TSF Series #008: Project F – Final Chapter

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From the musty catacombs of my idea bucket and reimagined… four years later.

Disclaimer: This work contains adult materials including strong language, sexual themes, and incestuous themes. This work is not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.


Project F was a novel idea that I was toying around with back in early 2016 shortly after I finished my second novel, The Malice of Abigale Quinlan. For various reasons, I never developed the idea beyond the pre-production phase and left the project largely abandoned. However, in a recent visit to a seldom-visited Google Drive subdirectory, I recovered my early outlines, notes, tone test, and summaries.

The story would have centered around a lackadaisical teenage boy who, for reasons unknown to him, switches bodies with his mother. This would force the two to adopt each other’s roles, with the son learning how to cook, clean, take care of a house, and work a quirky job, while the mother proceeds to reinvent her son’s life into something better. Improving his grades, dietary and exercise habits, wardrobe, and social life by netting an attractive girlfriend. As the mother is making her son’s life better, the son begins to acclimate to his mother’s life and body, learning to appreciate them more and more with each passing day. Going from clear-cut resentment to a more mixed take on the swap and finally full-blown appreciation and acceptance.

That is nothing too crazy as far as body swap fiction goes, but I was getting ambitious with my ideas, planning a parallel story with the father and daughter of the same family, creating these bizarre relationship trees, and choosing to make the story a period piece set in the late 90s. But rather than leave this story to rot in my digital closet, I figured I would revisit my favorite tidbit from my slapdash synopsis, the conclusion. Or rather, the final chapter. 

TSF Series #008: Project F – Final Chapter

As my eyes fluttered open from the comforting grasp of slumber, I steadily began taking in the world around me. The morning sun had penetrated my windows, illuminating the otherwise dark room with rays of intense yet comforting light. While the breeze that accompanied this sunshine wafted throughout my bedroom, carrying with it a chill that was an indication of the seasons changing from the hot and humid summer to the crisp and blustery autumn. My blanket kept the bulk of my being warm and protected from the cool breeze, but it left my face exposed. Looking to my left, I read the digital characters of my clock, reading 6:17, indicating that it was far too late for me to consider falling back asleep for more joyous rest, and giving me the opportunity to get a head start on the day. 

I then turned to my right, where I was met with the face of Flynn, my husband, breathing slowly as he was still deeply immersed in sleep, his face twisted into a slight smile. I gently danced my fingers across his five o’clock shadow, sending a prickly sensation throughout my dry slender digits. I closed my eyes for only a moment, reminiscing about the night we shared. We united, we became one, and I… I accepted everything. My lot in life, my body, and womanhood. It, like so much of this past month, has been simultaneously new and nostalgic, frightening me as it began, but once I ceased my initial struggles, I began accepting and enjoying everything that came my way. Even though part of me was screaming how ‘this is wrong, this is wrong,’ I could not deny that the warm embrace of my beloved felt oh so right.

I could have spent all day laying in my bed and recollecting on this past month, over my time learning to become Minerva Frisk, but as a mother, I would be a hypocrite if I allowed myself to waste a weekend by lounging about in my bed when I had chided my children oh so many times for the same behavior. With a muted sigh, I cast aside my blanket, rose from my bed, and repositioned things accordingly before slowly making my way to the window, shutting it, and looking down at the floor to see my discarded lingerie scattered about from the night prior.

I repressed a laugh as I recalled how nervous I was about wearing such a thing last night as I plopped the garments in the laundry hamper, as they were far too risque to be worn outside of the bedroom. Instead, I casually and effortlessly plucked out underwear, leggings, and a tank top from my wardrobe, which I promptly slid into. Now decent, I made my way to the ensuite bathroom to relieve myself, wash my face, and tame my ruffled shoulder-length brown hair. And as I did so, I took a moment to look back at the woman in the mirror. 

42-years-old, but not looking a day over 35. Well, after applying my creams, moisturizer, and make-up that is. Signs of age had accumulated around my eyes, but my fair complexion kept the most obvious signs at bay, allowing me to age with some grace. I shot myself a smile before looking over the rest of my body as it was dressed in these form-fitting clothes, patting my mostly flat stomach and rubbing a hand over my rump. I could admittedly stand to lose a few pounds, but doing so would require me to sacrifice what few dietary vices I had, and I was personally pleased with myself physically. 

After realizing that I had spent a full minute gawking at myself, I left the bathroom to begin my routine in earnest, traipsing down the familiar halls of my home as I stifled a yawn, only to lay eyes on a man and a woman, both facing away from me, and both making their way towards the stairs. Confusion wracked my brain for only a moment before I realized who these two figures were, adopted a grin, and called out to them.

“Oh me, oh my. What do we have here?” I cheekily chimed in a sing-song voice.

As the first syllable escaped my lips, the two froze in their steps, steadily turning around to face me, with both of them bearing reddened faces or the closest they could muster with their darker complexions. 

The man was named Gem Stone. A 23-year-old Hispanic gentleman who was working as a plumber apprentice and began dating my daughter, Dani, two weeks ago. He was a very kind and well-spoken young man, a bit too soft for my taste, but at the same time, he struck me as immensely loyal. The sort of person who would stand by those he cared about, and do his best to never lead them astray, even at his own detriment.

The woman, meanwhile, was named Anita Neukar. A 19-year-old biracial woman with stark white hair free from any pigment who met my son, Seth, in an introductory business class, where the two hit it off during an impromptu group project. She was a cheery sporty girl who had an attractive fire in her eyes, believing that she could accomplish anything she set her mind to, while still keeping her ambitions grounded.

Having already met these two and granted them my motherly approval to date my children, I was none too surprised to see them rummaging about at my house. But it did not take a brain surgeon to piece together the fact that they both stayed late last night, chatting about in my childrens’ rooms, and that they were here before me, in such unsightly early hours of the morning. For a brief moment, I thought that the missing piece was that they simply slept the night, that they rolled out sleeping bags and some blankets before sleeping into the same room as their significant others. However, the look on their faces, the signs of unrest and embarrassment, made it clear that the real answer was something far less wholesome. 

“Oh golly,” Gem exclaimed, “I’m sorry Missus Frisk. We, um, Dani and I wound up falling asleep in her room, and I just woke up a few minutes ago. I’m sorry for imposing, I— erm, Anita and I will be on our way.”

“So, you all just fell asleep, nothing… more?” I said, slowly making my way closer to the unassociated duo.

“Well, that is to say— What I am getting at is that I… that I really and truly do care about your daughter. I… I dearly and deeply do love her. And we—” Gem stammered before being interrupted.

“We had sex,” Anita bluntly interjected. “Seth and I had sex. Gem and Dani had sex. …And, from what I overheard, you and your husband had sex too.”

There comes a time in every mother’s life where she must wonder, pontificate, stress, and ruminate over the sex lives of her children. But having already known my daughter to be sexually active for a few years, I was well in a way over that hump, and instead eased my way into the next stage of concern as those words escaped Anita’s lips.

“I trust that you used protection,” I said, offering them both dry glares.

“Oh o-of course, I would not dream of it otherwise,” Gem replied less than a second later.

“Yeah, obviously. I mean, I do take birth control, but you can never be too careful with this kind of stuff,” Anita clarified.

“Good, good, I’m far too young to be a grandmother anyhow,” I said with a sly grin. “But regardless, you’ve taken things to the next level, and I hope you two are prepared to follow through on that.”

“Yes, ma’am! I will do anything to preserve the happiness of my dear Dani!” Gem whisper-yelled with conviction.

“Same here. I, honestly, never thought much of Seth back in high school, but after this past summer, it’s like he’s a whole new person. And I genuinely do love and care about the person he’s become. I, um, wouldn’t have done it with him otherwise.”

“That’s nice to hear. Now, would my future children-in-law like to stay for breakfast?” I asked with a cheeky grin.

The two both exchanged looks of confusion and fear, unsure as to whether or not I was being sarcastic (I was), and silently allying with one another. 

“I’d love to, but I clean up around the house on Saturdays, so I really should get going,” Anita said as she backpedaled down the hallway.

“Yes, and I… I need to get ready, as I’m working in the afternoon,” Gem commented as he followed Anita.

While still formulating my response, the pair sprinted down the stairs and towards the front door, plopping on their shoes before skedaddling from the awkward predicament I had placed them in. As I observed them from on top of the staircase, I could not help but giggle at their frantic display. With that distraction taken care of, I made my way to the kitchen to truly begin my morning. Picking up and taking out everything I needed to make a full breakfast for my family. Slicing fruits, frying eggs, toasting bread, and stretching while pondering my current… predicament.

There was a very real sense of age throughout my being, with sores that did not exist years ago and joints that clenched up more than they should have, but such was life. It was just a part of my person, of my body, and it was my normal. While a small part of me did pine for the days when I could leap out of bed, slap some soapy water on my face, and feel fresh as a plucked daisy, to return to such a state I would need to sacrifice what I had learned to accumulate, amass, and admire. The sense of pride and accomplishment that came with running a family. The wisdom, experience, and comfort that came with age and familiarity. And the intimate relationships that I have come to admire. It was richer than the life I had known before all this, and, in some way, it all felt right.

While I did enjoy my prior life, I was wild, aimless and desired structure while fearing commitment. I sought simple, easy, and unfulfilling pleasures by hanging out with friends, and was teetering on the edge of ruining what basis I had developed through education and childhood due to my lacking ambitions. Now… I had real and tangible ambitions that I was working towards and preserving on a daily basis. The maintenance of my family, my career, and myself. It was a special type of happiness fueled by memories that vicariously seeped into my mind as I slept, instilling me with a greater understanding of Minerva Frisk. Of me

As I mused and semi-automatically made my way through a habitual routine, moving things on and off the stove, and marching in place as I did so, I felt a hand clench my bottom before another spun me around, blindsiding me as my lips were embraced by another’s. I shut my eyes as this impromptu kiss lingered on, knowing full well whose hands were caressing my body and savoring the sensation of their digits darting across my back. Our lips separated as I let out a gasp for air, and I was met with the sight of my husband, Flynn Frisk, having shaved his stubble away, gotten dressed, and showered based on the way his damp hair glistened in the morning light.

“Well, good morning to you too, my dear,” I cooed as I wrapped my arms around Flynn.

“Minerva, I have to say that last night was—”

“Dazzling, heavenly, transcendent, splendiferous, a reminder of why I love you so dearly and deeply—”

“All those things and more,” Flynn said as he leaned in for another kiss.

“Well, the good times can keep on rolling tomorrow, the day after, and every following night if you are so inclined. But in case the aroma wafting throughout our humble abode isn’t enough of an indication, I’m in the middle of cooking a few things.”

“But of course. I’ll leave you right to it. Want me to check up on the kids?” 

“No, I have a feeling they’ll be getting up shortly. Especially after last night. I’m sure you heard what was going on in their rooms.”

As I said those words, I freed myself of Flynn’s grasp and continued conversing as I dotted about the kitchen, juggling three things at once in addition to our conversation while my husband remained standing in the entranceway.

“Eh, not really,” Flynn said as he did a quick stretch, “I was a bit distracted by the gorgeous woman I married to pay much attention to anything else last night.”

“Oh, really? Because your daughter was something of a screamer from what I heard.”

“I… you mean she—”

“Both of them,” I said while flipping an omelet, “Seth with Anita and Dani with Gem.”

“They’re growing up so fast…”

“Yes, but we grew up even faster, don’t forget that I was already pregnant with Dani by the time I was her age. I just hope they keep things rolling throughout college and wait until they graduate before they make a commitment. It’s so much easier to finish school when you don’t have a family to worry about.”

“I know Min. We should have waited, but… we didn’t. It was hard at first but now—”

“Now, we’re nearly done. Just a few more years and our children will leave the nest to make families of their own.”

“And then?”

“Then it will just be us, our friends, our children when they come to visit, and our children’s children… whenever they get around to it.”

“Woof. I wasn’t even thinking of grandkids yet. I feel like I’m a decade too old to be a grandad.”

“Um, what are you guys talking about?” A female voice reverberated throughout the house as a pair of footsteps came traipsing down the stairway.

Recognizing the voice, both Flynn and I turned to see our daughter Dani come down, dressed in a t-shirt and shorts that hung off her slim figure, with her hair clumped into a hastily put together blonde ponytail. She clearly only woke up a few minutes ago. And looking at the clock, which read 7:20, I suppose that was none too surprising. 

“Good morning sweetpea!” I shouted with a smile in my voice, “Dad and I were just talking about how our little girl is growing up.”

“Mom, I’ve been growing up slowly and steadily all my life, it’s nothing special,” Dani said as she scooched past Flynn into the kitchen.

“Well, last night sure was,” Flynn coyly commented.

“Oh… Wait, did you guys—”

“The walls in this house aren’t especially thick, Dani,” I said with a smirk.

“Omigosh! I—”

“Hey now, it’s okay,” I said as I comforted Dani. “You’re an adult, you’re allowed to make your own decisions, and we trust you enough to make sure those are good decisions.”

“I— thank you, but it’s still pretty embarrassing,” Dani said as she stared at the floor. “I knew I was a bit loud in there, but I couldn’t help it and… I should probably shut up now, shouldn’t I?”

“No, I wouldn’t say so,” I replied, “If you want to talk about it, I see no reason why we shouldn’t. We’re family after all.”

“Thanks, m-mom,” Dani said with an awkward grin, the words coming out unevenly from her lips.

We embraced each other in a hug for a brief moment before I was called back to my cooking by the dinging of the toaster and the sizzling sound of the eggs. As I frantically attempted to return order in the kitchen, Dani joined me, cautiously looking for small tasks she could help me with while not disturbing my workflow too much. It was a kind gesture, and something she has been making a conscious effort to do throughout these past few weeks, looking for ways to become a bit more… domesticated after being something of a wild card throughout her late teens, only arriving home at the wee early hours of the morning, and spending the bulk of her time at the unsavory apartments of her friends.

I remember those nights inspiring worry within me, but… that all changed three weeks ago, on September 9th, 1994. She got into a heated argument with Flynn, and then… It happened. Since then, my husband has been more loving, receptive, and sensitive, and Dani has cooled down, putting her wild years behind her and craving more structure. It was not unlike what happened between my son and me earlier in the month, and… just thinking back on these things was enough for my eyes to begin watering. I tried to convince myself that it was just the onions I was chopping for the eggs and potato hash, but I knew these were tears of serendipitous bliss.

“Say, girls, do either of you have any idea where Seth went?” Flynn asked us as he plucked a pile of plates from the cabinets.

“He probably went out for a run,” I commented. “And who can blame him, it’s a beautiful morning.”

“Any idea when he’ll be back?”

“He usually only runs a mile in the morning, so he shouldn’t be too long,” Dani replied as she peeled an orange.

“And he’s been doing this all month, hasn’t he?”

“He’s been running in the mornings, bought himself some free weights, completely changed his diet, and has lost… What was it, 5 kilograms in the past month?” I told my husband.

“Holy… I never knew that Seth could be so determined,” Flynn said in a hushed tone.

I briefly contemplated a reply to his remark, a means of objecting to his comment and insisting that my son hadn’t changed much over the past month… when I know that he had. He was indecisive, unambitious, and content with the lackadaisical life of a child even as he grew into adulthood. Now… just the thought of everything he was doing caused a sense of pride to swell and bud within my person. I knew his future would bloom into something amazing, and I… didn’t want him to go back to being who he was before. Who he was back in August.

As I pondered such matters, the front door opened and Seth came in. As expected, he was dressed in what had become his usual work-out clothes, a faded t-shirt from yesteryear along with some exercise shorts, both a bit baggy on his frame given the amount of weight he lost this past month. He carefully undid his shoes and plopped them on the shoe tray before pulling a stopwatch from his shorts, smiling as he read the time.

“Heh, shaved off 3 seconds today. It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep can do for the body.”

He then made his way to the kitchen, greeting all of us with a good morning before washing his hands at the sink and filling up a glass with water that he promptly chugged before letting out a satisfied ‘ah.’

“Breakfast should be ready in a couple of minutes if you want to take a quick shower,” I said to my son as I caught a whiff of his teenage body odor.

“I was already planning on it. And thanks again for making breakfast mom. You’re too good for us, y’know?” Seth said as he pulled me in for a light hug.

Having given his greetings, Seth rushed off to the upstairs bathroom, starting the water up in less than a minute. As the sound of running water lightly filled the house, my daughter and I finished our cooking preparations and began bringing out our somewhat excessive breakfast to the dining room. A versatile spread of bacon, eggs, toast, sausages, pancakes, potato hash, apple, pear, mango, strawberries, and blueberries. By the time we were all sitting and beginning idle chatter, Seth was making his way down, refreshed and dressed in business casual attire. 

We then began filling up our plates, picking away at things and sipping our beverages. Flynn and I were enjoying reinvigorating coffee while our well-rested children stuck with their glasses of vitamin-rich juice. As we began to fill our empty stomachs with something, a conversation began cropping up around the table with Flynn leading the charge and bringing up the subject of last night with our son. 

“So, you and Anita spent the night together, is that right?” Flynn asked as he finished chewing a sausage. 

“Oh, yes,” Seth said as he swallowed some pancake, “One thing led to another and we wound up in—”

“You two had sex, didn’t you?” Dani interjected, shooting Seth a smug glare.

“We did,” Seth responded in a flat tone, “I made sure to wear a condom, so there is no need to worry about anything.”

“I’ve gotta say, I never really expected you to hook up with a girl like her. I thought you were more into… y’know,” Dani commented.

“She’s a wonderful young woman, our personalities mingle nicely, and I think that’s more important than whatever my type is.”

“Oh my, and you think that highly of her after only seeing each other for three weeks?” I inquired.

“Yes, but I know well enough that things could change, and I should wait until we’re out of college before I think of making any drastic decisions. But in the meantime, I may as well enjoy things where they are, and keep doing so for as long as the good times keep on rolling.”

“You sure you’re only 18?” Flynn questioned with a strip of bacon dangling on his fork.

“Well, I’m 18 years and 11 months old if you want to get pedantic about it,” Seth shot back. “But no age is too young to not be receptive to good advice and general wisdom. So I may as well try to lap up and analyze what I can while I can so I’m in as optimal a position as I can be for the rest of my life.”

“And you’re sure you’re Seth Frisk and not some doppelganger from the dark depths of the Zxkuqyb nebula?” Dani sarcastically asked.

“I think you’re getting your references confused there, sis. But no, I’m just as human as you are, and am the same person you’ve known all your life.”

“I mean, that’s what we’re saying, but technically… oh. I shouldn’t have said that.” Dani murmured as everybody stopped eating and started exchanging glances. 

I chose to break the silence by repeating what I said earlier this morning: “If you want to talk about it, I see no reason why we shouldn’t. We’re family after all.”

“That’s true,” Flynn remarked, “but when you think about what happened to us— how we all swapped bodies throughout this month, everything we’re doing now, and everything we did last night— it all seems more than a little fucked up.”

“You mean like how you and I used to be brother and sister, but we made sweet love last night,” I said with a smile on my face.

“Well, we did so as husband and wife,” Flynn continued. “I vividly remember being a young woman, and I’m sure that my… life as Dani will remain with me until I die, but I thought we agreed that I’m not Dani any more, just like how you’re not Seth, Seth’s not mom, and Dani’s not dad. We are… who we appear to be, and with each passing day, it’s gotten easier to view yourself as that person, hasn’t it?”

“Like, totally,” Dani replied with a flip of her ponytail. “The dreams I started having were disturbing at first, but now it’s like I’m learning a book’s worth of stuff about myself every time I go to bed. I know I was bitching and moaning about this for a week, but as time went on, I started doing more, and I got comfortable like this, I started loving my life, and… I honestly don’t want to go back to being Flynn. Especially after last night… Shit, did I say that out loud?”

“Hahaha,” I laughed, “I think the feeling is mutual for all of us.”

“Definitely for me,” Seth added. “It’s strange really. I do remember everything about my life as Minerva clearly, but those memories are disconnected from another set, feeling more like a story that I vividly recall every detail of, as opposed to memories that feel like something I personally experienced. Perhaps this is due to how everything I experience reinforces the idea that I am Seth and not Minerva. From speaking to looking at myself in the mirror. I’d ask or pontificate why this is the case, but I doubt I’d be able to reach a conclusion. Honestly, I don’t think we’ll ever figure out how we switched bodies like this in the first place.”

“It might be more trouble than it’s worth,” Flynn began. “Do you have any idea how many things would be ruined if everybody could body swap with whoever they want? It’d be chaos.”

“Still, part of me does wonder what it would have been like if our swaps were changed around. Don’t get me wrong, I love being Dani and everything, but I cannot help but wonder how I wound like Min— erm, mom’s body.”

“You can call me by my name if you want, sweetpea,” I interjected. “But yes, it is quite curious that we ended up this way… and it’s just that, curious. Try as we might, I doubt we will ever find out the source of this bizarre predicament, much less convince anyone that it ever happened. These are our lives now, and if anything, I find it to be enriching. It feels like we can be the best versions of ourselves thanks to our shared memories, and that our bonds as a family are closer now than they have ever been, or could ever be otherwise.”

“So, you’re saying that what you initially called a ‘shit-life-destroying-as-fuck-curse’ was actually a blessing?” Seth smugly said.

“Oh heavens, did I really say that?” I asked, nearly blushing. “Well, I was initially quite perturbed by our predicament, so that shouldn’t be too surprising, I suppose.”

“So, in conclusion, would all of you say that you’re happy that things worked out this way?” Flynn asked the table.

We all unanimously replied with eager affirmations that demonstrated just how satisfied we were with our new bodies and lives. It was, from a certain perspective, disturbing how well we all acclimated to this change, but as far as I could tell, everybody at the table was speaking the truth. We were all happy, enjoying ourselves and our lives as we polished off the food in front of us and dispersed across the house to get ready for the rest of the day and handle whatever tasks we had lined up for this gorgeous Saturday. 

And the first thing on my itinerary, after cleaning up the dining area and placing the dishes into the washer, was to take a shower. It was a task that I initially dreaded after switching bodies, but as the days went on and my time in this skin has become more enriched with inherited memories and intimate through continuous experience, I have come to cherish the sensation of water rushing across my being, reminding me of who I was. Combined with the sense of purity and clarity that washing oneself provided, it was easily my daily favorite chore. One that I greeted with a smile as I stripped myself, stood in the shower, and lathered my being from head to toe, humming slightly as I did so.

It’s amazing how much can change in a single month. It’s amazing how much my entire family has changed in a single month. And it’s amazing to think that I am, in any sense, the same person I was a single month ago. A month that, much like our past lives, have faded away into something new. Something better. And now that we have been cleansed of all the confusion, doubt, and misgivings this sudden unsolicited change brought, we can all move on with our new lives with confidence, conviction, and comfort. 

“I am a Minerva Frisk. This is my body. This is my life. This is my family. …And I couldn’t ask for anything more.”




As Minerva washed herself in preparation for a day of household maintenance and related activities, her dear son Seth was in his redecorated minimalist bedroom. He sat on his bed with one arm doing arm curls with a 7-kilogram dumbbell and the other rubbing a turquoise gemstone not much bigger than his thumb. A curious gesture for certain, but one that became more sensible when viewing things from his perspective.

A perspective not dissimilar from that of anyone else’s aside from a translucent figure who sat in front of Seth on his desk chair wearing a giddy look on her face. Her hair was a dark green clump that did little to hide small horn-like protrusions from her scalp, bearing a darker complexion, and dressed in a skin-tight dark violet bodysuit. As a whole, she did look to be a teenage girl who dressed up for Halloween far too early, albeit a scaled-down to a one-fifth scale.

“I see you’ve upheld your end of the bargain, Akumako,” Seth calmly said. “On one hand, it pains me to see my family like this. But on the other hand… they all seem to be happier after you worked your magic.”

“Damn right, and you better appreciate the extra work I put in,” the woman, Akumako, responded in a shrill voice. “Bodily transformations are one thing, but mental changes, especially gradual ones? That’s literally brain science, and there’s a reason none of ya Homo Fuckwads have even come close to figuring this shit out.”

“I understand that this was not an easy process, and I thank you for your hard work and dedication,” Seth said between grunts. “You did things that I would have considered wildly impossible, improved the quality of my life extraordinarily, and fixed just about every issue my family was having… albeit in a very roundabout way.”

“Hey, don’t try to pin this month-long shitshow on me. You’re the bitch who wished on a… Whaddya call it— worry stone whining about how much she wanted to have the opportunity that her son was squandering, talking about how much better you would do in his shoes. You laid the whole scenario out for me. I didn’t need to use any of my creative muscles to make your twisted dreams into reality. Oh, but not satisfied with fucking up your son’s life, you wanted me to identity death that mofo, and do the same for your man and daughter. Like, holy shit, I’m a fucking demon and even I’m impressed by just how malicious you can be. Most humans tend to have this thing called decency and familial love, but, clearly, not you.”

“Didn’t you tell me a story about that time you turned some kindergarteners into a gaggle of ‘cum-hungry whores?’” Seth replied in a dejected tone.

“Yeah, but they were basically babies. Babies aren’t smart enough to be real people, so it’s okay to turn them into cumdumpsters.”

Seth ruminated on Akumako’s words, finishing his set and putting the weight down before responding.

“…I may be a grade A-bitch for what I did, but you… you’re something else.”

“Uh-huh, whatever helps you sleep at night, little miss ‘I love how my son’s dick feels when I bust inside a woman’.”

“For your information, I’ve been sleeping wonderfully ever since I became Seth.

“Ahaha! That’s the ice-cold bitch I’ve come to know and… tolerate. Anyways, my contract’s well past due. Rub one out for me if you want to fuck your family more than you already have. Peace!”

With that, Akumako faded from Seth’s vision. After letting out a satisfied moan, he stood up, walked to his nightstand, and placed the chunk of smooth turquoise inside of a small wooden box that was hidden amidst various nick-nacks, writing utensils, small tools, and miscellaneous bits of junk. 

For a single instance, he contemplated the power that Akumako’s presence could bring, how many more lives she could enrich or destroy, and the ways in which he could use this to further amass power. But, to Seth, all he wanted was a second chance. An opportunity to reap the benefits of going through life as a man with decades of real-life experience under his belt, and a drive forged by over two decades of regrets. With determination gleaming in his eyes, he left his bedroom, carrying with him less than a modicum of regret or remorse for what he did to his family. After all, to him, to his family, to the outside world, and to everybody aside from whatever fragment of their original Seth, Flynn, and Dani still remained, things really were better this way.

Das Ende

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