Rundown (9/07-9/13) Devouring the Bum of the Duck & Dog

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0 BTM Buttocks…Is this Quinnspiracy and Hashtag GamerGate thing still going on? Cripes, I would hate to be alive during a war that had any relevance to most of the world, I would be tired of the bloody concept after a single season. I understand it is a bad thing, but the internet is great for developing an attention span of a rat, so it is surprising that this issue was not dropped so everybody can start eating the poophole of Smash Brothers.

Normally delays are nice if a bit of an expectation bump as the game should end up being more polished, yet there is a point where it gets absurd in my book, and that is when you jump to your third proper date. Such a fate has been obtained by Arkham Knight, which is now due out June 2nd, 2015, a date that seems ever so distant than coming out roughly a month from now. Also within a month, make that Monday actually Microsoft might own the Minecraft company, Mojang for a whopping 2.5 billion dollars! Meaning Minecraft 2 will be the most evil thing ever and Notch and friends can enjoy a nice life in the tropics away from the eternal Swedish winter, not doing a single blasted thing for their lives. Or perhaps they will save indie gaming by starting up their own company. Either way, children will be harmed.1 Henneko Novody wants a baby kid so stop fucking and just stay a virgin

Also bad, this time for Microsoft, are the sales figures for XBO’s Japanese launch… it didn’t even break 25k after four days. Wowzers! I thought the pre-release photos were bad, but this is just terrible no matter how it is sliced. But that’s far from the only Game-based disaster to hit Japan as Dragon Quest X’s 3DS port is about on par with FF XIV‘s launch. Meaning it barely connects online, and the text is hard to read, both two big problems with an MMO, and is a great example of how this idea was a bad one in the first place, as the 3DS seems like the last system on the market that should have an MMO… aside from maybe a Wii U, but that is due to the install base.2 Nyarko Massy Honey Covered Loli Cute Adorable

Yes, I know, but it is a group so small that I honestly doubt Resident Evil Revelations 2 will hit the platform in episodic form, as it will with all the others. A move that makes me tilt my head in how out of left field this turn is. Not like the predicted Mega evolutions of Camerupt, Sharpedo, and Gallade. While also being far more shocking than the fact that, 50% of PC game buyers wait for sales. As part of that half, it only makes sense. Games are not going away unless there is some licensing shenanigans, so why not wait until you can get it for 50-75 percent off, maybe after a price drop as well. Hell, I haven’t bought a full priced PC game since Rayman Legends, which I got a free copy of Rayman Origins with.3 Unknown Brain Freeze Derpy

Yet PC players are the sort who are not on the Destiny hype train, which finally stopped, had a few million people board it, and was met with a… not particularly glowing response, as the average review score has been about 75, which is far lower than what was believed to be a GOTY contender is, as the game itself is pretty basic in what I’ve seen. Lacking in much that causes it to stand out from the rest of the crowd as its Space Fantasy themes are undermined and there is little remarkable or shocking about it. So yes, I am glad I said I would sooner board the HuniePop hype train, as that train has the seducing of developed female characters. Hope it comes out this year.4 SCD Did I do good Good job cool

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  1. kixty9

    “Or perhaps they will save indie gaming by starting up their own company.”
    But they already have their company: Mojang. You think that they will create a second, only to sell too when one game turns into hit?

    1. Electnigma

      I should have said “super” company, as a billion goes a long way. As for your question: yes. The cycle must be eternal until they own all the money on Earth. …For great justice.