Rundown (5/19-5/25) The Xbox One… Again!

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xbox_one_625friendly-590x330Well, this week in the Videospiele was dominated by a single entity, their name Microsoft, or Micro$oft, Micro$hit, or, the one I made, Microsense. And even though I already gave my thoughts on the reveal, the world is set on this Xbone thingie, so I’ll be going on a massive tirade after the more contemporary going ons.

Firstly, many have predicted that a large company would end up doing some sort of Kickstarter, like with Ubisoft trying to fund Beyond Good and Evil 2 with it. And wouldn’t you know it, Nintendo is doing a crowdfarter… not a typo, with Game & Wario on the horizon Nintendo potentially puts their bum in the lion cage with a neat promotional trick for the inclusion of a mini-game in what is already a budget title. A fairly clever move, but one that I still am iffy about seeing as how the idea of Nintendo doing anything with Kickstarter other than funding one does not gel well with their image, especially after the whole revenue reconfiguration with game reviews, let’s plays, and game footage in general.

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Even though Let’s Plays do a great job at promoting games, and I swear they would’ve sold many a DS game if you allowed for footage capturing. It would be just another reason for a possible Pokemon Conquest 2. Doing fairly well from what I’ve heard, and being a damn fine title on its own, I’d love to see a sequel to the title. Granted, this is more the talks of making one from the big heads at both the Pokemon and Tecmo Koei sides, but if they want to make a quality product that has the word Pokemon slapped on it, the thing will sell.

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Like the Wii U has been after the Xbox One reveal, with the word on the street being that Amazon UK sales nearly quintupled! ‘Tis a grand sight I hope many make note of, due to how ever since Rayman Legends went multi-platform, the system began to wain. Except until you realize the system had an informal price cut on Amazon UK, so the sales would obviously increase… Can you pull a 3DS? Please, I wanna be able to say how much good the system is!

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Due to how they still are at a higher place in my mind than Microsoft, as they all but said that they would change the definition of used games. A notion that I am not entirely opposed to, except it sounds like they will monopolize what used to be a free market. With disks being the raw data of the game, needing to be linked to an account and installed to be played, only to have the data locked to any other account until the MSRP is paid to gain access. Well, that is what I originally thought, and don’t wish to rewrite, seeing as how there is a plan for used titles.Haganai Why is Real World Not A Video Game

Mind you, I’m not too keen on this plan, with there being a newly crafted three-way split between the proceeds of used games, as they can still exist. Where the sale of a used titles for the Xbox One will go to a retailer who signs Microsoft’s terms, the publisher of the title, and Microsoft themselves. Personally, I think this should have been devised long ago, but if a man who broke bread by touching it says he can make an automobile with the necessary parts, I barely expect him to come up with a crude bicycle. Or whatever the blazes I just typed! The point is that the very notion dropped Gamestop’s stock, which is a pretty clear indication they will be screwed over.KS No I have been captured Hel me!

But the train of butts keep on coming, and I already posted my second piece railing against the system, but in a calmer manner. As Nintendo and Sony are going more indie centric as a refreshing step in the right direction, Microsoft is not allowing self publication. In other words, the indies, breakout hits that come from nowhere, all gone. I’ve heard many bad things about them in this regards, and it’s great to see the worst getting worse… Look at these upset Indies!KS Stop It Drop It Upset

You, and your claims that backwards compatibility is backwards! You liars, more than 5% of people would play older games, ones without the required codes and essentially controlled marketplace that is looming on the horizon. Nobody would want to play Castle Crashers or Shadow Complex, or any other title you dumped millions in! Because they are things of the past, and the past is backwards, isn’t it? Then you’re having EA say they’re ahead of gaming PCs! They shouldn’t be! I’m sure the hardware will be nice, but claiming it will be super-powerful will mean bad things if you look at history. Besides, who buys game systems just for having powerful hardware? Likely just twits, because without any keen games, why bother with just a fancy box?

SCD Games for losers jerk girlfriendHowever, if you believe the almighty words of Microsoft, in something I will bring up every single time I can until it starts to annoy me, predicting over a billion consoles sold. Well, after selling another 25 million Xbox 360s, possible if they drop it down to $250 with a Kinect in every unit and two games, getting to $200 come Black Friday. But backing up in disbelief, “We think you can go broader than a game console, that’s our aim, and you can go from 400m to potentially upwards of a billion units. That’s how we’re thinking of the Xbox opportunity as we go forward.” Are you even paying attention to how the market is changing? With smartphones as a viable gaming platform, the PC reigning high unless Valve suddenly gets bought and becomes the worst monarch in entertainment, and apathy to a new generation, I’d barely expect you to sell 40 million Xbox Ones within five years.

SCD Xbox controller video games

“Wait!” I hear the man in the flying castle cry. “The reports are incorrect and inaccurate!” Uh-huh, and who the blazes should I blame? Who is giving us this info? The industry is mostly based on PR, so you are the one telling us everything. If you’re feeding us false info, you’re the only ones to blame! You need clarity, confidence, and to know your own goddamn policies before you do jack! I’m gonna try and set a crate of these things on fire, even though I’m certain they will try to make their games look stellar. Sony, show us the goods, show us the games, and snatch this generation before it begins!

Now to enjoy my Xbox 360 games, because they will apparently be outdated in their very existence. Only to be sadly reminded of the system that shan’t be named as I turn the system on. *Pouts cheeks and walks off to the sunset*

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