Rundown (12/07-12/13) You’re Suppose to Think Gasses Man Is a Bigot

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0 Rain Transexual Transgender and all that other crap in one bitOkay, so, my next novella, A Vile Doohickey, I am aiming for a Christmas release with it. I am nearly finished with editing, and just need to whip up some author’s comments, put it together, and post it before the 25th… And the next novella will probably take half a year to be completed, as I will need to do a lot of pre production. Why? I basically want to set the grounds for something where I can reuse a cast of characters in a wide variety of scenarios, all of which can be justified. That said, I need to get everything organized, think it through five times, and do that before writing what is basically tg body horror about a young man turning into my interpretation of the Public Domain character Vivian James… Yes, I am still going to do it!

As some news that I must have missed during the to-be-annual PSX conference, one of the main people behind Katamari, Keita Takahashi and a former EA guy are joining up with Sony to create a game about a mayor who is a green cube who… will do some weird stuff. I dunno, it’s called Wattam and will probably be lovely. Unlike the news of the man behind Pong, Ralph Baer, passing away. Without him, my life alone would be insanely different, and the world we live in would not be the same. His loss is a shame, but my cynical side wants me to mention how I did not see any notice of his accomplishments beyond that of one of the simplest games ever made. Eh, he died at 92, so he probably retired long ago.1 Hitomi life aint all sunshine and hookers sometimes it sis ass more of the majority it is so fuck your pussy

But let’s talk of about Square Enix, this time with mostly good news. Piece number one, the radical arcade game that nobody ever thought would leave Japan, Gunslinger Stratos, is coming to PC. Which means that a US release is likely as Square Enix loves the PC market in North America! I mean, it’d be surprising if they did not bring Rise of The Tomb Raider onto the platform at least near launch, despite how Microsoft is publishing it… For a reason about as weird as Sony funding Street Fighter V. But hey, competition brings out better games. Meanwhile, localization not happening brings sadness, as any Dragon Quest fan is likely feeling right now. Especially because Theatrhythm Dragon Quest was announced, and sound lovely.2 Nobunagun Shut up you asshole I am trying to do my thing but you are too cocky and full of yourself to care or notice shut up

Opposite of lovely was hearing that Nippon Ichi Software may go out of business if Disgaea 5 isn’t a big hit… but it was later revealed that there was a translation error in that statement, and the company is NOT on the verge of Bankruptcy. Meaning that Danganronpa: Ultimate Despair Girls will be totally coming out… right? Hell, you don’t need to dub it if it is too expensive, I know the game didn’t sell a ton, but I’m sure it did alright digitally… What about people buying it for the PS TV? …Or did nobody buy one?3 P4G Hey let's fuck on my lap you pitiful woman female suck my dick in your pussy blow jay dojo warm lap

Actually, this is a bit short and there were some games for Vita to talk about, such as Gravity Rush 2, which was confirmed to be in development. That would be great if Gravity Rush was not a title that left a very metallic and bitter taste in my mouth after a mere hour of play, because motion controls and gravity manipulation are not two things that work together in my book. So it basically was designed around system specific features, which I find to be a shortsighted plan that will leave games crippled when time moves on and peripherals are abandoned. So if you are planning any control scheme not for a controller or keyboard, you may as well set your design docs on fire.4 BTM You're Human Garbage Shit WorthlessOh, and in order to give credit to the header image, it is from Rain, a webcomic about LGBT stuff by Jocelyn Samara. I’ve been reading it for years, and would reccomend it.

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