The Saga of Vincent Dawn – Volume 04

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Disclaimer: This novel contains adult material including sexually explicit activities, strong language, extreme violence, familial abuse, and a wide spectrum of grotesque or otherwise disturbing content. This work is not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

The Saga of Vincent Dawn
Volume 04: The Dawn

After thoroughly cutting his ties with Terry, Danny was at an impasse on what to do next. He had taken care of the four individuals who made a discernible impact upon his life and was free to express and explore the true extent of his abilities by himself. Yet before engaging in divine self-indulgent tomfoolery, there were a few things to address. Upon placing himself back at Claire Williams’s home, he looked over his original body, which was lying on the bed as he left it this morning. For as much as he enjoyed the body of his former teacher, he felt it was time to return to normal, at least for the moment. 

After kissing his own lips, he re-awakened in his skinny male teenage frame and redirected his attention to Claire, who was regaining her composure after being placed in a coma for nearly a full day. Before she could so much as speak, Danny issued a command to her, demanding that she serve as his assistant for the time being. With that, Claire stood upright and accepted Danny’s words, stating her devotion to Danny. Satisfied, Danny began to leave, only to stop and, with a wave of his hand, bring a copy of Claire into existence, one that would have no memories of the past day, and would continue her life as a teacher. It was a gesture he made for the sake of the children he met earlier in the day, as he admired Miss Williams’s teaching capabilities and was not heartless enough to rob innocent children of her existence. 

Returning home with his new assistant, Danny entered his room and began rearranging many things, or rather, expanding, remaking, and transforming them in ways that left his familiar homestead nearly unrecognizable. His room grew to a massive scale, became adorned with memorabilia that he desired throughout his life, and it became far less of a dingy lived-in rut. His clothing expanded from the measly collection he once had into something far more stylish and plentiful. His television and game systems expanded in quality and quantity, with a large HD television connected to every game system Danny could have desired. While he replaced his computer with a far more powerful one that retained an impossibly small form factor given its capabilities.

Looking away from his now completely unrecognizable room and back at himself, Danny began to transform his own body as well. He grew older, taller, and far more attractive than his previous average form. He became his idealized adult self, and with it, he granted himself knowledge, building upon that which he had gained by taking in Claire’s memories and filling in the gaps. A headache followed this burst of college-level knowledge, but he soon recovered. Wishing to admire his work, Danny summoned a mirror to admire his new form, and as he did so, something occurred to him.

Was he truly Danny anymore, considering how his body, mind, and capabilities had all changed so dramatically over the past day? No, he decided. Danny Verres had died on September 30th, 2012. He was someone new, someone different, someone smarter, wiser, and vastly more powerful. He was not going to live within the shadow of his past self, using the name that his negligent and abusive parents gave him upon birth. He was something else, someone created through the basis of Danny Verres, yet altered into a form that he wanted to be only indirectly recognizable. He wanted a name symbolic of this and, overall, cool. After a minute of pontification, he found the name he was looking for. 

“I am Vincent Dawn!” He shouted as his voice echoed throughout his expanded room, his voice freed from the same lisp and impediments he once had. 

With his newfound body and name, Vincent Dawn opened the door to reveal his assistant Claire, who had been patiently waiting for him with a smile on her face. After complimenting him on his new form and calling him by his new name, Vincent grabbed Claire by her waist and carried her onto his bed. Reading his intentions, she started behaving timidly, role-playing as his former teacher, fawning at how big, strong, and smart he had become over the years. This pleased Vincent and inspired him to rip her clothes off, before taking off his own. Once they were both unclothed, they embraced one another.

It was Vincent’s first true sexual experience, and he loved every moment of it. Claire was a subservient puppet who read her master’s desires, and while his acts were crude and inexperienced, she offered no words as he lost himself in his newfound strength and enhanced lust. After ejaculating inside of his assistant, Vincent laid satisfied while his makeshift lover pawed at his person, further rubbing and caressing the toned body he made for himself, and whispering an idea into his ear, for the two to swap bodies for round two. She had read Vincent’s desires, perhaps better than he could, and upon hearing those honeyed words, he planted his lips onto Claire’s, and the two switched bodies once again.

The two continued their sexual acts for hours, switching and shifting between bodies without needing to worry about petty things such as stamina or rest. Yet even the most stimulating things can become tedious through enough repetitions, so Vincent Dawn soon grew tired of his acts of sexual indulgence, and spent the next segment of his now infinite amount of free time by indulging himself in a different manner. 

Inspired by a comment from Terry, Vincent went to his computer and willed himself a program into existence, one that would allow him to alter, reshape, and reform all of reality with a far more structured approach than that of his thoughts alone. He dubbed the program VDVerse, a portmanteau of his new initials and the word universe. The program would allow Vincent to not only alter things around the universe that surrounded him but would enable him to create entirely new universes, copying the base of the world he once knew, and allowing him to freely alter every element to suit his preferences. Yet before he indulged in creating entire worlds with this powerful tool of expression, he wanted to use VDVerse in a far more controlled environment. 

Vincent began by creating a massive library of games and anime for him to enjoy, which were promptly added into his room as he specified the details on his computer. Satisfied by his ability to create items for himself, Vincent then grew curious as to how well he could create people. He forged several test people, using a series of customizable presets that he willed into the program and altered their bodies in order to satiate his curiosity and experiment with the true extent of his power. Yet, that was only practice for what he would do with his assistant, Claire Williams.

He called her to his side, and with his program open, he altered both her physical and mental attributes to suit his preference. You see, while Claire was the most attractive and appealing woman that Vincent had ever met in his life, she was not the ideal woman in his mind. She was not the paramount of perfection. And Vincent aimed to correct this. He altered her very being in accordance with his own acquired tastes, spending hours fine-tuning and experimenting with her look, body, and personality type before finally coming away with something more than the woman who he pined for over the past 6 years. 

She was a very tall woman, nearly two meters in height. Her hair was relatively short, stopping before reaching her shoulders, straight, and black as obsidian. He altered her skin tone and ethnic makeup into something nearly absurdly multicultural in an attempt to incorporate the finer details that Vincent enjoyed from women of all ethnic groups. Yet, despite these countless alterations, she still kept a dark skin tone. Her face was sharp in its features and undeniably gorgeous, her body restrained the same modestly sized breasts and rear while gaining a more muscular physique, and the slight signs of age that Claire developed were effectively erased, making her look like she was in her mid-twenties.

While Claire’s new body was made to emphasize what Vincent viewed the ideal woman to be, he also altered her personality into that of what he considered his ideal partner. In order to do so, Vincent maintained some of the original Claire’s caring and nurturing personality, while still allowing this new Claire to be a cold, dominant person who bore a strong sense of loyalty towards Vincent. He based this personality off of how he interpreted his own, believing that he would get along best with someone who was similar to him and somebody who would neither go against his wishes nor speak ill of his intentions. Not that Claire could ever do that, on account of the mental commands Vincent gave her.

By the time the changes were complete, Vincent interacted with his newly revised assistant, and as they exchanged greetings, the woman formerly known as Claire came to a similar revelation as Vincent, deciding that she was no longer Claire Williams. She proudly stated that she had been reborn, and would need to assign herself a different name accordingly. After some brief discussion, Vincent ascribed her the name of Abigale Quinlan.

Upon celebrating this transformation with another session of sexual activities and body swapping, Vincent deliberated what exactly he should do with his unlimited power and infinite amount of time. This led to a period of exploration for him, one where he enjoyed the various pieces of media he now had access to, and toyed with his new powers and program, discovering how to use these tools and learning just what he was capable of.

Through subsequent attempts to create things of gradual complexity, and some advice from his partner Abigale, Vincent eventually discovered how to best use the VDVerse. What he came up with was a system wherein the world that he knew would serve as the backbone for all words of his own creation, known as Earth Prime. From this Earth, he began to change and alter things to better align the current and past climate and history of this planet to better correspond to his ideals. Creating an Earth that was notably better and more desirable than the one that he originated from, yet was largely indistinguishable from it in many ways, often for arbitrary reasons. He gave this better and more idealized world the name Earth VD.

Using Earth VD as a base, Vincent experimented with the idea of branching off from it, creating alternate histories, realities, species, and overall letting his brain run wild with the software filling in the blanks in the information he input into it. He could create worlds and nations, but he could also create people, entering as much or as little as he wanted before having the software do the rest, bringing to life fully sentient beings that Vincent could subject to any manner of events. As he came to grasp these immense powers, Vincent began to view this all as an extension of the writing he did in his free time throughout middle school.

The world truly was his to shape and form however he wished, but after learning the basics of his powers and creating Earth VD, Abigale advised Vincent to exercise caution going forward. For him to avoid erasing or undoing his creations, to save everything, form backups, and treat Earth VD as a template to copy going forward. From Abigale’s wise words, Vincent began to pursue projects more ambitious than the tests he performed when he started exerting his powers onto the world. Projects that he dubbed Scenarios. Alternate worlds that abided by his desires and brought the confines of his imagination to life.

When not creating or learning how to craft Scenarios, Vincent would spend much of his time indulging himself. He would spend days with Abigale as the two steadily developed their relationship. He would play through a copious amount of video games. He would watch oodles of anime. And he would change the environment he resided in, treating it as a personal pocket dimension that he could, naturally, manipulate and alter in whatever way he imagined

However, after pursuing smaller projects and trials for several years, Vincent Dawn decided the time was right to do something truly ambitious. He wanted to make a grandiose and bizarre Scenario that would take full advantage of his abilities to craft a multitude of worlds, one that would allow him to delve into the more abstract recesses of his mind, and one that would involve other people. Not people whom he had grown to know personally, but rather people whose work entertained and delighted him during his mortal days. Partially due to his affection for them and their online personas, and partially because he could. And these persons would serve as the protagonists in what Vincent aspired to be a ludicrous and absurd epic like no other. A Scenario known simply as Intertoids.

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