Rundown (10/20-11/02) Sorry, I’ve Been… Look At The Bunnies

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Bloomed Into Action AKA Yo Pussy

Yep, another double decker! Meaning there are untouched paragraphs from the twenty-second and a length that is a bit longer than I would like. With my image storage certainly dwindling, although I do occasionally find gems like the header. It actually makes me really upset at how CrunchyRoll is handling their manga service, as it is both limited in terms of library and requires a subscription to view pages available on the internet. I mean, really? Limited to only the newest chapter for series that have been going on for volumes? I’ll stick with hunting for delightfully insane stuff while procrastinating for my School Days review. Because goldarn is that show boring!

Starting with a dead horse that I keep running into, unable to resist the “Beat Me” sign placed in front of it, the Wii U’s kicking off this segment! More specifically the Wii, but the Wii U by extension. In short, the Wii is going to be discontinued in Europe, Japan, but not the US. This can be marked as both an end of a generation, but I can’t help but feel as if the removal of the old model is in some way influenced by how people will know that Wii =/= Wii U, a message that is still being mistaken, and is probably why- Nope, not gonna bad mouth it by taking the negative sounding truth.

PGOS I'll shut You Up 3

Instead, I’ll bring up a very delightful rumor going around the old mill that all the boys go out in nothing but their knickers and ball straps. With something called ReUmagined. A planned series of seven remade Nintendo 64 games for the Wii U with a lower price range, and, hopefully, a shorter development time, seeing as how Wind Waker only really started in March before it was ready for the world again. Granted, Nintendo 64 games will need to be reworked far more than Wind Waker, but that will move them up to what? A year? And with multiple teams, they could probably manage to get one out every six months, and what better starting point than Mario 64, one of the most wretched relics of the time, assuming you weren’t playing games when it came out.

CDI I will Eat You Revenge Anger

What? I played the game, and never got past a certain point. Sunshine is keen, Galaxy is one of my favorite duos of all time, and 3D World looks bossanova. So I’m just going to talk about Pokemon and DLC. An idea that springs to mind after you realize the lack of a Legendary trio in the recently released X and Y, and even more so when you consider just how Nintendo rolled out loads for Fire Emblem, so they are clearly interested. Oh, but Microtransactions won’t be hitting hard, at least not for Pokemon. If that statement confused you, I mean as in individual Pokemon, which is one of the big problems with having an all encompassing term for your franchise. But nope, you cannot buy Pokemon, and that is fine with me, mostly because you can just trade just about any of them if you are so inclined. Hell, I got a Rotom for a Kangaskhan for crying out loud. All as part of my incredibly stupid conquest to get every single goshdarn Pokemon, ‘cuz I’m dumb.

KS Idiot Moron Dumb Because you are

Though, that doesn’t mean I am loyal to the series as a franchise, despite how I own some plushies, as my reaction to the next 3DS Pokemon adventure is a meh. As the game will be a detective adventure where you are helped by a Pikachu, who I just know will be the cause of so many annoyances, much like the other two Pokemon games about hanging around with a Pikachu were. Seriously, that N64 one made me so upset when I was seven! With the same being applied to Trozei getting a sequel, mostly due to how puzzle games as a genre are not really my thing, as I play games with the goal to beat them and see the ending.

To The Moon Endings Are Not More Important

Which explains why I feel attached to an unfinished story, and eagerly anticipate the sequel, much like Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season Two. With the first of five episodes launching before the year’s end, details are naturally scarce, as all we know is that the lighting engine has been improved by quite a bit, Clementine is the main character, and bad stuff will happen in the woods. A trip that I will enjoy when I get around to it in the summertime, because bonk playing one episode a month. I played The Walking Dead season one in three days and wouldn’t have it any other way, and I’d need to replay it on PC anyways, marking the third time I would have done such a thing.

Nyarko SLave Strikes Again WHat Is Going On Guys

All because I didn’t want to go through my stupid backlog that I have been picking at as best as I can considering I bought PHANTASMAGORIA… 2, and get used to me typing that title in all caps. With one title that I know will consume a good seventy hours being GTA V, at least when it is $20 and on PC. Not that Rockstar would need any of my dollars, as the game apparently shipped 29 million copies. A level that I believe makes it the most wide spread game since Wii Sports and Mario + Duck Hunt. A feat that should be responded with Rockstar being filled with money, accidentally killing three employees as there was too much shoved in there office.

Henneko Hey Sexy Boy There is a TOn of Poverty and destruction in the world Enjoy this porn

But some can’t be so lucky with money, such as the poor Ouya people who wanted a change, but ultimately flopped, and are trying again with the Ouya 2.0, launching in 2014. A move that I hope ends the system or entire brand’s name, as I am very open to some things, but am a 1890s style racist towards others. With new consoles being a big one, as I feel that three is already too many boxes, and we don’t need a Rubix Cube sized one. With the $100 price tag being something I respond by pointing at the Vita TV, and how it has Hyperdimension Neptunia PP, an idol sim. Well, the Vita will have that, I don’t know about the Vita TV… I would like everything to be compatible though.

HHD Please Eat Me!

Oh, but we can’t get everything we want, as one of my more anticipated titles of these modern times, South Park: The Stick of Truth, has been delayed for what I believe to be the fourth time. Because why not have a current gen title out a few months after the new hardware comes out… I really should just copy and paste a paragraph about my simple thoughts on delays, but I don’t feel like it, and am just going to end this by saying that I’m in too deep with Pokemon, as they all must be mine for some insane reason. Oh, and Persona 5 confirmed. Get yo PS3 ready for 2014, Diggs.

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