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0 SCD Kojima Snake Metal GearMetal Gear Solid V came out this week, and people are unsurprisingly adoring the game. However, even if I weren’t keeping to my word to not buy the game before September 1, 2017, as to make my claim that I wouldn’t buy the game for ‘years’, I don’t think I’d be that interested. Quite simply, the base building, open world, and ranking systems all sound like the worst thing you could do with a narrative driven stealth game. Missions? Fine. But ranking and grading systems stir all sorts of bad anxieties inside my butthole.

Okay, time to marathon through some games that caught my eye while passively glancing at PAX. Necropolis is a roguelike procedurally generated third person exploration focused action game that takes some cues from Dark Souls in regards to its intensity and combat, but is ultimately its own colorful and low-poly thing. Also, it’s from the Shadowrun developers, so chances are it will be quite good. While Runic Games, the people behind Torchlight, are working on Hob, a Zelda-like set in a technofrost staring a player character from Journey with a big stone arm instead of a scarf. I kid, but based on the PAX demo, it looks quite interesting, and is certainly now on my radar. This leaves Kona, a first person adventure game about driving through rural Canada during the winter of 1970s and immersing oneself in the most bastardized variation of French on the planet. It honestly reminds me a lot of Firewatch sans the dialog. In it’s place Kona looks to focus more on some sort of cult, which I’m fine with in theory, but chances are they will be a boring cult, not a fun one that captures udneraged girls in order to use their parts to create the queen of the next generation of humanity.1 CDI Human Rights over an animal rights

Back to the AAA scene, Deus Ex: Mankind divided rustled some jimmies with its weird preordering stunt wherein people can customize what bonuses they want included with the game, but can also unlock more bonuses by having enough people preorder the game. A move that only really devalues the game and turns it into a product above all else. Unlike Resident Evil 0 HD, which Capcom looked at and decided to increase the game’s value with Wesker mode. In short, you get to play as Resident Evil 5 Wesker and wreck shop as well as you can with tank controls. Pretty nifty, not unlike the confirmation that Megadimension Neptunia VII is getting a Western release in early 2016 for the PS4, but seeing as how the series has been successful on PC, selling over two-hundred thousand copies cumulatively, meaning it has made roughly two million dollars I’d assume a port is already being looked into. Even though, the second title has not sold too well… Eh, do it anyways Idea Factory international!3 KLK But I Have No Money For Shame This Day is Sad purse is empty of cash

While I do adore the PC as a gaming platform, I think that it and Steam are becoming a bit too synonymous with one another. I’m already iffy about the whole reliance on Windows, and I do not want to trust another company who could become shit at any moment, and has expressed their incompetence throughout the past few years. Anyways, some games developed by Cave will be brought to Steam with the help of developer Degica. On the subject of ports, that Deadpool game made by High Moon Studios is getting a PS4/XBO remaster. Well, it’s just a port as I said, likely much like the Prototype ports Activision stealthily released after they realized how remastering titles takes actual time and effort. But these are the company who sent a game out to tie, and killed its developer off when it came back with a measly two million copies sold.4 Nyarko Sad Face of Sorrow Sarcasm

Nintendo has unveiled that they will indeed bring the regular New 3DS over to the United States, which will likely have its own region locked faceplates. Well, okay, they revealed that Animal Crossing Home Decoration Funtimes would be getting a bundle that includes a New 3DS, which is about seven months late by my count, but at least the likely superior version of the handheld is coming to the biggest game consuming nation in the world… And said nation will also receive Ace Attorney 6, as confirmed by Capcom, which will be about spirits, ghosts, and the mysterious American suburb of Los Angeles. At least I think that’s the case. I only ever played the first game in the series.5 Bento Have You Been Americanized you foreign swine learn japan

Capcom is also working on reviving Mega Man, and apparently Fox is doing a Mega Man movie, which strikes me as odd, and I will only believe that it is happening come an honest to goodness trailer. Even then, a proper release should be used before you ever consider something to be finished, much like with Early Access games, such as that Pokemon-esc Moonrise title from the State of Decay folks, which has been cancelled as the game was not making enough money to sustain itself. Uncensored ghost lesbians, however, they make lots of money, and MangaGamer is bringing a game that can be described using those three words to Steam, even though I would appreciate an option to censor out the nipples and vagina. Still, it’s neat that Steam is lowering its requirements for what can be sold on their storefront, even though they should raise them up a bit. In regards to the barrage of crappy Greenlight games on the storefront, and crappy ports like Batman: Arkham Knight got on the storefront, and were even promoted, even though the game is still getting interim patches before it’s properly fixed.6 SCD Lost faith in you bad man

I’m off to play some more Absolute Despair Girls, as my copy arrived on Friday, and I’ve been thinking about Danganronpa a lot lately. To the point where I decided I want an RPG where you play as the dead characters as they try to escape from the afterlife, which has been taken over by the amalgamation of every version of ***** ********. It would be incredibly stupid and have weird evolutions of existing characters. And it would end with every character returning to life, because fuck it! And of course ****** ******* would be the main character, as they are the only one who’s been to war.7 DR fucking nerd geek dweeb don't know what I am saying talking about asking idiot fuckwit

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