Rundown (5/24-5/30) Old Tech Can Kiss My Butt!

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0 SNAFU Youth CHild Kid I am not old enough to understand age this is ancient and out of my rangeSo, Kung Fury came out and everybody was happy with it. I personally thought it was an energetic and slightly disorganized little romp that knew what it wanted to be, and managed to be just that. It was an intensive labor of love that will likely not age all that well as the 80s children start dying out, and people wonder why the video quality can be so shitty at points. I get that it is a throwback to times of old, but while I think VHS tapes are cool and had quite a collection as a youngster, they are pretty crap when it comes to image quality.

As many had guessed shortly after the remastering of the remake of the first Resident Evil, the similarly constructed Resident Evil 0 is, indeed, getting an HD upgrade– which, as many have pointed out, will likely do poorly as nobody really likes 0, and as such Resident Evil 2 and 3 will not receive a fully fledged and far more expensive remake… Even though Capcom already expressed how much they love their HD remakes, as new games are expensive. Especially in Japan, which has shown signs of industry based decline during its most recent Golden Week, as detailed by a write up done by Siliconera. 1 GUP Fortune COmes to those whoo sleep Will DO This Later Lazy

It’s a bit unsettling, but I try to keep an optimistic view of the industry in general, even though it is filled with irksome and annoying elements that I am growing more and more tired of. One of them is just how reliant this whole industry is on hype and excitement, but the same could be said of most entertainment mediums. I mean, I get the appeal of having a teaser such as, but I would so much rather see the game and be given a release date when it will release, have impressions and reviews go out, let a general consensus form, and then decide if I want to pick this title up when it drops to $10. If I could effectively end AAA gaming, I would without a second thought… As long as AA survives.2 JoJO fuck yeah I'll let you die you awful man nasty who si shit and terible death upon thee

Granted, if one’s AA project manages to exceed fifty million like Darksiders II, you are doing the AA wrong, play a part in a publisher closure, and are later re released by a different publisher under the label of the Death-initive Edition. Try to be closer to Perception, a first person survival horror game by ex-Irrational Games developers, which focused on being able to see a world without having any vision… the world is an image built on sound, and if that is not enough for a horror game to work, then I don’t even know what will sell anymore. I do know that cute little Nintendo statues will sell, because they have been, and the shipment of the Splatoon amiibos sent to the UK was so tempting and worthwhile that it was stolen… Yeah, okay, screw these stupid little toys, they were the worst idea.3 P4G This is the worst better think of something as the head honcho help must svae in trouble victory

Let’s see, worst transitions to best, and making a proper Lego game seems like a great way to make money, but has taken years to become realized- and has not been properly announced, perhaps at E3, I think. But you know what will be announced at E3? The new Xbox One controller, which leaked, as these things tend to, and they will likely be given out the the press, just like those slim 360s back in E3 2010. Also, despite Sony’s claim that the Vita is, indeed not a Legacy Platform, meaning a dead platform, they will likely not show it at E3 2014, because why bother. What else will not be at E3? Valve, as their Steam sales are probably going through E3 this year. Am I excited for my third Summer sale? Mildly. I have gone through the entire Steam library via the Discovery Queue and selected which games I am interested in, compiled a Wishlist, and have set my reservation prices, which I will be informed of through the service of… I am under the assumption that what I am doing is totally normal and typical. I also keep a spreadsheet detailing every game I own, and keep track of how much money of my spending money I put toward games every month. As you can tell based on that list, as of posting it anyhow, Corpse Party: Blood Drive is on there, and that is due to how the game was recently confirmed for a North American release. I just need to play the PC version of the first game, and the other one released on PSP a few years ago. 4 WataMote Bet you're a massive game playing nerd

…That was where I expected to end the post, but there was a Japanese Nintendo Direct during Saturday night, technically on Sunday, but I feel like talking about it now instead of a week from now. First up, Monster Hunter X Cross looks like a flashier sort of MonHun, but I know that I will not play that type of game on a handheld, so maybe if I have a lot of time and you port it to PC, maybe. While the New 3DS Chibi-Robo gets a flat out N-O from me personally, as it removes the domestic setting of the first three games in favor of a straightforward platforming and plug whipping romp. At least it comes with an Amiibo for Chibi, which I will try to buy along with Yarn Yoshi. Project Treasure looks like a game from a few years ago, and pretty uninteresting on top of that. I like the playable female character designs, but based on that short clip, I am feeling very apathetic about the game. Unlike Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, as I did like the stories of the first two mystery dungeon titles, and every few months to a year I get a Pokemon itch that I need to scratch. That itch only pops up with a few games, but when it comes to SRPGs, I think I just have a tolerance meter that builds up, because I will likely need to have a lot of patience with Fire Emblem If and its base building and defending come 2016. Also, as one final squirt, Mario & Sonic Olympics continues to 2016, because the developers of Jet Set Radio und Panzer Dragoon somehow deserve to pump out this uninteresting mashup of two gaming icons.5 PM something is not right wrong bad terrible what is happening and why invalid holy terror badman

My butt actually has stretch marks on it, which I don’t really get, as I weigh somewhere between 125 and 130, and have never weighed more than that. I also sometimes have really big poops, and it likes to grow stupid hairs… My butt is terrible, I should rob somebody of theirs.

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