TSF Series #013: Delusion Kamera – Poolside Switching

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From halcyon memories of yore, remade and reinterpreted 14 years later!

Disclaimer: This work contains adult materials including sexually explicit activities, strong language, homophobia, and racism. This work is not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

TSF Series #013: Delusion Kamera – Poolside Switching
November 15, 1997 – 14:22 
Eucalyptus, Idaho

“How the hell did I get in this mess?”

I swear, I ask that question every other week nowadays. Is this why people dog you for not going to college? Because without a degree, you’re constantly getting shagged around just to make a basic and honest living? You’d think that, if you were open to doing anything, then the floodgates of careers would be swung right the fuck open to you. But I guess not!

The name’s Yuccot Kikansky. 21-years-young, and I’ve worked 4 different jobs this past year. Never did anything that wrong, never messed with my schedule— except for when there’s a snowstorm— because how the hell do you expect me to go to work when people can’t even get out of their house? I mean, yeah, I wasn’t great at anything, but that’s not what you’re asking for when all you offer is a quarter above minimum-goldarn-wage!

Things… have not been going well to me after high school, and my parents sure as shit aren’t gonna help me. So here I am, freshly ‘let go’ after a $4,000 copier made my job a ‘redundancy,’ with no cash in my wallet, food in my fridge, or credit in my account, and rent’s due on the 28th. 

This left me with two options. Tough out the always-frigid Idaho winters as a hobo, and probably die trying. Or hit up my high school buddy Seth, Seth Frisk, and see if he has any work for me. Now, the thing about Seth… is that he is one of the smartest people I know. He grabbed adulthood by the nards and crushed that shit like a champion. I don’t know what he’s doing, but he’s always up to something, and that something is making him a lot of cash. Dude owns a $350,000 house, and he’s three months younger than me. Either he’s monopolized the Eucalyptus crack market, he’s got some of that newfangled internet money, or he’s doing some of that white-collar government-sanctioned-crime. Hell, maybe all three!

But the point is that Seth… always has some gigs lying around, and he’s helped me out of a few jams before. I don’t know why he has me do the shit he has me do, but you don’t ask questions to a man who pays you in fresh hundred-dollar-bills for a few hours’ work. You just thank him and lie about that shit on your taxes, because fuck the IRS.

Anyway, his latest gig… makes abso-goddamn-lutely no sense. I went to his office asking for work, and his assistant, some little brown chick with yellow eyes, gave me a wooden box, saying it had everything I needed. I cracked it open when I got home and I found six-hundred-dollars in assorted bills, one of those new digital cameras, a… Casio QV-300, and a series of detailed instructions that… Lemme just read them out again, because I can barely even believe they’re real.

Allons-y, Shiftman!

You have chosen to take on an assignment for Frisk & Ko. I would describe things in lavish detail, but Frisk-sama is being a dorkus and making me use a word processing template, because ‘the future is now.’

Destination: Eucalyptus Community Center, Room P-103 – Private Pool #3
Difficulty: ★★★ out of 10
Objective: Using the included Casio QV-300 digital camera, procure 20 ‘Busty Candid’ photographs of either of the two targets. Photographs must be of an acceptable quality.
Reward: 2 Installments of $600. First installment is included with this package. Second installment will be given upon Gig Completion.
Targets: Mora Mura (Female, Indian, age 19) and Rubette “Ruby” Rarette (Female, Black Afrikan American, age 22)
Time: November 15, 1997 – 14:45

Akuma Ko

Frisk & Ko. Industries
Our thoughts and actions create our destiny, heaven, and hell.

…Yeah, this is not incredibly shady or anything? But despite knowing that following a letter like this is a bad call, I needed money. And after reading this letter a few times, I realized what it was actually asking me to do. Take 20 photos of two girls renting out a private pool at the community center for $600. I would have to be an idiot to say no to that kind of work! The hardest part was the whole ‘candid’ thing. I couldn’t just pay both of these girls $20 to take some photos of them. They need to be taken ‘without their knowledge.’

I grunted as I reminded myself of this restriction before taking a deep breath and looking forward. It was the door to P-103, and I was dressed in swimming trunks, with the camera strap around my neck and the camera limply swinging against my chest. I played around with this thing last night, got the settings to what I think are the best for this sort of thing. All I had to do was open this door, head on in, and creep around two girls in order to take their photos. Once I got 20 shots, then it was time to leave, head to my locker, and get the cash.

“The worst thing that can happen is that I get arrested. And if I do, then I don’t need to worry about rent, work, or groceries… When I put it like that, going to jail sounds awesome. Too bad its full of murderers and rapists.”

I opened the door, slowly, and entered the warm, humid concrete room. I worried about making too much noise as I opened the door, but the sound of limbs smacking against water echoed loudly, enough for me to move in discretely. I had been to this room, or one of the neighboring rooms, before, and it was pretty simple. 

An L-shaped room with an entranceway peppered with lockers, a vending machine, and a unisex washroom, with shower, before the rest of the room gave way to a standard pool. Not big, maybe 20 meters or something, and not all that deep either. Still, it was a pool, enough to fit a party’s worth of people, and thanks to local laws, you don’t need a lifeguard to man this. You just needed to sign a disclosure saying that you cannot sue if you trip on the wet floor and smash your head open.. 

I scoped out the setting as best I could from the smaller end of the L-shape, and peeked my head around a corner, where I saw a black girl and a brown girl, both with swimsuits, swim caps, and goggles, doing laps back and forward. They probably could not see me while swimming, but a corner was a garbage hiding spot, so I looked around again… and noticed a small sofa, one that was presumably waterproof, and it was positioned at the best angle to view the pool. Almost like this was all planned and… maybe it was for all I know. 

I silently skedaddled over to the sofa, turned my camera on, adjusted for the afternoon light provided by the massive frosted windows on one side of this room, and began snapping. I was never much of a photographer, so I didn’t really know what a ‘good’ photo was. But this thing could store hundreds of photos, so I focused on quantity over quality, hoping that the ‘action poses’ of these two swimming would work for Seth.

I quickly lost track of how many photos I had taken, but it was far more than 20. I pondered jumping away and heading to the public changing room… and then I saw one of them stepping out of the pool. It was the Indian girl, Mora. I wasn’t focusing too much on their bodies while taking photos on account of all the water and junk, but this girl was pretty damn cute. 

She was a little thing, maybe 160 cm tall, with limber legs and arms, breasts that were just more than a handful, and a little heiny, all wrapped up, nice and tight, in a Speedo-branded one-piece with an open back. Her face was definitely one of an adult though, one that looked forward, all direct and stoic-like, as she moved to a water bottle placed on a counter next to the exit. She didn’t glance at me as she left the pool, meaning that the ‘smart thing to do would be’ to stay put and not cause a fuss. However, I wasn’t feeling smart, I was feeling bold, and decided to snap a few pictures of her as she guzzled this water down, capturing her entire body as she downed the half-full water bottle, before letting out a satisfied ‘ah.’

She wasn’t looking my way, not at all, but she abruptly turned her head, and caught a glimpse of me. I’m not sure if it was my pasty skin or my dirty blonde hair, but… I could tell that she saw me. A second later, she screamed. I don’t know what she said. It was probably in Hindi or some shit. But it didn’t sound like a good word.

Mora was right next to the door, yet wasn’t blocking it. So I could have run right past her and gotten the hell out of there, grab my clothes, and maybe change in the bushes outside if I was that desperate. Instead, like a fuckin’ dodo, I poked my head up, looked around, and froze as I heard a set of wet footsteps pound against the floor. I then turned my head and saw Ruby moving toward me, a look of fury on her face.

Now, unlike Mora, this wasn’t the first time I saw Ruby. We went to the same highschool, but never shared more than a few classes together, as she was a year older than me. Though, I had seen her a bunch, and didn’t think much of her. She had a pretty cute face, and sure, she was part of the 8-ish percent of Eucalyptus High that wasn’t as white as a lawn in early February, but she was always a frumpy dresser, never talked much in general, and seemed like she had nothing much to show off. But I guess that was all some sort of ruse, because she looked sexy as shit!

The first thing I looked at was her tits. Not ‘cos I’m a pervert, but because they were full on D-cups, clasped in this rinky-dink bikini top that fit her… but just barely. It was stark white, which just made it stand out all the more next to her dark breasts as they jiggled about, still dripping wet. I followed the water trickling down to her abs. Ruby never struck me as an athletic girl— she wasn’t in any sports clubs or anything, but it was obvious that she was doing some serious working out after high school, and the results certainly spoke for themselves. And just from the way she rocked her hips as she walked, I could tell that she had a grade-A ass.

My brain went full-on caveman as this 180-centimeter-tall black woman walked up to me, and who the fuck could blame me? Sure, the swim cap and goggles on top of her dome weren’t sexy, but beneath that was a woman good enough to be a model, walking up to me, in what was basically waterproof underwear. What red-blooded male wouldn’t be gawking at this shit? I mean, maybe if they’re gay, but we all know gay people bleed blue, not red.

“What the fuck are you doing here… what was your name? Yukon or something?” Ruby said with her husky voice.

“Uh… It’s actually Yuccot. Yuccot Kikansky.” I replied, having foregone any hope of escaping.

“Wh-What are you doing here? This is a private pool!” Mora shouted, her voice high and soft.

“I mean, it wasn’t locked, and this is public property—”

“Don’t give me that crock, you son of a bitch!” Ruby said, her hands on her shapely hips as she drew closer to me. “I see the camera around your neck, and I know what’s on it!”

“Okay, fine. I was hired by the local paper to take some candid photos of you two.”

“For what?!” Ruby yelled. “What goldarn reason would ‘the paper’ have to take our photos without our permission?”

“Look, I don’t make the rules. I just needed a few hundred bucks, and they were willing to give it to me for a few odd jobs. This was one of them.” I answered, throwing out a few white lies.

“Well, if it is just photos, then I guess that’s okay…” Mora said.

“Yeah, it’s not like you’re wearing something you wouldn’t wear in a public pool, right?”

Ruby stared at me coldly as I tried to offer an excuse and make my exit. She crossed her arms, sighed, and, with a swift motion, grabbed the camera around my neck.

“You’re hiding something. Tell me how to erase these photos and we can pretend this never happened.”

“Yeah, I… really need the money from this job, so—”

“Rubette, please, just let him take his photos,” Mora said, stepping forward. “He isn’t hurting anyone… and I think it’s legal for people to take your photos in places like this.”

“…Okay, fine. I guess you can take your photos and publish them in ‘the paper.’ I mean, it’s not like I really care about my image circulating. My image circulates in the head of every jagoff I see on the street or on the bus. And I can’t do anything to stop them from using me to get their rocks off.”

“Wh-What are you talking about, Rubette?” Mora said, tilting her head.

“So, I’m free to go?” I asked in disbelief.

“Sure, I guess… actually, screw it. I can tell what you think of my body, so go ahead and snap a few pics for the road if you want.”

“…Are you messing with me?”

“No. It’ll take twelve seconds and last forever. So, go ahead.”

As I blew a sigh out of my nostrils, I brought my camera back up, adjusted the focus, and captured Ruby’s whole body in a frame. From her cap-covered head to her bare-naked toes. Once everything looked nice, and after Mora stepped to the side, I pressed the button and… the LCD preview screen froze and… broke? It looked like a TV with a busted display or shitty connection, and as I stared at it… I felt something creep over my body.

Hearing, sight, smell, and so forth all went to tinfoil, and all I could feel, all I could perceive, was my body. I felt something penetrate the very core of my being, planting itself into me, and draining me from my own body. It was not pumping out my guts or blood, but rather… something else. Something that I both felt and didn’t feel, and the best way I could describe it would probably be as a soul, maybe an essence. Either way, I felt this vaguely defined and imperceptible thing drain me, removing me from my body, and unleashing me into a place bereft of warmth or texture, a place where I felt myself unbound by any force.

In a sense, it was freeing, but I lacked the ability to dwell on this abstract sensation before I felt myself return to something warm and welcoming. A vessel for my essence to dwell and reside within. A sense of relief washed over me as I began to feel the subdued pulsations of a heart once more. But the heat of a body was offset by the chill that surrounded it, as I soon found myself pressed against cold damp tile. 

The sounds of a synthesizer filled my ears as I opened up my vision, struggling to focus through a haze of doubled objects. I was reminded of the time I was hit in the head with a full paint can back in the summer of ‘93. That knocked me out, and while I didn’t technically have a concussion, I was seeing stars for a while after I woke up.

I saw the blurred pool couch next to me, and used it to lift myself off the ground. I brought a hand to my head as I stood up, and almost immediately, I felt that something was wrong. Instead of being met with my usual short hair, I was met with wet latex. I felt two circles of foam against my forehead, and as I looked down at myself, I saw a pair of humongous black tits, barely contained by a white bikini top.

“The fuck—” I said as I felt my fuller lips move up and down, forming words with a familiar tone to them.

I then lifted my arms, bringing one hand to my face and another to the boobs on my chest. I gave the right tit a light squeeze, which was enough to prove that, yep, it’s real and not just some fuckarroney hallucination. For the other hand, I brought it to my face, noticing the slender and longer fingers, the half-centimeter of ‘free edge,’ and how… the backside of my hand was dark, clearly a black person’s skin color. But the palm was… slightly darker than what I was used to. Did black people’s hands normally look like this? I couldn’t remember seeing a black person’s palms before, so… maybe?

Anecdotal bullshit aside, I had enough brain cells to put 7 and 11 together and deduce that I was controlling Ruby’s body. And based on my surroundings, I was in the same private pool as I was before. So, reasonably, she should be here, inside my body. Taking my eyes off of my tits for a moment, I scanned the floor around the pool. I saw Mora to my right, standing like a deer in headlights, her hands covering her mouth like she just saw something horrible. And to my left, I saw… me. My real body, crumpled to the ground, the camera on the floor before him, or me, or… her? Assuming Ruby was inside my body, her.

“Ru-Rubette, are you okay? You just… fell all of a sudden.” Mora asked, her voice mouse-like as she shuffled up to me. 

It took me a moment to realize that, to her, I am Ruby, or ‘Rubette’ as Mora was so inclined to call her. I began to respond, but my voice sounded weird, so I adjusted it by stammering, grunting as I adjusted my voice to a higher pitch.

“Mora— I’m— What I mean to say is— I don’t know what came over me, but I’m… fine. Maybe something went wrong with m— Yuccot’s camera.”

As I said that, I turned over to ‘Yuccot’ and saw my body slowly lift itself off the floor. A groggy look was lurking within its pale blue eyes, a hand went to its head, and as its eyes looked over its stray hand and its flat pasty chest, a look of shock painted its face.

Accepting that Ruby was in my body, I went over to her… only to almost trip after my second step. Right. Girls weren’t built like bricks— like dudes. They had curves, and they needed to wiggle their asses and shake their titties a bit to avoid falling over themselves. And with an ass this thick and tits this fat, I needed to balance myself, at least a little. 

I closed the distance as I walked up to Ruby, and her face… she made me look like a dude who stole streetwalkers at 2 AM, raped them until dawn, and then used their brains to tan their skin to make a three-piece suit. If a cop saw me making that face, that pig would have full clearance to shoot me on sight, and no adequately informed jury would convict him of murder.

R-Ruby! What the hell are you doing in front of me!” Ruby whisper-yelled at me, but as those words left her new boyish lips, a look of dread painted her face.

I replied to her, asking if she was inside my body, but as I spoke, the words I said were… mutated into something else. 

Ruby, are you inside my body? Yuccot, are you alright?” 

We then looked at each other with shared surprise. Somehow, our words we were being transformed as we spoke them. While I saw trying to think about how in the name of fuck something like this was even semi-possible, Ruby quickly tried working around this limitation.

“That camera of mine… it… switched… our… positions?”

I nodded in response, before trying to blend words and actions to work around this limitation.

“Yes… you. I was there, and then I was… there.” I pointed at where I was when I was last in my body, and approximately where I was when I woke up in Ruby’s body.

Ruby then looked down at herself, at my body. She patted her now flat chest and moved around her swim trunks, revealing that she was sporting an erection. Her eyes then directed at me, and… I saw tears dripping down her face.

I followed where her eyes were looking, brought my hands to my flat, toned stomach, and moved them down to my hips and ass. Yeah, if I worked on this body, and some schlub stole it, I would probably be crying too. I mean, I didn’t steal it, but she had no way of knowing that, and I would need to phrase things carefully to explain that I had no idea what in the name of mostaccioli is going on.

Right as I tried formulating words to stifle this girl-turned-guy’s tears, I heard a soft voice perk up behind me. 

“Right, I forgot about Mora,” I whispered under my breath.

“Rubette, is Yuccot okay? It’s not normal for men like him to just… cry like that, is it?”

Ruby then opened her tear stained eyes and looked at Mora. Mora stepped back as their gazes met, and Ruby… fell to her knees as she went from crying to full-blown sobbing.

“NO! This is IMPOSSIBLE! Why… What the FUCK is going on here, I… I tried so hard, but she just— FUCK!”

Now, this is where I fucked up. Because instead of being a civil person and trying to help this girl in my body, trying to help both of us, I decided to just get the hell out of there. My fight-or-flight response had been delayed, and only now did I decide this shit was too much.

“Hey, um… I hate to do this right now, but… I need to go to the restroom. Like, right now. So… see ya Mora and Ruby Yuccot, I’ll be back in a few!”

I then ran across the pool, waddling about as I ran across the damp floor, trying not to trip with my awkward hourglass figure. I succeeded, threw open a door next to the entrance, and was met with a single-person restroom, complete with a sink, mirror, toilet, and shower stall, with complimentary soap and shampoo included.

I lied about needing to use the restroom, because I needed some time to… process what was happening. And seeing my body have a grade-A freak out was not going to help. I needed time to think, to reset myself, and to be alone. I made sure that I was alone, locking the door behind me and scanning the room, but that didn’t stop me from startling myself when I looked at my new reflection. As a white dude, I was not used to looking into a mirror and seeing a black woman, and seeing Ruby’s face stare back at me was enough to make me literally jump. 

“Woah, you I spooked me myself there,” I said with my new female voice… only to pause for a solid three seconds as I took in what I had actually said. “Ah crap, I’ve been black for, what, five minutes my entire life, but I already made still make accidental racist comments? Well… not like it’s a big deal. If there’s anyone who can’t be racist, it is a black woman, such as myself, Rubette ‘Ruby’ Rarette.”

Having recognized that my brain or body would garble any words I said, I tried to lean into things by trying to call myself by my body’s name, just to help alleviate some tension. It did, but as I said my body’s name, I felt… good. It wasn’t like taking a hit, it was more like a wave of dopamine hit my body and made my… pussy twitch a little. Instead, it was like, every time I willingly referred to myself as Ruby, directly or indirectly, my body was rewarding me with good feelings. Was it stupid to veer into this for a quick dopamine rush? Probably, but that didn’t stop me!

“My name is Ruby. I’m a hot, black woman, and I know it… and I love it. That’s why I wear something like this. The whiteness contrasts my dark skin, and it shows off all the work I put into making myself a hot bitch. People wanna fuck me, even if they don’t say it, and while my feminist pride tells me to not enjoy being objectified by these white pigs, I do it. Even that Yuccot Kikansky. He would never say it to my face, but he would love to get it on with someone like me.”

Drool drizzled down the edges of my mouth as I said these words, and I felt a dampness swelling up underneath the dainty piece of cloth covering my naughty bits. I had made myself wet with just words and thought. While the most sapient part of my mind knew that I had bigger priorities, the horny caveman within had resurfaced, and he would not be satisfied until sex times were had!

Before I knew it, I had undone the straps to my top and pulled down my bottom, revealing the body of Ruby in all its glory. Well, all that I could capture in the mirror, which stopped before I could see her hips and butt. With my libido blazing, I pulled myself up to the sink, leaned back against a wall, and looked at my reflection, staring at it from head to toe, capturing everything I could in the mirror.

It was surreal having a woman of this level of beauty pose so close to me. So near that I could see the pores on her skin, the thin hairs across her person, and the human imperfections across her visage. And her every motion, her every movement, was mine to control. She turned and twisted as I desired, and showed me whatever body part I desired.

But it wasn’t her and me, as much as my mind kept telling me. It was just me. It was just Ruby. I looked away from the mirror and down at myself, placing both hands onto my breasts, rubbing my thumbs against the nipples. I moaned as they hardened, as I pinched them, as I felt my slim fingers roll through them. 

As I moaned, I salivated, and as my mouth grew moist, I brought my left breast up to my mouth, where I brought my nipple to it. I licked it, sucked it, and gave it a slight pinch with my front teeth, wetting it and making it all the more tender. I felt like I could get off just by that, but with every electrical burst of pleasure, I felt my lady bits calling out to me, pleading for attention as they graced my arrival with a warm and viscous liquid.

I used the mirror to guide me as I threw my legs open and took my left hand, my middle and ring fingers extended, and thrust them inside. My back tensed and the air escaped my lungs as my fingers and vagina touched. A string of panic struck me, but as I panted, as I waited for my body to adjust to this sudden penetration, I thrust the fingers in and out. My breathing remained heavy, but for a different reason. 

I listened to my body as I set a good pace, and soon brought my thumb into the fold, using it to titillate the little nub above the slit. I sucked on my nipple as my hand continued to move, relentless in its movements, with each twitch bringing me closer to the apex, the point I was aiming for since the very beginning. With a final bite of my nipple and flick of the clit, I felt a burst of ooze escape from my lower regions, dousing my left hand.

I let my breast fall from my mouth, where it bounced against my chest, and brought my soiled hand to my face. It was coated in a translucent goo with a distinctly sweet odor to it. Fueled by impulse, I brought my fingers into my mouth, where I sucked the goo from them, letting it dance across my tongue before I swallowed it in a deep gulp.

The discharge had a mild flavor, one that tasted vaguely of pomegranate, but as I tried to pinpoint any other flavor profiles, I felt a sharp pain pierce my head. The air of eroticism left the room faster than when your grandma barges in, and I felt my entire sense of place shift entirely.

I was met with a series of hazy visions. First-person sensory experiences that took me to a not-so distant place and time. They confused me at first, but I soon realized what I was seeing were memories. The memories of Ruby Rarette.

The memories began during her early childhood, when she was playing with a group of children her age, and unlike her, they were all white. While the children themselves thought nothing of this ‘oddity,’ the parents looking over them urged their children to change their perspective, to be ‘careful’ about playing with someone ‘like her,’ and encouraging them to play with ‘normal’ kids. The memories continued in a blur through her school. An area where she was cast aside from the majority, ‘othered’ by her instructors, but encouraged by her parents to excel however she could. Ruby did just that, working her ass off at school to have the best opportunities possible. She was studious, academic, and had aspirations of going to college to ‘make something of her life.’ 

Despite being among the top twenty in her graduating class, the scholarships never came. She was never able to ship away from this podunk town and toward greener pastures, but it was not all bad. She was still a strong, confident, proud, and intelligent woman. One whose hard work and determination landed her a job at a moderately sized office, and urged her to pursue additional opportunities, no matter how bizarre. Such as giving her tertiary acquaintance, Mora Mura, personal swim lessons for $50 a session. 

As this flurry of disconnected memories faded away, the pressure left my head, I opened my eyes, and I looked back at the mirror, gazing at my reflection, sighing as I thought back on ‘my life.’

“Wait, no, not my life. I’m Yuccot, not Ruby Ruby. Ugh. I know what I mean, but that is not too concerning… and if I get memories like that whenever I cum, then I’ll probably forget that… Yuccot was here a while ago. But becoming Ruby wouldn’t be all that bad being Ruby is pretty great, I suppose. I mean, sure, I lose the benefits of being a white man only have the benefits of being a black woman, but at least I have a job, a grade-A bod, career goals, and have the opportunity to be a gold digger if I feel like it drive to do just about anything. The only problem is finding the opportunities, right? As you are ultimately locked by what is available to you, and even though you can move elsewhere, it is harder to find work when you just step off the bus.”

“…I should probably get back into my bikini. This kind of thinking does not seem good for my brain is pretty fun. But even if I wanted to switch back continue, I would need to find out how we switched bodies in the first place really ought to get back to Mora.”

I groaned as I realized just how much my thoughts were gargled upon being verbalized. So I thought back on the sequence of events that got me into this mess… and smacked my forehead as I reached the obvious cause of all this. 

“The camera! Fuck me for not immediately realizing that. I got distracted by… my boobs.”

As I said that, I felt a twitch from my crotch, urging me to go for round two. Instead, I got off the sink, put on my white bikini, and looked at myself in the mirror, thinking about taking off my swim cap, before remembering how much my hair got messed up when swimming. …I mean, how much Ruby’s hair got messed up when swimming. I groaned as I felt myself slipping. Hell, I didn’t even seem to have any trouble moving as Ruby anymore. If I wanted to steal her life right now, I probably could… but I didn’t for obvious reasons. I might be a pervert, but that does not make me a monster.

Once I was decent, at least by modern standards, I walked out of the restroom, back into the pool, where I saw Mora swimming laps, and doing a pretty good job of it. More importantly though, I saw the real Ruby sitting on the couch, her head hung low, staring at the camera that got us into this mess.

“H-Hey, R— you rascal. How are you holding up after your… freakout?”

Ruby did not speak in response. Instead, she flared her nostrils, audibly pushing mucus down her throat as she turned her head to me. Right… even lady cum has a smell to it, and my real body’s sense of smell was better than most. So, without even looking at me, Ruby could tell that I masturbated in her body.

I put on an awkward smile, breathed through my nose as I formulated a response… only to pick up on a scent that was masked by the chlorine of the pool, but now that I was half a meter away from Ruby, it was painfully obvious. It was the tried-and-true scent of a man, the scent of semen!

“Well, looks like we both had some fun in the interim, didn’t we?” I said, smugly, as I looked down at my original body.

“You think I wanted to… do that? I didn’t even touch it with my hands, but it… UGH! I don’t know what your game is, you-cock, but—”

“Look, I genuinely did not want this to happen,” I said as I motioned my hands across my body. “I do not know, for certain, how to fix this, but it definitely involves that camera. Let’s try to—”

“Oh, hello Rubette!” Mora said from inside the pool. “I’m sorry, but should we… should we resume my lesson?”

Ruby and I turned to each other. I nonverbally asked her ‘what the hell should I say,’ to which she shrugged.

“Just finish up the lesson. Mora will tell you where you left off. Don’t try to screw up too much, Ruby. I’ll…” Ruby paused as she looked down at my chest, gulping as her pale face reddened and a stiffy cropped up in her trunks. “…I’ll leave you two girls alone.”

Ruby then got up off the couch and walked away, leaving the private pool with the camera slung around her neck. With an echoing thud, I was left alone in this room with Mora, treading water in the pool, looking up at me like a child awaiting instructions from her teacher. 

I sighed as I looked down at Mora, reminding myself that I didn’t know jack bupkis about the technical details of swimming. I mean, I could swim. I swam from time to time at the public pool and during high school, but nothing technical or complicated. While I could teach someone to swim, I couldn’t teach them how to swim well. I slowly entered the water from the pool ladder, and as the water began embracing my dark skin and seeping past my bikini, I felt something wash through me.

I felt a wave of memories reaching from the recesses of my mind and, after dunking my head into the water, soaking the hair beneath my swim cap, I welcomed this wave of memories, hoping that they would guide me through this awkward encounter.

Mora led the charge, going over the lesson plan that I ‘rudely interrupted’ with my candid photo shooting, and showing me the progress she made on various styles. Backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and freestyle. She was definitely not an experienced swimmer, but she was clearly trying with every motion. And thanks to my ‘inherited’ memories, I was able to point out where she could improve her technique, while, bizarrely, giving myself lessons as I swam with her. I fumbled for a minute thanks to these flotation devices stuck under my skin, but I soon found myself swimming both swiftly and gracefully. 

It was weird, suddenly being so athletic, being good at a sport, but at the same time, there was something… normal about it, because my body memories said it was normal. In fact, everything about the swimming lesson had a normal feel to it. Everything was normal… until it wasn’t.

Twenty minutes into this teaching session, after finishing up a set of laps, I leaned back on the edge of the pool, my hands behind my head and chest out. It was not a pose that Ruby would normally adopt, but I felt like it, as it was comfy and made me feel sexy. I maintained this pose as Mora finished up her lap, where she grabbed the wall with both hands and looked at me, staring at me with her mouth wide open.

“See something you like?” I said, making a slightly inappropriate joke.

“Oh… OH! So, you’re into that sort of thing? Well, um, this is most unconventional, but if you are so inclined, then I suppose I can… hold on one moment, Rubette.”

As Mora said that, she began pulling off the straps of her Speedo one piece and pulling it down her body, moving clumsily as she stripped underwater. All before pulling the entire thing from off her legs, and throwing it outside of the pool.

With the caveman portion of my brain still active, I couldn’t do much but stare at Mora as she… stripped in front of me, showing off her well-sized breasts, limber figure, concave stomach, and bare crotch. She was definitely more cute than sexy in my book, but that didn’t make her any less of a sight to behold. 

“Uh, Mora, not that I mind, but why are you—” I asked before my eyes drifted downward… to my naked breasts.

…I must have not tied my bikini top well enough, and it slipped off during my last few laps. Looking in the pool, I didn’t see it anywhere, so it was not like I could plop it back on and tie it as tight as possible. I had the opportunity to try to explain that this was all a big misunderstanding, that my top came off by accident, but… it was plain as day that Mora was a lesbian looking to do sexy stuff in the pool and was I, a red-blooded male, going to say no to lesbian pool sex? Fuck no!

“Heh. I had a feeling that you swung that way. And here I was, ready to call this a simple ‘wardrobe malfunction.’ But if you want to make our relationship a more intimate one, then let me just throw this thing aside.”

I then slowly slid the bikini bottom through my legs and flung it outside of the pool, along with my goggles and swim cap, letting my straightened black hair flow down into the water. Mora blushed as she saw me strip down until I was fully nude, and continued undressing herself, tossing away her swim cap and goggles to the side, letting her long, wavy, dark hair flow down past her shoulders and into the water.

I thrust myself forward until I was up against her, our breasts touching, and my arms wrapped around her. She flinched, looked away, but I brought her eyes back to mine and planted a kiss onto her face, inspiring her to embrace me as I embraced her, wrapping her hands around my back as our bodies pushed against each other.

With our bodies suspended in water, there was a certain weightlessness to our actions. But despite the medium between us, the sensations flowing through my body were just as intense as what I experienced shortly ago in the restroom. As we slowly pulled back after our kiss, I twisted Mora around, whispering into her ear, asking her to follow my lead. With a small nod, she did so, floating as I moved around to her back, wrapping my legs around her torso, and planting my crotch right against her tiny heiny. 

She flinched as she recognized what I was doing, but did not object, allowing me to plant my breasts against her back, and bring my hands to her front. I brought my right hand downward, past my legs and to her crotch, and I brought my left hand to her breast, swiftly cupping it. After priming her breast and pinching her nipples, I took things slowly, inserting my middle finger in, feeling out what she was working with.

As I penetrated her with a finger, she moaned loud enough for it to echo across the room, spurring me to go in deeper, moving from one phalange to three, still one finger, causing her moans to explode into yelling. Yelling that, based on my mingled experiences and memories, could only come from pleasure. 

“Hey, Mora, take your other breast and put it in your mouth.”

“A-Are you sure, Rubette?”

“Sure as sugar, darling. Now, lay back and let your teacher carry on with the lesson. You’re doing swimmingly so far.”

Mora either did not get my terrible pun, or was not too bothered by it, as she brought her right breast into her mouth and began licking it. Once she was raring to go, I decided to kick things up a notch, humping her ass to titillate my clit, throwing the ring finger into her pussy, and bringing my nails to her nipples. Just enough to put pressure on the skin without tearing it.

I listened to her muffled moans as she filled her mouth with her breast, suckling on it, while I used her back and butt as a post to get myself off, rubbing myself against the curvature of her spine as my nipples hardened. I rode on my own sexual high as I brought Mora to the apex, fastening my thrusts and bringing my mouth to her left ear, where I began to lick her lobe and press it against my teeth.

Once locked into this assault on her senses, it took only half a minute of stimulation before Mora reached her climax, and unleashed a burst of warm and viscous goop onto my fingers. Goop that swiftly melted in the moving waters of the pool. Her lips loosened on her breast, her head leaned back onto my neck, and her body floated upwards as the energy left her and she entered the afterglow. I loosened my grip on her and floated up to the surface. We were side by side, staring up at the high ceiling in silence, before I broke the tension by speaking to her.

“Was it good for you, love?”

“It… It was my first time with someone else, and…”

“So I took your virginity? Shit. If I knew that, I would have—”

“It was fabulous, Rubette. Better than I ever imagined. How did you… know how to do all of that?”

“Porn and masturbation,” I said, honest in my response. I learned a lot masturbating… an hour ago, and I knew that Ruby never had any lesbian experience, but I watched a good amount of lesbian porn over the years, so I had some idea of how things worked. 

“Well, I thank you for helping me confirm that… this is what I wanted.”

“If you really want to thank me, you’ll pay me extra,” I said, my voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Oh, I will. Happily, in fact. Does $350 for the whole session seem fair?”

“You really ought to get smart on your social cues, girl. You owe me $50, as usual.”

“That’s not right! You gave me one of the greatest experiences in my entire life, so consider the extra $300 a gift. I’ll write a check and label it as such.”

“Eh, if it makes you happy, sure. I’m not rich enough to say no to free cash. Get dressed, head home, you know where to send the check. I’d join with you, but… I need to find out where my top went.”

Mora then casually made her way to the pool ladder and gripped the wall as she gathered her discarded swimwear, leaving the room shortly after putting her swimsuit back on.

As she left, I continued to lay back as the water covered my naked body, looking up at the frosted windows above. It wasn’t even night yet, so I guess I was only in this body for maybe 90 minutes? It had been wonderful, but I was not enough of a miscreant to steal someone’s body like that, so I figured I may as well get this over with and get back to my life… after enjoying a lovely shower and finding my top.

As the warm water cascaded down my person, I did not feel eroticism as much as I felt calm and relief. In all fairness, I had satisfied myself after the masturbation and lesbian water-play with Mora, but I felt like I was wasting an opportunity by not going all in once more. Though, in retrospect, I’m kind of glad that I didn’t start shoving the mini shampoo bottle up my ass, as Ruby barged into the restroom while I was halfway done.

She was fully dressed, wearing the same thing I wore when I arrived here. A faux leather jacket from a thrift store, a green button-up shirt, jeans, and beat up running shoes, with the camera around her neck. Her short hair was still a bit wet, and she looked on at me through the frosted glass of the shower.

“I ran into Mora on the way out. How did things go?”

It’s rude to talk to someone while they are showering, but I replied anyway, yelling over the sound of running water.

“My top fell off, accidentally, she revealed that she was a lesbian, and we fucked in the pool. She loved it, I loved it, and you’re getting an extra $300 bucks.”


“I’m just describing what happened. I didn’t plan to have sex with her, but it seemed easier, and we both walked away happy. Simple as that.”

I then stepped out of the shower, my body dripping, before I grabbed a towel and began drying my person. My inherited memories told me it was a terrible idea to try to wash my maintained hair using this generic shampoo, so I didn’t. Instead, I gave Ruby a full view of her own naked body, which was enough to make her dick poke through her jeans. It was subtle, suppressed by the briefs, but my jeans were a bit on the tight side, and I could spot when a boner was poking through.

“I… okay. It’s in the past, and I only care about… making things as they were. You said this camera was the key, I have no reason to think it isn’t, but the sooner—”

“—Did you masturbate while you were gone?” I interjected, stunning Ruby.

“I… it felt really good, okay? It felt like shooting off a cannon and… I did it twice in a row… thinking of you.”

“You wanna have sex before we switch back?”


“Are you seriously going to waste this opportunity?” I asked in an incredulous tone. “I mean, you’re a woman in a man’s body man, I’m a man in a woman’s body woman, and… that was mangled, but you know what I mean. Don’t you want to make the most of our unique situation?”

As the conversation went on, I moved out of the restroom and back to the pool, where I began dressing myself in the clothes Ruby left in a locker.

“…I hate how you’re the one in charge of this relationship,” Ruby groaned. “Yes, I do want to fuck you… but do you want to fuck me? Wouldn’t that be… straight? …You know what I mean.”

“It’s never gay if a dick goes in a pussy, no matter your gender. So let’s head back to… your my parents are out of town for the weekend, so let’s head to your my place”

“Sure, I certainly don’t want to go to my grovel.”

“Then let’s hop on the 52 and get busy!”

After I said that, I finished getting into Ruby’s outfit. It consisted of a maroon long-sleeve shirt, an orange t-shirt, a black pleated skirt, leggings, a pair of sneakers, and a nice purse picked up from a secondhand store, because why pay full price for something like this? It was nothing too fancy, it had a casual style to it that I dug… though I’m not sure if that was because of Ruby’s memories or not… best not to fret about it, I suppose.

From there, we left the Eucalyptus Community Center, waited 7 minutes for the bus, and spent much of the ride in silence, as it was pretty crowded, considering it was a weekend afternoon. Besides, I wasn’t even sure what we would talk about. Just sifting through Ruby’s memories was enough for me to feel like I had known her for years. I felt I could guess her thoughts on anything based on the stream of information, events, and factoids that trickled into my mind. It was pretty surreal knowing this much about someone who was a stranger a mere few hours ago, and it made me think that, even after we get this sorted, our lives are going to remain intertwined somehow

Soon enough, we reached our stop, I opened the door, entered the townhouse owned by Ruby’s father, and made way up to her bedroom, where we both plopped our bottoms onto her bed. I took a moment to look over her bedroom in detail. The walls that were painted pink 12 years ago, the bookshelf full of photos from the span of an entire lifetime, a collection of stuffed animals with too much sentimental value to be thrown away or donated, and stains left from where posters once hung. Looking over this room filled me with nostalgia for a life I never lived. It did not feel as if I was losing my ‘self’ just by being here, as much as it felt like… a secondary ‘self’ was growing within my mind.

“I feel like I’m letting a stranger in on my you’re letting a stranger in on your innermost secrets,” Ruby said as she looked at my wide-eyed expression. “Every moment, it becomes harder to think that this isn’t some ploy to… change our lives forever.”

“Look, you have my memories remember, right? You remember how I you met with Seth, got the camera, and why I you went to see you me, right?”

“Yeah. If this was some ploy to steal my life something from you, it would be nonsensical to do things this way.”

I then looked down at her pants and saw little Yuccot poking against the fabric of the jeans.

“Looks like someone’s eager to get started,” I said, looking down at Ruby.

“God, I wish I had worn baggier jeans. Well, that I had baggier jeans, but I never wanted to go up a size. I didn’t want to look like some thug.

Ruby then punched me in the arm. Not hard enough that it really hurt, but hard enough to express her frustration.

“Ow. What was that for?”

“Because I can feel my mind getting contaminated by this inherited memory bullshit. I can feel myself acknowledging my internalized racism. I get it. I barely know any black people, I was fed by garbage media and white-dominated pop culture.”

“Hey, don’t blame me yourself for being a victim of a system that has been designed to put black people down for literal centuries. I You never meant to do anything harmful or hateful, but yes, I you did indeed classify them as an ‘other’ because this racism is a systemic issue that is hard for people to break away from unless they are aware of it. And after being in your body over the duration of my life as a black woman, I have come to know the struggles your my people faced. Shit sucks for black people, shit double-sucks for black women like you myself. Though… I think I inherited some of your have a lot of pride in being a black woman. You I accomplished a lot with your my life, and… I am proud to call myself Rubette Rarette.”

I was knowingly playing with fire and, surprise surprise, I got burned. Ruby slapped me across the face, causing me to fall back against the bed. She really put her all into it. I mean, it was a slap, so it didn’t hurt that much, but it sent a message across.

“Pfft, typical cracker, falling back to the ways of your forefathers by assaulting a ‘black bitch’ for her insolence.”

“Shut the fuck up, you-cock,” Ruby grunted. “My family came from Poland after The Great War and you know that because I told you before.”

“Jeez, sorry for fooling around a little, ya rube. I know that just because I have memories, that is different than living a life as someone of a different race and sex. It’s something that takes a lifetime to experience, as it is a lifelong experience. And while it’s pretty great being in this sexy body, I think I’ll end this experience… after we reach the climax of the third act.”

“…I hate myself for thinking that was kinda funny.”

“Channel that hatred into your dick, Yuccot,” I said to Ruby with the shittiest grin I could muster.

She began throwing off her layers onto her desk chair, mannishly throwing her clothes away like she didn’t give a shit about them. Meanwhile, I took my time undressing, looking down and getting a face full of boobs as I shed layer upon layer, before leaning back on the bed as I pulled off my leggings, skirt, and finally, panty. I smiled as I looked up at myself, struggling to get the limber legs, primed pussy, toned tummy, and tantalizing tits into a single mental image, but that was interrupted when Ruby came into frame, her dick fully erect, a full 16 centimeter-long kutas.

“I hate how sexy you look,” Ruby said as she looked down at me.

“Heh. That’s because I have experience with what men want, sweetie. And as a man, you should be all over me. Or do my candor and color intimidate you so? Well, in that case, get your knees on the bed, and let Miss Rarette lead the show.”

At this point, I was putting on a performance. To me, it was sick and weird to come on to my real body like this, and if I wanted to enjoy this, which I did, I needed to make an act of it. Play a character. And turn myself on by acting like a hot bitch, because at this moment in time, I was a hot bitch. No. I was the hot bitch. And I wanted this timid, shorter, and less attractive ‘rube’ to acknowledge it. There was a lot to unpack there about my warping psyche and shifting sexuality, but… fucky time now, thinky time later.

With Ruby before me, and her dick inches from my face, I brought my right hand to it and began caressing it, rubbing it like I rubbed it hundreds of times before, but now with a different set of, far more slender, hands. They made the penis feel bigger than ever before, and as I neared my face toward it, it looked bigger than ever, and I could see minute features in the skin that I had never seen before. Seeing it throb within these hands, twitching slightly while maintaining its girth, releasing a masculine odor, it stirred another series of memories of… other times I handled dicks.

Years of dealing with shitty sex-hungry boyfriends flooded my mind, as did the things they had me do. Giving them handjobs in a public restroom, sucking their dicks in their car, letting them fuck my ass because I thought that they loved me. God, I felt like a fucking idiot for being so easy, for letting them use me like that, but… I still enjoyed it. And some of them weren’t half bad.

…As I realized I was viewing these memories from the first-person, I stopped, reminded myself that I was Yuccot for half a second. But then I stopped again, snickered, murmured ‘fuck it’ as I returned to the reality before me, and planted my tongue on the thick white cock dangling in front of my face.

As I titillated the dick, I looked up at Ruby; her face contorting and uglying itself as she racked her brain around what a man experienced, looking down at her original face as I swallowed her penis. It felt like it grew three sizes as it entered my mouth, blossoming into this overwhelming mass that went past my mouth and entered my throat. I had to breathe through my nose. I was terrified of jamming my teeth against this dense hot tube, but despite this discomfort… the very act made me wet.

With my mouth full, I brought my left hand to my crotch, sliding the ring and middle fingers in, ‘deviling myself’ as I liked to call it, before bringing my right to my breasts, where I brought my fingers to my nipple. Once everything was in place, I began to rev things up. 

I shut my eyes and split my focus between my mouth and hands, before settling on a rhythm, before creating a sexual beat for me to play using my body as the instrument. An instrument that played sweet music, manifested as muffled moans. But right as I felt myself near my crescendo, I remembered why it was customary for blowees to let blowers know when they’re gonna cum.

A bursting deluge of hot, viscous fluid assaulted the back of my dry throat, culminating a current that cascaded down to my stomach and leaving a burning feeling in its wake. I swallowed it down, hard, hoping that would free me, but all it did was leave my throat hoarse as it became caked in cum. 

As my eyes watered and a look of panic became prominent on my sexy mug, I felt the dick leave my mouth, a trail of cum and spit dangling off its head. I took in deep breaths as I lathered my tongue about my mouth, lopping up the lingering semen, and… finding it to have a mild sweet taste that reminded me of the discount blueberries I ate this morning.

“Oh fuck, I’m so sorry about this Ruby, I—” my sex partner said, getting down to eye level and grabbing me by my narrow shoulders.

“Save it. You’ve had a dick for a few hours, and this was your third time using it only fucked three times before, so you’re bound to get some things wrong. And I’ve I know you used that dick for WAY stupider things.” 

“Yeah… like that time I fucked a knothole in a tree after finding that duffel bag of old Hustlers in the woods.”

As Ruby reminded me of the dark day I got splinters in my penis, I grabbed the reusable water bottle she kept in her room, and chugged it to clear my throat.

“Heh. Yeah,” I began before looking down at Ruby’s wet, erect dick and rubbing my damp thighs together. While we technically met the criteria of having sex as a man and a woman, I could tell that we both wanted the full experience.

I gave Ruby a knowing wink, to which she nodded, heading to her crumpled up clothes to pull out my wallet. It was mostly empty, just $7.43, my license, and ATM card. But inside one of its many folds, and within a small container, there was a lone condom. Ruby swiftly opened its wrapper, brought the condom to her penis, and, after spending a good 15 seconds fumbling with the rubbery sheath, she triumphantly thrust her dick toward me. 

“Perfect,” I said. “Now then, Mister Kikansky, why don’t you show me how much of a man you are?” 

As I said this, I leaned back on the bed, spreading my legs open and inviting her to penetrate me. With my legs cast backward, she got on her knees, aimed her penis, and nestled it in, forcing my pussy to adjust to its girth. The sudden presence of this thing entering inside me filled me with shock. While I had memories of this happening before, I had never felt this, and lost the same sense of control that I had been flexing since our sex session began. And as my grip loosened, Ruby stole that role for herself, pushing my legs back, herself forward, and leaning down toward me, a sinister look in her blue eyes.

I gulped, swallowing the last morsel of cum from between my teeth, and felt my body shake. She moved herself in and out within a fraction of a second, gyrating her hips about and forcing me to follow. Though I had made myself the instrument and performer last time, Ruby was inclined to take the latter role from me, using me to get her off.

“Heh. So, th-there’s that… dominant s-side of you a-again. That’s good… I… I was kinda missing it… to be honest.”

“Well, I am a man, so I may as well feel like one!” She said as she brought her hands to my nipples and pressed her face against mine, invading my mouth with her tongue.

My words were reduced to mere moans as Ruby brought herself against me, going in for the most her body had to offer… and I felt compelled to do the same. With our slurried memories, we both knew how each other ticked physically. She knew how to position her dick, how to massage her breasts just right, and where the tongue should go in my mouth. She was doing what my body wanted, and I delivered what her body wanted in return. Thrusting my hips forward, getting her dick into the best position, invading the insides of her mouth, and bringing my hands to her back, clenching the tenderest areas I could.

As time melted into a vague concept, and I could feel myself leading to the end, Ruby brought her mouth away from mine, smiled, and moved her head down to my nipples, where she suckled onto one… before clenching her teeth onto it.

As I screamed, I felt something escape from my pussy, dripping onto my legs, and then I felt something warm fill it, gathering up and forming an extension of the penis, one that pushed my canal further and caused me to hold onto a high note until the sensation simmered to a stop and I felt Ruby slide out of me.

I looked up at the ceiling, sweat covering my body, my breathing heavy, but not as heavy as I expected. I felt my eyes drooping slightly, my body tuckered out from all the sex and swimming that happened today, but I was woken up when I heard the sound of a cum-filled condom hitting the plastic bag lining Ruby’s garbage can. A crinkly noise accompanied by an audible sploosh as the liquid flattened against the flat bottom.

“Woosh,” Ruby said as the scumbag hit the trash can, having thrown it a good three meters.

While I could have had any number of reaction, I was still on an after-sex high, so I just laughed my ass off at Ruby’s display.

“The hell do you think you’re doing, ya dummy?” I asked Ruby as I sat upright and looked down at her.

“What? I’ve seen guys do it, and I thought it was the best thing you could do with a condom. …The worst thing you could do would be to miss and let it leak on the floor.”

“Heh. You know… I like you… rube. Not as in, I like fucking you or any of that shit, but over these past few hours, I’ve had a better time with you than any of my past… significant others.”

“Ditto,” Ruby said, stretching her arms behind her head. “But let’s wait until we switch back before we decide anything. For all we know, we might hate each other once our memories get straightened out.”

“Yeah… I kinda hope they stay, though.”

Ruby then jumped off the couch, grabbed the camera, and plopped it onto the bed. 

With a slightly remorseful and slightly relieved sigh, I grabbed the camera and aimed it at Ruby as she made a smirk. While staring at her eyes through the LCD screen, I pressed the button, the screen freaked out, and the process of having my essence drained repeated itself.

Senselessness gave into nothingness, which gave into senses again as I stared at the ceiling above, my body naked, but as I rose myself upward, I could already tell all was as it should be. No hair touching my shoulders, no tits on my chest, and a dick right between my legs.

“My name’s Yuccot Kikansky… and I’m fucking back!” I said, almost startled by how much deeper my voice was.

I then looked over to Ruby, her hands moving across her body as she murmured to herself.

“My name is Ruby and… it’s nice to be home,” she said softly.

“So, um, I guess I should apologize for all this, and—”

“Yuccot, the hell are you talking about? I know you’re not the brightest crab in the barrel, but you’re not that dumb. Did I wake up wanting to switch bodies with some white dude I barely knew? No. Did I want to fuck myself in as literal a manner I could? No. But do I regret anything that happened today? FUCK NO!”

Ruby then wrapped her arms around me, planted her lips against mine, and pushed my body down onto the bed. As she did so, I smelled the shampoo she used this morning, recognized the brand, and was met with a vivid memory of that shower. A memory from her perspective.

“I… think we kept each other’s memories even after swapping back,” I said, confident but uncertain.

“Yeah, I know. …You know what this means?”

“That we’re in sync like two people have never been before? …That’s pretty cool, and we’re going to probably want to spend a lot of time together because of how… in sync we both are, so… you wanna be boyfriend and girlfriend?”

“Not exactly how I would’ve worded it, but yes.”

“…And you wanna fuck now that we’re ‘back to normal?’”

“I was waiting for you to say it. But I’m still in charge.”

I chuckled as I reminded myself of the absurdity of this situation before saluting Ruby, like she was my commanding officer. 

“Yes, ma’am!”

May 18, 2001 – 18:18

…And that’s the story of how we met. It was a love forged through happenstance, body swapping, sex, and shared memories. Yet… it was love all the same.

The very next day, we went to see the man who gave us this camera, Seth Frisk. He was happy with Yuccot’s work and wrote him a check as they agreed upon, but when asked about the camera, he claimed to know nothing about any ‘abnormal’ functions to this device. Seth claimed it was merely a digital camera he got from the clearance bin at some store, and he let Yuccot keep it, despite being such an expensive doodad.

This left us with a body swapping camera, something that could change and revolutionize the world. You could cause wars, amass insane wealth, and disrupt the very foundation of society with something like this! Unfortunately, any plans we had for the device were cut short. 

Ruby tried to use the camera to switch bodies with Mora, but it did not work. The only people the camera would switch were Yuccot and Ruby. We were pretty bummed about this, but it gave us something special to share in, and share in it we did. We quickly began spending nights, then days, then weeks as each other, learning the ins and outs of our lives until we could replicate them fully. Until it became difficult to tell where one of us ended and the other began.

The shared memories did wonders for our relationship, but it also helped Yuccot finally nail a stable job. Ruby’s office job was understaffed, so when Yuccot came knocking, with all of Ruby’s skills in-tact, they were desperate to hire him. There, we prospered thanks to our synchronicity, giving way to promotions, raises, respect— the things one vies for in a white-collar job. And with this stable work and income, we finally decided to get married, buy a car, a house, and, well, I think you know what comes next. If not, it was clear as day just looking at us.

It was right before the sun set and right before spring faded away into summer. Yuccot laid on our bed, naked. His face was adorned with a trimmed beard and his body toned from the exercise routine that he and Ruby had started three years ago. His heavy breathing steadied and, with a look of content on his face, he turned his head to look at his wife. 

Her curly dark hair was cut to be just above her shoulders, a look of satisfaction lingered in her eyes, and her hands were placed squarely on her stomach, where they did little to conceal the obvious bump in her belly. She was five months pregnant. Meaning that her pregnancy was obvious to all who looked at her, but it did not necessarily inhibit her day-to-day life, allowing her to partake in more athletic activities. Including making love to her husband.

“I know they say that you should stop penetration six weeks before, but are you sure you’re okay with doing this? I just don’t want to hurt you or the baby.” Yuccot asked as he nudged closer to his wife.

“Yuccot, sweetie, it’s fine. This might all be new to me, but I know what the limits are with my body, and I will let you know when something hurts. Besides, I don’t want to go on a three month dry spell.”

“Well, you say that now. But you don’t know how your hormones are going to mess you up over the next few months.”

“Yeah, I know I don’t know! Why do you think I keep dragging you to bed early? Because I wanna enjoy this time together while we still can.”

“Alright. Just… just remember that if you ever need a break from being a pregnant woman, I’m more than willing to try it out for a few we—”

“No! Absolutely not! I said I was delivering the first. You’ll deliver the second, and if we want to do a third, then we will use the camera every day.”

“God, you’re such a mom. You haven’t even had your first kid yet, but you’re already planning the next two?”

“Hey, what’s our W-2 earnings going to be this year?”

“…Over 80k,” Yuccot groaned.

“And how much did you make by shorting Dot-com companies this year?”


“And how much did I make by longing Dot-com companies in 99?”


“And whose dad helped cover the down payment on this house so we could do a 15-year mortgage?”

“Your dad…”

“See? We’re doing swimmingly when it comes to finance, and you need to keep that in mind. Golly, you’re getting out of sync, Yuccot.”

“Golly? Maybe I don’t want to get in-sync with you.”

“Please. Your love for me is the stuff of legends.”

“Then shouldn’t your love of me be the same?”

“There’s not a man on Earth I would rather be with… but I would love you just a teensy bit more if you got me some pickles.”

Again with the pickles?”

Yuccot then got up from the bed, slid on his briefs, and walked down to the kitchen. As he departed, Ruby laughed to herself and looked longingly at the bookshelf in our room. It was filled with a scattering of novels, business-related texts, knick-knacks, and a Casio QV-300, inconspicuously placed on a shelf with other electronic doohickeys. 

As Ruby looked at the camera, her mind started racing and her bare nipples grew erect as she thought about the last time we swapped bodies. Part of her was eager to experience what it was like to be a man in bed with a pregnant woman. But despite her curiosity and desire for sexual diversity, she did not pick up the camera. Instead, she merely got up and got dressed in her underwear and a light scarlet nightgown. And as Ruby dressed herself, Yuccot returned, a chilled jar of pickles in one hand.

“For you, my darling wife,” Yuccot said, presenting the jar to Ruby.

Ruby casually grabbed the container and brought one pickle to her mouth, sucking its juices, thrusting it in and out of her mouth, and moaning as if it were giving her pleasure.

“Yes, I get it, it’s a phallus,” Yuccot said, exasperated, “This is the third time this month you made that joke.”

Ruby then chomped the pickle vigorously, filling her mouth with it like a machine, before swallowing it in an audible gulp.

“It’s still funny to me, damn it! Most real men would love to see their hot wife deepthroat a cock-like vegetable. Many would even pay for it. Perhaps it is time to—”

As Ruby gave a faux-lecture to her husband, she let out a vulgar pickle-powered belch that echoed throughout the room, ending the conversation abruptly. After a moment of silence, however, we both started to laugh.

It was playful moments like these that peppered our lives. Moments that we would not be able to share with anyone else without risk of offending or unsettling. While we might clash on occasion or get into brief arguments, to us, it was all part of the fun of being in a couple, and one of the many ways we expressed our love for each other.

And after every one of these scuffles, after every petty argument, we think about how lucky we were to be where we are and who we are. This never would have happened if Yuccot wasn’t desperate, if Seth gave him a different task, or if one of us were repulsed by the other’s innermost secrets. Instead, we embraced one another and found a happiness the likes of which few, if any, couples have had the privilege of experiencing.

Das Ende


Back when I was first becoming invested in the world of TSF media, I stumbled onto a lot of YouTube clips depicting transformations, body swaps, and so forth. Most of them have since been removed and were generally forgettable, but there was one that I distinctly remember. A 10-ish minute long clip called something to the effect of “Body Swap Kamera” with a K for some reason, which depicted a young man using a camera to take photos of a young woman swimming in a small pool. After getting scolded by this woman, the man’s camera gets wet, and the two switch bodies. 

After some obvious confusion from both parties, some inappropriate touching, and some bizarrely catchy music, the man in the woman’s body flees to a bathroom, looks over his new female body in a mirror, and begins rubbing his speedo-branded one-piece swimsuit he is now wearing. The clip cut off afterwards, and I never knew what film, show, or whatever, this clip came from. 

While this might not sound like anything special, I saw this when I was 13, still coming to grips with my then burgeoning interest in TSF and body swapping, and it stuck with me. Meaning that I thought about this clip about once a quarter for… 13 years. When I remembered this clip back in November 2021, I decided to look it up again, and found an extended version of the clip on YouTube. This clip included a link to the full original video… and I quickly realized that this was a Japanese Adult Video, aka live action hentai, aka Japanese pornographic film. 

Now, I could have let my curiosity die then and there, but I decided that it was time to do something I had never done before in my life. Intentionally watch live action pornography. I downloaded the video in question, RCT-024 (Google “JAV RCT-024” and you’ll find it), watched in its original 360p glory, adjusted the playback speed to 1.33x (because the pacing was glacial), and tried to understand it as best I could, as nobody makes subtitles for porn. Or at least they didn’t back in 2008.

What I was met with was a 150 minute double feature, with a 15 minute interstitial, following individuals who come into possession of a camera capable of switching the bodies of two people. It was a film filled with cornball antics, exhibitionist activities, a lot of people mumble-talking, and also a bunch of sex scenes with censored, pixelated, and hairy genitalia. …Yeah, this was produced in the late 2000s, back when the Japanese government still allowed women to hide their clitoris behind a sea of black pubes.

Did I enjoy what I watched? Yes, quite a bit, actually. While I could not understand the dialogue, as I barely know two dozen Japanese words, I had fun skimming past the sex scenes in order to piece together the intricate story. Then, after I rapidly became invested in this plot, I decided to say screw it and steal this concept to make my own story!

So I took my interpretation of the first part of this double feature and used it to create a 13,000 word short story. Does that make this the least original TSF Series installment thus far? Yes.. Was it good? As always, I dunno, but I had fun writing it.

I got to play around with the idea of magic rewriting one’s words as they spoke, as seen by the italic dialogue of Ruby post-swap and the strikethrough text of Yuccot. I got to write a straightforward love story, which I like doing from time to time. And I got to end things on an ambiguous note where you don’t know who is really who. The real answer is that it doesn’t really matter, since these two characters are the same person after 3.5 years of constant body swapping. That might seem like a weird and niche thing for me to focus on… because it is. I like the idea of two people, two lovers, being so comfortable and close that they consider themselves to be two parts of a single person. I think it is sweet, hot, and kinda messed up when you look at it from a darker angle.

…Oh, and I went back and forward on the names a bit before deciding to name all the characters after the cast from the 1999 anime Gokudo, which I have a fondness for given its body swap and TG arcs. I have been using the name Yuccot Kikansky as a character name since 2013, in reference to the titular protagonist Gokudo Yuccot Kikansky. I took female lead Rubette La Lette and mutated her name into Rubette “Ruby” Rarette. And I took a minor character named Mora and added the Indian surname Maru to it. …Why did I waste a bomb-ass name like Mora Maru on a bit player like this? And why did I make her look like Akumako— Sorry— Akuma Ko in the header image?

Probably because my brain is full of bees that tell me to do positively wack things. Like directly reference Seth Frisk from TSF Series #008: Project F – Final Chapter. However, TSF Series #013 is not in the same universe as TSF Series #008. Every numbered installment of TSF Series is set in its own universe, and I have a rule that TSF Series stories can never cross over or intersect under any circumstances.

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