Rundown (12/18/2022) Natalie’s Going In For Bottom Surgery!

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This Week’s Topics:

  • Tencent bought 20% of that anime booty game.
  • The continued purging of HBO Max to avoid residuals
  • A ‘remaster’ of 2005’s Ys: The Oath in Felghana
  • The next retroactive adventure of Adol Christin
  • Amazon’s next Tomb Raider game
  • The END of the Pokémon anime (as we know it)

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Rundown (7/18-7/24) Surprise Face Reveal!

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Wherein I subject you folks to my wretched face and voice, discuss an un-deadening of Dead Space, another accursed acquisition, the struggles of a ship of scallywags in Singapore, and how Activision Blizzard is a truly wretched company based on a lawsuit filed by the state of California. 


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Rundown (8/16-8/22) Forever A Failure

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0 DR nothing zero zip zada failure no more motivation give up surrenderAnother week, another one-fifth-second of a year gone down the drain, and another series of days where I feel like I have been a worthless POS, as I am not keeping my shit organized well enough. I’ll hopefully get better once I return to a school based schedule this week, and hopefully my first semester of full-time college does not cause me to dive down the despair drenched drain to the dirty and dingy darkness. Alliteration is fun… (more…)

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