Rundown (7/12-7/18) A Disgrace to the Glorious Name of Autism

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0 Watamote The fuck you talking about porn bikes you neet go get shot you idiot why you existSo, I was hoping to start building a new computer soon, but my mother told me that I should put away 60-70% of my money instead of fifty-something, so that brought my funds down by about $600, so it will take a while to build up the additional $750 or so… I’m going to need to deal with my current computer for a while while trying to maximize my frugalness to avoid feeling a level of despair and inferiority, although I totally deserve that for being a disgrace to the glorious name of Autism. At least the state of Illinois is willing to pay for my college education and help me get a real full time adult job in a few years ‘cos my Autism is 100% official now.

To start on a very sad foot, it was revealed a few hours after my prior Rundown that Nintendo CEO and President, Satoru Iwata passed away. About a year ago it was revealed that he had some health issues, but apparently they were worse than he let on. I am normally dismissive and uncaring when deaths happen, but Iwata kept up a positive and happy image throughout his run as Nintendo’s CEO, and that just makes a bad thing all the worse. He is pretty much the reason Kirby exists, assisted in finishing up Smash Brothers Melee for its intended launch date, and helped compress the data in Pokemon Gold and Silver enough for the Kanto region to be included, that alone is amazing!1 leave_luck_to_heaven__rip_satoru_iwata__by_dragonith

Alright, with that short little respite of peace and tranquility, time for the same old AAA video game malarky. PrototypeRemastered… stealth released… on Monday night… for XBO. Yeah, that does sound a bit like a randomly generated news story. Anyhow, it did happen, Fun Labs, makers of a bunch of Cabela games, ported the titles over to the eighth generation of systems despite how the series was pronounced dead after its sequel sold two million in the first three months, when it was pretty low budget, not that great, and was released in a fairly hectic season. Oh, and as people later found out, the game does not look or run better than the PS3 and 360 versions. Hell, it’s not even a consistent 30 fps, which is kinda sad.2 KS Getting sad really unhappy

On the subject of timely releases, that is the primary reason why Tekken X Street Fighter has spent seventeen years in development, as with Street Fighter V and Tekken 7 on the horizon, finding a good release window is tricky and the game will likely not be out for two years or so. It’s better than being cancelled or falling into development doo-doo, as is the case with Dead Island 2. In short, Deep Silver dropped the game’s developer, Yager after they figured out how the entire thing was going to be a post modern and artistic exposae that would effectively kill the franchise’s viability. I’m kidding, but I would not be surprised if that is the case. Either way, this combined with the delay to 2016 makes me wonder where the game is at in development, and if the game will come out as anything but a shambling undead corpse of a game that was gutted and stitched together by people who had no clue what they were doing.3 PM Dead die death dying not real stupid worthless waste devalue

Acting as another unplanned segway, the Batman: Arkham Knight PC port was so shoddily done that it will take until September properly finished. Considering this game, for PC, was bundled with a lot of Graphics Cards, and is intended to be a day one SteamOS title, this is humiliating on so many levels. I know you want to get your DLC out, WB, but at least have your own studio handle a PC port, it cannot be that hard! I also feel that not being a piece of crap human being is pretty easy, but Randy Pitchford proves otherwise.4 CoffeeWiz The Spooky and evil cum monster don't get raped time gal fucking really

Okay, this gets a bit hairy, but here’s what I gathered. The man claimed that Aliens: Colonial Marines’ lack of a proper lawsuit was due to how his company simply did nothing wrong by showing gameplay footage that did not represent the title in order to, as of the release date, sell the title. Randy claimed that the outpour of disapproval over the game that was ultimately panned was due to how some people are sadists. He then mentioned how he personally lost ten to fifteen million with Aliens: CM, which I do not believe, I would assume the project went over budget, but I blame that more on incompetence than anything else. With his words more or less devoid of value at this point, Randy Pitchford claimed that Duke Nukem 5‘s concept work has been done, and it’s pretty cool, which means nothing. Also, as one final bit of information that the ill fated Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 became their stupidly named MOBA, Battleborn, but the historically accurate, I think, series of military shooters will continue. Good, because that was their last good game from what I could gather.5 KLK Mom Please Stop me from being evil and bad parents control your kids they are wild jojo cosplayers

Using once beloved things that turned into poop as a transition, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 was, I think, shown off for the first time ever, with some scripted in-engine footage that I guess looks fine, but as I always thought that Skaters were no-goon-nicks, I am really not the target demographic here. Will it justify its namesake? I dunno, or really care to be quite honest. I do care about Shenmue 3, as I backed it during its second to last hour because I wanted to be part of the history. 69,320 backers pledged $6,333,295 to make this game a reality, which shows the power of crowdfunding, but is ultimately not enough to bring people the game they truly want come late 2019. Coming before that will likely be a title made by both Atlus and Vanillaware. Likely that robot game they teased earlier this year, but the company has a history of working on two projects around the same time. I honestly did not care very much for Dragon’s Crown or Muramasa, but I do like what the company stands for, so it’s more than likely I’ll bite into it. The artwork alone warrants my attention.6 SCD Isn't that cool awesom great radical stellar

I was planning on ending this post here, but then Capcom let out some details about Street Fighter V at this year’s Evolutionary fighting game tournament, and they go like such: The game will launch with sixteen characters, four of which are newcomers. There will be no new editions, as in Super, Turbo, Ultra, or so forth, of Street Fighter V. Every copy will have access to all of the new characters, costumes, and features put out over the ensuing years. In order to get this new content players will need to use in-game currency and out of game currency that is bought with real world money. This is a brow raiser, but if you get everything you could possibly want after playing three thousand matches, then I think there is little to worry about. Hell, if everything can be unlocked by playing this game that will ideally live on throughout the next five or so years, then I see no reason to not support it.7 Haganai Yay Not Entirely A Fun End For Me

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