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0 KLK How did you read my mind I do not like it when you know my throughts prediction to my reality guessed right good jobI am still working on my second proper novel, The Malicious Abigale Quinlan, in case you are wondering. Development has been a little hectic to be honest, but after rewroking certain parts of the story while keeping the core events the same, I feel I will be able to finish writing it by year’s end. Although, I will need to do some editing afterwards, which will take me about a month or so. Alright, onto a #FucKonami piece.

Oh Konami, why you gotta put terrible DLC in games? It is awful that people can break into your FIeld Operation Bases in MGSV, and only really exists to worsen the game and make more money for Konami. But you can either ignore the microtransactions and play the game offline, despite how the game has an online mode, or you could buy in-game insurance. Something that can be avoided if you play offline.1 Crowds Boo Hiss bad want better worse

So, the Indivisible Indiegogo is now live, and I backed it. Mostly due to its demo, which I have mixed feelings about. Moving the main character around feels a bit slippery, the combat left me confused due to how simple it seems, but deep I think it actually may be, and the 3D environments did not look very good. While the animation and hand drawn backgrounds look great, the designs are appealing and distinct, and the gameplay is ultimately a lot of fun. So, yeah, expect a review come January 2018, assuming this blog is still alive by then… What? It may not be.2 KillTime Poor Girl Even the good die young if they don't fuck them any how with your true sad sorrow

One of the major downsides of digital distribution on platforms other than the PC is that games can just vanish if the publisher wants to. This was not quite the case with the iOS versions of most of Telltale’s library and Ghost Trick. The former due to technical issues with the modern version of the OS, and will be fixed in due time, the latter is due to bug fixes that may have become so extreme Capcom’s decided to remove the game from the store. 3 PM look at the thing while I do not give a shit fuck off nerds and pay attention like me miss dead leaves

There were a couple of announcements that popped up in this rising fourth quarter, with the first being Shin Megami Tensei IV Final. The title is apparently basically an Eternal Punishment of Shin Megami Tensei IV’s Innocent Sin… Wait, no, I got that right. The game is set in the same version of Tokyo, but with a very different look and tone compared to the it is preceding. Then why is it called Final? Final literally means “coming at the end of a series.” Speaking of a title with a better, albeit not very good name, Far Cry Primal was announced and will be out in February as a $60 retail title that will act as a departure from the series, as you play as a guy from 10,000 BC who fights mammoths, people, and sabre tooth tigers with stones, bows, wood, spears, and fire. Also, people will not speak English, because Celtic was not invented back then. Well, seeing as how bows were not a thing back then, and mammoths were dead back then, I am expecting historical inaccuracies up the butt. Not interested Ubisoft, you’d probably somehow include towers anyway.4 Crime Edge Yes your life is over so feel bad about reality disowning you foolish mortal

I’m not interested in Sonic: Lost World coming to PC on November 2nd either, as it was an odd and unwanted departure that was not a very good idea from what I could tell. I am, however, interested in how the press release for that announcement, mentioned other Sega PC ports, although I can’t think of any I really want. Maybe Yakuza, but that is a long shot. Skies of Arcadia would be nice. Jet Set Radio Future may be better than its predecessor, which controls like garbage. At least they are focusing on a market I like instead of the Pachinko industry, which Sega cut 200 jobs from. Actually, that’s pretty bad as this is Japan, and in Japan getting a new job is pretty hard. 5 SCD When I grow Up I want to be an immortal Future Job

Speaking of lost jobs, someone over at Valve may be in deep trouble because hl3.txt was released alongside a Dota 2 update, which contains scary words like procedural generation, VR support, and open world. Or in other words, Half Life 3 may still be a thing but… You know what, I just want a fixed version of Half Life 2 at this point. I mean, for the love of all that is good, the 360 version is somehow better than the PC version because of those loathsome load times. I still love that game, and it is probably still the best FPS I have ever played, a potential bias as it was actually my first… back in 2009. 6 Press Switch disappointing

Back in 2009, the best things to play for the Wii were probably Little King’s Story and stuff on the Virtual Console, a service they have mishandled in my opinion, and is continuing to be poo-poo-butts, beyond the objective inferiority of the ports based on the darkening of the games for reasons that are beyond me. According to Natsume, Nintendo is done with the GameBoy Virtual Console, which sounds like some fierce dirt, as I know the collection up there is not an accurate representation of what that system’s library holds. It’s weird that this is the same company who paid to include Skull Kid and Phantom Ganon in Hyrule Warriors Legends. 7 Mari Shock Wait what weird okay fine nevermind

That game is probably going to be brought over to the NX as some sort of complete version with oh so much content. Just another reason to hold out on the Wii U, and pick up something else for those looking for a console at the moment. Such as the PS4 as, despite Sony having said a price drop was a long way away, the PS4 will now be $350. Probably just because the XBO is that same price, or so I think. Although, it will be quite some time before I turn my head towards the console scene, as PC gaming has been going great over the past 2.5 years, and there are a hundred plus games I’m waiting for, such as Neptunia Re;Birth3, hitting Steam on November 6th, so expect a review about two weeks from then.8 2015-08-12_00007

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