Rundown (12/22-1/04) Pounding Into That There 20-14

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“What do you want to see from games in 2014?” is a question that I raise an eyebrow towards, as I view it as a very simple one to answer. Less hissy fits about minor details, stay positive and hope companies don’t do dirty actions, and keep on putting out great games. Bam! I think the question is more focused towards what people really want out of Gen8, but then I can’t answer the question properly, as I made myself a PC that I named after this here blog I made about a year beforehand. I got more games than I got over the past three years in the past seven months so jack could happen this year and I’d say it was still pretty good. So here’s a bunch of old C Grade news.

Picking the pieces of the pre-Christmas bliss a good ten days ex post facto, Bravely Second was not only properly teased, but there is word that the Bravely series is one that will become increasingly more common, as the producer aiming for annual installments. A move that strikes me as baffling no matter what the title. Sure, sports games are re-released with minor tweaks and rosters to reflect a new season, but there is little reason why Assassin’s Creed gets the same treatment aside from how it makes money and is occasionally very good. Though, this idea was later hindered by how the future of the series would be shaped on how well Bravely Second is received. Though considering how, in my humble opinion, crappy the demo of Bravely Default was, being a poorly balanced grind filled 7 hour slog, and the fact that the game is still in preproduction, I would not be surprised if it just ends prematurely. That, and they needed a sub-sequel to fix most of the issues found the first time around.

MLM Hopeless Old Man

Speaking of titles from Square in preproduction, the guy who wrote Final Fantasy X’s scenario is hoping to do a Final Fantasy X-3. Now, as somebody who merely watched a playthrough of the game years ago, I am not one to say about the prior title’s quality. Hell, the gameplay systems alone seem rock solid enough to expand upon. However, after a goofy sequel that nobody really wanted… No. I know the feeling of wanting to expand a world you crafted, but sometimes you need to just leave it as it is, or it will just become filthy with lore and plot holes.

SCD The Story Never Ends it Continues Forever

A statement that could be the reason why nobody even tries to explain the story behind Smash Brothers, which recently revealed Zelda as a returning character. Sheik is up in the air, though, as they are not shown in the moveset implied by the screenshots, but having a “perfect” version of Smash Brothers is as likely as creating a “perfect” anything.

The world is a chaotic place where things like Hello Games’ offices getting flooded. A rather tragic event, as it also acted as the small team’s home, but seeing as how they need No Man’s Sky to keep doing what they’re doing, I’m guessing they will get back to work as soon as they get their stuff, even if they will not have that Neo Geo Pocket.

KS Sad TIme Depression Upset

Pocket… Monsters.  Pokemon X and Y were suppose to launch their big Pokemon Bank service shortly after Christmas in the US and Europe, but there were major server issues. And this was just in Japan, which would be the smallest region they’d have to cover, effectively showing that the day Nintendo launches an online only game, they will fumble like people did decade before them. Or Pokemon X and Y could also just be a giant behemoth of a title, as it ultimately had five-hundred people working on it. Though, not in the Resident Evil 6 mold, more that they regularly had certain people from other Nintendo branches help them out with little things. Still, it is rather amazing considering how Pokemon is, at its core, a game that would only be unplayable on an NES due to the number of monsters, and the pretty visuals.

SCD Basic Male What

Here’s the point where I’d comment about the next game being either pretty or not pretty, but I really don’t know how the game will look, as the game is Devil’s Third. Y’know, that game from the perverted man behind the good modern Ninja Gaiden games which THQ dropped when they realized their money was set on fire by a man with a uDraw shirt. Well, the game is now 80% done and looking to release in 2014. Downside, it is coming out for the 360 and PS3, meaning nobody would buy it. Hell, the game was under the radar for so long that I’d figure most people, like me, would have forgotten it even existed. Just like Rodea the Sky Soldier, that NiGHTS successor from Mr. Yuji Naka… Yeah, remember that Wii game?

SNafu What do you want from me I'm a forgetful little bitch woman fuck off dude

Hell nah, dawg, everything’s HD nowadays, ‘cos we’re rocking the 2014 now, ya mook! Now we’ve got such huge major games that are worth $225 million, like what I’m guessing the budget of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be when it comes out and is revealed to be a hundred times larger than Ground Zeroes. Now I am just wondering if it will be on four discs when it launches on Xbox 360, or ten.

Snafu The most adorable disapproval I do not like what you are doing so stop it you poop but this is also kinda cool confliction

Though at least people will be able to still buy copies of the game, unlike many Marvel licensed game that was digitally released over the past generation. Marvel Vs Capcom was removed not too long ago, and now the titles published by Activision, including the recent Deadpool game, are gone from digital storefronts across the world. It’s the double edged sword of having a digital only future, where contracts can remove a game’s sale for anyone who had not decided to pick it up. However, I think that this is still something to be peeved about, as there was no warning. Which is an act of either ignorance or rage fueled idiocy, as I might’ve picked up Deadpool, and maybe that Wolverine game because I heard it was good.

Nyarko Secret Crimes Never Tell One

Though I am starting to realize that digital distribution will never be perfect, even though it can be taken in many radical and unique ways, such as the one embarked on by an insane Japanese man who spent $3000+ over the recent Steam sales. A move nearly as insane as revealing your next game at midnight when not a soul would be noticing, like Ackk Studios, makers of Two Brothers, revealed Project Y2K, a game that strikes me as the 3D Earthbound game never made if the combat were more… actually, only three screenshots were revealed, so all I know is that it’s coming to computers, PS4, and Wii U.

That’s all the news that tickled my fancy, so here’s to another year of my pathetic, cobbled together literary masturbation… 


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