Psycho Shatter (95YcH0_Sh4πeR)

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Psycho Shatter is about the demigod and reality rewriting figure named Vincent Dawn. Particularly his exploits involving an angry young man with a black heart and a heck of a mental disorder, who switches bodies with his college-age caretaker, and awakens his long dormant psychic powers. Along with a spunky little girl who runs away from home and discovers an ancient artifact that tells her of her ensuing heroic destiny. Though, it’s mostly goofy and gross Chuunibyou nonsense.

Psycho Shatter (95YcH0_Sh4πeR) was a novella released by Natalie Neumann on September 11, 2014. In August 2016, Natalie prepared a re-edited and remastered version of this novella, dubbed Psycho Shatter Re;Masturbated (95YcH0_Sh4πəR_Яë;M@$TürB8’D). The 2016 version contains various formatting changes and quality improvements to the 2014 version, but was never released as Natalie was not happy with the quality of the revised text. However, as part of the Natalie.TF tenth anniversary celebration, Natalie has chosen to release this previously unreleased version of Psycho Shatter (95YcH0_Sh4πeR). Due to the similarities between the 2014 and 2016 versions, only this 2016 version will be released, as the story contents of both works are identical.

That all being said, Natalie does not recommend that you try to read the original work due to its low quality, structural issues, and grammatical errors. Instead, she encourages you to read the summary included in Volume 12 of The Saga of Vincent Dawn and the development history described in Volume 08: Psycho Shatter (95YcH0_Sh4πeR) of Natalie Rambles About The Saga of Vincent Dawn to better understand the content of this novella.

Alternatively, you could read the 2019 remake of this novella, Psycho Shatter 1985: Black Vice Re;Birth.


Oh dreaded book of ancient and putrid origins, alone me to stain your otherwise clean pages with a string of ink sprayed with only a modicum of grace, as it is unimportant who else can read this as long as I am on that likely absurdly tiny list. Zounds, it would be on par with simply taking these delicate pieces of thin and flattened wood and shove them around my cock as I furiously rub it, for this is not on the level of literature, prose, or even writing. Nein, my good paperback, this is a piece of literary masturbation from god, effectively making it a Bible if its writer was none other than I, the objectively greatest being in the universe, as he is the one who controls it, Vincent ‘Motherfucking’ Dawn! 

If I ever did decide to grant you the spark of life, I would be mildly upset if you did not express constant joy, living whatever level of life I granted you with the utmost level of bliss before I tire of you and transmogrify you into something fresh, sexy and efficient, or perhaps a pint more shite. Oh, but I am enjoying myself far too much, and should get around to writing what I had set out for. The delightful tale of murder, rape, and destruction which I dub, 95YcH0_Sh4πəR!

For this delightful little romp, I kept my involvement with this world’s reality minimal, at least from the get-go. Not a single massive alteration to the Prime that I twist and turn regularly and vigorously, but I naturally decided to craft myself a handful of humans to poke and prod in order for this tale to be precisely what I desired to see before my all-seeing and positively divine eyes, of which I have 72,869… if I feel like it.

The first Vincent Dawn made human is one I dub Terrance Orokanuma, a youth aged to nineteen as this tale begins, although his life essentially ended as he entered his teenage years of life. When I thought it upon myself to take what was once a chubby average little boy with a variety of options laid out before him, snatch his teensy and developing mind, and give it a nice firm punch. Right up his butt, shoulder poking right through his fat puckering anus. I also fucked his mind too. The butt fisting stuff was just for my chortles. The action damned Terrance to be a very violent young man who was anti-social, manipulative, and very cunning when he was not presenting himself to my world as a vile animal. 

Terrance’s prime example of pure unfiltered dickitry, rape, and murder would have been enough to have him locked away in a vile asylum for the remainder of his days, but I had a different tale in mind, one that called for wealthy birth givers who could provide their failure of a child with a unique form of protection. Terrance could not be with others as he would proceed to devour them or simply harm them. Terrance could not be given hard objects as he would bash his disease filled head against it until he was given attention. And Terrance could not be given control of something as simple as teeth or a tongue, as they would be used to inflict personal harm. 

All ploys set by me to justify him being kept in a padded room, in isolation, only given human contact when being given nutrients, and never from individuals as close to him as his parents, as no fucker MC in their right mind would keep tabs on a cancer filled apple like him. As such, mama and papa abandoned their home to him, and moved a town away, sealing Terrance in his former bedroom, but now equipped with a large metal door that would be the only way in and out and loads of safety foam.

Our second player in this game of torment is one of the boy’s caretakers, a young college student who was babysitting him throughout the summer, the summer containing the date of July 15th, 2000 to be exact! Her name was Jessie, Jessica Shines if I ever see it upon myself to strip to my Jimmies and become formal. She was aged to a lovely twenty-one, a ripe age for deciding her path, and with a single remaining year of college ahead of her, the path of a Psychology major was hardly a question. Up until a few months before, her life had been perfectly normal, uneventful, and perhaps a pint bit dull if I do say so myself. 

However, her reality was not shattered upon meeting Terrance two months ago, thanks to a work study program she was roped into. She basically became the weekend daytime caretaker for the slobbering shaved buffoon that is Terrance, and she has grown increasingly more and more tired of him. His behavior and actions producing little beyond apathy and irritation from her as the fact that whatever she had learned from Terrance helped her little beyond providing her an example of a person riddled with psychological impairments and mental corrosions. A beastly fool who has no place in society, but given all the care he needed to stay alive, contributing nothing of value, and adding only oily flesh to society’s inflamed anus. He is truly amongst the greatest men in all of spacetime if I do say so myself. Hung like a horse too.

The tales does not truly begin until 18:30 on the day I just mentioned 2 paragraphs ago, as our heroes are in the aging, but structurally sound and rather expensive house of Terrance Orokanuma. Oh, but the peeping Tammies would hardly have a nice horse cock to gaze at, instead the only visible resident of this humble abode was that of Jessie. She was dressed for the searing heat that was pummeling the midwestern town of Murinona, wearing a clingy tank top that was dampen from sweat, and jorts that were just barely large enough to house a pair of pockets within them. 

Beneath the outer layer was a young woman who I crafted to my own accord, with a skin tone more than dark enough to display her ancestry, curly black hair recently trimmed to allow her some respite in the 91 degree weather given a greater impact by stagnant air and humidity of the same percentage. As her hair puffed out into a funky ‘fro. Going down from a face that had just enough imperfections to be viewed as an average jane, maybe a 6 if I’m being honest. Though, I shattered that plain image by granting her a nice pair of them Ds, and even more by gifting sweet Jessie with a toned stomach, which poked out from her top as she strung herself along a decade old sofa. Following the tight jean shorts she sealed her bubble-like rump inside of, she had lengthy, thin, spotless legs that went down towards naked tootsies that would only stimulate very deviant breeds of foot fetishes. They looked like painted gummy snacks for fuck’s sake.

As Jessie stared into a discolored TV just a few years younger than she was, with its screen size being comparable to its age… meaning it was tiny, she did not say much. Leaving me to see what my doll was thinking while contemplating exactly how this little tale would play out. But what’s the fun in recapping the thoughts when I may spooge them out of my mind and onto parchment, eh? 

“…I’ve got about 90 minutes left with this guy… I really should bring a book when I come tomorrow, it’s just that I’m not that into searching through the library of just picking up a book because it has accolades. If I am not into something, then I’m not into it. You could make the best murder mystery in history, but if that isn’t your thing, then it may as well be invisible to you. …I should check in on Terry now. See if he’s ready for dinner.” Jessie mused in her noggin.

With that ever so deep thought set, Jessie moved her sweaty booty off of the couch, walking past one of the several fans she had roaring through this air conditioner free home before leaving what was once a living room area, up to the stairs, which in turn led to a hallway of locked doors. The setting sun that seeped through the doors of the west-facing rooms was the sole source of light Jessie had before getting to her destination at the end of the hall. The door was metal as opposed to the wooden doors she had walked past, with a numeric lock and duo of latches certainly looking to be enough to seal whatever was on the other side in for good. I don’t need to tell you what was there now, do I? …Eh, I still should describe it in case my sorry tuchus forgot about the being I forged specifically for this role.

He was certainly a contrast to Jessie in terms of simple appearance. Pale white skin, an overweight body that was hideous on all fronts, a head of hair that was struggling to grow back through a series of bruises and burns sealed away from the world by a large padded piece of headgear. It was Terrance, locked in a padded room that was doused with the remains of vomit, piss, shit, and drool, wearing a mouth sealing, head protecting, neck covering piece of headgear, a straight jacket that effectively sealed his arms, and a pair of belted trousers that housed a very large crotch.

Well, the boy spouted a massive cock, but that’s not what made his crotch so swole. It was a diaper, and the source of the wretched odor that pelted Jessie in the room upon entering the 94-13-37-52 needed to see this disease of a lifeform. As I stated before, Jessie could only sigh as her nasal passages had been prepared to be blessed with the scent of shit forged by the anger that Terrance let out as his cum inspiring azure eyes locked with hers, which were a dull hazel.

Normally one would expect for this woman to be assaulted by this beast, but as Terrance got up off of his poop filled ass, he struggled to walk up to her. His thoughts on seeing Jessie were the following: “Fuck. Sealed. Stuck. Shit. Freedom. No. Fuckers. Bite. Gnaw. Rip. ‘Muscle Relaxants’. Bullshit. Hate. Rape. Kill. Jessie. Bitch.” 

Ever insightful gent, wouldn’t you say Vincent Dawn of tomorrow? No, that was sarcasm, you victim of brain cancer. I made him to be shit, and I did my job amazingly if I may stroke my own rod at a pleasing frequency. Still, Jessie was desensitized to this, and could only hear his words as mumbles and shouts. Yet, she was still upset at him for the oopsie daisy he left in his safety net. 

“I’d say that I was beginning to think you were doing this intentionally, Terrance, but I’ve known since day one.” Jessie said boredly as she moved her way to a wall mounted container for diapers, located just outside the door, pulling one out for Terrance. 

She then proceeded to put it on which… is a tad too funny for me to accurately depict in words, as Terrance’s clear erotic delight from this met with Jessie’s disgust as she had her hand pushed into Terrance’s diarrhea. Still, sanitary wipes and gloves were also located on the wall with the diapers, and they made the process of cleaning Terrance’s hairy ass slightly less revolting than that one time when he managed to get Jessie to stick a couple of her fingers in. He’s a real sexual dynamo if I do say so myself. A big dick G if I’ve ever see one, that’s for true.

The visit ended with Jessie calling Terrance a “waste of my fucking time,” before the young woman sealed the cancer inside of his prison with a new diaper to shit inside of beneath his belted trousers. The caretaker sealed the room in a huff and began to spew some ever delightful thoughts towards what just occurred. 

 “Go out and spend your summer doing volunteer work, Jessie. It will be great experience Jessie. You have been enjoying summer quite a bit over your life, perhaps you should get a job, Jessie. Yeah, for the fourth year in the row, and when I not only have money in the bank, but had the opportunity to go somewhere. But oh no, now I’m working for less than minimum wage due to some goldarn loophole in the state laws. I swear, next time I get Terrance’s disgusting dick in my hand, that fucking thing is going to be ripped off. The least he could be is intelligible. I mean, the kid managed to blow up a bus full of second graders! That’s the kind of person I’d like to learn about, figure out how they tick! Not this infantile minded idiot!” Jessie mentally ranted, flaunting her black girl privilege.

Jessie’s next course of action was to properly feed the being she was told to, well, not care for as much as prevent from killing himself, but she wasn’t the type to do much beyond reaching into the fridge, pull out a tupperware container with the word ‘Friday’ stuck on it with all the care and grace anybody who had been required to do anything for that beast would exude. The container in question held two clumps of meatloaf and some potatoes. Meatloaf on the verge of becoming rancid, but despite Jessie’s comprehension of this as the palpable odor struck her recently recovered nasal passages. She didn’t give much of a shit though. 

She just futzed around the kitchen and found a blender to shove it, and some lukewarm tapwater, into. Yet it was a test of endurance as the roar of the blender was at such a frequency and volume that headaches and migraines were an understandable reaction. Jessie attempted to negate such a less than stellar fate by plugging her ears with their respective index fingers and leaving the concoction to liquidize over two minutes. 

Yet as Jessie was regretting her life choices, and unintentionally ignoring the dulled ringing of her cellular phone, there was an event occurring in the room housing Terrance. You see, in order for me to craft this story in the way I crave. I needed to get this dog out of his can. But how? I equipped it with thorough security, a darkened environment, and a mentally and physically crippled nimrod who had to flee from this trap. It did not add up, at least until I took my established reality and began bending it. Slowly at first, but it was nothing but pedestrian in comparison to some of my more… eccentric creations.

You see, and I would only be surprised if you forgot this fact a few thousand worlds after this one, but I gave Terrance an abnormality aside from being diseased with a degrading mind that has turned into mush after the initial spark of insanity. I granted Terrance abilities that would allow him to bend reality in certain ways, abilities I call Psycho Powers. Though his powers are hardly comparable to mind. It would be like comparing an ant’s size to that of a mountain’s. Yet it was enough for Terrance to open up the large metal door that sealed him away from the world. A feat he accomplished using only his mind… and his incipient and futile bashing, freeing the fat sack into the world, much to his surprise. 

His face was brimming with a sinister grin while his mind expectedly dismissed the logical reasoning behind his newfound freedom. Instead, what he wanted, all he really wanted, was to get out of the home he’d been trapped in for about two years now. As he was walking down the hallway to the stairs, tripping before deciding to lean against the wall as his limp legs were barely able to sustain himself, Jessie had completed her task of creating dinner for Terrance, with the stairs being right in front of her as she finally made out some of the rumbling that had been going on upstairs.

The young woman wasn’t able to get two steps up the stairs before she spotted the cause of the ruckus, as Terrance leaned out in front of the stairs, glaring as Jessie as she stood there in shock. Her mind screeching obscenities as her eyes began to dart around, as if she had never honestly considered the possibility of Terrance escaping. Terrance didn’t take note of her hesitation before he executed his next action, which was precluded by the thoughts of, “Escape. Kill. Jump. Run.” Before he did just that, leaping from the top of the stairs, and falling into Jessie, their heads colliding with one another. A rather strange action if I do say so myself, but I ain’t even getting started on what makes this story a prime fap target.


The collision between Terrance and Jessie occurred… let’s see… at 18:45, but neither of them seemed to get their differently fat asses off of the ground until 18:50, 18:50:21 to be exact as that was the second where Jessie elevated her butt off of the hardwood floor, but I feel as if minutes are a tad easier to grip in terms of time, and if you disagree future self, I implore you to revert back to a superior mindset. Anyhow, as she removed her body from the ground, Jessie’s mind was more than a wee bit different, as her previous clear thoughts were now something along the lines of: “Fuck. Shit. Pain. Bad. Hurt.” 

Yes, my ever delightful future self, that was the thought process of Terrance, his mind having invaded that of Jessie’s. And here’s what his mind conjured as he realized his situation had changed even more drastically than it did once he acquired the gift of freedom.

 “What? Feel bad. No. Weird. Thin. Fat. Wrong. Tits. I have tits. Woman tits. Woman body. A black woman body. How? Wait. This body is… familiar. Clothes look like… Jessie! I am Jessie? No. No, that is impossible. How could I have become her? Where am I? Or am I Jessie now? My old body. Where is my old body?” Terrance then glanced to see his still unconscious body lying on the ground. 

A being so large it’d be easy to consider it inhuman, with drool dampening a muzzle of pubic hairs poking from the pasty and ugly mug of a child murderer. Truly, his form is sexiest thing to ever be wanked outta my cock. Now, and forever.

“I haven’t seen myself like this since… technically never, as the best I would have would be from a mirror, which… Hold it. My thoughts. They are clearer. More constructed. I can finally think of complex ideas and.. there’s something mo- oh, oh wow. I certainly did not expect that. Jessie’s memories, I can access them. See them, the sensations she recalled, the people she knew, the way she acted… Her early childhood, school life, friends, fights, victories, failures, vacation memories, happy thoughts, and even… oh, that is a nice feeling. Mm-hm. I’m going to need to find this Juniper. I know everything she knew, plus… yes.”

“Every event I recalled, several I’d forgotten. Feelings I’ve obscured by… my god, what the fuck was up with my head back then. I was a fucking retard, needing somebody’s hands to clean my ass after I shat… these hands… These limber and strong hands. Hands that belong to an energetic body, and one that is quite attractive. Fuck of a lot more attractive than I ever were.” Terrance thought as he moved his hands over his feminine frame with a sinister grin. 

He began recalling memories Jessie held of sexually pleasing herself by shoving things into her pussy. Namely cucumbers, eggs, and massage tools. Did you know a vagina could hardboil an egg? I read it in a book once.

“I think I’m going to like this new body, new mind, new identity. But what shall I do? First thing is first, I have some new assets I previously lacked. It would be a shame to not properly introduce myself to them… Bathroom is to the right, past the kitchen, and through the rightward door? Hah. I know that I’m going to like this. This new life as… I am not quite Terrance now, as I also have the mental capabilities and memories of Jessie. Well, in addition to the body. Still, I am dominant, and I feel the T should be the first letter if I choose a new name. T-Jessie, Tess, Teresa, no… something else, something feminine. Something else from her mind… She had various pet birds as a child, always found the Class of Aves… I enjoy them as well, or I certainly did when I broke many of them… it was a joyful time when I ate them as well… Yes. T-Bird it is.” ‘T-Bird’ thought before she made her way onto the bathroom, the ideal place to break in a brand new sexy female bod if I ever got bored and made myself a list. 

Oh, and by the bismark, since T-Bird is using those feminine pronouns in her own thoughts. And, I’d be a massive blood spewing, shit drenched cock to not respect that shit, yo.

The bathroom was a bit cramped to be honest. It still had the usual fixings and a pretty clean set of tile coating the place, but there wasn’t enough room between the sink and shower for T-Bird to spread her arms around while laying down in erotic bliss. She naturally figured this out while tearing off what little clothing she had, with the expected familiarity given the maintained muscle memory and, y’know, remembering everything Jessie remembered about taking off her clothes. 

By the time her luscious body was naked, T-Bird has already began familiarizing herself with the sensations she indirectly remembered, but had yet to feel in the minutes she’d existed. Rubbing herself from top to bottom, feeling every sensual location on her flexible and hardy body, enjoying the new sensations brought by the movement of a single finger by less than an inch in her vagina, all being done as prep work from what T-Bird and myself knew were the main course.

Shooing away the shower curtains to reveal a jade bathtub she could fit comfortably inside of, T-Bird began working her breasts as she settled herself in, quivering in mild pain and pleasure as she clenched her nipples tightly, twisting them at a level she dictated as ideal. It was enough to make things a wee bit moist near her snatch, but the gushing had yet to begin at this point. 

She moved onto a mix of licking and nibbling of her own body, going down in a position that certainly appeared to be uncomfortable, but not a single thought confirming that entered the mind of T-Bird, as it was a series of pleasurable moans, each growing more intense as her sexual adventure carried on. And upon attempting to nibble her inner thigh to moderate success, a small pool of goop was laying on the middle of the tub, and its source was one T-Bird verbally cooed at the thought of.

Setting the stage with one finger she slowly slid inside of her special zone, T-Bird began to laugh a chuckle that began innocent and a bit expected, but as the second finger entered and the pace increased, so did its intensity, as T-Bird sounded like the loon she truly was as she prepared to sink her other hand into her poop dispenser. It was a roar of truly villainous levels as the devious situation that had befallen T-Bird intensified, and her body’s pleasure corresponded directly with the rapid fire pace she set to her masturbation. 

The ten minute long session included her doting herself with lotion for the sexual thrill of contact with a foreign and cold substance that she rubbed thoroughly into her skin, and a cylindrical shampoo bottle that T-Bird believed to be an ideal object to shove up her ass to free up a hand for the breasts. Breasts that were lathered in an evenly distributed white substance, contrasting with her body that intensified in its color as she began to stick her entire hand within her cunt, pulling out more cum as she covered her body with the stuff, well, what she did not decide to eat, grinning as she tasted and swallowed her own juices.

Oh, but T-Bird had a thought process behind her actions, and that was pretty much, ‘hey, how about I try this out, as I don’t think that Jessie ever did this thing with her body, and I’m sure it would feel fucking amazing!’ And the final section of this endurance run was T-Bird clearing out her anus and pussy, throwing the gooey makeshift buttplug out of the tub, and just piss in the tub, onto her legs, and lift herself up just enough so that she could defecate. What did she do with the tub turd? Fucking sit in it, fart, and scream, “Oh my god, this is fucking amazing! I love my life, I love this body, I love being the sexirrific T-Bird.” 

She then squirted out one more time before laying in her disgusting juices and pondering her next action, because there’s no better time to think than while using your poop covered hands to play with a newfound pair of tits.

“Well, this body is certainly fan-fucking-fastic, and I did an incredible job at breaking it in while experimenting, if I do say so myself. But where to next. Well, the easy answer would be to clean myself off, call the people who hired Jessie, and then try, and undoubtedly succeed, in assuming her life, possibly shaping it in whatever manner I see fit… Or I could skip that whole transitionary phase and say, right here and now, that Jessie is as good as fucking dead… unless she is alive in my former body… I’ll take care of her, but there is no way in hell that I’m going to be her, be Jessie. And even Terrance, the miserable sad little piece of shit I once was, with a degrading mind and devious intents… no, he will live on, just as his evolved form. Yes, Terrance evolved into a her, but I already know the benefits that T-Bird shall reap in her life, and you bet my sexy black ass that I’m going to make that an excellent one.” T-Bird exposited while lavishing the manner in which she used her new voice.

I love this motherfucker I pulled outta my ass and didn’t bother to scrape the shit off of. But it was here where a shower had to be taken, simply to wash the previous layer of sweat along with all of the shit T-Bird lathered herself with over the past ten minutes. It was filled with less sensual rubbing than I would have expected, but I figured the libido I intentionally made wild had been fulfilled for the moment, at least for a few hours. Yet, after squirting the shampoo from the bottle she shoved up her ass, and rubbing her hair with it, giggling with glee simultaneously, she was just about done. 

From there, T-Bird decided it would be best to walk around the house she had been trapped in for years at this point showing every bit of her freshened up butt-ass naked bod. Her first destination as her wet hair dripped onto the hardwood floor, not that I’d blame her for that, as T-Bird’s hair was damp as fuck, was that of her former body, that of Terrance. There was no movement even after about twenty minutes or so, as the big boy was knocked out cold. So, what was T-Bird’s thought process on what to do with the lardass?

“Ah yes, my body, my trusty body cursed with mental degradation if my newly found- no, restored intellect. This carcass I once resided in, but am down liberated from… the fuck should I do with you, you festering heap of dung… I want you gone. Out of my sights, and… fire does a good job at destroying thing, yes, intense heat would be an excellent way to dispose of you… and I doubt that tracking bullshit on my leg would even register my death until I leave this fucking place with the oven on… But the question of where I go from there comes in, doesn’t it? …Juniper. Yes, friendship, school days, high school shenanigans, all of that fun times I can now recall with first-hand recollection. She would be a perfect way for me to get out of here, especially since I recall something, yes, she wished to go to the cinema with me, the drive-in. Sounds like a lovely start. It has been years since I had seen a film, and I suppose being next to another sexy college co-ed would be a delightful way to introduce myself to the medium once more… but from there… fuck it, I’ll think of something, and it will be delightful on all fronts. But first, I simply must dispose of this wretched filth that I have be blighted with. It will take just a few minutes, now won’t it?” Once more, she said her words in a hushed tone, grinning with every syllable.

What ensued for a bit too long was the greatly unfortunately unfunny process of a 140 pound young woman pulling and pushing an unconscious 190 pound man from the bottom of the stairway into the kitchen, and then trying to lift the dead weight into an oven, removing the dividing rack and a few pans before struggling to get the obese body inside of a rather tight fit, but T-Bird was successful in her mission, well, after she took care of a few more things. 

T-Bird looked over to the kitchen counter to find Jessie’s cellular phone, and noticed very quickly that she had a message from one Juniper Funkatron. T-Bird let out a grin as she played the message, putting the device right up to her ear and listening to Juniper’s high pitched and hyperactive voice. 

“What’s up Jess, just calling to make sure everything’ll be alright for our little party night. The show’s at eight, so I’ll come by around, oh, 7:30 or sumthin’. Just don’t get prissy with me again if I’m fashionably late, aight? Laters.” The recording played from the shite speakers of T-Bird’s cellular telemaphone.

“Hearing her voice inspires more than a few ideas in my mind.” T-Bird said, still relishing the shivers and internal squee of delight as she took delight with her voice along with, well, everything else her body had. 

“But first, I believe that Jessie stored some clothes in her backpack. I just hope their fabric is more comforting than that which she donned previously, although I am keeping my hopes very low as far as that is concerned.” T-Bird thought as she returned to where this little tale started. 

I know you remember where that is, V-D of the future, unless I got the retardedness I gave Terrance, and if so, how the hell can you read this shit? 

Anyhow, Jessie had a backpack with a book, couple CDs, make-up, even though I made her to look better without it, she still felt it was ‘proper’ for reasons I really should get around to editing out of the Prime mold I shape worlds from. But yes, the clothes were there, as a pair of skinny jeans, sports bra, and a black T-shirt with a minimalistic white symbol on it were the only spare set of clothing Jessie packed before losing her body, and her life as I’ll get to the paragraph after next. 

T-Bird felt a mild sense of satisfaction as she felt the jeans pierce her legs nicely, but was a bit dissatisfied with the tightness of the T-shirt, as it was a size too large for her, as it was a promotional gift for some unimportant bullshit back in 1998. Still, between that or the sweaty clothes she kept on the bathroom floor, well, aside from the panties, her choice was obvious. 

“Hm… I don’t recall Jessie’s closet being filled with much in the way of tighter clothes.” T-Bird said, thinking out loud 

“Truly something I do not understand as the sensations from the tighter fabrics have been a highlight, even if these trousers have been acquiring a hole. I suppose that is the curse of four year old clothing, but I can only assume that these detrimental holes serve some purpose to the aesthetic of the attire. I suppose I could ponder more on this subject, yet I have one last thing to do before waiting for Miss Funkatron, start the oven.” T-Bird soliloquized with a smirk.

And T-Bird did just that, twisting the knob to 400 degrees, fahrenheit of course, and spouting a grin as she looked at what was her body for years, but had been replaced, upgraded, evolved, and yada-yada, you get the fucking idea. Oh, but you want to know one fact I should clear up? If T-Bird left Terrance’s body sitting for ten more minutes, they would have gotten up, and Jessie would be stuck with Terrance’s failure of a brain, and nobody would have seen the fucking difference aside from the people this… event affected. But when I did this little bit of magic, I wasn’t 100% sure on would happen, but it resulted in somebody being burned alive in a kitchen, so I’d say this is among the best possible outcomes. Oh, but don’t forget about what I did to stir up this soup after the baking began, as we are just turning on the flame of this cooking pun’s cunt.


During the thirteen minutes between the claimed arrival of Jessie’s mate, Juniper, my delightful little T-Bird viewed it fitting to listen to some of Jessie’s music as what remained of her consciousness was being burnt away along with T-Bird’s former body, that of Terrance. As the late nineties pop droned on from a portable CD player Jessie had in her backpack, through the crappy headphones T-Bird wore, her disapproval was evident, as thoughts of how exactly human society ticked developed in her mind, pondering how and why something like the shit she was listening to could become popular by a species that was supposed to be intelligent. 

She eventually settled on the recollection of why she began killing people years ago, or at least her justification of the world being shit, and she was merely cleaning it up. Oh, but that thought was cut short by a ringing of the doorbell at 19:28, meaning that this Juniper Funkatron had not arrived fashionably late as she had feared. …Shit, I was suppose to say who it was yet… eh, fuck it.

I’ll just skip ahead to the interaction between these two tits, sorry, four tits, as I’m sure I will just be dying to know that shit. 

“Who is it?” T-Bird asked the door after its bell rang rather softly through the house. 

“I’m death, and I have come for thee!” Blurted out the person behind the door in a very dumb voice. 

T-Bird groaned inside as she donned a nicely sized grin before opening the door. It revealed the expected individual, but I suppose I should use these words Imma flingin’ up and down and all around, and give you a description of the dame by the name of Funkatron. 

She was Hispanic, a Latina, whatever fucking term you prefer, a wee bit on the heavier side than T-Bird, but their weights were similar due to a notable height difference of about half a foot. Yet with her hair in a cute little bun, and wearing a tanktop that thankfully did not contain any meat spilling out from under the armpits, I’d say it wouldn’t be too much of a boner slicer, at least until she loses her way and is 240 pounds by age 32. But oh no, that won’t happen, as I am the sword of justice when it comes to sexy preservation!

T-Bird thought longer than I expected before responding, trying to decide how her interactions with this newly introduced life form should go. 

“‘Oh nay, foul death, surely now is not the time?’ No, that’s a shitty way to tie in how she is early… but I need to not give away too many clues that something is up, especially if I want this relationship to be a short one… although I am getting many ideas on what to do with her… I could play it straight and not acknowledge her comment, but that doesn’t fit with the social link Jessie and Juniper had, and I do wish to play this role, well, at least for now. Trust me, if I was forced to act like Jessie for the rest of my days, I’d have cut my throat the moment I was introduced to that devilish reality… Fuck, what to say… um…” T-Bird said in her brainspace instead of with her lip things.

“Yo, are ya gonna let me in or are we havin’ ourselves a bit of a role reversal?” Juniper said as T-Bird had been silent for a good seven seconds. 

“I- I’ve simply gotten used to you being late. I mean, you said so in your message and… yes, I shall be ready in a minute, just got to pack a few things up.” T-Bird said prior to muttering the word fuck under her breath as she grit her tongue against her teeth.

Normally, this would have caused some confusion, as Jessie would have sounded more than a bit odd, but I trust I can recall the aforementioned Psycho Powers T-Bird had, no? Well, as the two made eye contact following her statement, Juniper locking her basic brown eyes with T-Bird’s unnatural sapphire eyes- Did I forget to mention that? Yeah, her eye color was all messed up when she became T-Bird. I guess I was too busy describing what she shoved in her pussy. Juniper’s formerly mildly confused look turned into a smirk as she left to wait for T-Bird to enter her kawaii little convertible. 

T-Bird left with a backpack over her shoulder at 19:31 and decided to make a childish face at the roasting body she once possessed before hopping into the car seat right next to Juniper. They left with their destination being to see a film about cereal killer… I think. I decided on the action a while ago, so I find myself forgetting. Which, y’know, naturally makes you feel like less of an idiot for needing to read through this, ya senile old fucker who I am objectively delighted to become. Oh, but if you forget what occurred merely 16 minutes later, at 19:47, I would like for you to retire the name Vincent Dawn, as you have mutated into a complete abomination, who I would rather be lynched then become.

Time for the sub-plot!

The setting is still the house, but the duo are on their way to watch some flick by the same name of this little tale I’m reciting for the future. Instead, I would like to sprinkle in one detail about their departure. T-Bird forgot to lock the freaking door, or I guess I should say that Jessie did, as it was left open by her, and there was nothing keeping Juniper from storming on in and spying the baking body in the oven, fucking up T-Bird’s plan. But this new character is pretty unrelated to, and wasn’t even aware of where she was going when she creaked open the door, struggling a wee bit as this girl was short, well, short considering she was only seven. Her name was Abi-Chan, and she’s the closest thing to a hero this tale’s gonna fucking get.

With an ancestry I intentionally made overly complex, spanning loads of countries from Asia and Africa, with specific percentages being from a sixty fourth to a thirty second, saying she was a racial mutt would put a smile on my face now, and I hope it does when I get around to it later. Abi-Chan’s hair was short, kept out of her face by a dragonfly hair clip, and only brushing her teensy little shoulders, which were covered by a mud covered tank top that was damp in both water and sweat, while her extremely tight pocketless shorts were much the same, not that it caused a young’un like her any difficulties, at least not any more than a pair of busted light up sneakers that were falling apart as she clopped her feet from the dark humid wilderness to the fan filled and well lit interior of a home. Abi-Chan rubbed her chocolate brown eyes as she took in this new local, even though her hands were as dirty as her shirt, before believing the reality I thrusted her in.

Naturally, this oddity should be promptly explained, but I arranged her mind to do it for me, so, let’s delve into the mind of Abi-Chan. 

“Stinky woods. Dang mosquitoes bit my legs… Shoulda got sunscreen from Ma… I shoulda done lots more than I did, but I’m not gonna go home. Ever, never, forever! I’m a tough girl and can do just about anything, and fend for myself… or just find a Mama and Papa who ain’t so mean. They’s poopy butts. Summer school’s poopy too, and I don’t wanna go back, not tomorrow, not ever. I just need some food and I’ll be on my way to find a new Mama and Papa, ones who really love me and don’t dress me up all dumbly. Had to throw a fit to get these clothes. They’d take them away if they found them all dirty, put me in a dress. Dresses are poopy, you can’t run in ‘em.” Abi-Chan sassed in her mind zone.

Okay, that’s what she thought before entering the house properly, turning the doorknob with a decent amount of ease before yelling across the lifeless home the elegant greeting of 

“Hey, anybody here? I want some food!” She stopped in the middle of the entryway to deliver that line, waiting about three seconds before speaking once more, this time to herself. 

“Huh… guess I can just help myself to your food… fart yeah!” This little girl said before she proceeded to run through the home of Terrance, who, well, was in the oven for over half an hour, and was the first thing that grabbed her attention after leaving behind a nonsensical trail of brown over the hardwood floor of the living room. 

“Sniff, sniff.” Abi-Chan said as she sniffed an oder most foul. 

“I think somebody’s making pig… I want your pig, ya pooper scooper!” Abi-Chan then dashed into the kitchen, darting her eyes around for the delightfully named pooper scooper, who left this house, never to return. 

Abi-Chan eventually traced the oven as the origin of the stench, deciding that she simply had to get the food while it was hot as her tummy went and grumbled like a sick little puppy before she blurted out, once more to not a single fucking soul, “I’m hungry now! I’m eating this pig!” 

She then promptly opened up the oven with her bare hands, using her weight to bring it down and letting out a burst of heat that made the wee little lass let out a, “Blargle fargle poopy pee! I hate the hot, and this smoke smells like farts… bad farts… doggie farts… big doggie farts.” 

Yeah, I made her a bit crass and dim, but I’d rather be dead than find that to not be hilarious. So, yeah, future me, try and find a way to kill yourself already, ya deviating fuckwit. Unless you’re kewl, then keep on being excellent, like Abi-Chan was with the next inspiration I plopped in the cherub’s head. 

“I’ve gotta find some oven mitts. That’s what Ma always used to get her stupid birds out of the oven.” Thought Abi-Chan as she randomly began pulling out the massive quantity of kitchen drawers that laid before her. 

She pulled out a lot of nothing, some ‘stinky spices’, and finally some oven mitts that fit her like her dad’s clothes would. But even then, she realized that the oven was still hot, and probably needed to be turned off, despite the fact she was too short to reach the top the controls that were placed beyond the stove that laid on top of the oven. This led to a scene where she almost fell and hit her neck against some drawers she used as steps in her quest for pig meat. She succeeded, I would have used my powers of divine intervention otherwise, but she did happen to do a little victory dance on the top of the kitchen counter after turning off the oven, causing her to fall and hit her cute little ass on the tile floor, but let it be known that normally her head would’ve been what hit the floor, and I already have enough mental fucks in this story and don’t need a retard replacement.

But what of the original retard? Well, he was charred as fuck, the heat baked him well as his clothing, muzzle, hair and skin were all fucked up form the extensive heat, making identifying the body almost impossible for anybody who didn’t take a knife and hunt for whatever lied within his carcass… which is what Abi-Chan did while the heavy smoke continued to pour out of the oven, unknowingly activating a little invention known as a fire alarm. 

Now, the device normally lets out a loud beeping noise if something goes bonkers, but I didn’t want Abi-Cahn to be scared and run away, so I decided to pull a few strings in this universe’s stability and make it so that Terrance had special obligations in his security, with things like fire alarms not really going to the fire department, but rather one more sweet soul sistah I’ll get to in just a bit, but for now, Abi-Chan and the dead body.

Abi-Chan knew from a single glance that she needed something to cut the ‘pig’ open like a pig, with a knife being the best bet, but who the hell would leave a knife in the same home as a certified murderer who wasn’t allowed to have teeth he could use to bite people’s necks? So the dirty girl had to scavenge, not very hard mind you, for a substitute by looking in the same drawer as the one she dug into for the oven mitts. It was a pizza cutter, which was not a whole lot better than having a knife, but I guess it would be harder to conceal. That, and due to its duller edges, wasn’t much of a killing weapon, I mean, a big stick would be more effective, and those were all over the place in the middle of bumblefuck nowhere central.

But it is here where I should describe just what remained of Terrance’s body beyond it being a big hump of black shit. From his head you could see the headgear, the melted headgear that locked his head and disaster of a brain tighter than any pizza cutter could slice. From the neck down, just about everything was a crusty thinner version of what remained, but he still had some juices in his gut, and it was probably undercooked given how fat I made this shitlord get genetically. Hell, it didn’t even make sense when you break down his genetic lineage, but I don’t give a fuck, hope I still don’t whenever I dig this book out. 

Oh, but the same can be said for the horse cock, which was a very prominent piece of meat that faced Abi-Chan as Terrance was placed in head first, with his ass facing the tot in the face. So what did Abi-Chan do when she was an easy to cut piece of meat on what she thought to be her dinner? Stumble into yet another cabinet for a fork, and go to town on cutting some cock! Can I get a ‘fuck yeah’ written in the notes section for doing this fly-ass shit? Too late, already rubbed my own cock and wrote that in cum!

But I shoved that cock right back in and made myself a nice pussy to rub while trying to eat what Abi-Chan thought was “some sorta hot dog a weirdo put in… I like my dogs well done, so whatevs.” 

She then proceeded to dig into the blackened cock of Terrance, with her face contorting as she chewed. 

“It tastes like a funky thing… but I guess I am super hungry and it’s better than the bad restaurant. It gave me super bad poopies for the next week and I had to go to that mean doctor. He was the real poop!” Abi-Chan exclaimed to the corpse she was devouring.

From there, she continues to eat the whole penis, unaware of both her whore-ish behavior from age of seven, and the cannibalism she just committed before getting bored with the ‘pig’ and looking into the kitchen cabinets for some cookies… which she found a box of. They were just a generic grocery brand that I can tell tasted like trash, but they were sugary and made Abi-Chan smile as she ate the half empty box while looking through an empty house, leaving behind a trail of crumbs everywhere she went.

Oh, but well before she could get to the prison of Terrance, she heard a noise interrupting the otherwise silent home she trespassed into, as a police siren began fading into existence before she got up the stairs. 

“Holy flipping crab-cakes! The policemen are gonna take me back to Mama and Papa. I don’t wanna go back to those fart faces, I wanna stay here, nobody’s bossing me around and I can eat whatever I want, even if the pig isn’t a yummy pig.” The gal thought. 

Her ideal destination for a hiding spot was on par with what anybody’s expect from this unsharp little kid, as she ventured into the basement door right beneath the stars to the second floor. Not turning on the lights of anything, causing the child to be more than a little creeped out as she felt herself run into a spider web. Her little ‘Eeep’ as she fell down to the dusty concrete floor was nothing short of amazing.


As the final named human I’m bringing into this tale of Psycho Shatter Turbo (95YcH0_Sh4πeR_7ÜЯ8Ø). I crafted one Yuccot Kikansky. A special whatever-the-fuck from the local police department who was sent over to respond to some funky-ass business going on in the home of Terrance. Oh, but instead of using the ever squeaky toy of Mister Kikansky as something of a joke, I decided to give him a bit of a break. I used a far more appealing male archetype for him as, well, everybody likes a sexy-ass man, or else you’re just an unrepentant bigot. 

So I decided to cap off the blonde hair blue eyed wonder with a face akin to what one would bestow upon a Herculean figure, with an erotic jawline, cum conjuring nose, blood pouring out of the pussy M-A-zing cheekbones, and hair that would make a bitch shit her pants with glee… I mean a dog, you pervert! Body that you could grate cheese on before suckling its bronzed perfection as a sign of worship. Toes crafted perfectly for those with and without a sexual lust for that fucking useless wad of shit. Calves toned to perfection for both pleasure and murder simultaneously. And a nice cunt creaming woodsman beard to give them dames satisfaction with being half of a human being. He was fucking great, so let’s look past the fly uniform he donned, and delve into his not as arousing brain.

“Figures. The one night I actually plan on leaving early before getting some fine fucking in with my mistress, this asshole just had to pull the trigger. Hell, I told them before to install cameras in this house, but no, instead you hire a bunch of old broads with cobweb filled pussies to look over this faggot, as that would do. I swear, this fucking town, this fucking city and their bullshit laws. The fact he’s not behind bars is amazing to me, but hopefully I can bring him in. No, I don’t even want that, I just want to shoot this piece of shit.” Yuccot Kikansky thought, being a boss of a cracker.

A paragon of masculinity if I do say so myself, try to oneup that one, Vincent Dawn of the next century or whenever you find this wet journal in your fourth-dimensional-hypercube. Yuccot- hold it, got a better name for this mofo, Hot-Headed Sexiefficient Detective Kikansky, the HSDK! HSDK adjusted himself upon exiting the police branded vehicle he drove in, grabbing both a taser and a pistol to give him the lethal option and the, as he delightfully dubbed it, pussy option.

The blue cladded man opened the door carefully with a key in his pocket, only realizing the door was open as he turned the lock, causing him to utter “muthafucker” under his breath. 

“I swear, if I need to chase this fucker through the woods… Hold it, the fuck’s that stench? Shit’s rancid!” HSDK pondered mentally as he entered the house, his hands tightly gripping his gun and nostrils being assaulted by the odor of burnt flesh. 

HSDK carefully made his way into the kitchen, and, well, you know the fucking drill. ‘Le gasp, I dun spotted a corpse? The fuck is wit dis shit? Tur-rinse be such a psycho… wait, that looks like the fatso… dur…. I think he was murdered… but how the fuck did that work… and is his dick’s missing?’ Not words for words, but I don’t want to bore myself with them deets. Onto the meaningful thoughts!

“How did this fucker escape? He may have killed the broad in charge of him, but I guess I need to go… upstairs to a metal door, was it? Yeah, I’ll check that shit out.” HSDK thought before he grabbed his walkie talkie to tell the rest of the po-po that the retard done killed himself. 

He naturally wandered up the stairs, but as the stairs creaked, he heard something rumble from beneath his feet, coming from the obvious location of the basement. HSDK paused following this, deciding he ought to investigate the clanking before the room he expected to see a mutilated corpse in. Hell, who could blame him? This guy who thinks mutilation and death are funny as fuck, that’s who!

HSDK decided to mosey off of the stairs and into the doorway leading to the underground, which the ever clumsy Abi-Chan forgot to close all the way, only cementing the HSDK’s suspicions of something bad lurking in the darkened hole. He tried to be sane and pull the string connected to a lightbulb, but I twisted this reality for the dramatic by having that fucking glass bulb let out a wave of sparks before biting the dust. 

Oh, but the flare created by the bulb and the sharp noise were enough to get poor little Abi-Chan, bundled up in a box of dusty old blankets, to let out a whee baby scream. HSDK then knew that there was some shit sprayed down in the dark depths of this dwelling, so he reached for his tight sexy leather belt and flicked out his small flashlight, flipping the thing in midair just to prove to any mofo who didn’t think this top dawg was sexiefficient!

Yet anybody with tuna for brains can tell that HSDK would find Abi-Chan in this dusty basement, and they’d be right as it was about the size of a living room, not someplace where you could gather about two digits of people and have them all walk around comfortably. Shit, half the way there was near full, even without all of the racks of boxes and plastic cases containing objects that I decided to place monsters inside of. Hell, most of the untouched shit in this world was designed specifically to fuck it up in case anything goes against my deepest and sexiest desires. 

But that still doesn’t mean that none of this shit was found in this iteration of the story, which will be the only one unless the big VD of tomorrow decided that this was the paragon of excellence in my masturbation, and we needed a what if involving the object that caught HSDK’s dull brown eyes before he grabbed Abi-Chan like a sack of rotten fruit and decided to horrifically rape her. Which you can fucking do if you want, Vincent Dawn don’t give a fuck!

I suppose that could actually be used to explain this bullshit I pulled out involving a very shiny platinum ring with a large emerald embedded within it, standing on a metal rack, in the basement, right near Abi-Chan’s hidey hole and in front of HSDK’s yellow light. What did the sexy boy decide to do upon spotting a valuable piece of what could be evidence? Listen to what it told him of course, or at least what it told his brain, consciousness, inner most desires, that sort of anal fluids that I never stuck my wet cock into and banged into retardation. “Yuccot. Take me.” Was the gist of what I had this ring do, and seeing as how HSDK wouldn’t find picking up an insignificant little trinket was tampering, he placed it in his hand before being compelled to place it on his pinky finger, as it sure didn’t fit on his other sausage links

Oh, but that was a big bad mistake that signified the end of the HSDK, as his body immediately began to be absorbed by the ring… for reals, it has his skin , flesh, bones, and all that shit be absorbed by something smaller than an eyeball, and did so in, let’s see here… 1.7 seconds. It left just enough time for a blood curdling scream, some horror filled last thoughts, and a wee little Abi-Chan’s head popping out of the dust right when the terror ceased for a few seconds. 

Abi-Chan’s wide eyes darted around the now silent basement, naturally focusing on the flashlight that HSDK done dropped before his death, and it shined on two things. One was the man’s uniform, although it looked a tad bit different than before, even if it was hard to tell given how it was crumpled up, and a familiar looking platinum and emerald necklace, a choker as a matter of fact. And yes, in case you forgot the necklace is the same object as the ring, as if you needed more clarification than that, Vincent Dawn of year 37,526,964,675,123,666.

“Hello?” Abi-Chan asked the air, as she was certain she heard HSDK’s footsteps and screams. In fact, the deathcry seemed to stir the lass up just a trifle. 

“Did I do a bad thing… I guess I did. Teacher said that I should knock on doors before entering them, and I forgot to do that here.” Abi-Chan thought and then noticed the ever so obvious attire of a police officer sitting on the floor. 

“Did the policemen come? Are they naked? I don’t want to see a naked policeman, they’re scary looking and hairy, they got yucky hair.” Abi-Chan said in her brain thingie.

Oh, but she had to notice the object that was being shined upon, and proceeded to grab the choker while saying, “Oh, pretty armband!” 

Incorrect, but given her size it may as well have been, she even laid it on her wrist before the platinum choker proceeded to move itself to her shoulders, open up, and tighten itself around her neck, causing poor Abi-Chan to choke in a delightful series of images I’d rather describe by listing the thoughts of a dying child.

“Owie… No! This hurts! Somebody help Abi-Chan! Mama Papa, I’m sorry I said you had poopybutss for faces, but I need your help! Please, save Abi-Chan. She doesn’t like this… She doesn’t want to die… Abi-Chan is scared… she can’t breathe… Abi-Chan never meant to be mean. Abi-Chan just wanted to have fun. Abi-Chan is sorry. Super sorry. Super-duper-mega-ultra-omega-extreme sorry! Just don’t hurt Abi-Chan… No… Fun…” Abi-Chan thought as the grim reaper’s cock went through her head, at least she thought some shit like that was the happening.

With that, the delightful little twinkle in this den of misery passed out in the lingering darkness, never to awake again. Just part of my original vision, but you’ll see it soon enough as I tell you all about the cum demons that ransacked her corpse…

Nah, I’m just joshin’ you, she’s alive, but no more Abi-Chan in this story, ya fuckwit, see what happened next page.


Back? Good. But be sure to get some pussies to munch on while I continue this yarn, as I ain’t even halfway done with this bullshit! 

I’ll explain this from a nonexistent human observer angle, as if all-seeing eyes didn’t include the ability to bend light in however I damn well please. At… 22:22, which was over two hours after chapter four in case I just want to skip through these cum coated tissues while not paying attention to little things like time. A figure in the basement of Terrance’s prison home made a groan from the basement, a feminine one that sounded kinda like a young woman with a very high pitched voice getting out of bed… because it basically was. 

Shit was up the instant an adult woman’s hand entered the light from the flashlight, the skin hue was incredibly familiar to anybody who’d be paying attention to these events, as the darker tones were identical to those held by Abi-Chan.

“Wazzat- …I sound sick. Mama, I need grape medicine! …Mama, where are you? It’s dark and I can’t see… why’d you move your hand Mama, ya mad at me? Where am I anyway?” Abi-Chan , said with the words that she spouted from her face thingie that dicks sometimes go into. 

The voice sounded like a natural evolution of her old one than anything else, as she maintained her chipper tones and her frequent use of words less than seven characters in length, but it was clear as day that she was a grown-ass lass, so why beat around the bush, cumming in her face? I’ll just jump straight to the thoughts. 

“I feel weird… my chest and butt are fat. I think a bees stung me bunches, and my clothes went tinier. Hairs in my face too, did Mama use a stinky potion on me? That witch!” Abi-Chan ranted, still blissfully unaware.

It was here where Abi-Chan rose from the dirty concrete and noticed something immediately different. She was over twice her original height, even if that meant she was five foot four. 

“Mama, everything got tinier… oh right… I ran away from home… I’ve got problems and I need Mama to fix them for me… I shoulda not called her a poopyhead all those times. She always helped me when I got sick and hurt… I want my Mama.” Abi-Chan then tried to move beyond standing, and immediately fell flat on her tits. 

“Owie! My chest feels bad and I fell… I really need Mama now.” Abi-Chan let out with a little bit of the sad feeling.

Her cries for a mother were then sidetracked as a mighty green light that caught her attention despite its source not being the easiest spot to look at, as it was her neck. Abi-Chan looked at it perplexed, bumping her poorly covered breasts as she reached up to grab the source of the mystical light. 

“Huh?” Abi-Chan asked as she proceeded to sit ‘Indian style’. 

Before she could properly fondle her new toys, her thoughts were interrupted by a voice, a male voice that was that of a commanding man, yet spoke with a much lower tone, and sounded quite flustered… note to self, give flustered a second, sexier definition. 

“Ah… right… I need to explain this stuff to the host, as my powers are limited… my name is… Peatrice, and I’m sorry for what I did to you, but I have reasons and- don’t cry- I have reasons and want to help you, erm, Abi-Chan. Just if you- If you would just listen to what I have to say.” Peatrice said like the tutorial fairy he prolly is.

“Does Peaty-Kun know why Abi-Chan has a funny chest?” Abi-Chan answered like the dumb lady girl she be.

“P-peaty-Kun? I-I suppose what you call me is rather irrelevant, but please try to think when speaking to me or- w-wait, I suppose that may not matter either or… oh dear what have I gotten myself into.” Peaty-Kun stammered like a dweeb.

“So Peaty-Kun doesn’t know why Abi-Chan feels funny and her clothes are tiny?” Abi-Chan said, verbally, just like the prior bit of dialog. 

“Well, Abi-Chan… I guess that name’s not appropriate now, is it? As, and I am not sure if you noticed, I changed your body a bit, well, I suppose that change is a bit of an understatement, or perhaps an overstatement, maybe it is neither and I- Well, I should cut to the chase and explain as your childish brain might not be able to handle my… erm… I made you eleven years older, Abi… senpai would it be? I honestly know very little of J-Japanese honorifics.” Peatrice explained, sparking a name change.

“…Did Abi-Chan digivolve to… Abi-Senpai?” Abi-Senpai said with delight as she ran up the stairs into the bright living room, only to then turn in her heels and make her way into the same room where T-Bird done fucked herself something fierce… like a boss. 

“Erm, wait, look I understand that, well, I don’t have first hand experience that is comparable to what you are inevitably going through, miss Abigale-” Peaty-Kun said, trying to bring order before Abi-Senpai stopped right in front of the bathroom mirror, getting a nice look at her new adult body. 

Hair had grown by about three month’s worth, a forty-fourth of what she grew, but I guess she’d be tripping over if Peaty-Kun was being realistic with his growth. Abi-Senpai’s Face was the least glamorous out of the three ladies I crafted so far, adopting a very boyish look that, while cute, was hardly very sexy, making it fitting that the breasts she had flapping around were doing very little of that, as they were just bigger than a handful as solid Bs. Her figure aside from that looked like a high school student on track or soccer, at least one who was off season and didn’t keep up with their work, but still could get back into shape as she was in her youth, her prime, her ideal. Yet being sexy and tough just ain’t always pleasing to some people as Abi-Senpai frowned as she looked over her body, plucking up her breasts as she did so. 

“What are these thingies, Peaty-Kun? They feel weird… actually, my private parts do as well… and a lot of me… being a grown-up’s sorta icky feeling.” Abi-Senpai asked while checking out her tits.

“Uh, well, Abi-Senpai, I honestly needed you to be at the very least of legal age to drive… or at least drive properly, but I suppose that you would have difficulties regardless…. I am sorry, this wasn’t my plan, I was simply told to execute it and… c-could you please not play with your breasts while I am talking to you?” Peaty-Kun said as Abi-Senpai continued not givin’ a fuck and began to get naked for her passenger! 

Keep in mind, this gal don’t got a single clue what sex is!

“Look, I need you to become a… b-blasted, um, what do human children, or I guess she’s not a child anymore. Yet she is in her mind, erm, what would she like… being a hero… yes! Abi-Senpai, I, erm, Peaty-Kun has granted you an older more mah-ture body so you can help Peaty-Kun save the world and… keep your fingers out of you… is it a c-clitoris?” Peaty-Kun continued as Abi-Senpai shoved fingers into her vagina, moaning in pleasure as her seven-year-old mind was experiencing adult sensations. 

That radicalness aside, she respond after the concept of being a world saver rang in her ears. 

“What does Abi-Senpai need to do to become super omega hero girl? Why does she need to be a senpai to do it?” Abi-Senpai asked, being such a duck, and therefore, objectively, clueless.

“Ah, good, attention has been grabbed, must feed it- yes, Abi-Senpai, there is a Psycho Trigger to a Cataclysm that I must stop in order to save the world. My body, however, has been lost to time, and you are the one chosen by me personally to help prevent this Cataclysm from occurring, so destined child, will you… will you please stop playing with your nipples, that is very distracting!” Peaty-Kun asked, being a butthole.

“You’re boring, and I’m just playing with myself!” Abi-Senpai said, not having a fucking clue what masturbation was, I’ll tell you that much. 

“Well, if you want to save the world, which I need you to very much we… how do I do this… right, your c-clothes. They should be back in the basement, I mean, if you do want to come with me… which I really do- hold on a moment, I must look through my series of recollections.” Peaty-Kun stammered, being such a dummy.

Well, that’s what Peaty-Kun said, but really he was trying to cope with all of Abi-Senpai’s actions, as he was feeling them, and getting the mental equivalent of a firm-ass boner, effectively forgetting about his mission as Abi-Senpai had gotten onto the floor, began rolling in her old clothes, and was just a few steps behind T-Bird when it came to getting used to a new bod.

Unfortunately, describing it is pretty pedestrian. fFngers in the pussy, nipples twist, breasts are moved slowly, and she ended up cumming a whopping one time before Peaty-Kun came back and her collar tightened up a little bit. 

“I-I enjoyed that Abi-Senpai, wait, no I should not have said that, s-stupid freaking- anyhow, um, I really do need you to get your ass, sexy ass- dammit, into the uniform I left downstairs for you to wear.” Peaty-Kun requested of the damn dynamite dame.

“I don’t wanna! You can’t tell me what to do!” Abi-Senpai said, showing just how much she’d changed. 

“I-I mean, that is true to a certain, erm, look, Abi-Senpai, Peaty-Kun has something he really needs you to do and, erm, if you help Peaty-Kun he’ll give you whatever you want, how about that… you’ll work with me, right?” Peaty-Kun said, adopting that third person speaking trait that makes some butts moist with erections.

“Der-pends whatcha want.” Abi-Senpai said while being delightfully nasty. 

“I want you to help me save the world you… lovely little girl, I just need for you to listen to me for a few moments and do a few things… I’ll give you wany toys, sweets, or anything that you could ever want, okay?” Peaty-Kun promised, falsely as if it weren’t obvious to anything older than a child.

“Hmm… Kay-kay, but don’t be a poopy liar, mister Peaty-Kun!” Abi-Senpai agreed, being that child from the last thing I said. 

“Oh thank goodness, erm, well, first I need you to, go out and, um, go downstairs and, I guess it would be… pick up a- that police officer’s uniform, and put it on. I made sure there were some… b-bras and panties there… are those truly the best words for those things? It seems bizarre, although I suppose braziers and penthouses are- wait, I believe those may be different, point is you’ve got underwear, a-and I really hope you know how to put it on-” Peaty-Kun rambled. 

Then Abi-Senpai rushed downstairs and brought the pile of clothes up along with the flashlight she shoved in her mouth before spitting out onto the floor and rushing to the bathroom, where she put on a bra on her first try. 

“Interesting, I would have no, well, this isn’t an insult or anything, it’s just that, erm, I figured you would need- I don’t know, something of assistance- I said that improperly so if you- point is I figured this would be less difficult for you, but your hands are moving very quickly, miss Abigale- apologies, I mean Abi-Senpai.” Peaty-Kun instructed like the limpest dick.

“And dontcha forget it, Peaty-Kun, now where are my cupcakes!” Abi-Senpai blurted out, audibly as always, to her choker after she finished getting dressed.

“Next we need to… hold I, I need to find… where would he- the Psycho Trigger, where would they be if… could you please go outside to the police car, the keys should be somewhere in your left pocket.” Peaty-Kun said as Abi-Senpai was looking at herself in the mirror. 

The uniform fit her perfectly, probably due to how it was a transformed uniform made specifically for that purpose. It was a good choice too, as her childish expressions and chipper grin already made her an adorable piece of cunt-cheese, but when she put on the policeman cap and puffed her cheeks, her cuteness skyrocketed… just like my cock. 

“I wanna scarf!” Abi-Senpai blurted out after checking her duds out.

“Erm, a- a scarf? I suppose that would be a minor change, but after- after we- I take care of this, I would like for us to leave… I believe we are already a bit late… oh dear… any details in mind?” Peaty-Kun asked, being the butt stuffer he is.

“Make it purple, Peaty-Kun. I like purple.” Abi-Senpai demanded of her passenger.  

Peaty-Kun mentally sighed to her as the choker mutated into that of a hand-knit wool violet scarf, making what was once adorable make lolis look like bears. The humans, not the actual animals, though I should make a note of that.

Vincent Dawn Note: Put more bears into your shit. Thanks, dawg!

Anyhow, moving this shit along, Abi-Senpai played nice after letting out a squee at the sight of her fabulous scarf. Pleased with the results, she then deciding to listen to him and run out of the house from the door, and land right into the HSDK car, which she naturally had zero idea on how to drive. 

“Oh goodness, I, l-let’s see… I am technically a scarf now, but perhaps if I granted myself… yes, yes, this may actually work, I can operate the wheel, but then… Abi-Senpai, I need you to, um, I would very much appreciate it if you would do something for me… after buckling up, naturally.” 

“What can I do ya for, Peaty-Kun?” Abi-Senpai responded with chipperness. 

“I need you to operate the gas pedals, use the right when I ask, and same with the left, but don’t push them too hard or at the same time, got it?” Peaty-Kun requested of his Senpai.

“Okie dokie, Peaty-Kun!” Abi-Senpai shouted to the heavens.

As her feet were improper positions, Peaty-Kun, moved his scarfy self and both grabbed the key Abi-Senpai did not place into the ignition, and then began to grab hold of the steering wheel before telling Abi-Senpai to hit the gas sending the dynamic duo out on a hunt for the Psycho Trigger, who I am all but certain the one reading this tripe recalled at this point. But I suppose I should mention what the fuck’s been going on with her over the past three hours, shouldn’t I? Well, let’s do a time warp and I’ll remind you, my future self, of everything after the flick.


The time is 22:00, location is some shitty restaurant that has some cheap fried chicken, stuff that’s not too horrendous for one’s health, located in same shit town of Murinona, and about fifteen minutes away from our starting point. Why am I going here? Because the duo of T-Bird and Juniper were having some buttery biscuits and napkin padded fried animal meat. By the duo, I mean Juniper, as T-Bird looked at that trash with disgust after she examined it, which is as good a time as any to jump right into their chat. 

“What, did ya have dinner already?” Juniper said as a biscuit bit spat out of her noise hole. 

“No, I… I just don’t want to put this trash in my body!” T-Bird bursted out, likely due to some dumb comments her chubby ‘friend’ made over the past two and a half hours finally getting to her.

Yet, what was Juniper’s reaction to this burst of anger? Well, in her mind it went like, ‘Geez, what crawled up your black ass and died. Was that Terry kid a bigger shit than usual today?’ But as she looked into T-Bird’s sapphire eyes that thought died.

“Well, that’s your decision, Jessie. Me? I can afford to eat what tastes good!” Juniper said to her friend, lying with that last bit. What? I already said she’d become an obese sack of shit.

However, as she said this, T-Bird noticed that Juniper twitched, slightly, but notable enough to make her think that her response to the comment was changed, leading to her to test this theory as, to offer a brief summary, she wanted to stab herself every goddamn time she had to mimic Jessie. 

“You could stand to be a bit more careful though, or hit the gym more often instead of sitting around when not working at a department store, going abso-freaking-lutely nowhere with your pitiful existence.” T-Bird advised.

“I- I guess you’re right… I don’t feel that hungry anymore… but why are you telling me now, Jessie? Are you sure you’re alright?” The lady under Psycho Powers said.

“Pfft, never been better, or at least I haven’t been in years. It’s just that I’ve been doing some major thinking. About you, my life, where I’m going, what I’m doing, and… things like telling you to lay off the ice cream come as no brainers, understood?” T-Bird flaunted.

“Y-yes.” Juniper murmured.

“Good… This is very much favorable. But where can I go from here…” T-Bird thought to herself as she was comprehending just what her as of yet not fully understood Psycho Powers could do. 

“I suppose now is the optimal situation for me to determine my next course of action. I must be swift and thoughtful in the process, predicting every outcome and counter whatever fallout which may occur… I desire to leave this town, that is my primary goal. Secondary is to not be chained to this level of small talk or even needing to imitate that which some dub as normal. I wish for unfiltered freedom, except for the prior time in which I exhibited such a raw desire, I was found to be unfit for this world, and sealed away, my mind… what did become of my mind during that time anyways…” T-Bird said in her brain.

“I believe it was some form of disease, something that ate away at my intellect and reduced my one high levels of observation and ability to… actually, it does extend to thinking in general, as my mind could barely string together a plan, I could not even speak, my mind was lost! It could happen again, but why… perhaps Jessie knew but… ah, yes, the cause was that I hit my head too hard on several brick walls. Massive head trauma then. Such a pitiful manner of getting out of trouble, I’d say. How could you feel hatred for somebody who was filled with such mental strife that damaging themselves was the optimal solution. Well, if that is very much indeed the case, then perhaps it was by my own hand that I became a worthless, despicable, vile, disgusting, reprehensible, unruly, piece of fucking shit. I must avoid that now… but with these powers, this manipulation, I believe I may find a way.” T-Bird continued her mental soliloquy. 

“Although, looking at her, this… she is not fat, I suppose, but the girl was on the path to destruction, surely she could not be of much worth in this world… and it has been years since I murdered… yet I do have these thoughts from Jessie, these of a taboo romance with this young woman, Juniper Funkatron… and I would enjoy some sexual intercourse after breaking myself in… yes… but where… isolated, the many tree riddled woods of this town, it is dark, empty at this time, naturally, and there are areas not for camping, or at least Jessie’s memories say. No, I do not crave a plan, I desire for myself the thrill of being on the edge, and something in my mind, the one with the powers to open doors through several locks, possess bodies, and manipulate others, I need not of a lengthy plan, and instead, I am allowed to be a wee bit impulsive. Oh joy is this life I lead, joy be to the almighty T-Bird!” Thought the Psycho Trigger as she made a villainous grin.

With that mental speech out of the way, T-Bird popped the question of leaving this dumpy little joint to a person who believe to be her friend. 

“Juniper, I believe it is time for us to leave this location, don’t you agree?” T-Bird said, her order posed as a question.

“Uh, sure, I guess we should get… wait, do you want to go somewhere Jessie? I figured we were just going home after this- you know I have work tomorrow.” Juniper said, her mind clearly resisting something from T-Bird’s Psycho Powers

“Oh, it won’t take long, I just… have something I would like to share with you. Information I dub as very important,and would wish to tell you in an isolated area, perhaps… perhaps out in the woods, away from this… settlement.” T-Bird said with a smidget of seductiveness.

“S-Sure, I just need to get home before eleven thirty, alright?” Juniper quickly agreed while gazing into the eyes of T-Bird.

“Oh, that should not be an issue, but if you wouldn’t mind leave within the minute…” T-Bird passively ordered her servant.

With that, the two went to Juniper’s aging car as Juniper escorted T-Bird to her desired destination, the ever delightful woods where, spoilers, some real bad shit’s ‘bout to go down!

Oh, but I actually enjoyed their little conversation as they drove, so I feel it is deemed worthy to be transmuted into text that shall forever stain this thin slice of a tree flesh! 

“So, what did you think of the movie?” Juniper asked, the two apparently having missed this conversation on their way back from the drive-in. 

“There are so many fundamental issues I have with horror films that I could write a bloody novel on the subject. I shall begin by stating that much, Juniper.” T-Bird said, making sure Juniper maintained eye contact to a certain degree by positioning herself to be visible by her in the rearview mirror. 

“Firstly, the very concept of horror as enjoyment. The fact that a society has grown so lax and problem-free that watching something horrific can be categorized as entertainment is reprehensible. I do understand wishing to numb oneself to the initial shock if a seldom seen horror does dare to appear in one’s life, yet the absence of believability in the film we saw, and much of the genre as a whole only harms any such claim to being near, if not completely, worthless!” T-Bird said, part 2.

“Let me begin by illustrating the concept once again, putting it in my own words. A young man, after suffering an abusive childhood in which his father murdered his mother in a drunken rage not only decides to kill his father, but seek out all of those who are in an abusive, nay, a troubled relationship where domestic violence is conceivable. The fact that anybody would have the mental foresight to believe themselves to be a paragon of justice through the act of murder is absurd, especially in something as loosely demonstrated as this.” T-Bird said, part 3.

“If you do truly need a reason for somebody to be a murderer, there should be a degree of hatred towards the victims, or joys in the act, not this flimsy believe that they are in some way justice for ending lives after the trigger for this killer was that he witnessed a murder!” T-Bird said rapidly as Juniper did not maintain constant eye contact, as she prefered to drive. 

“Look, I get that you’re a psychology major, but it’s just a film, and you are thinking way too much into it. You know they weren’t trying to make any major statement about killers, as it was just some, in my opinion, a decent slasher flick that I’m sorry was not to your liking,” Juniper replied

“Please, Juniper, you are clearly misunderstanding my point, as I was not dissecting my opinion, I was dissecting the film, I have yet to even get through the premise. Plus, your dismissal of the core problems with the concept only makes your opinion hold less water. Instead, you should learn to accept these facts, and alter your opinion to better suit, well, mine, which I have and shall lay out very clearly and in simple to understa-” T-Bird said, part 5, stopping right before Juniper reached her destination, right in the middle of a bunch of trees, a block away from civilization. 

“Yeah, yeah, we’re here, now shut up and tell me what you wanted me to know.” Juniper said, clearly upset. 

That is before she properly looked at T-Bird again, and was once more prevented from looking away from her person. 

“I mean, if you want to continue, I guess that is fine, but I…” Juniper said, already under the Psycho Powers of T-Bird. 

“Oh no, I would like to very much cut to the chase, and chose to chatter with you, Juniper, my dear… well, that is what I desire to speak to you about, but if we may move to the back seat.” T-Bird said as she brought her hand from Juniper’s shoulders down to her baby hole. 

She naturally agreed, as the two made their way to the back seat, where the sugar, spice, and everything naughty and nice shall occur for another page or two. 

 “Okay, so what was so important we had to go through all of this malarky?” Juniper asked as she placed her hands behind her head.

“It is rather simple… yet complex at the same time.” T-Bird cooed into Juniper’s ear, causing her head to turn and once disapproving expression to turn into a grin, one far more cheery than the devious smirk donned by T-Bird. 

“I wanted to let you know that… I love your Latina ass.” T-Bird announced with gusto

“Wh-What?” Juniper said, still looking into the sapphire eyes of ultimate domination! 

“Well, you’ve got a very nice ass that I would love to feel, but you… I’ve wanted you and I to become something far more than friends for years now… Do you remember that night we slept together in High School? Shared a motel room, only had a single bad, but were so hot we slept in our underwear? That’s when I knew.” T-Bird said, combining fiction with fact as she dug her way through Jessie’s memories, but that still didn’t mean they were Jessie’s feelings, just ones T-bird played off of in order to get into some panties.

“Y-Yeah, but I thought we- you didn’t want to talk about that.” Juniper said, shaky due to the Psycho Powers were fucking with her noggin, and part of her was kinda thrilled, if ya catch my lame-ass drift? 

“That was when I was young, unsure of myself, fearful of confessing my true feelings. But now, right here, on this moonless night, I feel like it is time. Now, I am ready to say that, Juniper Funkatron, I’m Lesbian for you.” T-Bird declared.

With that delightful little manipulation of dialog by myself, T-Bird closed in for a kiss with Juniper, both their eyes closed, the session lasted longer than a simple kiss. By the twenty-second mark the two were on each other straight up making out and crossing tongue with one another. But hold off on the lube, shit’s just getting started!

This lasted for two minutes of moving each other’s clothing, but not getting anything off quite yet, just ruffling shit up as preparation. “Oh… wow… Jessie-” Juniper said with delight before T-Bird placed a finger on her mouth. 

“Please, call me T-Bird from now on, mi querubín regordete. And nod if you want to go all the way.” T-Bird said, pulling a little bit of Spanish from Jessie’s memories.

Juniper nodded, although she was being manipulated by those sapphire devils, causing her to be little more than a puppet manipulated by T-Bird. 

“Now then… let’s free ourselves of these constricting clothes and engage in a night you will never forget.” T-Bird said as she removed her t-shirt, and practically ripped off her bra. Juniper followed her quickly, tossing her tanktop, underwear, and shorts up front as T-Bird fiddled with the radio. 

It is here that I reworked reality a wee bit, deciding that Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood would be an ideal track for this delightful moment. As the two naked young women sat in the car, Juniper was clearly captivated, but also confused. I’ll just say that she and Jessie never had any gay sex, let alone with each other, so it was only natural. 

“I’ll have her… eat my pussy, just tongue it and make it release more of that sweet cum. From there, I’ll then go down on her.” T-Bird thought behind her guise of confidence, having no clue what the hell she was doing.

“I want you to take your mouth, and pleasure my crotchal regions with it, Juniper. Do you understand?” T-Bird said as she gently held her partner’s tan chin. 

There was no nod instead she merely lowered her body to effectively hide T-Bird’s lower regions from the world, with her wet germ coated tongue gracefully going out of her mouth, and into her set destination. T-Bird began to chuckle as she held Juniper’s head, crossing her legs onto her back, and experienced a new form of pleasure. Manipulating others for sexual intercourse. 

“Oh, T-Bird, I… want this. I know I do. But… Yes, I loved you back then, that night was magic. But what would David think… No- No, I am doing the right thing, the just thing, I am doing what I want, what my friend wants, and I am enjoying it. She is happy… so I am happy as well. After all, this is pleasurable, the texture, the taste, the motion. I enjoy this greatly. I should continue for as long as my friend desires.” Juniper thought, her mind already shattered by those Psycho Powers

The intensity of the mindfucking continued when I decided to change the track around a bit, bringing things topical with EMF’s Unbelievable. It was a trigger of sorts to change things up, involve hands and make this more interesting to fap about. T-Bird began to look at her nipples, moving her fingers around them before barking another order at her sex doll. 

“Juniper, your mistress requests some hand work on the breasts, comply, and you shall receive the same pleasure simultaneously.” T-Bird announced though her moans.

Juniper barely even thought before she moved her hands, and began moving in accordance with T-Birds compliments, orders, and moans. T-Bird kept her word as well, moving to Juniper’s supple breasts and massaging them, causing her to pant more into T-Birds pussy, which only increased T-Bird’s level of pleasure. Things continued slowly, with both of them collectively letting quite a bit drip out by the end of the track, signifying the end of this part of the session. 

“Well now, that was a delight, would you not agree, Juniper?” T-Bird said as she lifted her slave’s head up by its bun. 

“I would naturally agree with you, Mistress T-Bird. How may I pleasure you next?” Juniper asked with the personality of a dead fish.

“Well, I would like to reverse our roles, and eat your snatch, if you would not mind.” T-Bird said, noticing that Juniper’s once brown eyes had morphed into a very dull blue, slightly darker than the shade T-Bird possessed. 

“It would be an honor.” Juniper said before spreading her legs apart and letting out a bit of juice through a mere thought. 

“Should I… Yeah, I really should!” T-Bird thought as she stared down the unshaven crotch of Juniper before licking her teeth. 

What followed was a minute of pleasure I observed while deciding the radio ought to be playing Volcanology by Brooklyn, which I forgot to add into the world before its scheduled release, but fuck it, paradoxes just make things more interesting in my objectively correct-o-mundo opinion! As the music began to roar through the car, T-Bird began licking the cunt of Juniper… for a single lick before she scraped the top of her tongue with her teeth in disgust over what pierced her taste buds. 

“Fuck, this bitch has a nasty tasting pussy!” T-Bird thought as she stared at said pussy. 

She then paused for a moment, shrugged, and decided to go back in towards the silent Juniper’s crotch and began biting it. The expected scream certainly came out from Juniper, but it was more of a squeak than it should have been. 

“Mi- T-Bird, what are you doing?” Juniper asked right before T-Bird sunk her teeth in for a second bite of Juniper’s vagina. 

The second scream was way louder.

“Shut the fuck up, and let me do what I desire to do, understood?” T-Bird barked at Juniper, spitting her own blood in her face. 

“I-I-” Juniper stammered to her mistress.

“Look me in the eyes, you cunt! Let me do whatever the fuck I want with you, under-fucking-stand?” T-Bird then sunk her teeth into Juniper’s left arm, pulling out a chunk she spat out on the floor. 

“P- Please, you- you’re hurting me!” Juniper cried out as tears began rolling out of her vacant eyes. 

Eyes that had transformed in color and were now lacking a certain something, representing a form of victory for T-Bird, or I suppose loss for herself. It was a sign I devised, to show the victorious despair, the absence of chance, the fact that now, in this car, T-Bird would murder the fuck out of Juniper, one bite at a time. The gal was unable to stop her, and unable to cry out for help beyond a certain level, which nobody would hear over the music that kept an upbeat tone as this horrific event occurred… Here be them deets!

From the arm, T-Bird made her way to the breasts, taking a nice firm bite into the center of the tit, shoving the entire nipple of her prime sized breasts in her mouth for them to be crunched off as her flesh was being ripped open, resulting in even more blood to squirt out and cover both Juniper and T-Bird, especially T-Bird, whose face was already drenched. Her next destination was the bits of flab that accumulated on Juniper’s sides, one bite was taken, chewed, and spat out like all the others. Juniper’s eyes were shut with tears as she emitted a sound of defeat, a quiet one barely audible over the music, but her internal torment was to die for. 

“I hate this, but I can’t leave. I must obey, but I don’t want to die. Please, friend, stop this… stop killing me. I want you to be happy. That makes me happy. But I… want the pain to go away… you’re just adding more. Let me free. Let me live. I want out. I want out. I want out. I want out. I want out. I want out. I want out. I want out. I want out. I want out. I want out. I want out. I want out. I want out.” Juniper pleased in her mind, the last bit of her personality crying out in agony.

It went on for a while as she lost chunks in the ass, leg, most of the flesh on a finger, some shoulder meat, and, the piece of resistance, her fucking neck. Oh my, was this a brutal scene, as a side bite bit open a stream of blood that simple gushed out and began to coat T-Bird’s fucking hair with the red gook as there was just way too much to handle as it seeped out from whatever gap T-Bird left between the wound and her mouth before having wrecked half of the girl’s neck.

It was not a question of whether or not Juniper was dead at this point, there never really was once the biting began. Fuck, I’d argue even earlier than that, as I fucking said she would die in this story’s first act, but yeah, she died from blood loss. 

“This is right.” Juniper thought as she flatlined. 

Her mind was fully destroyed before she died, with not even the a semblance of control or true consciousness to wake up as the person who was once Juniper Funkatron bit the dust, now and until the next time I decide to use her for my own unique form of masturbation. Oh, but surely T-Bird had a gem of a thought for us to end this section of this tale with? 

“Fuck. I forgot the pleasure, the thrill, the erotic rush that comes with murder. And doing it so viciously, right after boning out, it’s the very definition of ecstasy.” T-Bird thought with two fingers in her pussy.


“It does appear that I have made quite the mess.” T-Bird said prior to pulling out a clump of Juniper out of her teeth and onto the corpse she made. 

“But first, I suppose I should fully consume a bit of her… I do recall the eyeballs tasting rather unique.” T-Bird said as she reached into the car’s sole cupholder, which contained a pen she used to yank out Juniper’s left eyeball and plop into her mouth, chewing it slowly, ceasing, and then swallowing the bloody gumball. 

“Eh, I expected something more, yet I shall likely reacquire my taste for them as time moves on, for now…” T-Bird then examined her blood soaked body and attempted to brush off the red goo by blotting it with Juniper’s clothing, which barely did any good in terms of cleaning her.

“I naturally cannot leave any evidence, do not want my saliva to be found on her meaty chunks now, do I? …Fire would suffice in removing all of the evidence… let me check Juniper’s purse.” T-Bird thought as she grabbed the dead Juniper’s property. 

While digging through that stupid baby messenger bag, T-Bird recalled some very simple facts Jessie knew about her friend, how she used to smoke and that she was fairly disorganized. It was enough for T-Bird to believe there to be a lighter in the purse, and that was thankfully the case. 

“Oh mighty zippo, you shall forever be my friend, my muse, thine eternal flames shall follow my path, covering and hiding all of these dubbed sins I have the ‘gall’ to commit. Oh, but you need fuel to burn, no? Let me see what I can do while finding something to… clean myself with.” T-Bird whispered as she stared into the flame.

T-Bird exited the car, stark naked and fairly easy to spot seeing as how the vehicle’s lights were on. A bit foolish to say the fucking least, but she had an air of confidence as she opened the car’s trunk with keys she nabbed along with the zippo, and… you know about Schrodinger’s cat? Of course you do, I’m fucking talking to myself. In case of retardation, the gist is that if you can’t see it at the very moment, you can’t prove shit about it. Lock at cat in a bow, the cat is both alive and dead until you can prove it one way or another. 

The contents of the car trunk were like that box, and seeing as how nobody could prove that I manipulated reality by altering its contents, as Juniper is already looking more and more unsightly in her demise, I decided to add many goodies in there. First, was a pack of twelve water bottles, second was a towel, third was a bag containing clothing, fourth was a handgun with a suppressor along with box of fifty bullets, and fifth and finally, was a red canister containing a gallon of gasoline.

Using the water and towel, she lathered the blood off of her silky deep brown skin. Cleaning herself by pouring it onto her tainted being while lavishing in the wetness of her body before drying it in a blood stained navy blue towel. She shoved the damp towel into the gas hole, fill spout, whatever its called, I don’t know or even care, before continuing. Dried off, she eased her fine figure into the clothing in the bag while utter delight, as the revealing black leather top and matching short skirt were exactly the sort of thing she felt nothing but bliss in wearing as it gracefully caressed her fine feminine form. 

She spent a minute gazing into the side mirrors of the vehicle, flipping her wet hair back and forward while enjoying the jiggling of her unconstricted breasts, and the light summer breeze brushing up her panty-free crotch whenever she exemplified her firm ass. Deeper into the bag was a pair of black high heels for her to wear while walking through the dry dirt and torn twigs littering her surroundings that were not covered by either trees or any of the many forms of weeds. Fully dressed, T-Bird grabbed the firearm and ammo, placed them in what had been Juniper’s purse, and then began spreading the gasoline around the vehicle, as I knew, I fucking knew that she would.

So, now we have a sexy black woman looking like she’s about to hit the club before naming her next victim, staring down a gas coated car containing a dead Hispanic girl who has been chewed in a process to paint the car red with her blood. Said sexy gal has a gun in her purse, a lit zippo in her hands, was standing in the woods, in a town that had last seen rain over a week ago. The next act is too predictable for me to reiterate, as, if you cannot figure this shit out, I don’t want you too. Baka! 

Oh, but I shall fap to the image of the black leather cladded young woman staring down an inferno she caused while both punching herself and crying on her command as a ‘safety net’ in case the police arrived to confront her about the burning vehicle that she ran away from seconds prior to its explosion, destroying all evidence she could have left, and naturally causing the police to arrive on the scene… 15 minutes later at 22:40!

So, yeah, I pulled a few strings with the scenery and delayed the people who woulda found the crime scene, but I feel as if I should get back to the duo of Peaty-Kun and Abi-Senpai, who, if you do remember and are not proving yourself to be needing this tome of recollection, hijacked a police car which was being driven by a conscious scarf who is on a mission to destroy the Psycho Trigger

Now, who could that be, could it be the one with Psycho Powers? Nah, that’s unpossimable, except for how it is true, and, if you also recall, the scarf was barking mental orders on how to drive the blasted automobile to one Abi-Senpai, another sexy lady, but this time with a child’s brain… I’m glad I didn’t go with the draft where she was horribly raped by cat-men, but trust me, what comes next is far more sexually satisfying.

“No- Abi-Senpai, I need you to slow down!” Peaty-Kun thought at her as they were nearing the entrance to the only gathering of trees, animals, and nature shit that exist in this tale. 

“But Peaty-Kun, you said we’ve gotta go super fast, so why would I ever use the stupid breaks?” Abi-Senpai verbally said to her fabulous violet scarf. 

“Because we need to be careful as well, we are trying to save the world an-and we cannot be hitting any trees, delaying our mission further, now can we?” Peaty-Kun thought right as they nearly crashed into a tree. 

“Fine, but I hope we can save the world soon.” Abi-Senpai announced like the hero she be.

“Abi-Senpai, I am sorry for what I’ve had to do, especially involving a child, but I need your full cooperation when we find the Psycho Trigger… I- oh how to explain this to a child… I need you to murder him, the Psycho Trigger. The uniform should have a firearm attached on your belt and… you should only need to kill him traditionally in order to defeat this Psycho Trigger… Yet for a child, so innocent- no, it has to be done. For all my abilities in this form, I cannot use firearms effectively. And besides, he should be able to read them instantaneously. Well, assuming he is aware of his powers… Which I haven’t a single doubt about, sadly.” Peaty-Kun exposited, as that is the entire purpose of his existence.

Meanwhile! T-Bird had been wandering the woods for a while, certainly long enough for her to realize that high heels are not good for anything beyond visual or sex appeal, so they were shoved in her purse while she had an unregistered- did I forget to mention that? Eh, I’m doing it here! So yeah, and unregistered handgun was in her hand (no shit), and she had been wandering around long enough for her to actually be more than a wee bit peeved at the lack of opposition. 

“I leave my former body baking in an oven, murder a young woman, detonate a motor vehicle, and am now fleeing in a goldarn spiral. This is a pathetic display on behalf of the Murinona Police Department. I left clues when I needed not to, and my destruction has been absurd. Certainly there is something going on that poses a larger threat than I do, or perhaps I detonated my explosion too far away from public view, and… then somebody should be searching for the last caretaker of a man- nay, a beast who was found in an oven, stirring in his own juices, baking- no, baked to death.” T-Bird thought before noticing a flashing red light coming in from the horizon. 

“Finally!” T-Bird said before contorting her face and getting ready to deceive the police officer. 

At least until she remembered that she had fucking Psycho Powers and could get anything she desired without making her stomach churn by acting like a cute, dumb, black girl.

Peaty-Kun instantaneously detected T-Bird and planned to drive right into her, unfortunately for him, Abi-Senpai knew how steering wheels worked, and swerved around their target, slamming right into a tree. 

“The fuck? Blasted officer nearly murdered me, the imbecile!” T-Bird shouted after almost becoming roadkill.

She then walked over to the police car, looking at it rather sternly as she placed her hands on her hips and was ready to bark at somebody she placed under her rapidly evolving Psycho Powers.  

“Oh my goodness, Abi-Senpai, you should not have done that!” Peaty-Kun shouted at his wearer.

“Oh my, how dare I ignore the obvious, Abi-Senpai, are you injured by the accident?” Peaty-Kun responded after remembering his nature.

Abi-Senpai was injured, in the form of a few bruises, half from the airbag that went off, but was still crying like a baby because she didn’t know how to deal with most pain. Cuz kidz R stoopid.

Now, imagine T-Bird looking at this scene while the scarf is flailing around, her eyes squinting at the scene and mouth half open in disbelief. 

“What the… Um, officer, are you alright?” T-Bird said out of confusion over this unexpected occurrence. 

“It’s… wait, the Psycho Trigger… Oh no, oh no indeed, he has progressed far further than anticipated! Abi-Senpai, I need you to stop crying and kill him- erm, her, I do not know- the Psycho Trigger must be slain, and it is up to you.” Peaty-Kun said prior to Abi-Senpai being pulled out of the vehicle by the T-Bird! 

“No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!” Peaty-Kun thought as he realized he failed his one job, and was an undeniable failure.

Abi-Senpai was then placed on the grassy ground, still crying, with T-Bird looming over her like the domineering mistress she is.

“Would you mind explaining yourself… miss? Truly you could spot me, my body cannot possibly be that dark when you are shining several bright lights on it.” T-Bird lectured to the woman she yanked from the police car.

Abi-Senpai’s reaction was to hug the woman in front of her, still sobbing a bit.

“Jessie-Senpai!” Abi-Senpai shouted to the murderer she recognized.

“What?” both Peaty-Kun and T-Bird exposited.

The phrase acted as something of a trigger for this Psycho Trigger, causing Jessie’s memories to come rushing back into her head. They were of a young child, aged about six with a tendency for mischief, but never being rude, mean, or harmful, a girl who wished not to be girly in the traditional means, and prefered the company of boys as she was far more… destructive than her usually frail dresses would have one to believe. One by the name of Abigale Flare, or rather Abi-Chan.

The massive age shift naturally made T-Bird question if this was simply a relative of the joyful youth Jessie babysat several times, but her actions, terminology, and even bits of her face made that theory sound a bit less plausible. 

“Are you… Abi-Chan?” T-Bird said, recalling the proper name for the girl. 

“Yay, you remember!” Abi-Senpai said as she latched onto T-Bird, much to the receiver’s displeasure. 

T-Bird realized how she was being hugged by somebody who was effectively an unpredictable individual, a stranger, and possibly a threat. Upon pushing her away, the two’s eyes locked, with the Sapphire color growing all the more blatant as it was parallel to a deep brown. 

“Now, would you care to… explain yourself to me, Abi-Chan?” T-Bird asked, as Abi-Senpai blinked, her eyes instantly becoming a dull, dead, and empty blue. 

“Okie Dokie!” The girl in the body of a woman said. 

“No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! I can’t have failed! Listen Abi-Senpai, do not be tricked by her! She is the Psycho Trigger! Bringer of the Cataclysm!” Peaty-Kun shouted.

“I heard your little friend there, would you mind explaining how you met him, Abi-Chan- Sorry, Abi-Senpai, although, you still look to be younger than I am so forgive me for retaining the Chan.” T-Bird said to the putty in her hand, her powers growing by the second. 

“My friend’s Peaty-Kun, I met him in a basement, and he digivolved me into Abi-Senpai, the bestest kind of Abi! He also said I was a hero, suppose to save the world from a man named Psycho Trigger, do you know him?” Abi-Senpai explained

“Hm… so, you were his assistant in the hunt for this Psycho Trigger… tell me, who exactly is this… Peaty-Kun, you have spoken of? Where might I find him?”  T-Bird asked while caressing Abi-Senpai.

Much to Peaty-Kun’s dismay, Abi-Senpai proceeded to take off her scarf without much effort and shout, 

“Here he is! Say hi Peaty-Kun!” Abi-Senpai ordered her scarf.

No! You moron Abi-Senpai, you cannot- I am dead, I am a failure, I have lost! Please, Psycho Trigger, see the error of your murderous ways and save the world from yourself if you have a shred of humanity left! I am begging you! I have been sent by the divines, beings of higher power, to alter the world from becoming a dystopia! Do not let me fail, do not-” Peay-Kun, the scarfy,said before he silenced himself as T-Bird raised her gun.

T-Bird naturally pulled the trigger, and quickly fired a shot at Abi-Senpai, a shot intended to pierce the cloth she held out in front of her… which it did. However, the expected hole did not appear on the violet scarf that Peaty-Kun spoke out of. Instead, the hole was in the skull of T-Bird. It ricochet off of the scarf, and into her noggin, naturally causing the once mighty T-Bird to fall.

“I… I did it! My form can deflect bullets? I mean, I knew she was not at the level where she could deflect them, but… done in my her own actions… This is wonderful! I-I… Abi-Senpai-” Peaty-Kun thought as he was relishing in his apparent victory, sounding nothing but blissful over the action that had just occurred. 

Abi-Senpai, however, rushed over to the unconscious body of T-Bird, which was oozing out blood from the head and mouth, much to the girl’s complete and utter terror. 

“No! Jessie, you can’t be dead! Please, get up! Get up for me… Peaty-Kun you- you- you- asshole! You killed her, she was a nice lady and.. you killed her! You meany villain, biggest piece of poop I ever had to see! Look at what you did! Look at it!” Abi-Senpai cried out into the night as she shoved the scarf into the body, trying to clean up the blood as her next wave of tears rolled down her face. 

This, unbeknownst to her, was a very, very, very bad idea, as the hole in T-Bird’s skull, you know the one I just mentioned? Well… shit got crizzle when Peaty-Kun touched it.


‘The fuck does that matter? T-Bird is dead.’ Nu-uh, my future self whose mind has obviously deteriorated beyond any conceivable points that it would offer such a foolish and brash interpretation of my words, when it should be very much aware of how I handle subtlety. No, T-Bird isn’t dead, that would be a stupid way to kill off a main character, regardless of the artistic value, which is worth as much as some hobo’s cum. 

T-Bird was unconscious and knocked out, but beyond her dead looking exterior was her mind, her glorious mind residing in her brain, which was positively glowing with the Psycho Powers I have been droning on about for the past few hours. It’s kinda like Akira where that one guy ends up becoming a giant floating fetus that is about to destroy the world. Motherfucker was just some street kid three months ago. ‘Cept here there are no pills, there’s just mind powers that are totes natural, dawg.

So yeah, T-Bird was powerful at this point, but what would contact with Peaty-Kun mean? In short, Peaty-Kun’s power was very similar to T-Bird’s, as it was raw energy gained by absorbing a body and with the abilities to mentally communicate, illustrating at least something similar to Psycho Powers… Or maybe I decided to toss my hands in the air and do a bit of magic while saying the phrase ‘fuck it’ queerly. So, as you should be able to tell, shit went wild when these two sources collided. Resulting in quite a bit of power being absorbed from dear Peaty-Kun due to Abi-Senpai’s frantic and manic motions tossing her scarf into the face of somebody who just needed a bit of a boost for their still functional mind to restart itself. 

Oh, but I suppose the question of how much power was absorbed, meaning I must go back a few hours to where we saw the last of the HSDK. 

“This individual’s mind is… a bit too strong for me to manipulate, perhaps he will not listen. This child, she should suffice, but I may need to alter her… still, the mental communication and bartering with a child should be far easier… yet I would need power in order to make that a reality, in addition to gathering more for my confrontation with this Psycho Trigger… I apologize, but I need your attention, police officer.” Peatrice thought back during Fap 4: Scared.

In retrospect, kinda a bad idea as Abi-Senpai was a hassle to get her ass in gear, but bad ideas are where conflict comes from, and a story without conflict is boring! But where did it lead, how did this influx of stolen and siphoned off power alter T-Bird as she was in something of a coma… yes, that’s a good way to describe it. Well, the first thing was her eyes, eyes that had reverted to a dull hazel after the bullet pierced her skull now shined into something a bit more colorful than what she had less than a minute ago. 

It was a radiant and striking blue, a cyan really, a color that’s pretty freaking tough to properly imitated when not looking at nature with your own eyes, so I’d say it was impressive on its own. But it was given an even greater impact by the mighty glow that came with it, looking inhuman as her eyes were projecting light out of them, releasing some of the growing power that was now coursing through the body and mind of T-Bird. She promptly stuck her hand out at the one who unwillingly granted her this new might, and began to tug at him with strength beyond what she had seconds ago.

Peaty-Kun was resistant to letting go of Abi-Senpai, which is my way of saying that, yeah, Peaty-Kun really couldn’t, as the scarf was both tied and engraved onto Abi-Senpai’s skin. She, Abi-Senpai, was the real victim of this struggle, with her throat being the target as it was growing very difficult for Peaty-Kun to hold himself onto her without also ridding her of life. That, thankfully, did not happen, as the struggle these three were locked in just so happened to be interrupted by the wailing of familiar sirens coming from a source identical to the damaged vehicle a few feet away from them. 

Yeppers, the fucking cops finally got off their fat donut eating asses and decided to investigate what the hell was going on. Six of them to be exact, two in each car, meaning there were three flashing red lights coming at them, and distracting the far more aggressive T-Bird from whatever it was her mind desired. 

“Incipit interruptions. I have goals I wish to pursue, and you have the gall to defile my time with your mere existence. Very well, foul humans. You desire my attention so greatly, then you shall receive it in full. I shall dispose of you in every level I am capable of, and I shall be certain that not a soul among you shall proceed out of this event.” T-Bird thought that the devil she is.

Kidding, she’s just a little fucked due to that bullet in her brain, screwing things around a bit, but I should let T-Bird’s actions speak louder than words. Tossing aside Abi-Senpai, specifically into a tree, leaving her knocked the fuck out due to a head wound, T-Bird began dashing at the police cars at about thirty miles per hour, surpassing normal human speeds as she prepared to ram one of them head first. She naturally succeeded in her goal, causing the hood of the car to come screeching up as her head penetrated the grill with a bloody splat.

The car naturally crashed, causing even greater damage to T-Bird’s body as the two cops, a bearded black guy named Rick, and a blonde, very obviously newbie, by the name of Stephanie. I won’t bother giving them any more deets than those, as they were foolish enough to rush out to the person they believed to hit, and try to examine her. 

T-Bird was real fucked up now, her head caved in and glowing cyan eyes gushing out of her head that was drizzling blood while she moved her demolished face to them and smiled a grin filled with missing teeth. From her damaged head came yet another glow similar to that of her eyes, a very thick glow that positioned itself into a narrow form as it pierced through the blood not just by shining, by becoming physical and bursting through her head in what looked like a thin tentacle that made its way toward Stephanie far quicker than she could react.

While the blonde initially struggled against the solid goo latched onto her head, she quickly grew passive towards the stuff within a matter of four seconds, pulled out her gun, and immediately shot Rick, who had been looking at her in awe, right in his forehead. It was naturally due to the influence of T-Bird, having gained the power to turn people into puppets, but for one reason or another, viewed getting harmed by a vehicle as the best way to trigger such a devastating ability. 

Obeying her new master, Stephanie then aimed her firearm at the four officers who parked and exited their vehicles and were off to investigate just what the hell was going on. Seven shots were fired by her, one woman died, a man fell as a bullet pierced his knee, and Stephanie was shot in both her shoulders in the process. Stephanie, or I suppose the being that was once Stephanie, did not take this lightly, as she dashed towards the wounded man, dodging the gunfire from her former co-workers, and promptly bit into the wounded man’s neck. It was her final action before one bullet just so happened to end her assault, along with what semblance of her life she retained. 

The tentacle T-Bird shoved into this poor woman’s body did not lay with the corpse, however, as it instead split into two entities, both of which were aimed at the remaining officers, and all of which hit despite a stray bullet piercing one, leaving behind not the slightest hint of damage as the bullet kept going until it harmed a tree. Everything looked peachy keen for T-Bird as she effectively won this battle, but let’s look into why she decided to break her head open. 

“This instance is nothing short of perfect. This body may be dying rapidly, yet my use for it has become minimal. My powers as T-Bird have been enhanced by that child’s poor decision to add a new entity into my pool. A whole new realm of power I may tap into. I have achieved something greater than that of humans, I have achieved a new plane of existence! I am a being who may use humans as tools, as puppets, as slaves. I am the master of this domain, and with this damage I set upon myself, I feel my mind has accelerated its growth to its next stage. Now I just need to let this body die and then, then T-Bird shall reach its next form, a form mightier than any in recorded history! And that! That is merely the first of many I shall achieve until I obtain sweet, sensual, perfection!” T-Bird mentally soliloquized like an archduchess of the monarchy of villainy and child pornography.

T-Bird’s brain tentacles then proceeded to expand throughout the bodies they already attached to, covering them in this vile looking slime that began to dissolve their attire. Weapons, clothes, belts, and shoes were all gone, leaving behind only bodies that were soon dissolved into nothing but juices that were pumped back into the brain of T-Bird, all over the course of twenty-seven seconds. As a result, the cyan light began shining through the entirety of T-Bird’s skull, which proceeded to then burst open into hundreds of tiny pieces. Leaving behind a creature with a cyan glow that branched in a large quantity of continuously branching tentacles all branching from a ball of brain goo that stood over the headless corpse of Jessie, T-Bird, really, either would be acceptable in my book, and that is precisely what this is! 

This being, who I’ll just call the Psycho Trigger for the sake of convenience and the fact its mind was far from T-Bird’s at this point, had jolts of electricity could be seen running through its rapidly multiplying limbs. As that occurred, Psycho Trigger’s levitating mass appeared to only grow larger before becoming the size of two fully grown cows, with its limbs stretching a good ten meters in length, many of them surpassing the trees surrounding the tentacles. Oh, but this massive monstrosity was far from the wisest being in the land, as its rapidly working brain had ignored one very significant detail that would prove detrimental to the destruction it was pondering about. The duo of Abi-Senpai and Peaty-Kun.

Honestly, Peaty-Kun was the only one observing this scene, crying out in hopes that his partner in Cataclysm prevention would awaken to assist him. Yet as he laid eyes on the Psycho Trigger and expounded about the horrors he saw, spouting bullshit I injected into his brain that sounded good while writing it. Yet, the whole idea of there being a last resort, a final plan, a bonus super move that could be done in order to stop this from happening, did occur in his disorganized mind before the Psycho Trigger

“Abi-Senpai… I am dreadfully sorry for what I am… what I must do to you. I dislike murder, the deletion of persons from the world… but I must. Your life was cut short and- well, if I may be honest, it-it won’t be missed, your mind has yet to be refined, and you could have become somebody- oh what the blazes am I saying, you are knocked out and I must defile your mind, inject foul thoughts into it, and… murder you in the process. I do this for the greater good… and shall not survive as well… It is my duty- what I was created for.” Peaty-Kun thought, believing in some bullcrap I put in his head about a secret order I made up, the tit.

Peaty-Kun’s appearance returned to that of the platinum and emerald choker, its gems shining brightly as if to attract the attention of the behemoth that was the Psycho Trigger. It certainly did, yet the Psycho Trigger was hesitant to go near the glow, sensing something odd and deciding to observe the entity instead, using its… senses to observe this anomaly it should have dealt with a while ago. What occurred in the light was unviewable to the mighty being, but is scale and volume increased as the glow’s color began gradually shifting, moving away from the calm green, into a lime, to a vibrant yellow, and eventually choosing something in the orange spectrum as if to contrast the blue being before it. 

Yeah, yeah, but the fuck was in the thing? Well, when it finished what had to be done on the inside, the light began showing a silhouette, see, one of a woman who appeared to be twenty feet tall and housing some fucking insane assets while having an incredibly thin waist It was an impossible design unless I specifically changed the rules of this world to allow it, and I did when creating this being, a being I stored away in case the story went into just this direction. As the light disappeared completely, a figure resembling Abi-Senpai smirked at the Psycho Trigger and promptly began shaking both her ass and tail at it… I call her Abi-Neko.

Okay, time to explain this creature from the top down. First thing of note was how her hair had morphed into an unnatural orange. Not that the exact shade was impossible for humans to obtain, more that it didn’t make sense with her unaltered skin color. Inside of the bushel of far longer and wavier hair housed a pair of cat ears poking out of her skull, and served as her means of hearing, ‘cos the fuck else would they do? I guess look pretty, much like her overtly sexualized face that abandoned all the boyish looks or childish demeanour that once lived within her defiled mug. 

It made her look vapid and unnatural in her appearance, but the cat ears certainly weren’t helping. Oh, but her eyes, her fucking eyes, this was hilarious to me, they contained fire, honest to goodness fire that resided between the white and black of her positively giant eyeballs, accompanied by equally proportioned eyelashes she fluttered with seductive intent at the giant tentacle monster. Oh, and I hope you found where I was going by now, but I’ll explain the bod anyhow.

Beneath the face… well, there was a red choker with a tiny gold bell on it but beneath that lied a refined beauty, a foxy bitch if she were a dawg and I was in a pun making mood, but Peaty-Kun really made the most of the mocha colored woman as her features were all distinctly more womanly and mature, huge ass, breasts you could hide a dick inside of no problem, and hips that wouldn’t have any problem being used as a weapon. She was naturally covered by something, but her breasts were the primary section of her body not covered in an odd pattern of orange cat fur that gracefully blew in the wind while being slightly dampened by a naturally occurring pheromone. 

With the lengthy tail in particular acting as a wand that attracted just about anything she could ever desire to come and engage with sexually. Which is naturally what this walking mismatch of sexism and fetishism did… and what it was suppose to do when attracting an object that was still based off of a the mind of a rapist… did I forget to mention that? Yeah, I thought the mentioning of rape in one of Terrance’s thoughts would have been notable enough for even you to pick up, dumb-dumb idiot-kun.

Abi-Neko had simply waved her tail to signify that Psycho Trigger should come and check out her goods… and bam! Fucking tentacles went all over her body. A ton aimed for the head areas, aiming for the cat ears, nose, shoving an absurd amount of gooey tentacles down her pie hole, and even some aimed for the the fiery eyes while not showing that a single fuck was given, just raving her face, much like the rest of her body. Torso was the worst offender in many ways, as her breasts were being juggled around while the tentacles encapsulated Abi-Neko, causing an overload of a pleasurable feeling to the point where it became nothing but pain that roared her mind. Oh, but that was a whisper before getting to her vagina, wherein… a bunch of these tentacles joined together to form an honest to goodness cock that was just being shoved inside of her cunt, with whatever tentacles remained aiming for the ass, which was a lot.

It was a very boring scene to watch in all honesty, as you couldn’t see a fucking thing to get your jollies off to, just a catgirl covered in blue shit that kept on being shoved into her holes. Yet, as the minutes rolled on, Psycho Trigger kept on going, injecting more and more of itself into Abi-Neko, and eventually reached the point where all of it, all of Psycho Trigger, was inside of Abi-Neko. At the end, she was kinda like that scene from Willy Wonka that gave birth to inflation fetishes for many ugly children who wanted to be sexy for being fat. Abi-Senpai was a fat bloated mess of a lifeform that lost its orange hue and was replaced with a dull grey one as her hair color morphed, eyes lost their fire, and even her fur changed to reflect this new color scheme. 

In fact, the only thing not black or grey after all of this just so happened to be the choker I mentioned, the red and gold one with the bell. That was still there and it was the first thing to offer some cohesive thoughts after five minutes of disgusting bulshit, as it was obviously Peaty-Kun. 

Psycho Trigger, you are a mighty threat, but also very predictable. Your gluttony for power, your powerful lust, and greed for destruction has led you down this road and I, Peatrice, bringer of order, destroyer of chaos, am willing to lose myself and the life of an innocent to stopping your vile spore of madness from infesting the world. You shall be sealed away in the body of a human forever more!” Peaty-Kun said, his final words before the choker tightened… and tightened… and tightened… and eventually grew so tight that it was reduced to nothing and the neck it had been holding onto had snapped. 

Abi-Neko’s head popped off in the process, leaving behind no blood, no signs of removal, no anything. Just a body that faded entirely to black, shrinking down to a figure resembling Abi-Senpai. Laying there, in the trampled wilderness, naked as the day I made her… oh, but she did have her head, the other one just became a lump of ash that got swept up in the evening wind. I figured that much would be obvious, ya dummy!


6:20, July 16th, 2000. The remaining survivor of the battle the night prior was just waking her sweet little head up after a nice little nap. Her hair was a mess, face covered in dust, dirt, and even some charcoal, and body was still unclothed by the time she awoke to find her new location, that of a room inside of a police station, on a crappy mattress, and behind bars. It took her a while to get her head straight, recall the events of last night, and that’s where I come in with my divine ability to destroy the notion of mental privacy.

“Ugh. Holy fuck, my head hurts… So… I’m in a jail again- No- Wait… I remember waking up after a fall… I broke free of… something and… Wait. Okay, I am Terrance… no, that does not sound right and I… I feel very odd, almost like my… body is changed. My headgear is gone and… oh fuck… Aw yeah! I did… Yeah, fuck yeah, two in one goddamn night, that shit is the most radical and awesome thing I- well, and then I… hold up… I died… No, that just doesn’t add up, now does it? Maybe if I… No, hold it… Jessie, Terrance, that makes T-Bird… I am T-Bird, The Mo- no, that doesn’t sound right… I remember my parents, they were dicks… and nice… and dicks again… ah fuking hell, there’s a third fucker up in my head? What’s her… Abi-Cha- Oh right, right, right! Yeah and she- That fucking scarf… I think her childish behavior screwed with my brain a bit. I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt this… happy. Yeah, I had joy, bliss, and utter delight when I- The fuck did I do… something about a Psycho Tiger– Then why- how am I in jail?” The confused girl thought while in jail, where she subjectively belongs.

The individual whose mind was formed by mashing T-Bird with Abi-Senpai’s was then interrupted by the sound of footsteps coming through the hallway. It was a police officer with a cup of coffee in her hands. She was an older Asian woman, in her fifties for sure, but had a very hard looking exterior despite not being as fit as she undoubtedly was at one point. Not the kind of person you’d take out for violent police missions, but the kind who certainly looked to have the experience to handle herself. 

“Well, you’re up earlier than I expected.” The cop said with a pretty upbeat tone as she grinned as she looked at the messy girl in the cell.

“Who- Where am I?” The imprisoned woman who looked just like Abi-Senpai asked. 

“You’re in the police station dear. Found you near a crime scene and wanted to ask you a few questions about what you saw. Sorry for the bars but… we don’t have many spare rooms, if you know what I mean.” 

“Oh, no, that’s cool, fine, just… let me out if you wouldn’t mind.” The mystery girl of a yet to be determined name asked as she shined her cyan eyes at the police officer. 

“Sure thing, but don’t you want some clothes?” The Police Officer said casually, unaware that she had been mentally manipulated. 

“Yeah, just find me a uniform in my size, I’ll take care of the rest.” Mysterious Girlfriend Zeta ordered.

And you know what? the cop listened! After getting the uniform, this new character just walked out of the police station, telling anybody who questioned her, “I’ve got work to do, so if you would not mind…” 

They then promptly just the fuck up and let her leave, until she was out at 6:30, alone with her thoughts. 

“Okay, if I understand this properly, this Peatrice did… something that sealed away some part of me that it accidentally awakened but… is it gone? My powers feel more powerful than ever before but… yeah… the hell was I thinking- wait, I had a bullet in my brain. That kinda explains a good chunk of it… yeah, I really should come up with a plan for now, but… I kinda just wanna go and have fun, see what happens, go on a globe trotting adventure before I decide what to do. I could convince people to give me anything. I could probably do more but now… who the fuck am I? Yeah, Terrance at the core, but merging with Jessie made me T-Bird, and now this Abigale Flare… I think I’ll go with Terra, yeah, retaining my core while representing my divine abilities of manipulating people.” Terra thought as she took up T-Bird’s mental soliloquy habit.

“I could become a worldwide serial killer and never be caught. Hell, that sounds like the funnest shit I’ve done in a long time… well, last night was the first fun thing for me, Terra, in years. But I would like to get used to this body… now, is it pedophilia if it used to be- ah, fuck it! I’ll just get some sexy clothes and go on an adventure, causing chaos, having a blast, maybe even see if I could start a war or something, that’d be a hoot. But I might need to get a new bod ‘fore that. I can figure that out when I find somebody else as sexiefficient. First though, I feel like sixty-six point seven percent of my parents should be killed… I can do that before night. Afterwards… yeah, I know a club or two. I would love to fuck and murder some beefcake. Mmm, fucking.” Terra continued her thoughts while walking along the sidewalk. 

“Look out world, Terra is here and you are her’s to play with!” Terra said out loud to a town that lacked a single car driving through it. 

In fact, after saying that, Terra noticed an echo of sorts, a lack of noise in the world, even for this time, was bizarre. No birds were chirping, no people walking down the streets, not even any stores that appeared to be open. 

She then paused to think, try and sense other people nearby, possibly an ability she had developed since she was knocked out where she could read minds, but now, now there wasn’t a single mind to read all around her. You know why, you really would forget the ending, how this whole story worked, the event you were personally involved in, Vincent Dawn? Or, I… I really should’ve developed a style guide in retrospect, but here’s the big twist and clencher.

Terra began running a few blocks, noting how her body was in worse shape than the one she had last night while growing more and more concerned by how isolated she appeared to be. A few thoughts of joy pierced her mind, but they were heavily outnumbered by those of fear, of doubt, and when she was nearing the edge, when it was gotten to seven and she had not see a single soul even after rushing back to the now abandoned police station, she spotted somebody in the horizon. 

It was a man in a suit, not a tall man, but taller than the short body Terra possessed. He looked at Terra and tipped his hat, signifying he saw her. He was about two blocks away, in the middle of an intersection. Terra ran towards the man, not letting her eyes off of him for longer than it took to blink. Yet even that was too long, as the man vanished. She cursed her luck as she continued panting out of exhaustion. At least until she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around and saw nothing. Terra then attempted to turn back, but found her body frozen. Unmoving, and stuck in a contorted position where she could not see right in front of her. The man was standing right in front of her. I was that man.

“Word up, Terrance, T-Bird, Turbot-37, Terrentylle, Terrantina, Terra, Tess, T-Meister… wait, I never used that one. Eh, will add it to my to-do list. So, listen, as I know that’s all you can do now. I kinda wanted to stop your little journey, as this was a very experimental experiment, and I really do want to get to the chase. Mind you, I love your shit, you are one bodacious babe if I ever saw one and if I felt like it, you would be the finest fuck I ever did. But I like my virginity right where it is, in my balls, and I like your mind… conflicted even more than it is. You see, you are not the first Terra I, the one you may call god, has made. Oh no, I made other Terras in my time, tens of Terrances who all became Terras, and you are number 26. But I want to see how your mind reacts with number 25, The Mighty Terra. Do not fight it, just let them take over your body and mind and… disappear into the ether, trust me, you can be replaced.” I says to the broad.

“Now, Terra, do you see the horrible things you did, defiling of another human, murder of several others, you were a disaster and psychotic demon on Earth who, when she discovered freedom, nearly destroyed the world. I had to fix it you know, I just didn’t want you to see the world destroyed, as that would be too much of a drop for you. This is part one of seeing how your mind reacts, and I can already see so much guilt, self-loathing, and rage building up in there. Finish up, Terra, and I shall get around to making myself another world wherein you are a terrible person, a blight to the planet, and somebody who should just die, but doesn’t. They always live, and live to destroy. Why am I doing this to you, an innocent individual? Pfft, you’re a toy and I feel like breaking you. Fucking deal with it!” I told the lass, demeaning her sense of worth, and preparing to fuck with her something fierce.

From there, I removed myself from this world and began to remove it, bit by bit, taking every asset very rapidly out of the town of Murinona until there was only Terra remaining, alone, trapped in a void of emptiness, unable to move, speak, or do anything but observe the blackness, hear the silence, feel the absence of air, and so forth. She was an isolated individual in a world that I removed from reality, and within a difficult to tell amount of time, maybe hours, days, weeks, or years, she vanished as well, leaving behind a blank canvas for me to paint my next masterpiece by busting all over it. So what adventures shall I send Terra on once again… eh, I’ll screw around a bit before continuing. I’m in the mood for observing a nice homely genocide.

Das Ende

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