Rundown (8/17-8/23) Game Journalism’s Rules of Nature

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1 Haganai Oh Fuck Yeah!Okay, so a lot of… stuff has been going on with game press, indie game creators, Zoe Quinn having sexual relationships with several men in the press and raping somebody, and the collective society of Angry Young Men… or at least that is what one perspective views it as, due to how there are many, many different ways to view this issue, and I am still at the starting line asking myself, “When the hell was the term ‘Games Journalism’ not something that was openly mocked?” Well, this whole weeklong… thing has been requiring quite a bit of journalism and investigation, along with allegations of biases possessed by sites, and the repression or threatening of releasing certain information.

Video Games time! Resident Evil Revelations 2 has been leaked, and will be for all five consoles if the 360 version is an indication, which is rather delightful for those who enjoyed the game, and a sign the first game will break beneath the $10 price tag for all else. Combine this with REmastered, and the series looks to be washing off the scent of RE6 nicely, the trainwreck that had 600 people, none of whom had any true control. Although the numbers seem to be contained compared to, oh, Hellblade… forgot that already? It’s Ninja Theory’s next game, and it is being done by 12-15 people. Meaning I have as much faith in it coming out soon as I do in No Man’s Sky. Likely even less. But what is the rest of the NInjutsu Theorists doing? Dealing with the death of Razer, a highly ambitious Destiny clone… no, seriously, it sounds alarmingly like it if you read the development documents, which make it very clear that the studio would be dead if this project did not succeed. Heck, it would be late too, as Destiny just went Gold.2 Bento Good JOb but is it really a good job when your dick is tracking shit all over the floor Hella no dawg get your life straight digger.

I mean, not everybody can get their dream, but one guy certainly did with the official NES-esc crossover title, Mighty Gunvolt. A crossover between Mighty Number 9, a game I will eternally miswrite. Galgun, a title most would never connect with the two it is sandwiched between, and Mage Man ZX3… by which I mean Mega Man Gunvolt… by which I mean Azure Strike Gunvolt, the title that will provide one with this quirky spin-off upon purchase. A nice little surprise, especially compared to a very odd announcement of Reboots of Alone in the Dark and Haunted House… coming this year… meaning nobody should have any faith in either of these titles.3 KLK Death and shock why did this doom and gloom need to happen ultimate devastation

Wait, is this everything? Fine, I’ll talk about the Quinnspiracy: The Five Guys Burgers and Fries Saga. Firstly, here are my seemingly correct opinion influencing sources. Secondly, my abridged version of events. Back in December 2013, Zoe Quinn, creator of the recently released html-esc game Depression Quest lied about being harassed in order to get media attention. She then used this publicity to ease her way into the hearts, and possibly pants, of several industry bigwigs who as such promised to keep hush-hush about anything negative she was doing. She also demolished somebody else’s attempt to create a video game that would help show women’s merit as game designers, took people’s money claiming she would create her own Game Jam she provided no information about. Yet when this information was something that would go public, it was repressed. Thousands of posts were removed from NeoGaf, Reddit, and so forth, while speaking about it on certain big name game sites is prohibited lest the employee wishes to be fired. Media is effectively being censored and a woman, who admitted to being a rapist by engaging in sex with somebody under false pretenses, is being harassed after that is what got her attention in the first place, when she could have been making most, if not all of that up. And the “Games Journalism” industry that has been tied to being bias towards the information they publish is being called out for how they are not abiding by any degree of journalistic integrity… I think.4 Mari PLease let me in it is important listen to my call you are dooming yourself game industry attention

So, combine this with quite a lot of pieces, not many that I have seen, which talked town to the audience of gamers, painting them all as racist, xenophobic, angry, white, male, heterosexual, cisgender, misogynists who cannot function in proper society, and there is naturally quite a divide between the press and the readership it is arguably publishing click bait like “What We Can Learn About Ferguson From Watch Dogs”. This only reinforced the level of distrust that has been gradually been building up, and some things have been happening because of this. In short, the lives of everybody involved in this is not going to be able to walk away squeaky clean, Not Zoe Quinn, not the Five or more Guys she slept with, and not Phil Fish, whose connection to this is a bit complex, but in short he was being his expected self.5 Henneko I don't know what the fuck this shit means, but use it whenever you feel like it bro

Okay, so Polytron, Phil Fish’s company, had their website hacked, and all of his personal information was made public, albeit briefly. The exact hows in this scenario do not add up if you put them together, namely that things were done too quickly, and done in a manner not similar to how hackers do this sort of thing. With useless personal information being found through magical means, and Phil Fish’s rapid decision to then sell both Polytron and Fez’s IP both making this fishy situation one where I can’t help but raise an eyebrow at Fish. Especially considering his site was hacked at the same time as Zoe Quinn’s Skype, Dropbox, Imgur, and so forth. Yet whereas Zoe seemed to be remorseful for what occurred and still wants to continue making games, Phil Fish basically told anybody who wanted to be an Indie Developer to now, as it didn’t work out well for him. Yeah, I’ll be happy when Phil Fish goes back into the hole he spent the past few months in, the dick.6 P4G Massive dick Maya so perfect

Now, this story is still rolling, but I have no clue if I shall speak of it more. Instead, I’ll be quiet until my Cinders review goes live… sometime this week. Oh, and here’s a leak from Assasisn’s Creed Unity… maybe.ACJazz Age Junkies…

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