Rundown (9/23-9/29) No One Can Stop The Koopa Queen!

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You know how they say you cannot have too much of a good thing? Yeah, that is complete nonsense. After last week’s rundown, where I was positively ecstatic about how Bowsette blew up, it completely went wild after a while, with thousands of people “jumping on the bandwagon” and drawing their own interpretations of the character, including some especially well known artists. Things went completely nuts once Japan found the fan art, and proceeded to turn Bowsette into the highest trending topic on Japanese Twitter, and continued to flood Twitter, Pixiv, and more with an absolute deluge of art.

Trying to keep up with the insurmountable waves of high quality illustrations as the concept was applied to other Mario characters, such Boo and Chain Chomp, has been an absolute chore. But after much frustration, I finally made and uploaded a collection of over 3,000 images, which is a lot less than I originally wanted, but Pixiv put out too many gosh darned pics for me to sift through, and I knew that there was a lot of fecal fetish art I would need to sort through to get to the good stuff.  You can find this collection on Mega and Mediafire.

Oh, but this hype train of memes and waifus is not yet at the end of the line, especially after the flames of Bowsette have been somewhat rekindled with the release of a Super Mario Odyssey artbook. Which revealed that Nintendo originally had plans for bowser to have his own equivalent to Cappy to capture/possess Princess Peach, granting her Bowser-like feature in the process. So in other words, Bowsette was almost a thing, and if Nintendo ever decides to pull up this concept again, she could be made canon… maybe.

Before putting this subject to rest, I want to say that I am incredibly grateful to all the immensely talented artists who partook in this event, and I appreciate the hell out of the work they put into bringing this stuff to life. As somebody who scoured around a lot as a kid to find quality TG art, this really is like a decade-long dream come true. But please, please, oh please stop this madness and stop drawing so much of Bowsette and at such a rapid rate. I love her design and concept, I think her and all of the spin-offs are great, but I simply cannot keep up. Nobody truly can!

Honestly, I seriously only ever expected this whole Bowsette thing to get… at the very most, no more than ten times as big as when a female Terry Bogard was announced for SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy, and speaking of which, SNK has decided that one TG’d, genderbent, sex swapped, feminized, whatever you want to call it, character was not enough. But rather than bringing in another character from their line-up and making a female version of them, they are instead teaming up with Akira, developers of Fighting EX Layer and putting Skullomania into the game via paid DLC. So now you can play a waifu-based party fighter as a Kamen Rider ripoff themed after a skeleton and there has to be at least some appeal to a concept as absurd as that.

So, earlier this month Terra Battle 2 was fully shut down and Terra Battle 1’s final update was announced. A pair of moves that imply very bad tidings for Mistwalker, having failed to maintain a lasting spot in the mobile market, with their only in-development title being Terra Wars, which despite its claymation art style, does not look particularly good. However, in a move that honestly strikes me as studio head Hironobu Sakaguchi calling in a favor more than anything else, it was announced that Final Fantasy XV will be receiving a crossover event with Terra Wars with new enemies, NPCs, and even a new temporary playable character in the form of series main character Sarah.

This is definitely a peculiar decision, but one that honestly has me questioning the viability of some sort of Mistwalker and Square Enix collaboration that could manifest itself as a fully-fledged console release, which I find to be a very, very enticing concept. But as it stands, I suppose this is just another event in the already massive deluge of collaborations and expansions that have gone into Final Fantasy XV over the course of its life, and hopefully it will play at least some role in allowing Mistwalker to continue existing as a company.

Over the weekend there was much fervor about what was initially pegged as a placeholder but was eventually revealed to be an entirely new Pokemon found in Pokemon Go. Only for it to be formally revealed on Tuesday that the strange metal Ditto with a lug nut for a head is actually a new mythical Pokemon by the name of Meltan, which is positioned to be the Pokemon mentioned as being part of a collaborative effort between Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee and Pokemon Go. Honestly, most mythical Pokemon distributed like this fail to really interest me that much, as I always find their inclusion to be tertiary and lacking much substance, as they are only available under special conditions and rarely have much in-game significance. Heck, the last time I even used one in battle was Victini as part of a distribution from when Black and White first launched. Regardless, it is yet another Pokemon to get to complete the collection, and… yeah, that’s about all I have to say about it unless some interesting lore comes up.

After being leaked via a ratings board, Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night & Rondo of Blood was formally announced as a fully featured remastering of the two classic entries in the illustrious series. It contains the resolution, filtering, and rendering options one would come to expect with a full remaster such as this, with the only potential drawback being how the game is a PS4 exclusive, as this title was created as part of a partnership between Konami and Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios. As somebody without a PS4 who was looking forward to replaying Symphony on PC, I am a bit miffed by this news, but a port may be possible depending on the stipulations of the contract, so… I guess I can hope for that. Anyways, for now the title is coming out as a PS4 exclusive on October 26th.

Anyways, that it’s for this week. Until next time, seeya.

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