Rundown (7/07-7/13) Oh, Right, I Need to Do This Thing

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Meh WHatever, Dawg

Hm…Yeah, alright, let’s just do this thing.Been spending the past few days on my new computer, so I’ll leave this little cherub out here while working on other reviews and juggling three games of my now truly endless backlog. That header image is cute.

Picking from the slightly less slim batch of fixings found this week, Ubisoft addressed the response to ZombiU, a good 7 months after release they said that the launch title was unprofitable, and there is not gonna be a sequel. Harsh for those who really did like the game, but understandable, and all but saying that it is because of ZombiU that Rayman Legends went multiplatform at the last minute.

MLM Of Course Obviously

Rayman Legends is still looking to be a fine game, and one that I will eventually play after its September release, where the usual wave of titles comes is, more or less led by Saints Row IV. Now, I adore the Saints Row series, but with the whole gimmick of becoming the super powered alien fighting president, I must ask what would happen next? Well, Volition has been wondering that as well, claiming that the hypothetical Saints Row V would go in a new direction. That is actually a fairly sad realization, but the series never had a definitive look that applied to all games aside from the urban sandbox. I say remove the protagonist form the equation and make the next game Gangstas in Space, a series in the same universe, but different at the same time.

Nyarko Let's just fuck of love violate sure whatever

Although, I suppose that I’ll need to wait until… Volition has two teams, so I guess they can show something off next year. It will probably still be a new IP though, a notion I wholeheartedly support. Especially when someone like, say, Nintendo plans on rolling one out. Details are somewhere between scarce and non existent, but I’d guess that this unknown project that Miyamoto is cooking is gonna be that free to play thing they announced a while ago.

Nyarko Ding Surge of Imagination Idea Alert Bam bam bam bam

Yet, Nintendo has never been one to follow reason, seeing as how they declared that Smash Brothers Melee will be absent from Evo 2013. Well, they declared it to be back on track hours later, but the notion of not wanting your title to be in a widely viewed competition when you’re crafting another game in the series is a weird idea. Perhaps they did not want to be viewed as a competitive thing, but the PR was too bad for them to go through with their plan. Hell, even worse considering they wanted Melee as a 100% no-show.

Watamote Make SOme Friends You Anti SOcial Prick

Companies are uncertain, they need to make decisions on the fly and try to keep their image up. Though, I think they can be dumb at certain instances, like whoever’s heading up that Ryse game. Quite simply, you can beat the game by hammering the face buttons if you want to. Accessibility is a tricky thing for games, and there is a fine line between difficulty and ease of play. This is not involved in the equation for Ryse, because you could theoretically play the game without knowing what symbol represents what button, removing all challenge if one chooses to.

Nyarko No Patch, so it is a-okay Creator approves

I really don’t like being wholly negative towards Microsoft, but they’ve just been dumb lately. Though, sometimes it can be things around them that grate your cheese, namely a petition to return the Xbox One to its virgin edition. Yes, a few thousand people are peeved that Microsoft backtracked on their DRM stance, and are trying to use an online petition to change back… Must I even explain why that is stupid? It was bad enough press that they tried to fan out, but going back on that would make them look even stupider! Learn what reality is, you nitwits! Actually, vote for that thing, make sure that the Xbox One lacks all relevance, because the PS4 is just sounding more and more radical.Nyarko Silly Console Wars Why Are You Doing That

On a happier note, Pokemon X+Y news! Yes, I should be selective with what I talk about, but I can’t help but nerd out when I see dark/psychic jellyfish, battle pandas, and an organization named Team Flare. I actually rather like how the trickles of information are being applied to everyone at once, along with the release being the same day for everyone. I do feel like this is the hype machine gearing up into overdrive so it can break down upon the actual release, but screw it! I’ve loved the franchise since I was four, and I’m not gonna stop anytime soon.

That is all I have to say now, and I need to get back to my backlog of PC games. Yes, I know I just got mine working, but I’d need weeks to get through all of them if I only ate and slept in between!

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  1. burnpsy

    “Details are somewhere between scarce and non existent, but I’d guess that this unknown project that Miyamoto is cooking is gonna be that free to play thing they announced a while ago.”

    Nope – that was quickly confirmed to be a new Steel Diver.

    1. Electnigma

      Oh, and here I was getting interested in the game. Seriously, did anybody like Steel Diver? Let alone enough to justify a new business venture?