Rundown (7/26-8/01) Set Gamindustri on Fire and Beat Off on the Flames

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0 Jojo CEO paul marketting badnes oh dear gameinustri is on fire fuck the policeI know that it would be really hard, and the framerate would constantly plummet to 20 fps if one is lucky, but I really want to see a game where you can destroy all the buildings in it. Sure, there was Red Faction Guerrilla, but I want something like that set in a big modern city, as I get bored seeing the same darn sights when commuting every week and want there to be a game where you can cause collateral damage to millions and cost the city trillions as you destroy national monuments for the lolz. Instead the closest thing to what I want is No Man’s Sky, but I’m pretty sure the space cops will kill you if you try to dig a hole through the other side of the planet just to see how the game handles this.

In the continuing case of Kojima X Konami, the former composer of the Metal Gear series, Rika Muranaka, has come out to reveal what she thinks the problem is. As sourced from a podcast she supposedly spoke to, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is insanely expensive, and its budget has been going off the rails for a while. Konami wants to fade out from the game publishing and creation business, and want to no longer treat Kojima as anything more than a simple game developer who should not be recognized for his work. Kojima wants to make the best game possible, which naturally takes a lot of time and money, as the game has been delayed several times internally. This confliction of ideas had led to where we are now, and Konami’s higher ups have grown sick of Kojima’s lack of care for the business side of things, and as such cancelled Silent Hills and ended Kojima’s employment with the company. Also, Konami is making a Castlevania Pachinko game, subtitled Erotic Violence… Yep, Castlevania is dead, and I’m totally okay with that.1 KLK Your Father is done for and dying save yourself dead

Dragon Quest is not dead by a long shot, but based on their behavior, Square Enix wants it to die in North America and Europe. The company apparently doesn’t want to pay the money to translate the games despite having attempted to turn over a new leaf, and those rumors about a localization may have ultimately been false… Maybe they will finally bulk localize those 3DS games, then bring over Dragon Quest X as it is getting a PS4 version, and they better damn well bring over Dragon Quest XI, which was announced for 3DS, PS4, and NX, and looks pretty darn cool. Especially the 3DS version which has a sprite version of the game on the bottom screen, 3D on the top screen. That is cool, but not worth tolerating 240p. …It is a weird future where Dragon Quest may will not be localized, but you could import an English copy of the Xbox One Psycho Pass visual novel. Oh, but a Final Fantasy XII remastering may be under according to composer Arnie Roth, will undoubtedly get localized, and is probably 100% legit as people have been begging for it over the past 29 years.2 KillTime RObots are the true definition of family

On the subject of more games I know will get localized, Exist Archive, that collaborative project between Spike Chunsoft and Tri-Ace announced last week. From what I can gather, the game focuses on a group of twelve immortal teens who some deities want dead, and the exploration of both modern Tokyo and a distant planet with a silly name. Beyond that, it looks interesting enough to go on my wish list, and will apparently act as a successor to Valkyrie Profile in regards to gameplay, though my inexperience with that franchise means I have little idea what that means. I also had no clue what insolvency meant, but that was fixed within fifteen seconds and a Google search. Why was I looking that up? Because the branch of Yager, the Spec Ops: The Line developers,and former developers of Dead Island 2 have filed for insolvency, meaning they cannot pay their debts, but they thankfully have some money for their employees, though some may need to be let go due to the lack of work available at Yager. Kinda crappy, but it’s better than the studio at large going bankrupt or closing down forever. Now the question is who will finish up this sequel that is past due and if anybody will care when it comes out. Although, I’m pretty much putting my hands up and saying not me. I just care about the reception and status of the game after all this crap.3 Press Switch you are a poopy face doo doo head dumb dumb steamy boily feces shit fuck you suck

However, as much as I do punch them in the gut with brass knuckles whenever I see them, I always will care about Nintendo when I should just stop. Just hearing that the Wii U has sold over 10 million units after two and a half years on the market makes me irritated about how they operated over the past few years. If the Wii U were simply a traditional controller based $250 Nintendo & friends gamebox, with a hefty helping PC ports done by small independent studios and a… better virtual console, it would be fantastic and I would already own one. If the 3DS had a decent screen resolution, launched with the New 3DS model, and lacked all forms of 3D, I would probably love it. But neither of these things are true and instead we have a company that I feel is in dire need of getting its shit straight.4 Bitter Change Guess it was not going to be simple easy understandable mess disaster failure whoops mistake

They also need to clean up their DLC practices as I’m pretty sure that with a King K Rool Mii costume and Lloyd Irving Mii costume the base game now costs less than its DLC, which I find to be a sign that you are doing something very wrong. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the North American treatment of Amiibos, and how I have no interest in a Nintendo LootCrate equivalent as a result. Granted, that is more due to how that service sounds fun in theory, but involves giving you cheap little presents when you would probably get more satisfaction if you save up for a nice figure and buy some shirts yourself. I am not strictly opposed to the idea, but Nintendo is the most complicated figure in the game industry as everybody has so much love, adoration, deposition, disapproval, and disdain for them at this point.6 KLK That is a really not good bad thing that you are doing please stop you are the ruiner

However, there mostly seems to be disapproval, disdain, and deposition for the Kickstarter for the Mega Man legends successor, Red Ash. A mix of a poorly timed and planned Kickstarter for both an animated short and a game that had very little to show off beyond a poorly animated model kicking a can in a small room and the wait for Mighty Number Nine, which has been extended into 2016 meant that the Kickstarter was far from a success. However, then it was revealed that Comcept was teaming up with Fuze Entertainment to help fund the base game, and they would be taking care of the initial funding, while all current backers are set to help fund additional content. Or they would if they made their base goal, and with 300,000 missing a day before the end of the campaign I feel safe in saying that the Kickstarter is a failure… For those unaware, Fuze Entertainment is a Chinese company who plans on taking full advantage of the recently undone ban on console gaming in China by bringing over titles and maybe making their own console, which is foolish when the PS4 and XBO are already out in the country and have games being localized for the region… Welcome to GamIndustri, a land of disorientation, despair, and dead dreams!School Days That Face of a dead man

I suppose that some dreams can never die, such as the nifty one man passion project, Iconoclasts, which is up there with OwlBoy in regards to games that have been in development for roughly seven hundred years, by which I mean seven years, back when the word “Indie” meant something. It is finally coming out with the help of Bifrost Entertainment and will be out on PS4, Vita, and Steam come 2016. However, it will clearly take longer for a Resident Evil 2 remake, which was actually presented to the higher-ups at Capcom, after the company asked what fans would want out of a hypothetical remake. On the subject of Zombie games being remade, Ubisoft is, indeed, releasing ZombiU for XBO, PS4, and PC, only on digital platforms, on August 18th as Zombi.7 Mari Apathy is the bestest feeling go and have some you piece of fucking shit bastard

Using ports as a transition, Sega of Europe’s Twitter teased that there may be some PC ports for Sega games coming soon after Valkyria Chronicles sold… at least 450k on Steam. So maybe some Platinum love on PC is inevitable. I’d be glad to support their efforts regardless, much like I am willing to lop on the praise to a group of people who took PT and remade the game in Unity. Okay, it is more of a proof of concept, but it does have quite a lot of potential and is a great advertisement for Unity, which is a great engine that some talentless hacks have misused over the past 42 eons.8 PGOS Even your stupid brain can understand it

To close this packed week out, I’d like to plug a really nice and heartfelt little post by Scott Cawthon, mostly because it is a very adult stance on the reception to his games, the Five Nights At Freddy’s series, and his very clear love for the medium and admiration to those who were inspired by his work. That, and the man failed 20+ times before he managed to strike in the right place at the right time. Because if you have heard of a game developer, chances are that they are an exception to the rule. As there are about 27 million out in the wilds, which is why this industry is so bonked while also floating through even the baddest of storms.9 SCD Ugly Grop Shot Because Badass
…And Gen 7 of Pokemon is starting up, and will likely debut next year, as a new Pokemon has been revealed… 1996, 1999, 2002, 2006, 2010, 2013, 2016… Yep, that works. So, yeah, here’s hoping that improvements come, while knowing that GameFreak will not make the game I want them to. Whoo-hoo.

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