Rundown (5/18-5/24) P4G Is The “Objective” Form of Evil

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P4G Portal to the meat dimension what is this madness and insanity fuck it in its bug buttholeI realize that these intros have become Persona 4 Golden playthrough summaries as of late, but that’s what I’ve been spending more time on than most people spend working a full time job. It is a colossal behemoth of a game that I love and loathe in ways I hope to convey properly with what will hopefully be my blog’s second year anniversary post… oh, wait, I guess this is actually it… Why did I think it was the twenty-seventh? Oh, that’s when I poorly reviewed Kid Icarus Uprising, my first published review exclusively for my second blog. Guess it will just need to be the honor of being the 135th game I reviewed for this site… That’s actually quite a lot for two years if you really think about it. Oh well, pre-E3 pickings time!

So you know what’s super hard to do? Making video games. My firsthand experience with attempting to use programs in order to make something functional should not be used as any form of example of this, as I struggle to draw something that looks like an actual human being and conjoin words with the comprehension of a drunken chimp when I put out anything that is suppose to be legible to speakers of the English language. So I am hardly surprised with the two bits of information that came out in the desert that was game news this week, as porting The Last of Us to PS4 was supposedly hell, which makes any game that was able to release for both skews come across as shocking. Almost as shocking as any company who claims they can achieve something as complex as The Division, a title that will not be done until 2015, with the possibility of waiting until 2016 being a very real one as they need to make real time car door closing animations join with snow effects, enemy AI, and companion AI in addition to constant multiplayer… Those could be the simplest things, but I haven’t the slightest clue how a AAA game is made.1CDI Goo.. What are you doing silly boy

After all, I was more or less bogged down with the whole scene to the point I decided to enter the wild and equally horrible realms of PC gaming, which only has the hurdles of functionality, compatibility, a massive quantity of middling titles occupying 50+% of the market, occasionally reliability, and also not being able to play in front of a TV like a savage without using a cable… like a savage. But Steam has been making steps along with their Steam Machines from a while back, and now you can effectively steam your games using multiple PC’s and Steam’s sudden In-Home Streaming. A neat feature for people who wish to play using their licensed Steam Machine with more than a fraction of the library, but it does mean they’d need two PCs in their house, which is just a wee bit silly when you crunch the numbers2KLK Living In the lap of luxury money makes happiness grow and things are all super good with cash flow and dounuts

I’d also say it would be silly to release a remastered version of your game four years ex post facto, but with titles like the two entries in the Metro series, I am honestly all for it. I brought this up when the news was leaked, but Metro Redux with the question of just what was changed aside from visuals being a question I have, especially upon watching the most recent trailer. It very much emphasizes the bad ending routes in terms of the main character’s views on life, and I can’t help but feel a little upset at the idea that the games will continue to favor that viewpoint as I found Metro 2033 and Last Light to be two titles where it was rewarding to be a good person, even if that did cause some of the game’s blemishes to show. Still am probably going to buy this, but I hope they do some sort of discount for those who own the originals on PC, even if I got those for $5.01. On the subject of the almighty dollar, last I checked Sony was losing a few with each PS4 sold, as is the case with these things. Yet with only about seven, almost eight, million sold, Sony’s CEO says the system is already profitable. Which is pretty cool, seeing as how just about every other part of Sony is a money sink.3GUP Now Old Man Can Get More Money And Homes

Now for the next transition I… am desperately trying to achieve something in Persona 4 Golden and cannot write much because of how frustrated it left me, so I’ll just mention that Ike is back in Smash Brothers. This is especially confusing to me as he was heavily criticized as being a cheap character and the Ike fanbase was a very small one while there were many other characters people would like to see occupy the slot. Said slot I previously guessed to contain Jigglypuff, Captain Falcon, Ness, Sceptile, Wario, Game & Watch, and Pac-Man, one of which is now likely going to be omitted as the total character count will be a multiple of nine. 4SNAFU Bitch that's not true you are lying hell no she is actually right though, fuck off dudeNow I’m off to beat Persona 4 Golden after spending way too much time manipulating my rotating saves and the game’s systems. I should be done with it soon, as I’ve been playing this game exclusively for three weeks.

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  1. Voltech

    “…Ike is back in Smash Brothers. This is especially confusing to me as he was heavily criticized as being a cheap character…”

    Maybe so, but my brother will still pick Ike if he’s looking to get a (rare) win. Except for today when he picked Ike after an extreme losing streak, and did so poorly during his match that he stopped the match without saying a word. I could feel the waves of shame radiating from his body.

    “Those could be the simplest things, but I haven’t the slightest clue how a AAA game is made.”

    Oh, that’s easy. Here, I’ll break it down for you.
    Step 1) Cram EVERYTHING from EVERY game that’s EVER been popular into your title.
    Step 2) Boost those graphics! Graphics, graphics, graphics! And also, polygons!
    Step 3) Market!
    Step 4) Wait for success and money.
    Step 5) Start the sequel.

    Okay, I’m kidding (mostly), but can you blame me for being a little bitter? The industry hasn’t exactly been in a good place recently, and even if the PS4 is approaching the 8 million mark — for one reason or another, because I have my doubts that it’s the games themselves — all the recent news points to signs that the eighth generation is going to be in an even WORSE place. The Divison’s getting delayed — that’s troubling, but understandabale (even if it’s a pratfall created by the devs themselves). But The Order: 1886 is also getting delayed, I hear, and it’s hard to be excited about a game that’s more or less Old-Timey Gears of War. And then I start hearing that The Evil Within has its problems, and then I hear that Watch Dogs is nothing special despite the hype and the weight of “next-gen” on its duster-clad shoulders, and THEN I remember the big gamble with Destiny…

    It’s almost as if the AAA space is writhing like a trout plummeting towards Death Valley. But you didn’t hear that from me.

    Because that was a really weird analogy.