Rundown (4/26-5/02) Cut Off My Balls, I Don’t Need Them

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0 Mayonaka no X Giten cut off your balls because that would be a fun trans girl man woman thing to do masturbateI was going to make a post on NeoGaf about how I spent about 1.5k on games over the past two years, but ended up getting nearly 300 games in the end. However, I chickened out and could not bare to put my thoughts on a message board, because that is a great way to get murdered. I also bought a Chromebook so I could type things instead of sleeping while on the train, and am looking into buying some hormones because I should start HRT sooner than later. It won’t be a full gender transition or anything like that, as I think I’d be the most comfortable being Genderqueer.

So, I mentioned how Konami had canned Silent Hills, which they confirmed, and PT is now gone, as they want to end the promotion of a teaser to nothing. Konami is also delisting themselves from the New York Stock Exchange, which I view as them no longer wanting to be involved in the US market, but could just mean anything. One thing is made clear however, they are still the same company who did that E3 2010 press conference, and I prepared a list of fairly recent blunderings. They failed to promote New Little King’s Story, announced Blades of Time a week before its release, and did not supply it to most stores until a week later, delayed Silent Hills: Book of Memories a day before release, and basically killed off Castlevania with Lords of Shadow, which nobody wanted. They also screwed the pooch with every HD Collection then did, as Metal Gear Solid’s was stupidly hard to find in winter of 2011, which was utterly bananas. Silent Hill’s was an utter disaster that showed massive amounts of disrespect for their own creation, and later the 360 version was recalled. Zone of the Enders failed to maintain a consistent 60 frames per second, and had to be fixed by another developer as the outsourced developer is known for a string of bad ports to superior hardware… I’m pretty much just paraphrasing Jim Sterling at this point. Seriously, I’m surprised I managed to forget this kind of shit over three years time.1 SCD I won't forget you except I will not remember

On the subject of abusing IP, that Five Nights at Freddy’s thing is still going on, despite how I think most thought it would end with 3, but part four, The Final Chapter, was announced recently. I cannot help but view this as a similar move to the Friday the Thirteenth films where part four was also called the final chapter, but they then made four more films, a new studio gave it a try, they sent the main character into space, and then had a crossover… meaning that Fazbear takes Manhattan is only four years away. That said, I have little interest in the games themselves, but I have a lot of interest in Dragon Ball Super. In case you didn’t catch the word, it’s an all new anime series that will likely continue off of the new films. That is all that people know about it, but for twenty years or so people have wanted a sequel to the series, and its bizarre how that is finally happening. Yes, GT was a thing, but I watched the first nine episodes of that and, um, yeah…2 Haganai Sexy Tired and Ready to Vomit Ladies

Moving on, four days after paid mods debut on steam, they have now been pulled, and for some pretty good reasons. I honestly didn’t think about this too much last week, as I fixated on a single corner of a far larger room that people were being very critical of, but the paid mod scene is now gone from Steam, and will likely not return any time soon, at least not until the legality of mods is sorted out by the old man that is the American government. But there is good news for the PC gaming crowd, as D4 is, indeed, coming to PC.3 P4G there is indeed hope eveything is awesome kewl cool fine love it great no worries be happy you shit fuck

Also coming to PC is Mighty Number 9, after seventeen years of development (or at least it feels like it). With the help of Deep Silver, the game will get a retail release, but will also hit store shelves September 15th… Why? The game is pretty much done, so a summer release would seem like a good idea, as it is the drought season for game releases, while September is the start of the holiday season… as odd as that is. But all is (mostly) right in the world, as the Ouya company is up for sale, because they likely need support as nobody remembers them two years after their launch. I honestly forget what its purpose really was, as there is no real need for an android based micro-console when, well, if you lack $500 to invest in a game machine, you are… bad at money and stuff. 4 Bitter Change fuck off you annoying bitch I am going home brat hate go away

NIS America is not bad with money, at least in this case, as Danganronpa one and two have sold a resounding 200 thousand units, and I thought that 100k was pretty good for a niche visual novel that I personally adored. You know what sold way more than Danganronpa? Watch Dogs, probably about five million more in total or something stupid like that. As such, its sequel was only a matter of time, and there is now some leaked confirmation, as Ubisoft leaks more than a wooden boat infested with termites. I’m guessing it will be at Ubisoft’s E3 conference, which I am not looking forward to, but more due to how there are eight conferences. Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Ubisoft, EA, Bethesda, Square Enix, and now… PC. Yeah, PC Gamer and AMD are doing an E3 conference where they will reveal something to do with Humble Bundle. And people said that E3 was fading away. Hah! …I’m gonna try and write up my thoughts on the press conferences while commuting to and from work, as I just bought a Chromebook that should be good for writing. If not, Adam Tierney is a liar!5 Elfen Lied Cutting it Close Vagina knife!

I’m not even looking forward to E3 that much, as I have grown apathetic towards the AAA game space, and consider things like Terra Battle to be as significant as Final Fantasy XV, well, now only because the game is getting a console version, which will hopefully lead to a PC version. And I should preface that my interest is based on the removal of Free to Play elements and see the game made made into a… normal video game. Kinda like Yooka-Laylee, the Banjo Kazooie successor that has been in the talks for a few years now, but things have finally come together, and it has launched its Kickstarter campaign. First off, how does it look? It looks alright, nothing too special or that distinct about it, would look like a Banjo Kazooie rip off if it came out in 2003, partially because it has only been in development for three months. However, my cynicism is being outmatched by the overwhelming bags of money fans have throw towards the game, amounting to over a million English Pounds. It’s due out in October 2016 2017, so I’ll just wait and see if it’s a Pillars of Eternity or a Broken Age.6 Watamote S Becuase there si either shit or summer or super around the corner

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