Rundown (6/21-6/27) Mild Mannered Panic

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0 Train Panick by chibiibiruSo, the reason why I did not put out a review of D4 this week is rather simple. I have come to realize that my PC is not as top end as I believed it was when I made it two years ago. I have been saving up some spending money, and am near my goal of… seeing as how I need to get a new monitor, $1,700. I mean, it can run D4 no problem, but its framerate is inconsistent and I refuse to tolerate that. Instead, I made the terrible decision to play Borderlands 2, which I am only going to go through so I can, without a doubt, call it wet hot street trash. Also, I should be reviewing Punch Line this week, so, yeah, look forward to that, I guess. (more…)

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