Rundown (4/17-4/23) Leftist Center Progressiveness, Ideological Pragmatism, and Cynical Optimism

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0 P4G apathy upset mad cruel king queen princessIt just occurred to me that I have no idea what a comma splice, independent clause, and dependent clause are. The could be due to my own foolishness, but I like to think it’s because my school placed me in remedial English during my middle school years. I’m not sure why, as I was always a B student, and my writing was actually praised by a few teachers. This school district also sent me to play with the down syndrome and retarded children once a week in third and fourth grade. Because Autism, I guess. Now my autism causes the state to pay for my super level schooling and probably pays people to care for those retarded adults.

Remember Soul Saga? It was that one western made JRPG that came up during the height of hopefulness for Kickstarters, and one I honestly have not thought about in over a year. Well, it recently showed up on Steam with a Summer 2016 release window, which in turn reminded me about how troubled its development appeared to be a while ago. Why is that? Well, just look at the Kickstarter video from June 2013, a demo showcase from August of 2014, and a video released just last week.

There were actually several more redesigns, much to the irritation of some, and while the art style now resembles its chibi-centric pitch a bit closer, it actually looks worse than it did before as far as I’m concerned. I just find the new environmental and character art to look generic, at worse like something from an asset pack. The HUD design makes me roll my eyes, I don’t get the appeal of the new portrait art, and the characters now look to be no older than 10. I hope for the best, but based on what I’m seeing, I’m expecting a mess.Nyarko Mess Disaster Game Consoles Mistake

You know what that sentiment also applies to? The all but confirmed updated PS4, or rather the PS4K as people have come to call it. Specifications have been disclosed by an anonymous source, and the system, codename Neo, is looking to be moderately more powerful than the PS4 with a slightly better ram, notably better CPU, and a GPU that is twice as powerful in order to compensate for such a higher resolution. Starting in October of this year, every new PS4 game will be required to support this system in some way, and there will be no games exclusive to the system. Assuming this is all true, Sony is actually handling this new version launch quite well. Whether or not it will attract the attention of consumers, I have my doubts. In all truthfulness, how many people actually own a 4K television.20160423143500_1

Sure, this may end up persuading some spendthrifts who believe that they will notice the not especially massive but tangible difference between 4K and 1080p enough to buy this system so they can get a clearer picture when playing certain games, such as Red Dead 3… You know, because Red Dead Redemption was actually a sequel to– oh forget it. Point is that the map for the sequel to Red Dead Redemption may have been leaked, and somebody made a mock-up based on that leak, which inadvertently helps to confirm the game’s long rumored existence. I would express my interest in the game, but I didn’t care for Red Dead Redemption when I reviewed it three years ago. Also, jeepers does it hurt looking back at my older writing. It was so disorganized and in dire need of editing…Sadness

Back then, I was just a bright eyed youngster with a big old backlog of games for my Xbox 360, a system that brought me many years of quality gaming, and now the production of new systems has ended. It’s expected, and more or less signifies how the seventh generation of gaming is truly coming to a close after over a decade. Man, that was actually a really fun time in spite of all the nonsense that popped up from week to week.Press Switch poo terrible nasty awful insult

I’m still going to gobble up this new breed of nonsense though, even though I should stop paying attention to any gaming news outlet. I’d have a lot more free time and be a lot happier, I’m sure of that much. Seeing as how the only things I really care about are what new games are coming out and when. I could just learn that Stranger of Sword City is coming to PC this June, complete with a nifty image upload feature based on the Steam store page whenever it goes up. Same with the July 19th release date for the Square Enix throwback RPG, I Am Setsuna. Or the God Eater 2 release date of August 30th, which comes with the remastered original, God Eater Resurrection, if you preorder it.DR Extreme Radical Cool

Oh, but I care deeply for this industry and medium, and have compartmentalize much of my brain about the inner workings, shenanigans, or just arcane knowledge about those gosh darn videoed games. Plus, I still geek out about things like insights on game localization, such as the one a former NISA employee recently put out. It’s specifically about Neptunia, but should still prove to be an interesting read if you’re not into the Nep-Nep.20160323201126_1

I wrote most of this rundown before I caught this news, so forgive the lack of a segway, but Five Nights At Freddy’s 5: Sinister Location was announced… even though Scott Cawthon said that this series was done in the past. Well, he apparently changed his mind, so Cawthon will continue creating these games, thereby both serving an audience and making lots of money. KLK Mofo got all the cash money and flow he is practically giving it all away for nothing look at this pimp ass son of a pitch

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