Rundown (6/21-6/27) Mild Mannered Panic

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0 Train Panick by chibiibiruSo, the reason why I did not put out a review of D4 this week is rather simple. I have come to realize that my PC is not as top end as I believed it was when I made it two years ago. I have been saving up some spending money, and am near my goal of… seeing as how I need to get a new monitor, $1,700. I mean, it can run D4 no problem, but its framerate is inconsistent and I refuse to tolerate that. Instead, I made the terrible decision to play Borderlands 2, which I am only going to go through so I can, without a doubt, call it wet hot street trash. Also, I should be reviewing Punch Line this week, so, yeah, look forward to that, I guess.

The developers of the recently released small time title Sunset, Tale of Tales, have left the gaming business after their title sold a measly 4,000 titles with a 50% discount, and including copies given out to Kickstarter backers. Meaning that this Belgian company is more or less screwed as they just withstood a pretty massive bomb, and could not really afford to make another game if their spirits were not already crushed by how nobody gave a crap about their title. As is the fate of many companies I suppose, but Tale of Tales has been making games for about 13 years now, thus proving how hard it is to simply make people aware of or care of your product in these modern times. I would pity them a bit, but they then acted like a child on Twitter. Claiming that capitalism is inherently evil, those who enjoy video games are vile lifeforms who deserve death for engaging in virtual murder, and faulting how many people they had to block following their comment of how much they feel videogames were a mistake; and are nothing but trash. I understand this kind of breakdown, but I cannot help but laugh at the homeless woman who is covered in her own defecation, speaking in tongues, bashing her head in with an egg beater, bleeding profusely out of the ear due to a brain injury, masturbating with a rotten worm infested cucumber and rubbing her hair encrusted feet into a bin of ice cream she stole from the local grocer…1 Rain Indeed Awkwardness Huh You're right agree

Granted, the game industry is a wretched hive of scum and villainy and that will likely not change… ever, and it does hurt otherwise great games. Take for example, Fire Emblem Fates, a three campaign long game, which is being broken up instead of being released as a $70 version of the game that contains all three campaigns plus the inevitable DLC. Anyhow, it was revealed that the player character’s sexuality is allowed to traverse the single axis of Andosexual and Gynesexual regardless of their gender… you can be gay if you want to, but it is based on what version you buy, which just seems backwards in my book… If I had my way, I would raise the price up for most games and include all of the bonuses and DLC in the game itself. If that seems pricey, just wait for the price to drop, as it does for ninety-nine percent of games. Heck, you should only buy most games at launch if your livelihood is built on video games and you can write it off as a business expense or profit off of the it. 2 PM I do not understand your thinking logic sense mind brain funtimes fartworks baka dummy

Oh, but if I said that to Warner Brothers they would likely put me in their Master of Martial Hearts hole, wherein they capture people, make them retarded, inject them with sexification drugs, and sell them off as sex slaves. I mean, this is a publisher so cheap and incompetent that they pulled the PC version of Arkham Knight as it was nothing short of wretched from what I heard. It also apparently lacks visual effects from other versions of the game, due to how the outsourced studio behind the port likely lacked the funding and support to make something quality, or were just incompetent and happened to be the lowest bidder. This happened with Mortal Kombat X, and it makes me very sad to see this crap continue. The PC is the eternal platform as far as I am concerned, and making a good port for it seems like it should be the top priority for most studios, because while console sales tend to cap off, PC sales spike all the goldarn time and games have such a longer lifespan… Who am I kidding? These bastards don’t view games as anything but a way to make money.3 KLK The Face of the rich game industry and AAA development sure this money hungry mofo is a kind bitch

Anything else? Well, Sony saw it fit to release a smaller and more efficient PS4, by which I mean it is 10% smaller, and consumes 8% less power. It seems like a very minor an unnecessary upgrade, and it is only coming out in Japan as of right now. Also, there were some redundant statements about what will be changed with the FF7 remake, but I’m guessing development either just started on it, or has yet to properly begin. I also heard of the possibility of CyberConnect2 working on the remake, which sounds somewhat plausible, aside from how they are not that big of a studio, and will need to keep putting out annual Naruto games while remaking one of the most beloved games of all time…4 P4G Sad this is not right wrong bad fuck this nope come on this is stupid silly really

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