari’s shouts before thanking Nari for triggering his Collective Consciousness, saying that he is one step further to being rid of Nari and his ilk forever. But in the meantime, Uni decides to get some petty revenge on Nari for their last encounter.

Using his masculine machine-man strength, Uni is able to pin down Cyh’s body and rip away her metal appendages, causing Nari great pain as his borrowed nerves are torn apart and he is reduced to a limbless torso capable of doing nothing more than shout in agony and writhe in pain. Cackling like a madman, Uni continues to exert his power over Nari by shoving his robotic penis into Nari. He rapes Nari with such vigor and intensity that it causes his oily robotic vagina to overload and erupt in flames as the cooling systems fail. The flame and intense heat envelop Nari’s borrowed body, and as he burns he says, “failure shall grant me strength. Success shall grant you arrogance.” A phrase that Nari did not understand, but knew possessed some undetermined significance.

Cycle 05: Double Bubble Trouble

After two Shifts into Host bodies, Nari finally wakes up back on the Omnibahn, and before he has the opportunity to so much as stretch his legs, a screen depicting the Doctor opens up from his room’s wall. The Doctor explains to Nari that it is not yet time for his first Shift with Maxxi and Y’vonne, and claims that he had no control over the last Shift that Nari previously underwent. Nari, pissed about being killed twice and raped once, punches the screen depicting the Doctor, causing the Doctor to flinch, while not harming the screen one iota.

Not wanting to dwell on this, the Doctor quickly announces that Maxxi has gone into labor and wants Nari to see her give birth. Nari agrees to attend, but before he leaves his room, he asks the Doctor if he knows about Uni. Upon hearing that name, the Doctor’s enthusiasm drops and he claims this is a sensitive matter to be discussed at a later time. Somewhat satisfied, Nari makes his way to a futuristic-looking med-bay train car where Maxxi is placed on an elevated bed, with Y’vonne clutching one of her hands. Unsure of what he can actually do, Nari simply gets closer and allows Maxxi to clench his arm like a vise. 

As prompted by the Doctor, who appears on a screen in the room, Nari and Y’vonne offer Maxxi words of encouragement as a pair of gloved hands come out of the floor to assist with the birthing process. They ready themselves to assist Maxxi and ease out her child, and as she begins pushing, she effortlessly shoots her baby out of her vagina and across the room, where it slams against a wall and falls to the ground, where all parties look at Maxxie’s child with dread… before realizing that all they can see is a puddle of water. They look at the puddle with perplexed expressions before the water begins to shift and churn, reshaping itself into the form of a human baby. Meaning that Maxxi gave birth to a humanoid baby made entirely of water. While everybody tries to figure out how this is possible, Maxxi screams with delight, ecstatic that she was able to give birth to a new life form, and promptly names her newborn child Raiyne.

The aftermath is a blur for Nari, who was too stunned by the barrage of obscene manifestations of unbridled madness that he had been subjected to after the first few hours to make sense of anything that isn’t mundane. He leaves the med-bay as his tolerance for the weird weakens and makes his way to the rec room, where he begins another conversation with the Doctor. The Doctor admits to not having read Nari’s Logs yet and claims that the reason why he Shifted a second time had to do with a computational error on his end, which has since been remedied. He states that Shifting without restriction, and doing it repeatedly, can harm his sense of identity and self, in addition to a bunch of other potential problems.

The Doctor then explains that Uni is effectively his sibling, an entity created along with him that, rather than being able to manipulate matter across the Omni, has the ability to control one unique individual in each world, and has the goal of unifying the Omni back into a single universe, the negative repercussions be damned. Furthermore, he advises Nari to not mess with Uni, claiming that while they are more or less powerless to achieve their goal, Uni is a massive jerk and will make the lives of Nari, Maxxi, and Y’vonne very frustrating if they meet up repeatedly.

Nari is less than thrilled by this news and wants to get revenge on Uni for murdering and raping him, but the Doctor then breaks away from his silly persona to inform Nari that going through tortuous and terrible experiences is part of his life now. He also regretfully informs Nari that, due to the things he experienced, he must take a common measure that he frequently does with both Maxxi and Y’vonne. Gloved hands appear from the walls of the rec room and hold Nari down while injecting him with an unidentified substance that causes him to forget about the events of his prior Shift, and his encounter with Uni at Club Eternity, before knocking him out.

Cycle 06: A Medieval Arrangement

Things pick up in what appears to be a lower quality dwelling from the middle ages. Nari wakes up as a young peasant woman named Lynne Long along with Maxxi, who Shifted into the body of a shapeshifter, and adopted the form of a cat. According to a note provided by the Doctor, they are tasked with crashing the intended wedding of Terra Sanitas, Y’vonne’s Host and queen-to-be of this domain. To do this, the Doctor advises Y’vonne to hide disguises for Nari and Maxxi to use, and to investigate her own means of escaping from her Host’s responsibilities.

Nari, not being too enthused by his surroundings, proceeds to leave this home, grabbing Maxxi by the tail before she transforms into a mouse in a matter of milliseconds. They wander through a dirty peasant town before reaching a castle with tall walls and a moat protecting it. At a loss regarding what to do, Maxxi transforms into a hopping ball that bounces herself and Nari over the massive wall and into an outer garden area of the castle grounds. Maxxie then transforms into a bird to find the items Y’vonne mentioned, while Nari thinks about how he wanted to discuss something with the Doctor, but forgets what exactly.

Maxxi then returns and guides Nari while explaining how Nari, Maxxi, and Y’vonne can understand every language in the Omni. The two soon encounter a conspicuous chest that contains a formal-looking white dress, matching heels, and a corset, all for Nari to wear, along with two letters. One to grant Nari and Maxxi permission to enter the castle, and another formal letter that discusses loose details of their missions and advises Nari to not let Maxxi dawdle about, lest she get into trouble.

Following more bickering, Maxxi transforms back into a hopping ball and the two leave the castle grounds with their goods in tow. After securing themselves on the other side of the castle walls, Maxxi transforms into a white snake and crawls up Nari’s legs, nestling around his “warm and creamy” thighs while staying inconspicuous. Not too bothered by how her reptilian body feels against his skin, Nari progresses to the castle entrance and is permitted entry upon giving his letter to a guard. 

The castle interior is appropriately lavish and impressive, with fine silks and statutes and the like, but before Nari could progress further throughout the castle, he encounters a well-adorned knight whom he recognizes as Lou, the friendly bartender from Club Eternity. Lou begins to ask Nari a number of questions, causing him to stammer as he searches for answers before his proverbial tuchus is saved by Maxxi, who slithers from Nari’s leg and casually greets Lou, who seems to immediately recognize her. 

Nari is confused by the familiarity of these two and eventually realizes that Lou must be one of those Constants that the Doctor was talking about. They exchange information, and Lou agrees to escort Nari to a nice guest room so Nari can make himself more presentable. Being inexperienced with dressing a female body, Nari asks Maxxi for help, much to his companion’s delight.

Nari shuts his eyes and allows Maxxi to contort and dress his borrowed body in the corset, dress, and shoes, before taking things a step further by dressing a bit of mak-up onto his face, brushing his hair, and placing a blue flower from a nearby vase into Nari’s hair. When all was said and done, Nari looks at his new form in the mirror and is in awe over how attractive and “lovely” he looks, taking some joy in watching his reflection move about. At least until Maxxi ruins the mood by transforming into a snake and slithering up his leg.

Fully dressed, Nari invites Lou in, who compliments Nari on his appearance before asking to follow him throughout the castle. Nari temporarily struggles with his two-inch heels before getting the hang of it as he walks to the library with Lou. In the library, Nari encounters Y’vonne, in the body of the queen to be, a lean yet busty woman with rose blonde hair and a motherly demeanor, wearing a set of plain clothes. Before Nari can say anything, Maxxi leaves Nari’s leg, Maxxi assumes a form like her regular self on the Omnibahn, and hugs Y’vonne. Lou then departs, leaving the three to discuss matters personally.

After more bickering, Y’vonne explains that she has a unique ability as a Shifter in that she can read the minds of her Hosts. With that knowledge, she was able to understand the climate and history of this kingdom, known as Vigil, how it desperately needs a new king, and how unless the king is of royal blood, the kingdom is doomed.

Y‘vonne claims that her plan is to use magic to locate those with royal blood at the upcoming event and manipulate them into declaring love for her that evening to expedite the process. But to do this, she needs help from Nari. Maxxi then chimes in asking what she can do to help, to which Y’vonne states that she should transform into a necklace for Nari to wear, as Maxxi lacks the personality to exist in formal society. Once these loose plans are set in place, Y’vonne calls Lou to escort Nari to a large room where several wealthy-looking individuals are mingling, a series of servants are bringing out platters of food, and an ensemble of bards are playing calming music.

Not wanting to get involved in any social interactions, as he would inevitably fail at them, Nari proceeds to behave like a wallflower and waits for Y’vonne to come out in her royal attire. Nari barely gets a look at her extravagant outfit before the massive stained glass windows of this room all shatter. Nari avoids the barrage of glass due to his potion and hides under a table where he takes note of dozens of blood-soaked bodies, an inferno of blue flames, copious amounts of glass shards, and a swarm of ravens attacking the survivors. He also peers his vision further and sees Y’vonne being grabbed by the neck by a shadowy figure.

The figure, known as Zxkuqyb, is adorned in a dark cloak, surrounded by blue flames, and possesses a pale face with monstrous teeth. Teeth that he uses to tear off the face of Y’vonne’s Host. Nari is shocked by this and looks away, where he observes the rampant death caused by the ravens, who continue to murder the guests and assault the various knights. Lou is one of the knights overwhelmed by these creatures and with the last of his strength he tosses his sword over to Nari.

Maxxi orders Nari to seek revenge on Zxkuqyb by using this sword, and Nari agrees, viewing his death in this body as a certainty and deciding to die fighting. He leaps from under the table, grabs the blade, and charges at the dark-robed figure as he is assaulted by the ravens pecking away at his skin. He dashes through the blue flames surrounding this shadowy figure, who Nari impales in the neck using his one-handed sword. A wave of flames then burst, seemingly from nowhere, and knock Nari back through the shattered windows. With Nari’s Host’s body already being near death from the ravens, he is utterly helpless after being tossed with such force and loses consciousness.

Cycle 07: Deep Wounds

Nari wakes up still in the body of Lynne Long, with his senses gradually coming back as the voice of Y’vonne and Maxxi fill his head. Y’vonne explains that she used a soul separation spell after her Host was killed to bond herself to the body of Nari’s Host. With her soul now bonded, she has been using the latent magical powers within this body to channel a gradual healing spell that will hopefully keep the body together. While Maxxi explains that she morphed herself into an exoskeleton of sorts to help Nari move despite his immense bodily injuries. 

Maxxi uses her new position as an exoskeleton to move Nari up off the ground while Y’vonne explains things to him. In short, Zxkuqyb is a powerful magic user whose blood transforms into flames when exposed to oxygen. Because of this, the only way to kill him without his body bursting into a massive inferno is to use the enchanted ice daggers kept in the castle armory. In order to get to the armory and avoid their antagonist, they must travel to a secret entrance located in the castle sewers.

Once more using the memories she gained from her time as the queen, Y’vonne directs Nari to the nearest sewer entrance, while Maxxi forms a visor and gas mask for Nari to use as he traverses the rank and dank innards of waste-filled stone catacombs. They narrowly avoid giant rats as they wallow through knee-high muck before finally reaching a ladder that takes them into an armory with walls adorned with weapons and a collection of treasures. With success drawing ever so near, Nari falls to the floor as his vision fades and blood starts dripping from his mouth. The injuries from earlier reopened, and Y’vonne does her best to guide Nari to a series of healing potions located on a nearby shelf.

Nari crawls his way to the shelf and grabs the nearest potion, one colored blood red, and guzzles it before crumpling back onto the floor. He is left in a pain-filled daze for a period of time before the main entrance to the armory is opened by none other than Zxkuqyb. Seeing this figure fills Nari with determination, enough for him to stand up from the ground and begin running through the armory, heeding Y’vonne’s directions to the daggers. Nari narrowly avoids the ravens unleashed by Zxkuqyb before finally reaching his destination. A chest containing the conspicuous curved cyan cryo-blade. 

Ignoring the screams from Maxxi as the birds peck away at her, Nari dashes towards Zxkuqyb as fast as possible and embeds the knives into his left eye and neck, pushing them in as deeply as he could before the figure ceases to move. As the flames and birds created by Zxkuqyb dissipate, Nari is overwhelmed by the pain wailing throughout his breaking body and crumbles onto the floor once more, panting heavily as the voices of his companions ring like static. He expresses sorrow for all the pain and death that transpired in this adventure, mentally apologizing to his near-dead Host, Lynne Long, as he knows she will not survive the adventure they shared together.

Just as Nari is anticipating the release of death to free him from this world, a man in a business suit appears above him. He makes cryptic mentions of how Nari and his friends only achieved half of their objectives, mentioning how Queen Sanitas will need to be revived, and ordering Nari to mention his presence to the Doctor. With that, consciousness cuts out, and Nari’s mind leaves his Host, returning him, and the rest of this merry trio, to the Omnibahn.

Cycle 08: On Tempo Chatter

Nari finds himself in his room once more, but right as he leaves in order to reach the rec room he runs into a male version of Maxxi, who goes by Max. After some light flirting by Max, the two reach the rec room where they reconvene with Y’vonne as she is solving a puzzle cube. She quickly apologizes for putting Nari through such hardships during their last Shift, but Nari is quick to dismiss her worries, knowing that she is not to be blamed.

As if on cue, the Doctor appears on the screen of the rec room one more and claims that things went well considering the team’s past experiences while admitting that the mission was still somewhat of a failure. Wanting to get some answers, Nari wastes little time asking the Doctor some questions, which the Doctor deflects to Y’Vonne and Max. They explain that the last Shift was actually part of a mission given to the Doctor by a being called Jetter, the man in a business suit that Nari saw before his Host died. Jetter provides the Doctor with various resources and information in exchange for the completion of these missions. As for Zxkuqyb, they were an unknown factor when this world was selected by the Doctor, and they still don’t know what his deal was.

After they finish their explanations and freshly baked cookies from a vending machine located in the rec room, Max and Y’vonne are tasked to show Nari around the Omnibahn while the Doctor prepares their next Shift. This includes Max’s childish room filled with photos and drawings of dogs. Y’vonne’s minimalistic and barren metallic chamber. The former med-bay, which was revealed to be a multipurpose room that could transform into anything their minds desire. Along with a series of additional train cars that are filled with various gizmos, widgets, and machinery that Max and Y’vonne dismiss as being unimportant and of no use to them unless the Doctor says so.

The two veterans continue their roles as guides by explaining to Nari how they no longer need to eat or poop, and how the Doctor is working on making Max’s child, Raiyne, grow up past her boring baby years. Right as their tour comes to a close, an announcement comes throughout the Omnibahn from the Doctor, who tells the three to return to their rooms for the next Shift, which they all promptly do.

Cycle 09: The One with Mechas

Nari regains consciousness in a cockpit of sorts and looks at the screen in front of him as it lights up to reveal Jetter. The suit-wearing man gives Nari mission details that he can barely comprehend before the transmission suddenly ends. Afterward, he receives an audio transmission from a young woman who turns out to be Y’vonne, although with a far more bubbly tone than her usually reserved nature would permit, due to aggressive influences from the body of her Host, a young woman named Cupcake. As he responds, Nari realizes he is in the body of a man named Black Swift, and finds his manner of speaking to be considerably cockier than he intends it to be. 

As per a request by Y’vonne, Nari temporarily shifts his view to a third-person perspective somehow and discovers that his body is not quite human, as much as it is a human face placed onto a tube of flesh that was mostly encased in metal. Returning to a first-person perspective, Nari is met with an image of himself and his co-pilots, including a young woman with one eye and a face coated in scars named Anita Neukar, who Nari correctly guesses to be Maxxi. She is uncharacteristically pessimistic in her response, but does little to delay the trio’s pursuit of a mission they barely understand, but think it involves beating up bad guys.

On Nari’s screen, a message is displayed telling him to access battle view, which allows him to view a black dragon mech in a grey metal room from a third-person perspective. After being prompted by Y’vonne, Nari begins controlling this robot using his thoughts, making it jump, slash, and so forth with relative ease. As Nari tests the movements of the machine, Maxxi then comments on how she is stuck piloting a red and white rooster mech, while Y’vonne says she is controlling a purple cobra mech. The three mechs are then released from the metallic walls that surround them and into a desolate wasteland.

Almost immediately after they reach this new environment, the three mechs combine. The dragon becomes the torso and wings while the cobra and chicken become claw and drill arms respectively. Upon combining, the newly formed “Megamecha” grows a bestial-themed head, flaps its wings, and summons jet boosters from its torso, allowing it to float above the ground below.

After this giant robot, known as the Megamecha, is formed, the opposition, a giant red robot scorpion coated in lights, appears. Under a unified goal, and with their minds connected due to the nature of the Megamecha, the trio clash with the scorpion, countering its claws and fending off its stinger, but they cannot land a single hit in as the weaponry of the Megamecha lacks the power necessary to penetrate the thick shell of the scorpion foe. At a loss, the trio receives a message from their commanding officer, a punkish raccoon man known as The Glorious Gafunk, whose carefully chosen words fill the three with great hype and determination. Sadly, no matter how they approach or counter the scorpion, they cannot damage it in any way whatsoever.

That is until two other animal-themed mechs, a golden dog and a pink rodent, come running over the horizon. Shifting back to his first-person view, Nari noticed that his screen possesses two new faces in addition to Gafunk. A grinning, long-haired Hispanic man named Vava and a scowling woman with dirty blonde hair named Wolfe. After some banter, the rodent mech piloted by Vava and the dog mech piloted by Wolfe morph to become legs and a crotchal area that jam into the torso of the Megamecha, sending a wave of energy throughout the desert wastes around them, signifying that the Omegamecha is formed.

With their new form and new power, the group of five unify their goals and disarm, quite literally, the scorpion with the powered-up drill arm before grabbing its tail and swinging it around in the air. The Omegamecha sends the scorpion robot flying directly towards a mountain, screaming out words of vengeance before exploding upon impact. Returning to the first-person viewpoint, the five congratulate themselves with a degree of familiarity before a strange figure appears on their screens, a black cube by the name of Zxkuqyb. It decrees how they will take this world soon enough, and this victory means nothing.

As the transmission with Zxkuqyb ends, Jetter returns to the screen once more, where he congratulates the group on a job well done, reporting that enemy forces are retreating, and claiming that they will be picked up soon. The characters banter following the completion of their mission, but Nari and his two mainstay allies lose consciousness just as the banter begins anew.

Cycle 10: Basically a Sunday

In a predictable stupor, Nari wakes up on the Omnibahn and makes his way to the rec room, where he is pounced by a glob of sapient water in a plastic bag, a being known as Raiyne. Upon noticing Nari’s confusion, Max enthusiastically recounts how he gave birth to a sentient glob of water, known as a water nymph, much to Nari’s continued confusion. Max then pries their child away and begins feeding them raspberries while Nari clarifies that he wants nothing to do with this “creature.”

Recognizing Nari as a sourpuss, Max and the Doctor order Nari to the multipurpose room, which was transformed into a virtual reality chamber with the expressed purpose of the trio of Nari, Max, and Y’vonne putting on a play for Raiyne. One assembled, the room and the trio themselves are decomposed and reconstructed in the form of abstractly constructed metallic beings with floating disconnected hands, adorned in black and gold robes and devoid of faces beyond stone masks that floated where their heads should be. With his body transformed in ways he did not understand, and the world around him resembling a series of black curtains, Nari is left in a daze and becomes unresponsive as he is approached by two similar-looking figures.

Bored by his silence, the Doctor bestows Nari with an encyclopedic knowledge of the play they are performing, that of Oedipus Rex. The Doctor further describes the story as the “first exceptional tale of incest” and tasks Nari with playing the lead. With this new knowledge in his mind, Nari effortlessly goes through the first few scenes of the classic Greek myth, acting off of Y’vonne who is equally familiar with this material. But things go awry once Max comes into the performance, acts like a boob, and upsets Nari enough for him to swear, which he has been doing throughout the story. However, Max states that this story must be family friendly, as it is for Raiyne. But Nari does not give one iota of a shit and walks away from the set, saying that he is fed up with this continued nonsense.

Max runs off in tears in response, while Nari dejectedly returns to his room. Once there, Nari is approached by Y’vonne who explains that Max has the best intentions and wants to make their lives better, but never really learned proper social skills, and struggles with certain things that are obvious to Nari. Following that, a gas appears from Nari’s walls, causing him to fall into a deep slumber to prepare for the next Shift

Cycle 11: Loose Pieces

Things resume as Nari wakes up in the body of a grey husky dog man wearing only a pair of trousers, named Alphonse. After leaving a tent littered with the pelts of various feline-human hybrids, Nari encounters Maxxi in the body of a plump Hispanic woman named Patty. Devoid of her usual chipper attitude, Maxxi plainly explains that she woke up with a letter from the Doctor, says that she has no idea where Y’vonne is and advises that they leave promptly.

Following her warning, Nari examines the deciduous midsummer woodlands before him and is approached by three Constants. Edmund the bear-man, Paul Barker the pug man, and the elk, moose, horse, human hybrid centaur monstrosity known as Gregg. Seeing as how Nari’s memories of these three were erased, he is hesitant towards them, but by talking to them for a short while, he unintentionally uses one of their names, having unsurfaced a forgotten memory.

With their Collective Consciousnesses restored, the three ask Nari questions, leading him to mention his work with Maxxi and the Doctor, and causing the furry trio to spout inane nonsense about their past adventures together, most of which are given a negative inclination, making it clear that they do not get along very well with Maxxi. Maxxi apologizes to the trio for her past transgressions, saying that it was her job to bamboozle them for her mission and that she actually would like to be on friendly terms with all of them.

Maxxi then prepares to take Nari away for them to complete their task, but the trio of animal men refuse to let them go alone and join up to form a merry quintet that wanders through these debris-filled woodlands and eventually uncovers a cave. There, they encounter a circular chamber with yellow gems encrusted into the walls, with a lightly detailed humanoid doll, more or less a voodoo doll, placed on an altar in the center of the room.

After being recognized by the group, the doll comes to life, stabbing Nari with one of the numerous needles placed in its body, and moving at rapid speeds. With Nari paralyzed by the doll, it chooses to explain things before him, and the greater group, like all good antagonists do. The doll introduces themselves as Cyh-ko (as in Cyh Anide), a member of a group seeking vengeance upon Nari. Having immobilized him, she claims to have succeeded in her goal and will deliver him to her leader, earning her great favor with Uni. Hearing this causes Zxkuqyb, in the form of a floating black cube, to manifest themselves from a chamber wall. Now face to face, the two antagonistic forces bicker with each other about their past exploits, going on about how Cyh-ko killed a squirrel woman who is assumed to be Y’vonne’s Host, along with other nebulous trite details of matters that neither make any sense nor hold any greater meaning.

Maxxi, viewing this as a good opportunity to do stuff, proceeds to rub her hands against this brick chamber, clearly looking for some sort of trigger. Nari, recovered from his injuries, aids her search and the two soon discover a hidden switch that causes the altar to sink into the floor before it is replaced with another altar, one with a small clay pot affixed onto it. The pot quickly bursts, filling the room with intense light and revealing Xandy, a sapient and distinguished raptor with a top hat, monocle, a suit shirt, a fancy cane, and an obnoxiously high level of intelligence. 

Maxxi greets this dapper dinosaur giddily, calling him “daddy” and embracing him in a great big hug. Cyh-ko and Zxkuqyb are confused by his presence and are quickly defeated by Xandy, who picks up Cyh-ko with his cane and places her into his hat. Xandy then pokes Zxkuqyb, causing them to cry out about how they are tainted, while their body shatters into an incalculable number of pieces. Satisfied by his disposal of the two, Xandy pokes Nari with his cane, transforming his anthropomorphic dog man Host into that of a well endowed blonde woman before taking a pocket watch from his shirt and using it to travel to a new world. Which he can totally do because Xandy is yet another force that exists in the Omni and is interested in discovering the many secrets it holds. But unlike the Doctor, he may actually traverse worlds on his own and pursue his own exceptional escapades. 

After this encounter and unwanted transformation, Nari announces that he is fed up with this Shifter nonsense and asks the trio of Edmund, Paul, and Gregg to knock him out. Which they do without hesitation.

Cycle 12: Ame Nochi Hare

Nari wakes up in the Omnibahn as per usual but quickly discovers that his anatomy and clothing changed as he slept. His appearance now included shoulder-length white hair, softer skin, and a feminine figure, while his clothing had shrunk and rearranged itself to better fit his new form. With a far shorter white jacket, a midriff exposing black shirt, a white knee-length skirt, black leggings, and black boots with a slight heel. Having been in a female form many times by now, Nari is more annoyed by this change to his actual body than anything, and storms off into the rec room in hopes of getting some answers.

In the rec room, he encounters a male version of Y’vonne, whose height, imposing voice, and sharp face all intimate Nari as he realizes just how short he is at the moment. Right beside them is both Max and Maxxi, having split into two different forms, somehow. Despite being two different persons physically, they speak in unison, claim to share a collective consciousness, and refer to themselves as Maxxisaurus. Upon groaning in dismay over how confused his life has become, Nari is then greeted by the Doctor on his usual screen. The talking red panda casually apologizes for driving the Omnibahn into some space rain, before urging Nari, or rather “Nira,” and Y’vonne, or rather “Josef,” to take a better look at their new “equipment.”

Frustrated by the non-stop infinite climax of proverbial feces he needs to deal with on an hourly basis, Nari orders the Doctor to tell him about the antagonistic individuals encountered during the prior Shift. The Doctor explains that he does not really know much about them, but claims they are members of the Syndicate, a group that wants to turn the Omni into a singular universe, rather than a sprawling multiverse. 

Before Nari can intervene further, he is interrupted by the reintroduction of Raiyne, who now resembles a 5-year-old girl in a sundress… if the girl and sundress were both made of water. She quickly dashes to the dual-bodied Maxxisaurus, who plays with their daughter as if she were a glob of gelatin. As they splash their liquid-based child around, Nari decides to ask Maxxisaurus about the origins of their name and their relationship to Xandy. 

Maxxisaurus explains that their memories begin in a neon-colored jungle planet where they were a furry-tailed creature that mingled with primates and eventually died in a climbing accident. However, as a Shifter, they are immortal, and by triggering their immortality, they attracted the attention of Xandy. Xandy adopted, named, and educated Maxxisaurus, while also showing them a brave new world of sexual content as they traveled across the Omni together. At least before Maxxisaurus was repeatedly murdered several times in a single world, which caused them to catch the attention of the Doctor, who asked to look after Maxxisaurus and became their new guardian.

Satisfied by that answer, Nari leaves the Rec Room and tries to clear his mind before going to sleep in preparation for his next Shift.

Cycle 13: Sterling Fist of Nonsense

Nari awakens in a subterranean stone chamber in the body of Rouge K, a tall man covered in muscles, wearing a tight leather outfit along with a pair of metal gauntlets. He is soon greeted by Y’vonne in the body of Battle Knight, an older man with a large beard, wearing a suit of crimson armor. According to her, Nari is to compete in a fighting tournament as per a mission from Jetter. But given Nari’s lack of fighting experience, Y’vonne decides that they will need to cheat. She instructs Nari to punch things as best he can and they will handle the rest, manipulating the rules for him.

In preparation for the first battle, Y’vonne takes Nari into a training room where he grows more comfortable with his body’s agility and strength. With his blood pumping, Nari is taken out of this underground area into a medieval colosseum with a massive arena and audience. After an announcer declares the battle to begin, Nari rushes out into the colosseum proper and comes face to face with his opponent. A well endowed black woman with a pink cowboy hat-wearing an outfit made entirely of belts, armed with a whip and a pistol. 

Nari is struck by the whip, which catches him by surprise, but he avoids her gunfire and dives to pick up a rock from the sandy ground, which he tosses at the woman’s face. Injured, she fires another bullet at Nari, but he punches it with his metal fists, causing it to fire back at the woman, somehow, where it strikes her in the leg. With her downed, the crowd chants for blood, and Nari gives it to them, exploding the woman’s head into meaty giblets in a single metal punch. As he sees her now headless body, Nari is left strangely satisfied with his actions and leaves to a cheering crowd.

Returning to the underground after his battle concluded, Y’vonne escorts Nari to a regal-looking bathing area. Where he is pampered by a group of scantily clad women who take off his clothes and escort him to a steamy body of water he may rest in. Just as he begins to enjoy the tranquility of this location, Nari is confronted by an impossibly tall, horrifically obese, and an utterly revolting man named Cornelius.

Cornelius spouts various nonsense to Nari, complaining about how he did not make the fight last long enough while ranting about transforming strong fighters into concubines and transforming concubines into livestock if they displease him and his preposterously plump penis. He does all of this while ordering the women around him to bring him more trays of decadent food. Nari partakes in some of the food Cornelius shares with him and eats it like a drug-crazed horse. Now full of tasty meats and plants, Nari is called out of the baths by Y’vonne, who injects him with a steroid of some sort, before escorting him back to the arena once more. 

Nari is thrown into combat against a scrawny man with spiky black hair, wielding a slab of metal too large and cumbersome to realistically be called a sword, yet he swings it effortlessly and ferociously. Nari does his best to evade the blade, and as the swordsman tries a stabbing motion, Nari strikes him in the neck with a kick. The swordsman falls down and is disarmed from the strike, but as Nari goes to pick up the blade, it paralyzes him. The swordsman responds by reacquiring his weapon and places it over Nari’s dazed body, ready to deal the killing blow.

Nari’s steroid then kicks in, allowing him to kick the blade out of the swordsman’s hands. Disarmed once more, the swordsman is powerless to prevent an onslaught of punches from Nari, which causes the swordsman to fall in pain, before holding out his arm, calling his sword back into it via magic, and using the element of surprise to slice of Nari’s left arm. Taking a moment to wallow in the blood he spilled, the swordsman leaves himself open as Nari takes his right arm to their neck, where he clenches it with such strength that the swordsman’s head pops off, causing copious amounts of blood to spray across the tattered battlefield. 

Nari is greeted by rousing applause by the audience before a pair of scantily clad women escort him away from the arena and use a strange goo to seal his bleeding stub of a left arm. Shortly after his treatment, Nari meets with Cornelius once more, who takes him into a room filled with treasures and offers him a variety of rewards, including slaves, for winning the tournament. But before their tour may conclude, Xandy appears from nothingness and uses his cane on Cornelius, causing him to burst into blood, viscera, and fat. Lots of fat. 

Before Nari can ask any questions, Y’vonne appears with a shotgun in hand and explains that they are not who they claimed to be. They are actually Quinten from Club Eternity, that they are from the Syndicate, and that they want to capture him. All before realizing that Cornelius is dead on the floor, causing Quinten to panic before Xandy turns him into a pudding cup. 

Having murdered the opposition, Xandy explains that Nari was taken astray by the Syndicate somehow and must reunite with Maxxi and Y’vonne in order to escape from their clutches. Xandy then, using his pocket watch, opens up a portal to another world for Nari and instructs him to inform the Doctor of his encounter once he may return to the Omnibahn. Nari, not questioning anything at this point, gets into the portal without hesitation, hoping that it would take him to his next destination and allow him to continue his bizarre and stupid adventure.

However, the portal would never take Nari to his next intended destination. Instead, he was stuck there. Never to reunite with his companions, never to see his journey come to a conclusion, and never to have his questions answered. Instead, he was stuck in a place between places, a proverbial loading screen amidst spacetime. A place with nothing to do beyond look at the vast endlessness of space that shot past him at a rapid pace, looping around him. A place where he was isolated with nothing to keep him sane beyond a series of rapidly flashing lights and his own thoughts. 


Nari’s Log was an endeavor that Vincent Dawn placed a great amount of effort and ambition into. He originally intended it to be a 30 part saga that was to combine just about every concept he was personally fond of or intrigued by. But as the project neared the halfway point around Cycle 13, Vincent was simply not happy with the trajectory at play here and was struggling to come up with a way to properly and satisfactorily conclude this Scenario. As such, the entire multiverse he had created for Nari’s Log was abandoned and the adventures of Nari, Maxi, Y’vonne, and the other assorted alphabet of side characters never reached a true conclusion. 

Vincent Dawn dealt with the sorrow caused by this decision with various other forms of self-indulgence, as was typical for him. But even after gorging himself in video games, anime, and other things he took delight in, he still desired to create something and tell a more concise and detailed Scenario. He eventually expressed this desire to his partner, Abigale Quinlan, who offered two titillating suggestions to Vincent. To make a Scenario that does not involve a galactic scope and to make one that centered around a version of her. 

With his fixation on his partner being well established at their point, Vincent found himself positively intrigued with the concept, and the two began tossing around various ideas. The story they came up with would center around an alternate version of Abigale Quinlan, one that would be far more brutal and cruel than the Abigale Quinlan he knew and originally created. 

He dubbed this new Abigale Quinlan as Oni Abigale Quinlan for her more demonic and destructive nature and renamed the original Abigale Quinlan to Shin Abigale Quinlan as, in his mind, she would always be the true Abigale Quinlan. But Vincent mostly chose these names because he was a big weeaboo like that. And even then the distinction between the two was only really ever prominent in the inner workings of the VDVerse, as he would often just refer to both of them as Abigale or Abigale Quinlan.

Regardless of the terminology, the two eventually agreed on this Scenario serving as something of an origin story of this new Abigale Quinlan. One that would build-up to her introduction and explore a setting that was the farthest thing from a grand space-spanning epic. A quaint town in rural America that, despite its innocuous appearance, doubled as the home for many strange and demonic happenings. With his plans set and his passion burning, Vincent Dawn went to work on this new Scenario, entitled Raiyne’s Whimsy.

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