Rundown (10/25-10/31) Sophisticated Sadism, Silliness, Schizophrenia, and Savagery

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0 Mari freak on a leash mosnter devil demon destyer bad omen death to all who oppose me welcome to the abyss of dieBecause I’m a complete idiot, I keep on thinking about the design documentation for a game idea that I’ve had for a couple of months. A sandbox game with destructible… everything, where you play as a schizophrenic shapeshifting demigod who switches between four core personality types depending on how the player wishes to have them act. What do you do? Absorb people, disguise yourself as them, cause domestic disputes, and war crimes of just about every caliber as you destroy a futuristic city designed after the late 20th century that automatically rebuilds itself whenever you destroy it, and people respawn. It would cost millions to make, and as such will never exist. A body swap centered visual novel, however, that I can probably do by myself if I hire an artist. Or I could just use Eroge sprites like Student Transfer or Press Switch. Both of which I’ll review come their next build.

Sega is looking to re-release Shenmue 1 and 2, a duo of titles that I honestly foresee being something of a nightmare to port, namely part one as the technology was not refined and it was never ported to another console. Granted, ports in general are pretty hard as it has taken over four months for the Arkham Knight port to be fixed, and now it is back on Steam and if you buy it before the sixteenth of November, you will get the prior Arkham games for free. Also, WB is offering refunds for the game through the remainder of the year, as compensation for the game being one that shall and will never, ever, be truly fixed because this is the company who prioritized DLC over game breaking bugs. I don’t have anything for Konami this week, so thanks for filling that void Warner Brothers. Fuck the duba-duba-duba-W-B. Ten people out of a hundred thousand will get that reference…1 DR get busy living or dying I do not care regardless needlessly complex and vague references use it whenever the fuck

Street Fighter V should have a good port as Capcom is pretty reliable when it comes to PC ports, as I have learned. With said version coming out on the same day as the PS4 version, February 16th, 2016, where it will launch with sixteen characters, including the original World Warrior, Dhalsim, who now has a beard. Speaking of PS4, Paris Games Week happened a few days ago, and Sony showed off some stuff, and here are some thing that stood out to me. I could do a full rundown, but I wasn’t even aware this conference was happening… that is my excuse.2 Press Switch disappointing

Gravity Rush 2 is a stylish and beautiful looking game, but after mulling it over for a few seconds, I remembered why I disliked the first one almost immediately. I don’t find the mechanic of gravity manipulation to be fun, I find it to be awkward and discomforting. Dreams is still a very confusing and abstract little concept, but I now feel I understand enough to know that this user generated content driven series of adventures are not for me. I prefer the creation created game, not the user created game. Sorry! But what about the No Man’s Sky, releasing in June of 2016? Well, that is still not created by the users, it is shaped by the users and still looks quite interesting, even though I doubt I would invest more than 30 hours into the game.4 Space

I’m not sure how long Horizon: Zero Dawn will be, but looks to be one of the coolest and most unique AAA games coming out next year, as its robot hunting action is beautiful and at least theoretically involves a lot of strategy. It is a game with robot dinosaurs, everything is perpetually autumn or winter, and you have explosives that blow up things. What more could I ask for? Quite a lot to be honest, but what’s here looks great. Same with Sony’s other nature centered action adventure game, although this one lacks RPG elements, Wild, a game about being a shamen, possessing and befriending animals for your own gains and summoning and winning favor with gods in a prehistoric setting. Also it’s being headed by Michel Ancel, so it will probably turn out pretty good.5 Haganai The Out of Control Zoo Party Time News

Quantic Dream is working on Detroit: Become Human, which is based off of that Kara tech demo form a few years ago, and focuses on a young female android who learns the joys and woes of humans while having oh so many emotions. Oh, and in case you are wondering, David Cage is not the sole director and writer this time, meaning this may end up being the best Quantic Dream game, which would be nice as every title they’ve made so far has had some pretty major flaws. Sony also showed some VR stuff such as RIGS Mechanized Combat League a mech combat game that I actually like the general design of, aside from the fact it is visually aping professional sports, which all have the art direction of a soda can.6 Watamote Life is a wonderful blast with new cola soda drink but 12 today

Neir: Automata, meanwhile, is actually pretty striking visually, even if its color scheme is a little reserved, and it also looks very good for a game that I presumed was very early on in development. However, it also looks like a ranked character action game, which worries me. Simply having the ability to remove such a mechanic would be appreciated, but alas Platinum is determined to always include this, which saddens me. They make good games, but I really don’t like playing them. Also, please port Neir to PC if you can, even though the original studio shut down. I would purchase it and it may find a cult following. Thank you.7 Henneko Thanks bro Imma gonna take this woman away now brb just kidnapping cry baby

Onto Nintendo, who held an investors meeting where they announced a couple of things. For one, there will be a new, unified account system after nearly a decade of using an archaic online infrastructure. Nintendo Account can be set up pretty easily, should offer a new reward program to replace Club Nintendo, and will eventually allow for cloud based save storage. One of the first titles to use this service would be Miitomo. Nintendo’s first free to play iOS title, which will be about answering questions and comparing answers with people on your My Nintendo Account… Riveting. But I’m sure that the five other titles scheduled to release during the 2016 fiscal year will be more appealing than this. They will also relaunch Nintendo Directs before the end of this year.8 KLK Okay to this completely absurd and rediculous scenario I guess this is fine thanks

An event where Pokemon Z will undoubtedly be announced, as the anime series is already starting that arc, and there is a new Mewtwo form leaked for Pokken Fighter. I’m guessing the game’s due for a worldwide Q2 release, likely well before Zero Escape Volume 3: Zero Time Dilemma comes out during the summer of 2016, meaning I really should hustle your bustle and replay parts one and two. I wanted to get part two for Vita when it was $10, but PSN was being stupid and I couldn’t check out, so I didn’t get it during the sale. Either way, expect some re-reviews of those games, as I never really liked those reviews…9 PL Threat Hostage Murder

As for games I know I will never, ever review, a trailer was revealed on All Hallow’s Eve for the Five Nights At Freddy’s World, and it looks weirdly cute, although I personally dislike the fact that the 3D models appear to have some sort of blur based filter over them. I like my models as clean and crisp as can be. I also house a level of disapproval for the manner in which videogames are handled by the law, and this minor victory for the US really show how much more ground should be covered. You may now legally play games once the central server is down, as that apparently used to be illegal. Meanwhile, Steam cracks are totally legal in Canada, as the removal of any DRM from a product you legally own. Because they are about thirty years ahead of the United States. Although their economy isn’t that great. 1 USD is currently worth 1.31 CAD, and it’s been dropping steadily for the past two years or so…10 Unknown_Hypnotic_Money_So_Odd_Cash

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