Rundown (2/22-2/28) My Output Has Been Murdered; Prepare the Bullets of Justice

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DR2 Feel the DesPair You Little CuntI am aware that my output for reviews has lessened, but Neptunia was a massive time investment, and I just shelved World End Economica after a few hours, as I found the game to be more irritating than it was interesting. The main character is something of an entitled brat who does not respect humanity’s past, makes his money by playing the stock market, wears a scarf and shorts, and is a blatant misogynist, and I quite frankly was sick of both him and the side characters. The visual novel is also pretty irritatingly written, with most of its script coming off as awkward or as if it was not read through prior to the game’s publishing. So there will not be a review of it despite my tweets bad mouthing the game, as I’d rather play… Um… I’ll pick something. I realize that I should have probably mentioned this a while ago, but I recently took a look at the upcoming Vita game, Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, and it looks like the end result of Shin Megami Tensei IV after you mixed it with Pokemon and was sure to give it the production values that are normally reserved for, well, not games based heavily on an anime series that was originally suppose to be 13 episodes. It’s stylish looking, but I doubt that Bamcai Namdos will bring it over, even if their previous Vita experiment, that Sword Art Online game, was a success. Besides, that game had a terrible translation. Either way this was enough for me to remember just how absurd Digimon was in regards to designs alone, and learn that there will be a sequel to the original series, set in 2005… No, really, that is happening even though I was pretty sure this show was for very young children in Japan, and most of them would now be adults… who would watch a show about high schoolers, as that is the peak of most Japanese peoples’ lives from what I’ve been told.1 PGOS Oh So This is The Sex More Getting back to more proper game-related newstuffs, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Remastered, or just Mystic Quest Remastered, is coming out for iOS and PC. Now, you may be wondering what the hell is wrong with Square Enix for remaking this game of all of their titles. Well, that’s a question people had, and it turns out that this remake, which looks like a dime a dozen RPG Maker title, is not official, but may still happen, as it is set to come out in a month. I personally would love it if they either put the game out and nobody can get it pulled for some reason, or the game is somehow legal due to how Squaresoft threw out the right back in the day, because who gives a toss about Final Fantasy USA? Soundtrack’s nice, but that’s it.2 SCD A crime is here look out bad man pedophilia Oh, but there are actually a few revivals, and zombones that have been rising up over the end of February. A whole bunch of info was leaked on NeoGaf, including a 32 minute long video of the cancelled Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun. Now, I only dabbled in the series for the collective total of two hours, but I have to say that while I am not totally down with the art direction and color pallette, the game certainly does look to be good, although a bit startling like Shadow of Mordor, which the title could have very likely been released alongside with if not for how development went poorly, expenses were very high, and Square Enix was willing to tell Climax that they’re done, and will go to continue the series through a free to play third person shooter, or whatever Nosgoth is suppose to be.3 TWGOK Toilet I’m not even sure how Legacy of Kain faded away, but I do know why Toejam and Earl vanished, because the 90s went away. Well, the series is trying to revive itself through Kickstarter, asking for 400 grand, and showing some promise, but I have no idea how the game would look when finalized. Also, the lead developer coughed during the video and didn’t bother to do another take. That’s just sloppy. I do like the aesthetic and tone that the game offers, but I am a bit surprised that the game nearly has half its funding already.4 SCD Then We're done with the subject Next topic On that note, I do really hope that Cross Code will get its eighty thousand Euros, and I personally chipped in a bit. It is the sort of game that I always thought look rad when browsing for DS and GBA titles, but did not buy because I had no money back when I was 12. So in other words its a really cool SNES-esc action game that also has a very TOME-esc setting… What, you don’t know about TOME? It’s a really cool animated web series that is a remake of something I loved when I loved those GBA and DS titles. Or if you wanna try it out, there’s an in-browser demo that is pretty promising. Check out cool things that I like, maybe you’ll like them too!5 KLK Incest lesbian everything will be fine have fun enjoy to the fullest time for sexy shit yeah baby kewl jazz Yeah, when you are done with that, it may be Summer, and then we may be able to get Mother 4, which looks like Earthbound based on a recent trailer, and I feel that is the highest level of compliment I can give to a fan project not supported by Nintendo in any way. I know that this is asked constantly, but Nintendo, why are you so bad when it comes to digital storefronts? You don’t have SNES games on handhelds, and you don’t bring over games that people are playing for free, because you are not putting them up for sale on your systems. I recall hearing a while ago that there was some sort of exploit where you could play Gameboy Color ROMs on the 3DS, which kinda proves that you aren’t putting in a ton of work when it comes to porting over your game library… Why are GBA titles only on the Wii U? You got the 3DS ambassador ones to work just fine!6 Haganai Are you an idiot fool horse head Sorry, I got a bit lost in my irritation with the big N. Guitar Hero is probably making a comeback, and TellTale is getting its own IP, which will be both a TV series and an original title, which is interesting, but the last two titles they completed left me a bit underwhelmed after the first season of The Walking Dead set. Yet there is still promise in that idea as far as I am concerned, same with Metal Gear Rising 2 despite some recent discoveries. In short, that leaked ‘2’ from a while back was to signify the second anniversary of the first title’s release. Firstly, who celebrates the second year anniversary of their game? Secondly, you knew that people would misinterpret this, so why even bother with having one of you artists whip something up, Platinum? Ya jerkwads!7 KC Are you bullying Me You Jerk Oh, and as a final bit of news that I’m sure will be updated over time, but popped up as I was getting this post ready, Valve apparently is partnering with HTC for their VR headset known as Vive. I personally am not a fan of virtual reality, it is a gimmick as far as I am concerned, and I feel as if investing in any headset would not be worth the five hours wherein I find the gimmick to be novel. I love the idea of exploring virtual worlds, but it’s just unnecessary for my enjoyment. Like them if you want though, just be sure to take it off after XX minutes, or else your brain will boil due to the cosmic radiation stored in those space-age sunglasses… Yeah, that just sorta dripped out of my brain.8 Unknown Brain Freeze Derpy

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