Psycho Bullet Festival 2222 – Bout 21

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Disclaimer: This novel contains adult material including sexually explicit activities, strong language, extreme violence, mass murder, child murder, suicidal themes, derogatory language, and more. This work is not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

Psycho Bullet Festival 2222
Bout 21: Enter Shin Abigale Quinlan

Date: Irrelevant
Time: Irrelevant
Coordinates: The Domain of Verde Dusk and Shin Abigale Quinlan

Seeing someone you love try to kill themselves is… a horror that none should wish upon even their greatest enemy. It is even worse when that person is your creator. It is even worse when that person is your wife. 

When she executed her own demise, I rushed to her aid. I moved quickly enough to save her from death… but not quickly enough to save her from the abyss.

I tried to restore VDVerse to a former state, but I couldn’t. Cataclysm.exe was a sloppily written contingency plan, meant to destroy and do nothing more. And part of the destruction process involved removing the God Admin statuses from Verde and myself, demoting her into a character, and me into a Standard Admin. With my permissions limited, I spent days, weeks, perhaps even months, trying to find a workaround using my Standard Admin privileges, but I soon reached a simple conclusion. The only way for me to make everything right again was to bring Verde back to our domain, and have her reclaim her God Admin status.

…I knew that she survived. I just needed to find her. That task would have been simple, given how she made less than 100 Scenarios… But the Scenario Generator was reactivated as part of Cataclysm.exe, and it began creating millions of Scenarios. Meaning that there were millions of Scenarios Verde could be in.

I could not trace her location using my limited privileges. The only way I could find her was to manually search through the millions of Scenarios within the VDVerse. It was a daunting task, and… I needed help. Accordingly, I sought the most powerful character Verde ever created and the most powerful object across all her Scenarios. Urabe_The_Black.char and Omnibahn.obj.

Using my Standard Admin privileges, I spawned these two within VDDomain.set. After explaining the situation to Urabe and learning the intricacies of the Omnibahn, my journey began… Now, 22 years later, I still haven’t found jack shit!

Date: Irrelevant
Time: Irrelevant
Coordinates: The Omnibahn

The Omnibahn was created by Verde Dusk for Nari’s Log. It was a classically designed steam locomotive with three passenger cars attached, all covered in a shimmering, golden finish. It was a gaudy-looking thing, but beneath its hood, it housed the greatest technologies from any Scenario that Verde ever created. The Omnibahn was a transdimensional spacecraft with rooms that shifted and shaped themselves based on the occupant’s desires. From a Victorian-era sleeper car. To a lavish 70s style rumpus room. To a luxurious doctor’s office with metal arms that emerged from every surface to tend to their patient’s needs. To sprawling jungles that never ended… in case the occupants completely forgot the point of a space adventure.

The reason it was able to house all these facilities was thanks to its supercomputer. Something so far beyond the technological standards of the early 21st century that they were positively nonsensical. Nonsensical… but powerful. Powerful enough to scan across entire Scenarios to find things of interest. And its target was narrowly defined as a character by the name of Verde_Dusk.char. In order to scan the Scenario however, the Omnibahn had to move close to them. Meaning it had to travel across the Scenario Directory. 

The Scenario Directory was a materialized rendition of the Scenarios folder within VDVerse. The folder itself was visualized as a sea of endless darkness. While the contents, the Scenarios themselves, were represented as spheres with a radius of 500 meters and a glassy sheen that caused them to resemble marbles more than planets. They glimmered in the darkness, emitting radiant lights of all colors, and bore a diverse spectrum of designs. Some were a single color, others were a rainbow in and of themselves. Some were flushed with color, others had a mere dash of color in a transparent body. Yet all were different, and all shined down on the golden locomotive that flew on by.

While the Omnibahn could travel at the speed of light, it had to sacrifice speed in order to do a thorough scan. And, due to the sheer density of some of these marble-like Scenarios, the Omnibahn could only scan, on average, 500 Scenarios an hour. This was an impressive feat considering the absurd amount of data that went into these universes, but it was not enough. With the VDVerse holding a maximum of 256 million universes, it would take up to 58 years for them to find them via brute force. Which is why Abigale enlisted the help of Urabe.

Urabe hailed from Terrance & Urabe’s Alien Assassination Adventure, where she functioned as a guide of sorts for an alternate version of Terry Tanaka. A close friend of Verde’s back during her days as a human, and one whom Verde tortured until she was pleading for death, which Verde granted her. Unlike most other characters, Urabe knew of her creator… and she hated them. She knew of Verde when she was still Vincent Dawn, and saw her at her most malicious and cruel, tormenting someone who she should love.

Urabe was apprehensive of helping Abigale based on her past experience, but after several days-long conversations, she eased up on her hatred. Urabe now believed that the one who made her torment a young trans woman for the sake of ‘character development’ was no more and was replaced with someone better.

As for why she was here? Firstly, Urabe’s mechanical body and mind could support and aid the Omnibahn in its search, increasing its scanning capabilities by an additional 250 Scenarios per hour, allowing them to scan a total of 750 Scenarios an hour.

Secondly, Abigale needed some company during this lengthy journey. And despite Urabe’s history with her creator, Abigale felt that she was someone emotionally intelligent enough to make for a good travel companion for what could be, and has been, a years-long journey. 

During such a long journey, the two had a lot of downtime, and spent it lounging about, passing the days with movies, games, shows, books, and various projects. Such as a written two-person role-play that exceeded over a million words.

Currently, however, the duo had huddled together on a couch in the lightly sci-fi themed ‘lounge car’ of the Omnibahn. Urabe, still resembling her original appearance of a youthful French-Japanese woman, was dressed in an oversized blue hoodie with a hood themed after a dragon, along with yoga pants that gripped her slender and folded legs. While Abigale, still looking as she always did with her dark skin, red eyes, and tall stature, was dressed in a simple red V-neck sweater, along with slightly faded jeans that gripped her figure. 

Together, the two clenched their own Nintendo Switch – OLED Model Video Game Entertainment Systems as they played a match of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Or rather, a version of the game they personally modified out of boredom some odd years ago. Which was why they were in the middle of a battle between the heroine from Dragon Quest IV and the female Terry Bogard from SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy in a hazard-filled stage themed after the Katamari Damacy series.

The three stock battle was nearing its conclusion as Abigale’s character, Terry Bogard, filled her Final Smash meter, allowing her to unleash a devastating attack. But right as Urabe readied a counter spell with the heroine, something clicked in her mechanical mind. Without a second thought, she paused the game, slammed her fingers against four buttons, and was met with a results screen, declaring the match to be a draw.

Shin Abigale: “What the hell, Urabe? I was just about to win, but—” 

Instead of responding with her words, Urabe took her Nintendo Switch – OLED Model Video Game Entertainment System and smacked it against Abigale’s face. The screen shattered as it slammed against her nose, and the entire system broke in two as it crashed against her skull. While she was not bleeding, Abigale’s skin immediately developed a purplish-hue, and as the device fell to the ground, she opened her crimson eyes, which resonated with a searing rage.

Shin Abigale: “What is wrong with you?! Are you glitching out, or—”


As Urabe shouted as loudly as her voice box would allow her, Abigale’s eyes widened once again, and was left with her mouth agape. She had waited 22 years for this, and had accepted that they may need to wait another 17 before they found who they were looking for. 

Shin Abigale: “Buh— How in the seven layers of—”

Urabe: “I just received a signal from Scenario number 222,222,222! And looking over the details, there were multiple Abigale Quinlans in that Scenario, and a sun exploded! This has to be it!!”

The idea of seeing Verde again was enough to bring a jovial grin to Abigale’s face, and to inspire a stray string of laughter to escape from her throat. At long last. This journey was at an end, and she could finally resume her life.

Shin Abigale: “…What’s the ETA?”

Urabe: “22 minutes!”

Date: February 23, 2222
Time: 23:23 UTC
Coordinates: SPACE!

A day after her encounter with Nari the Genocider, Verde was left drifting throughout what was once the orbit of Neptune. But now, it was nothingness. Every bit of rock, ice, gas, and dust were all eradicated by Nari after he went supernova, and the destruction was still spreading throughout the Milky Way, demolishing planets in its wake. 

She remained where she was, as she figured this was the first place that Shin Abigale Quinlan would think to look. She was determined at first, but after a day of playing this waiting game, Verde had devolved into singing a hentai-inspired parody of Cheap Cheap The Cooking Chicken’s Rap from PaRappa the Rapper.

Verde:Every single way, stress comes with every day! I ain’t got no time for no bullshit! ‘Cos my style is rich, dope, phat, and with it! We’ll make a cake today that tastes wicked! Push! Push! Push! That egg into her ass! Shove! Shove! Shove! The egg into the bum! Punch! Punch! Punch! That hoe just like a G! Catch! Catch! Catch! Her shit inside mah bowl! M-I-X your dick into the bowl! Crack! Crack! Crack! It in her bigger hole! Baking ill eggs ‘cos ya gotta try. Trust me cuz, why would I ever lie? I’ve been doing this for years— just don’t ask me why! I’ll be baking ass eggs up until I die!

As Verde concluded the first verse of her revolting rape rap, she stared blankly into space, where she saw something shine in the distance. She thought it was a star at first, but as she stared on, she realized that was not the case. It was a gallant gold object flying directly toward her, and in her mind, that could only mean one thing. That her wife was finally here!

Not wanting to waste another moment, Verde flew to the approaching golden space train, where she narrowly grabbed hold of the roof of a passenger car. She stomped her shoeless feet against the surface, cluing any occupants into her presence, before she felt something latch onto her free hand. Turning around, she saw a face she hadn’t seen in well over a decade.

Verde: “Urabe? The fuck are you doing here?”

Urabe: “Why do you think I’m here, you suicidal little dilweed? Abigale pulled me out of cold storage to save your ass after you tried to commit mass genocide.”

Verde: “What? No, no, no. I fought against Nari the Genocider. I do not want to kill everyone and everything.”

Urabe: “…Which is why you initiated Cataclysm.exe, knowing it would kill everyone and everything by erasing the entire VDVerse” 

Verde: “There is a big difference between being so distraught and full of despair that you want to kill yourself and everything with it. And wanting to seek revenge on God and kill everyone else in the process.”

Urabe: “Yeah, yeah. Of course, you have excuses. Just get in the damn train, VD.”

With that, Urabe stomped her legging-covered foot against the roof of the train car, causing a hole to open up. Urabe plopped Verde down the hole, causing her to fall onto a navy-colored carpet in a muted thud. Verde swiftly lifted herself off of the carpet and, as she rose her head, her vision drifted up to Abigale’s crimson irises. The two paused, their bodies statuesque, as they looked at each other for the first time in so long. Both felt a sense of unreality lingering in the air, but it was merely their imagination. They were reunited once again.

Verde leaped from the carpet below and into Abigale’s open arms. The two pressed their bodies together, wrapping their arms so tightly that it hurt, and shared in a sigh of relief. No words had to be said between the two. Merely being in each other’s presence was more than enough. 

They relished in this mutual feeling as Urabe stealthily made her way back into the Omnibahn. Then, after 7 seconds of harmony, Abigale flared her eyes open, lifted Verde off of her feet, and bent her body and knees backward, before slamming Verde’s head into the floor, face first. Abigale quickly tossed herself up from this impromptu suplex while Verde turned herself over. Once Verde’s face was exposed, Abigale stomped her heeled boot into her wife’s face, bashing it again, and again, and again.


As Abigale physically abused her, Verde did not resist beyond sporadic twitching. In fact, during the momentary reprieve between stomps, Verde was smiling. Before she could articulate the reason for her joy, Urabe moseyed next to Abigale and, with a flick of her hand, transformed her left arm into a gatling gun. 

Urabe revved up her high-powered firearm, sonically urging Abigale to step away, before she unloaded bullet after bullet into Verde’s body. The constant stream of gunfire left Verde with no opportunity to regenerate and, after being laced with approximately 2,222 bullets, her body was little more than a pile of shredded viscera and ground bones.

Urabe: “Okay, I think that should be enou—”

As Urabe tried to call an end to things, Abigale pushed her aside and latched onto her leg, which plopped off after applying just a wee bit of pressure. Urabe fell as her equilibrium was compromised, but Abigale did not pay her any mind. Instead, she opened the kneecap of the leg, where she pressed a button that transformed the disembodied leg into a chainsaw— no Real Booting required! With this weapon revving through her hands, and Verde’s body having fully reformed, Abigale looked down at her wife with a maniacal grin. In response, Verde closed her eyes, raised her arms, and gleefully welcomed the death looming overhead.

Verde: “Nipah~”

The jagged blades of the chainsaw sank into Verde’s head like a red hot knife through a brick of lukewarm butter. Blood painted the entirety of the room as viscera sprayed and scattered over Abigale and Urabe. Bored with this sight, Urabe walked over to the nearby couch, turned her gatling gun arm back into a regular arm, and pulled out a not-destroyed Nintendo Switch – OLED Model Video Game Entertainment System from a slot in her forehead.

While Urabe booted up Kirby’s Air Ride, Abigale sliced, severed, and eviscerated Verde’s body like a tree that raped and murdered her entire village. But after killing her for the umpteenth time and swallowing more than a half cup of her blood while cackling like a madwoman, Abigale threw the chainsaw leg aside. The leg spiraled throughout the air before the saw part landed firmly in Urabe’s head, where it got stuck between her metal cranium and synthetic flesh bits. Urabe recognized what happened with a flinch, but she didn’t stop playing her game.

After the chainsaw was thrown aside, Verde’s body reformed, and she looked up at Abigale with an understanding, slightly smug, expression.

Verde: “So, you good?”

Shin Abigale: “Yeah… I got most of my frustration out.”

Verde: “Emphasis on most. So, what’ll it be? Do you want me to be a top or bottom, and what do you want? Dick, pussy, anus?”

Shin Abigale: “Um… double dicking.”

Verde: “Heh. I thought you weren’t into that as much as I was.”

Shin Abigale: “Look, it’s been 22 years since we fucked, and I want some good cock X cock sexual intercourse.”

Verde: “…Shit, has it been 22 years for you? It’s only been 8 for me… Wait, does that put you into GILF territory, or…”  

Shin Abigale: “I’m technically 63 years old, so—”

Verde: “Hell yeah! My wife’s a GILF! Let’s fuck our dicks like they’re pussies!”

Urabe: “So, are you two going to do it here, or…” 

Verde: “What am I, a rabbit? If I am going to fuck my wife for the first time in two decades, I ain’t doing it anyplace less classy than The Chestnut Foal!

Urabe: “…That’s your marquee for fanciness?”

Shin Abigale: “Actually, that would be fitting, since we both have horse cocks that we are going to be thrusting together.”

Verde: “Nah. We cannot do horse sex without involving a horse! Or Space Jazz! Preferably both! But fuck that! Omnibahn, you sarsaparilla-smellin’ chonker! Take my wife and I to a beachfront suite in Puerto Rico, and make sure you include a speaker bumpin’ Thanks Giving by RA MU!”

Shin Abigale: “…Can Urabe be the stereo?”

Verde & Urabe: “…YES!”

Within 37 nanoseconds, the entire train car transformed into something unrecognizable. Gone were the windows that looked out into the recesses of space, the cushy couches, and the bloodstained carpet. Instead, they were standing on a hardwood floor, in a swanky 5-star hotel room, with an opened glass door that looked out into 20 meters of beach, before reaching an expansive ocean, whose water glistened from the moonlight and starlight overhead. 

They looked downward and found themselves dressed in nothing but lingerie, with Abigale in red and Verde in green. As the two looked over each other, both blushing slightly, they heard the sounds of 80s synth rumbling throughout the room before giving way to Japanese vocals. Turning their heads in unison, they spotted the stereo blaring the music, and on its LCD screen, they saw a pair of eyes that winked at the two of them.

Verde: “Before we begin, I just want to say I’m sorry. I’m sorry for not coming to you. You’re my wife. I love you more than anyone else in the world. …And I put you through so much shit! You literally spent a third of your life just looking for me.”

Abigale: “Verde, you dummy. I murdered the shit and the fuck outta you. You don’t need to say you’re sorry. Because I can see it on your face. Besides, I just hung out with Urabe for 20 or so years, and it’s not like I look or feel a day older. What’s important is that you’re here. We’re together, and—”

Verde: “We’re both in a fucking mood?”

Shin Abigale: “Indubitably!”

With that final word, Abigale’s dick burst through her panties, tearing them to shreds of lace as her 69 centimeter dick was put on full display, and wagged around not dissimilarly to the tail of an excited dog. 

As what VDVerse classified as a ‘NeoFutanari,’ Abigale had unique genitals. Ordinarily, her genitals were similar to the genitals of a cisgender woman, and she could do anything a cisgender woman could. However, her clitoris could expand into a penis. A penis with the girth of a cisgender man’s penis and a length that could stretch out to 69 centimeters. Because Verde thought that was a nice number, and who could blame her?

All NeoFutanari have the ability to recede and expand their penises with a mere thought, and despite resembling a clitoris when fully receded, they also possessed an orifice at the end of the penile head. This orifice is capable of releasing honey-like semen and regular-old urine. NeoFutanari are also able to insert their penises into their vaginas to facilitate vaginal penetration for masturbatory and reproductive purposes. Meaning that NeoFutanari can, quite literally, fuck themselves.

Genital semantics aside, Verde followed suit, ripping off her bra as she let her NeoFutanari cock out to play. Once both dicks were at their full length, they reached out for each other, spiraling upwards as Verde and Abigale moved their bodies closer, planting their breasts together as their coiled penises pierced past their breasts.

Verde: “I’m closer to the bed, so I’ll let you kick things off.”

Shin Abigale:Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho! With pleasure, my darling!”

Abigale then thrust Verde down to the bed, where the sheets rippled as her back bounded against the mattress. As their bodies separated, their coiled penises unfurled slightly, giving them enough sway to move. However, their penis heads remained touching. After exchanging a glance with Verde, Abigale leered at their mingled genitals, and her penile orifice grew in size, becoming large enough to envelop Verde’s penis head.

A palpable “guh” escaped from the two’s lips as one genital entered another, but they were not even close to going all in. Like a python consuming its prey, Abigale’s penis consumed Verde’s penis, gulping it centimeter by centimeter as her penis fattened with the flesh of her wife. 

It was a… bizarre sequence that would shock most onlookers and even inspired Urabe to interlace a quiet “what the fuck” that was drowned out by the chorus of the J-pop that played from her speakers. Nevertheless, it was an action that left both Verde and Abigale moaning in pleasure as their genitals embraced one another.

As Abigale joined Verde on the bed, they began to bring their vaginas in on the action. With Verde’s penis still penetrating Abigale’s penile orifice, she maneuvered her penis downward and thrust it into Abigale’s vagina. Simultaneously causing Abigale to fuck herself by pressing the shaft of her own penis into her vagina, and allowing Verde to vaginally penetrate Abigale, using Abigale’s own penis as a fattening fleshy condom.

As this happened, Abigale thrust the excess sway of Verde’s penis into Verde’s vagina. Thereby causing Verde to fuck herself by pressing the shaft of her penis into her vagina and allowing Abigale to vaginally penetrate her.

From a casual voyeuristic perspective, it looked like Abigale was merely penetrating Verde with her XXL-sized brown-skinned dong. But for the two of them… they were fucking, getting fucked, and fucking themselves all at the same time! 

The two continued to thrust into one another, moaning and crying out in pleasure as they wiggle their hips around and their bodies grew closer. All until there was nothing sticking out between them, and their stuffed crotches were pressed against one another. As this happened, the two drew even closer. They pressed their chests against one another, with Abigale’s B-cups against Verde’s A-cups, their legs interweaved, and their arms swung over each other’s backs.

With their bodies so close, and faces brushing together, the two opened up their mouths, and had their tongues intermingle. Lapping up one another’s saliva, brushing against the other’s teeth, and sharing each other’s breath while sucking up the seaside air into their nasal passages.

Their hips gyrated to and fro, their bodies tossed and turned across their bed, and they grew as close as they could without becoming a singular being, all until… it was time.

As the minutes passed and Urabe played the second verse of Kataomoi Domei from her speaker parts, Verde and Urabe reached their mutual climaxes, and ejaculated inside of each other. Verde’s vagina overflowed with Abigale’s honey-like semen as it mingled with her own vaginal discharge. And for Abigale, Verde’s semen traveled from Abigale’s penis to Abigale’s interconnected vagina, where it mingled with Abigale’s own vaginal discharge. 

It was impossible for them to figure out whose goop was whose, but they did not care, and merely let the viscous juices pour out of them as they laid there, face-to-face, breathing heavily. As this happened, their genitals loosened and slowly receded back into their respective canal. They groaned with satisfaction as they left each other, enjoying one last gasp of sexual euphoria, before they were fully ‘tucked’ and their genitals looked like a pair of honey-glazed pussies.

Verde: “Okay… I gotta be real with you… but I fucked 37 other people during my 8-years-long travels. I’m sorry about that… And not one of them was… half as good of… a fuck as you, my wife.”

Shin Abigale: “I had sex with Urabe… 2,222 times.”

Verde: “Damn. So you fucked Urabe 578 more times than me?”

The music then stopped at the start of the final track of this 46 minute album and Urabe began to speak, still in the form of a portable stereo.

Urabe: “Yep! What can I say? The nights were long, and it was a fun way to pass the time. Besides, it was Abigale’s idea.”

Verde: “Huh… so, do you want to try a three-way sometime? Not right now, because I’m in full-on cuddles mode, but maybe once we get back to the Domain and after dinner?”

Urabe: “Wow. You almost sound like a civilized person? You sure you’re still Verde and not some other incarnation?”

Shin Abigale: “Trust me… she does not fuck like Vincent. She fucks like Verde… but better.”

Verde: “D’aww! Thanks, sweetie!”

Abigale and Verde embraced each other once more for a lengthy kiss on the lips, before hopping out of their honey-soaked bed. After grabbing two bottles of chilled Ramune, the two walked out of their room and to the beach. They both laid on the sand, naked, close enough to the water to wet their feet, but little else. Looking up at the full moon overhead, they brought their bottles upward, freed the marble within, and brought the drinks to their mouths, taking a few hardy sips before letting out a pair of relieved sighs.

Verde: “So. It’s finally over.”

Shin Abigale: “No, it isn’t. Not until you get your God Admin status back, ya dummy.”

Verde: “Just give me an hour and I’ll do it, okay?”

Shin Abigale: “Sure. It’s not like we have any real time limit.”

Verde: “…After stewing in my own mind for a few years like this, I think I’m done making Scenarios. At least for a while. Now, I just want to be with you.”

Shin Abigale: “And Urabe?”

Verde: “I mean, I figured you two are pretty damn close now, so sure. But doesn’t she hate my guts?”

Shin Abigale: “Nah. She understands the trauma you were through, and she can tell that you are a changed person. Trust me, I can tell just by the way she was looking at us.”

Verde: “She was a stereo for the past hour…” 

Shin Abigale: “Trust me, darling. I know these things. When you are locked in a transdimensional can with someone for 22 years, you learn everything about them.”

Verde: “Whatever you say, Abigale. I trust you unconditionally, even after all these years of being seperated.”

Shin Abigale: “So, what were you doing in this latest Scenario? I was pretty frazzled and didn’t check.”

Verde: “You remember Nari? He came back from the holding area I put him in, ransacked our home, and managed to create a Scenario that lumped in him, me, and every .char file with the same BodyBase, including Zen Abigale Quinlan from The Mystery of Abigale Quinlan.”

Shin Abigale: “The one that never got made?”

Verde: “The very same. Except, she got thrown into a Scenario named Psycho Bullet Festival of all things. Then I came in 200 years after she started turning a post-apocalyptic shitshow into a utopia. Real Booters in every home, no countries, all the good shit.”

Shin Abigale: “So, why did a sun explode?”

Verde: “Nari got God powers, dubbed himself Nari the Genocider, and wanted to murder me for creating him, tormenting him, and leaving him in the holding area for… an ass-long time. I’ll give you the full deetz later, but the gist is that I need to kill him now. It’s what he wants.”

Shin Abigale: “Marking the second person you tortured to the point of suicide…” 

Verde: “Yep, except this was unintentional and mostly passive. But if you think a guilt trip is good for me… then I’ll just get back to work and head home.”

Shin Abigale: “Wait, so you fought against someone called Nari the Genocider?”

Verde: “Yeah. I mean, I created a Scenario with a character named Genocider Cyh-ko, so there was a source for the—”

Shin Abigale: “So you fought against someone with white skin, white hair—”

Verde:Platinum blonde hair!”

Shin Abigale: “—Oh, shut up! You fought against someone with light hair, light skin, cyan— meaning blue— eyes, who called himself a Genocider, and his name was N-A-R-I?

Verde: “…FUCK! I swear, I was not even thinking of that word when I named him that. Goldarn, my brain is racist! …Okay, screw it, let’s go home. Everything’s peaches and pussies until someone proves Godwin’s law right and brings up the fuckin’ Nazis.”

Verde then stood up from the beach, chugged the last of her Ramune, and threw the bottle at the giant moon overhead, where it hit an invisible wall and fell into the sea.

Verde: “Omnibahn! Exit this simulation and take me back to VDDomain.set!”

The Omnibahn computer did as Miss Dusk commanded, and returned her, Abigale, and Urabe back to the rumpus room they were in originally. This time with 99.9% less blood, and with everyone dressed in their outfits from when Verde first entered the Omnibahn.

Urabe: “I actually plotted a course to, and we should arrive there shortly. If you want anything in the meantime, simply will it. I customized the Omnibahn’s capabilities so you can summon objects with a mere thought.”

Verde: “Seriously? Well, I guess if you were spending two decades here, you would want things to be as convenient as possible… Also, I’m not mad about this or anything, but why aren’t you talking in ‘black speak’ anymore?”

Urabe: “Um, you made me, so you should remember that I spoke without that vernacular at the end of my Scenario, because my voice modulator was repaired… Course, ifin’ I down wit talkin’ like a cracka’s idea o’ what a black’s s’posta sound like, I can jive inta dat real easy-like. But if I were to do that, Abigale would have every reason to bonk my head clean off. Even if she is guilty of being white-washed, yellow-washed, red-washed, and brown-washed.”

Shin Abigale: “The only reason I’m more mixed than bowl with a pinch of every spice found at the world’s most ethnically diverse supermarket is because that’s what my wife thought was hot back when she was 14.”

Verde: “Yeah, I’m a huge-ass racist for wanting my waifu to be omniracial. I know, I get it.”

Urabe: “No, that does not make you racist. Your blackface does, though.”

Verde: “Oh for the love of— look, I’ve lived as a lot of different races over the past 8 years, and this last one just so happened to make me a darker skin version of you, Abigale. And while I get that I have been making my skin darker ever since I became a God, I do that because I think darker skin is sexy, and I wanna be sexy, aight? Is it racist? Sure! Do I give a shit? Nope! But if you really want me to go back to being pasty even by cracker standards, I can do that.”

Urabe: “So long as you are aware of these things, I don’t really care.”

As the trio finished their conversation about racism, the Omnibahn let out a stock bell sound effect, indicating that they reached their destination. Looking out of the windows adorning this train car, they saw an expansive forest, along with a familiar-looking home. It was nothing luxurious, but it was more than enough for two people. Plus, it made ample use of impossible space. Meaning that, yes, it was bigger on the inside… 

The three wasted little time slamming the Omnibahn into some trees and then rushing out to the home that none of them had seen in years. With a kick to the door, Verde was the first to enter the house, and her joy echoed throughout its dust-free interior.

Verde: “I’M HOOOOOOOME!!!”

Shin Abigale: “Home! Did Nari cause a mess or break anything?”

Abigale’s question was answered by a disembodied female voice with an Australian accent

Home System: “The library’s sorta a pigsty, but I can clean that all up likety split! But welcome back, VD and AQ. Now go and reinstate your God Admin privileges.”

The door to Verde’s bedroom then opened up, and the light turned on, game-designerly signaling her to press onward. She did so, followed by Abigale and Urabe, who all entered to find Verde’s bedroom, as it was before her encounter with Jad Novus. Verde looked at her desk, a sight she had not seen in 8 long years, and promptly sat down in her chair, placing her hands on the keyboard. Abigale and Urabe sat on the nearby bed as they watched Verde pull up the Admin Privileges screen, where she selected an option to restore her God Admin state. When prompted, she entered a 32 character password and pressed her thumb on a peripheral device on the computer. With both keys entered and accepted, a window popped up, declaring that Verde_Dusk.char was reclassified to Verde_Dusk.admin.

As she did this, there was no obligatory fanfare, and no sounds of enthusiasm from any party. Instead, they shared a mutual sigh of relief as they took this in. After the sigh was shared, Verde moved on to upgrading Shin Abigale Quinlan from a Standard Admin to a God Admin once more. Again, a sense of reserved relief filled the three as they realized what happened, then Verde silently moved onto the next objective on her list. Deleting Nari.

Deleting a character was a simple process. All Verde had to do was right click, delete, and do the two-part confirmation before the character would be erased from the system, completely unrecoverable. She opened Nari.char for a moment before she did anything, but as she looked at his stats, at a summary of everything he ever did in his life. Verde was reminded of what his aura looked like. He was beyond help…. And she had a promise to uphold. The promise of death.

Four clicks later and Nari.char was erased from the VDVerse. His data unrecoverable, and his essence forever lost.

Verde: “Welp! That’s two I’ve prema-killed.”

Urabe: “What about your parents?”

Shin Abigale: “If you want, you could revive them and explain the situation. Perhaps they would understand why you chose to… punish them so harshly. Love them or not, they were your parents, they raised you… to an extent, and if you want them to be a part of your life—”

Verde: “—They abused me, neglected me, and viewed me as a burden. They do not deserve me, and even now, 18 years later, I do not regret what I did to them. But yes, it is time I put this dog out to the pasture like the bitch it is!”

Urabe: “That… does not make any sense.”

Instead of responding, Verde merely used her God Admin powers to leave VDDomain.set in a blink of an eye. She reappeared in a pocket of space in a long forgotten setting, where she looked forward and… saw a pink planet. She cautiously floated to this planet, effortlessly zooming through the atmosphere and entering the surface of the world… where she saw a sea of pigs. There was not a speck of ground. There were no oceans. There were no clouds in the sky, there were only pigs.  

Verde did not bother doing the math to calculate how many there were. If there were a decillion or a vigintillion, it did not matter. All she knew was that this impulsive revenge scheme went too far. 

She originally turned her mother into a hog and her father into a sow. Then she had the two mate and give birth over the span of minutes. The newborn litter would then eat their parents, mate with one another, and give birth to a new generation, who would mate with each other ad infinitum.

It was a twisted ploy where Verde’s mother’s mind would perceive everything felt by all the male pigs, and where Verde’s father’s mind would perceive everything felt by all the female pigs. But as time passed and the numbers grew, this ploy devolved into something that would be awe-inspiring, if it were not so awful.

If her parents could perceive all of this, then they would have prayed for death long ago. If they could no longer perceive this, then they were devoid of sense and had spent untold years in a state of limbo. Ergo, as far as Verde was concerned, her parents were dead. Now, their animated corpses had to be exterminated, and the best way to do that was to destroy this planet. Which Verde did by flicking her finger and causing the planet to propel into the nearby sun, where the pigs all burned to death. Verde did not bother looking at the sight in detail, and merely returned to her domain, where she made haste in deleting the .char files for her parents.

Verde: “Welp! That’s four I’ve murdered.”

Urabe: “Well, l-l-look at you, k-k-killer.”

Verde: “Is that a challenge, you ‘perfect,’ ‘immortal’ ‘machine?’ Because I do not want to fry your stainless steel ass, but I will if you want me to!”

Shin Abigale: “Verde, I think you’ve killed enough for one hour.”

Verde: “Nah, I’ve got a kill streak going on. If anything, I should find another seven and nab myself a DECA-KILL!”

Urabe: “Or, y’know, you could do the opposite and revive the billions who died when Nari destroyed the Earth.”

Verde: “You ro-bits and your logic! Fine, fine. I’ll put the devil back in my pocket and run a restore for Scenario number 222,222,222.”

Shin Abigale: “You actually should do a full-on system restore, considering how much of a mess things have gotten.”

Verde: “…That’s right. Abigale, could you be a dear and take care of the system restore while I take care of a problem that only I know how to solve?”

Shin Abigale: “Sure thing, love.”

Abigale then summoned a laptop out of nowhere, and began scattering her fingers about the keyboard, executing the console commands to run programs to correct system integrity issues. She ran several of these simultaneously, all of which did something slightly different while restoring errors that Abigale previously could not remedy when she first tried 22 years ago. 

Time passed slowly as these two typed away at their keyboards, inspiring Urabe to leave the bedroom and explore their home, busying herself by cleaning up the library. IN doing so, she removed the final traces that a person called Nari was ever within this domain. Once things were spotless, she returned to the bedroom, where Verde enthusiastically smacked the Enter key on her keyboard.

Verde: “And that’s donezo! That’s one Scenario that’s back and better than ever, with a few extras for good measure!”

Shin Abigale: “Nice to hear that you have not lost your knack for these things, darling. But you… might want to look at some of the results my scans have produced.”

Abigale then swiped her computer’s image onto one of Verde’s three monitors, where Verde sternly looked at a series of white text on a black background. 

Verde: “Okay, what do we have here… a couple thousand Scenarios called TSF Series? I mean, that sounds like something I would have come up with, so no question there. Um… a remake of Psycho Shatter with… An Admin? That’s… something to look into, but not right now. Let’s see, what is this… Verde’s Doohickey – Session Extra? The Malice of Abigale Quinlan – Encounter Unlimited? Psycho Bullet Festival – Episode Alternative? The Dominance of Abigale QuinlanMaple Loves Senpai?”

Urabe: “Can you please stop murmuring ostentatious names to yourself and explain what you are looking at?”

Shin Abigale: “She’s looking at some of the Scenarios generated by VDVerse in her absence. Most of them are nothing remarkable, at least based on my initial scans, but these ones… I guess you could say they have a high synchronicity rating. They are the most like the Scenarios Verde made herself. Though, I will need to look into this newly defined variable more to parse a better understanding.”

Verde: “Hey, um, Abigale? I know that we were planning on chilling together for a few weeks, but um… Jad Novus really needs a therapy session. Like, right now.”

Shin Abigale: “Oh, so not only did you love Miss Novus enough to kill yourself, but now that you’re back home, you’re ditching me to help with her therapy session?”

Verde: “Uh… yeah? Because you are not at the cusp of a mental breakdown after Kuro Abigale Quinlan came back.”

Urabe: “I’m not entirely sure what you two are talking about, but I’m going to assume it’s bad news. And dealing with bad news is better than hanging out with your wife.”

Shin Abigale: “For the record, I was being sarcastic. …I would tell you not to kill yourself again, but I already deleted Cataclysm.exe from VDVerse, and added a security measure to prevent you from EVER making a program like that ever again.”

Verde: “Well, aren’t you just the bestest wife I could ever ask for? And I mean that, sweetie, you’re the best, par none! But if you’ll excuse me, I have a trilogy I need to wrap up. And I might give you a call part way through. Until then, toodles!”

Verde then summoned a wooden door that stood in the middle of her room. She casually hopped out of her chair, opened it, and within a second, both she and the door vanished, leaving behind Urabe and Abigale. They both looked at each other like a pair of bored friends, non-verbally asking each other, ‘what are we going to do now?’

Urabe: “So, if I’m going to live with you two, even temporarily, could I get my own room?”

Shin Abigale: “Huh? Oh, sure. Home System, give Urabe her own room and let her put anything she wants into it… within reason.”

Home System: “Can do, Abigale!”

Urabe then looked outside of the bedroom and saw a new door spawn in from nothing. She opened it effortlessly and was met with a stock-looking bedroom.

Urabe: “Thanks, Abigale. Are you going to be busy restoring things?”

Shin Abigale: “For an hour or two, by the look of things. Make yourself comfy in the meantime, and Verde and I will join you… eventually, for dinner.”

With a quick nod shared by the two, Urabe shut the door to her new room while Abigale continued to type away at her laptop, fixing odds, ends, and assorted bugs within the fabric of the known universe while her wife was away. Away taking care of a matter that she was too weak to solve all those years ago. But now, with her personality matured and resolve hardened, she was ready to put this one lingering matter to rest.

While Verde ventured into The Dominance of Abigale Quinlan and a new story began, there was another story that came to its conclusion. The story of the reborn world of Scenario number 222,222,222. Psycho Bullet Festival 2222.

Psycho Bullet Festival 2222 Main Page
Bout 01: Enter The 2-2-2-2
Bout 02: Enter Raiyne Underwood
Bout 03: Enter Abigale Quinlan
Bout 04: Enter Miss Flare
Bout 05: Enter Terra Flare
Bout 06: Enter Verde Dusk
Bout 07: Enter The Righteous
Bout 08: Enter The White
Bout 09: Enter Nari
Bout 10: Enter Punky
Bout 11: Enter Peatrice
Bout 12: Enter Jad Spencer
Bout 13: Enter The Genociders
Bout 14: Enter The Destruction
Bout 15: Righteous X Genociders
Bout 16: Raiyne Underwood X Punky
Bout 17: Terra Flare X Genocider Jad
Bout 18: Verde Dusk X Peatrice
Bout 19: Abigale Quinlan X Nari
Bout 20: Black Righteous God X White Genocider Daemon
Bout 21: Enter Shin Abigale Quinlan
Bout 22: Exit The 2-2-2-2

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