Rundown (6/13-6/18) Segmented Summer Showcases (S3) 2022: Oops! I Wrote a 30,000 Word Novella Again!

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Wherein I discuss the progress of OPPAI 3, the Persona port puzzlement, Capcom’s subpar S3 showings, the continued Re;Birth of Final Fantasy VII, two HOT SPRG leaks, a possible niche revival, and a decompiled classic.


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The End Of 2014 Post

KLK Cute fun happy times with an elephant and bath swim time joy adorableSo, this year ended on a very busy note for me, hence why I have not been posting as much as I would like to. I’m basically working full time for a month, have an hour commute each way, and basically run off of six hours of sleep. Still, was this year good for me? Yeah, I released seven novellas! I thought two of them were crappy, and the rest had issues stemming from my lack of experience writing stories. But this post is mostly to call out the games I played and loved this year, which really are few in number. Yes, I enjoyed plenty of games, but those I loved, properly adored to a certain extent, were small in numbers, to the point where I lack ten. (more…)

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Persona 4 Golden Review

Persona-4I guess this is where I talk about my history with the Shin Megami Tensei series, as I technically have one. I watched a playthrough of the Australian version of Persona 3 FES back in 2011, learning of both the plot and gameplay mechanics as I familiarized myself with the flow the sub franchise, which arguably blossomed into a franchise separate from, say, Shin Megami Tensei IV, a very gluttonous game that left me bored in terms of story due to how terrible the pacing was shaped by the frankly unenjoyable gameplay that prioritized grinding above all else. I gave it 40 hours, if only to justify my $42. But hey, people praised the crap out of Persona 4, especially Golden and I saw it worthy to get over thrice the playtime. (more…)

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Rundown (5/18-5/24) P4G Is The “Objective” Form of Evil

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P4G Portal to the meat dimension what is this madness and insanity fuck it in its bug buttholeI realize that these intros have become Persona 4 Golden playthrough summaries as of late, but that’s what I’ve been spending more time on than most people spend working a full time job. It is a colossal behemoth of a game that I love and loathe in ways I hope to convey properly with what will hopefully be my blog’s second year anniversary post… oh, wait, I guess this is actually it… Why did I think it was the twenty-seventh? Oh, that’s when I poorly reviewed Kid Icarus Uprising, my first published review exclusively for my second blog. Guess it will just need to be the honor of being the 135th game I reviewed for this site… That’s actually quite a lot for two years if you really think about it. Oh well, pre-E3 pickings time!


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95YcH0_Sh4tte!? Alpha

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0Inside Mari is the ultimate Waifu you fuck faceIt has been nearly two years since I began this blog, and I have had the very firm goal of getting one piece of writing out on a weekly basis. For the most part, I’ve been able to schedule things to make this a reality and prevent my blog from being abandoned or go on a hiatus. Not that there is much of a point in maintaining this collection of opinions and screencaps from random animes. It was really something I began due to my own desire to become more proficient in expressing my opinion, which later became a more general desire to improve my abilities as a writer, see the novel I released about seven weeks back. However, the central drive into putting them on a the internet is not so much that I get a following, more that I am proving to myself that I can do something, quite simply, by myself.


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Rundown (5/04-5/10) The Evils of 100+ Hour Games Are Pure and Vile

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KLK Mom Please Stop me from being evil and bad parents control your kids they are wild jojo cosplayersAs of writing this, I am over 30 hours into Persona 4: The Golden Boys, which is an 80-90 hours JRPG made for another 50 hours playthrough, and maybe a 40 hour one following that. I really do wish I decided to play it on very easy, as I would be able to spend a fifth as much time in the dungeons, which I spent 5-7 hours in during one session as it is the most effective means of gaining levels and not needing to worry about the combat. Yet, going into the combat after messing around with social links and high school shenanigans feels like it is from a completely different game. I’m still enjoying it though. (more…)

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