Rundown (1/10-1/16) Juicy Neon Buttocks?

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0 BTM ButtocksAnother week, another Rundown, another five things I have to talk about because not much has happened. Lovely. What should I talk about here? Well, I’m nearly done editing The Malice of Abigale Quinlan, and it will be released sometime during this week. Probably Saturday to be honest, as school is starting up this week and the State, who funds my education because I’m autistic, screwed up and did not send a voucher for my books. So, yeah, that will be a lot of fun.

To start things off, Nintendo’s attempts at making use of Amiibos has been extended into Mini Mario & Friends: Amiibo Challenge, seeing as how NST is no longer allowed to work on much else beyond the Mini Mario games that somehow superseded the original Mario Vs. Donkey Kong. I personally feel little of the franchise, and see this as just another way of elongating the wait for a fully fledged Skylanders-esc Amiibo game. Speaking of games people have been waiting on for years, To The Moon, a wonderful story driven game about memory, love, dreams, and regret, is finally getting a successor in the form of Finding Paradise. Anyone who played A Bird’s Story would know about this, as the game is little more than a preview for Finding Paradise, but nevertheless it has been officially announced along with a release window of late 2016 or early 2017. Meaning this sequel took about five years to come out, because game development is both hard and time consuming. 1 Mari WHy does life need to be hard I am the biggest upset WAH

Moving on, for some reason Square Enix chose to use some of their money to get the character of Claire “Lightning” Farron to be a model for Louis Vuitton, a French fashion line. According to an interview with this fictional character, done by, Claire said the following: “One day, not so far in the future, I will be out there again, in a world of strife.” This basically confirms that Claire’s story is not over, and the use of the world strife implies that she will return in Final Fantasy VII Remake… On a happier note, Spike Chunsoft opened up an English Twitter account, and more or less confirmed that Danganronpa is about to get steamy, implying that there will be a PC port, when we already know about that thanks to a Steam Database entry for the first and second titles. Regardless, it’s great to hear that a port coming, I will gladly buy the game again, and I hope it sells well. Even though I have no clue what selling well actually means for a $30 visual novel that was made, ported, localized, and ported once more.2 HHD I know about the breads

I also have no clue how many people are excited that Pokken Tournament is coming March 18, as it is a fully fledged fighting game aimed at a franchise whose target demographic is people who like a fairly slow RPG series. Plus, the install base for the Wii U is pretty small, and Nintendo has dropped several hints that the NX may not be around the corner as many anticipated. Hopefully Nintendo drops some details, as all of this speculation is growing tiresome. Speculation and hype in general are things I feel most should grow out of, but lo and behold, it is what several industries are founded on, and how many people make a living.3 KLK Spend money because you can frugality is for bitches so be a spendthrift

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