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WataMote Kill Suicide Death Shame HatredAnother week, another rundown, another instance of me being depressed and dissatisfied with my very existence, but unable voice my frustrations to any single person. Sure, I can post about it online, but that’s a lot like putting a message in a bottle and throwing it into a sea of nothing but messages in bottles.

After being deep into gaming news over the past eight years or so, I’ve become bored and largely apathetic towards any supposed controversies that rise up in a vocal minority of fans throughout the gaming community. They happen frequently, die in a matter of days, and while some serve as jumping off points for discussions, very little change is made in their wake. The people behind them will largely never change, and even if these people did change, they would be replaced by another generation.

This week’s controversy is regarding an expansion made to the enhanced edition of Baldur’s Gate put out by Beamdog a few years ago. The expansion, Siege of Dragonspear, contains a transgender character in a minor role wherein you talk to her, ask about her name, and she explains that she was raised by a boy and assembled a new name for her based on syllables of multiple languages that meant something to her. It is the most minor little detail, but people have been whining about it, killing her for fun, and one went so far that they created a mod to remove her from the game. HeroJob Disgusting What Confused Explain

I can’t bare to think how poorly some of these… I want to discredit them without dehumanizing them, so… members of the Homo genus will react to changes made to, say, the Final Fantasy VII Remake. A game that will not be divided up into episodes as some predicted, and will instead be released in a series of full length installments, if only to encourage more retail sales. This negates some worries, but it also means that the game will likely be three or more parts, just my guess, and each will exceed thirty hours, making for a 100+ hour experience in total, which really doesn’t sound like a good time. Heck, the 70 hour length of the original was a bit much for me.2014-03-31_00014

Yes, I know that I will give that to any mainline Neptunia game, but that’s because gruel is easy to digest and wackadoo humor is a very nice spice. Anyhow, as should surprise no one, Superdimension Neptune Vs Sega Hard Girls, the Sega Hard Girls and Neptunia crossover game wherein Neptune is now a motorbike and IF is promoted to protagonist, is coming to the western regions this autumn. So expect a review whenever the PC port comes out, and there is a good chance I will do a review of Sega Hard Girls sometime this summer, along with other animes.20160322151603_1

Also expect a review of Danganronpa 2 on April 23rd, shortly after its release date of April 18th, the same as as the PC port of Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart, which I’ll have a review of by… April 30th. I made it a goal for myself to get reviews of new games out within a week, but a 25 hour visual novel and a 30+ hour SRPG? I sadly lack the time for both of those within 7 days. Sorry, my nonexistent audience.

Also, you remember how a few weeks ago Fable Legends was supposedly cancelled and a bunch of people, not including me, said that Lionhead was dead? Well, they aren’t and Fable Legends may not be cancelled, as Microsoft is really pondering what should be done with and could be done to save this troubled project, which still does not bode well for the game. It would be nice if the game comes out and is good, that’s always nice to see that, but I have severe doubt about that.MLM Yay Awkward Okay Sure Fine

Do I have doubts about a rumor put out by Emily Rogers that Zelda 2016 will be for Wii U and NX, feature a male and female main character, and will introduce *gasp* voice acting in the series? I always have doubts, but this sounds both pretty believable based on what little is known about the project, and would be pretty cool to see. That said, details are likely not coming until E3 2016, where Nintendo may dominate the entire convention.

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