Rundown (12/18/2022) Natalie’s Going In For Bottom Surgery!

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This Week’s Topics:

  • Tencent bought 20% of that anime booty game.
  • The continued purging of HBO Max to avoid residuals
  • A ‘remaster’ of 2005’s Ys: The Oath in Felghana
  • The next retroactive adventure of Adol Christin
  • Amazon’s next Tomb Raider game
  • The END of the Pokémon anime (as we know it)

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Rundown (6/21-6/27) Mild Mannered Panic

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0 Train Panick by chibiibiruSo, the reason why I did not put out a review of D4 this week is rather simple. I have come to realize that my PC is not as top end as I believed it was when I made it two years ago. I have been saving up some spending money, and am near my goal of… seeing as how I need to get a new monitor, $1,700. I mean, it can run D4 no problem, but its framerate is inconsistent and I refuse to tolerate that. Instead, I made the terrible decision to play Borderlands 2, which I am only going to go through so I can, without a doubt, call it wet hot street trash. Also, I should be reviewing Punch Line this week, so, yeah, look forward to that, I guess. (more…)

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Batman: Arkham City Review

punchOkay, so earlier this year I decided to revisit Batman: Arkham Asylum, where I investigated the doubt I felt after playing the game, and decided that I really did not find the game to be all that great. I gave it a 7.5 and all that, but not GOTY material in my book, just a surprisingly good liscense game. I did recall enjoying its sequel, Arkham City a bit more, but even after plowing through it I distinctly remember feeling a sense of emptiness, and I figured out why… at least partially. I mean, I’ve yet to reach max reviewed level, but I’ve at least gained ten since I started, right? (more…)

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Batman Arkham Asylum Review

angry_batman-wideSo, how do I follow up getting a new system? By reviewing three titles that are not only very multiplatform friendly, but I had already played previously. And this one is no different as am I here with another critically acclaimed game, but I went through it about three years ago and it was actually a title that helped spark my interest in reviewing as something about it just seemed off and the 16-year-old who would eventually call himself Electric Nigma didn’t know how. Yet I believe I do as of now, so I’m going to do it now… Also, I wanted to go through the game on PC, as I will with many others. (more…)

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Bastion Review

bastionDo I want to begin this review with a spiel about how some indie games blow up while others are eternally a mystery to people across the universe? Or perhaps how easy it is to get behind on the list of games that arise from the ether? Maybe mentioning how random my collection of games is becoming so that I have nearly 100 games on Steam, mostly due to Humble Bundles? Nope, I’d rather just start about talking about the Bass-tion abyss.


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Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Review


To stop beating around the bush, and immediately light it on fire, I did not like The Witcher 2 any significant amount. In fact, after I got to the second of three chapters, the only reason I continued was so I could label this as a review rather than a first impressions piece. However, seeing as how adorable the box back is, I’m going to use that as the centerpiece of the review, if only because I think it’d be more fun than I got from the actual title.

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