Rundown (8/16-8/22) Forever A Failure

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0 DR nothing zero zip zada failure no more motivation give up surrenderAnother week, another one-fifth-second of a year gone down the drain, and another series of days where I feel like I have been a worthless POS, as I am not keeping my shit organized well enough. I’ll hopefully get better once I return to a school based schedule this week, and hopefully my first semester of full-time college does not cause me to dive down the despair drenched drain to the dirty and dingy darkness. Alliteration is fun…

Well, time for the weekly #FucKonami paragraph… except not really, as Konami apparently understands that people are peeved at them and let out a survey asking which series people want to see revived. If this is the start of a new chapter where they are not abusive little shits, then okay, only #FucKonami from about 2010 to 2015. However, they are assholes until proven otherwise, and I’m guessing they won’t do shit with this. I was going to connect this story to one about the localization woes of Trails in the Sky SC, but I then found out that Bandai Namcos did the crap job with bringing those games over to the West, and not Konami.I wanted to get at how hard a translation truly can be with a game the length of ten novels of 250+ pages each, and how localization should not be treated as a given, but I screwed up am looking quite the fool in front of all the childrens.1 SCD Writing a novel is hard you silly boy

That said, when you have an English version, maybe not a very good English version, but something to work off of, and have said you would bring it over to the west, you probably should, Sega, what with your Phantasy Star Online 2, which is coming to PS4 in 2016, yet you apparently you have no no plans to do that? Well, that sucks for everybody after you confirmed the localization years ago. Also, it stinks that the Kunio-kun games barely ever made it outside of Japan, but as I recall hoping when the acquisition of the IP by Arc System Works was announced, the company does have plans to bring the series westward. Thereby objectively proving for all time with undeniable certainty that River City Ransom, Crash ‘n’ the Boys, and Super Dodge Ball hold more worth than the entirety of the Phantasy Star series2 Back Street Girls Damn Son

On the subject of localization and general globalization of the medium, China will likely become a pretty major player in the industry over the next five to ten years. Why do I bring this up? Well, the Chinese company who owns Riot games, some of Epic Games, their own social gaming platform, and a bunch of other companies, Tencent, is rumored to be looking to hire Hideo Kojima following the whole Konami thing. I am hesitant to believe that anybody other than Microsoft or Sony is looking to hire Kojima, nay, give him his own studio with neigh unlimited funding in order to ensure an amazing game that will sell gangbusters simply by plastering the Kojima name on it. Heck, the name probably holds more sway than any individual company, except for Nintendo, but they are the exception to all the rules. Most company names tend to fixate on a certain niche with their own dedicated fans, such as WayForward, who is working on Goosebumps adventure game… because that series is apparently being revived, and WayForward will accept any license you give them and turn out something decent at the very least.3 CDI Random Octopus Chosen one

I am currently waiting on my copy of Windows 10, not that I plan on using it soon, as it is best to adopt an OS after support has been established and all my programs work properly on it, but the OS apparently cannot run game with some terrible DRM from years ago. Now, you can run the games, just find a DRM crack, which is totally legal if you own the product, so this only serves as another example of DRM being a crappy idea that should not have been made commonplace. And while PC gaming is still set as the central subject, ReCore is likely headed to PC, as leaked by somebody’s resume. Also heading to PC is a game from some of the same people with Azure Striker Gunvolt, and it will arrive in about a week, which is my favorite kind of announcement. 4 Henneko Thanks bro Imma gonna take this woman away now brb just kidnapping cry baby

Yes, yes, I wish that PC was the ultimate platform for video games, although I dislike the idea of basing things off of Windows, as it is a proprietary operating system owned by a company who has become ubiquitous with the idea of a personal desktop computer. That especially includes Nintendo, and even smaller games of theirs such as the recently revealed Picross 3D 2 and the far more expensive and technically demanding Pokken Tournament, which is coming to Wii U in 2016. Yes, some thought the game would only hit the NX, which may or may not be true as that system could be anything at this point, that rumor about a console without a disk drive be damned. Although, the rumor about Professor Layton being in Smash 4, as leaked by his VA, may be true, as voice actors are not that good when it comes to embargoes, except for when they are.5 MLM Hard to say

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