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0 P4G Being Japanese and loving japanese life as a weaboo nerd geek sugoiI’m aware that talking about my desire to start taking female hormones is a bit inappropriate for this blog, but it is ultimately mine, I decide what I talk about and how, and nobody really cares enough to stop me. It’s a place where I will host a story I am still in the outlining phase of, which will probably end up being a proper novel due to how long its getting.  Kinda like what I expect from a review I promise to do for Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme… and seeing as how it is a slow week as far as I am concerned, I’ll invest a paragraph to this rubbish.

So, I originally heard about this game back when its Indiegogo began, and was honestly considering backing it, and would have if I had any money back during… early 2013. However, it is a miserably simple minded, sexist, ugly-looking, and overall poorly executed version of something I believe is actually an incredibly interesting concept, especially with the recent spotlight that has been placed on biological sex, gender, sexuality, and so forth. Everything I have seen of this game has given me evidence to believe that it will warrant a… 50+ page review from myself, which would likely begin by talking about the difference between sex and gender, as a title based on male to female transformations fails to even grasp that simple concept. However, I have seen the two developers fumble with designing a map for their game, so I doubt that they would take a tome of criticism with anything but apathy and indifference. Yet 5 people invested $2500 in this trash that is being trotted out for $25… Yes, this is a real image from a demo of the game. I do not think that any of its assets will be updated.1 screenshot0051

So, NIS America decided that this was the ample time for a press conference of sorts, which was behind closed doors while some writers ate themed food, because that’s something a localization company should invest in. Although, based on their touted repertoire of games, they probably have plenty of money. The one I personally cared about was Danganronpa: Ultra Despair Girls, and I have to say I’m not fond of the title change. Yes, this is incredibly pretty, but Absolute Despair Girls sounds better to me than Ultra Despair Girls… Still gonna buy it and play it on my PTV, which I recently bought because it was cheap.2 DR Do not teleport inside of walls, you idiot

Beyond that, there is Disgaea 5, a series I will try to get into once I can actually use my TeleVita, but I need a new PC monitor first, and I do not want to order one online, as I do not want to return it online as I am terrified of dead pixels. Yes, I am aware of the oddity of using a device named after a television on a computer monitor, but the idea of using a gamepad near one is even more perplexing, yet I still do desire to purchase a Wii U. The Gamepad would just be kept in a closet, as I doubt any title I care about will ever make use of it. Certainly not Rodea the Sky Soldier, which I knew would come out, but was not expecting NISA to be in charge of it. Yes, there’s a 3DS version as well, but 240p compared to 1080p is like comparing a poop to a delicious multi-course dinner. …Yet I will purchase a New 3DS XL when they make a blue one.3 Yamada-kun In any case fuck this boring bullshit next topic lame bad kill smash rape

I will, however, keep my hands away from any form of smartphone, as I am basically a NEET except for the fact I am going to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and am working on on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Also, there is very little use I would have for it based on how I only ever use my cell phone for emergencies and when I need to be picked up somewhere. What I’m aiming for is that the best thing I would have gotten out of a smartphone or tablet is The World Ends With You Solo Remix, yet that… retooling of one of my favorite games of all time has been removed from the iOS storefront, as it was not comparable with the current OS, and fixing it would take too much work. Further cementing that the mobile market is full of scum and villainy, Square Enix, is poor, and it is a damn shame that quality JRPG companies, such as Tri-Ace, are now stuck making mobile games. Fan-tucking-fastic.4 P4G MObile phones texting girls

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