Rundown (9/15-9/21) Stuff Is Happening And Stuff

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Space FartsNow what antics do I have to begin this week’s assortment of recapped game news? Well, I’ve been playing Psychonauts, and committed heresy by not liking the copious amounts of jank that it shares with Beyond Good and Evil. Also I’ve been reading the Dragon Ball manga, which is pretty rad and weird, but was very clearly made up as things went on for a bit too long. Also, I have narrative qualms about Attack On Titan, which I’ll post a review of before the end of the month. Now what else happened aside from GTA V being a thing?

Diablo III was one of those games that I was never all that into, but I understood the hype, but not quite why everybody forgot about the game after its launch. In retrospect it was the DRM bullcrap and the accommodations for the Auction House so Koreans could make mad bank by selling loot, Grrrl! Though, the whole experiment has apparently been a failure as the auction house shall be getting the axe. Which may sound like a bad thing, but nothing of real value was lost in that bombing, as the house it destroyed was crappy anyhow.

Haganai A Loss OF Humanity Why Are You So Dumb

Speaking of shambling houses, remember when Atlus’ parent company went bankrupt? Well, they were indeed bought, and it was thanks to Sega’s 141 million smackers. Which sounds awfully small considering how big their games are in Japan, but the whole idea doesn’t settle right with me, given Sega’s own position and how Atlus will be handled. To quote a tweet from my fellow blogger burnpsy, “So Sammy Holdings made a subsidiary to its subsidiary to handle a company they acquired mostly due to its subsidiary. Yo, dawg…” And, of course, Atlus says that nothing will really change under the roof of our new overlords. Yeah, let’s see that when you release Per5ona.

TDIAPT Yeah Sure Whatever You Want You Wierdo Awkward

On the subject of financial flops, remember the Ouya? I barely do, because I’m turning sixty before I turn twenty! Well, they are still trying to pick up the remnants of their failed “Free the Games” campaign, which involved them personally backing kickstarters in order to gain some form of temporary exclusivity. Well, it was relaunched, however I can’t help but wonder why anybody would support the system at this point. The next gen is here, and the system was effectively a box for one specific game, and even that will be coming to PC within a few months. Without the technical prowess, or the library, I think it is safe to write this off. Because to hell with the new guys, we’ve got enough people, and exclusivity is filled with BS as it is

SDC I want some death today so die please and be happy

ALthough , it is how game systems sell, with the Playstation Vita being a prime example of this, although Sony hopes to change things by doing what worked for the PSP, put that there MonHun on it! With the specific example being Monster Hunter Frontier G, a port of a game that not a lot of people liked. In other news, Monster Hunter 4 sold 91.6% of its initial shipment in the first four days. Totalling at 1.7 million retail copies, and ~155,000 digital downloads. Now if only Americans could understand the bliss of a game that controls like a car made of bricks and as a learning curve that is a straight line aiming upwards.

Henneko Hey Sexy Boy There is a TOn of Poverty and destruction in the world Enjoy this porn

More came from the current industry’s birthplace that it has moved out of aside from a few boxes and a weekend visit every now and then. Due to TGS, and it’s many announcements. With Gravity Daze 2, not that anyone should be surprised by an attempted flagship title getting another go. Sega’s Bayonetta anime, which will be a full length film, and is a hint confusing as Sega does not won the IP to the franchise. Also, former Nintendo president and reason why I exist, well the person who I am anyhow, Hiroshi Yamauchi passed away at the age of 85… Talk about a bummer.

TWGOK Hide In Those Boxes And Be Sad, You'll love it

With the complete opposite of tidbits being how Grand Theft Auto made one billion dollars. So it had the largest budget for a game, ever, and nearly quadrupled it. I want to clap for them, except for how it is giving off a message to emulate their success, when that is nearly impossible. Grand Theft Auto is a cultural icon, but one that has very much changed over time, even though I doubt most people acknowledge that. After the release of IV, I thought the series had lost the chains of relevance, but it is indeed something that was once popular, and never managed to fuck it up too badly.

PGOS I am SO Great You Know

Like what I was initially afraid Swery65 would do after D4 was announced as an XBO exclusive. However, based on previews, it is a game where you are in an airplane and punch a drug dealer in the face. Although, the very large focus on simple hand gestures is somewhat troubling to me, but from the sound of things, they are not too elaborate, a certain plus, and are optional, a turbo plus. Yet, its placement on a system aimed at a very broad audience that failed specialized project beforehand seems a bit odd to me, but really I just want it on the PC, which could totally happen.

Another thing that could totally happen is me finding a good way to close these. I probably won’t though.

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