Rundown (2/08-2/14) You Shouldn’t Exist, Subhuman Scum!

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0 Yamada Kun leave me the fuck alone forever you miserable disgusting skank fuck off die in a fire you awful human beingI honestly do feel very bad about pretty much everything I do, and feel as if I should be better in just about every regard. From personality, to appearance, to time management, to writing in general, but I also lack the drive to go and fix these things, so I am pretty much stuck as a negative zone of a person who could probably get a lot from therapy, but would rather try rewriting a novella from scratch in order to tell a better story with it, after I felt the original story I wrote was not as good as I could and should have made it. It doesn’t help that my sleep schedule is pretty bad, and I have to manage both work and school in addition to several hobbies, but a true human being should be able to do twice as much as I am doing and still call it an easy day.

Well, things began rather well with a deluge of announcements to work through, and potentially mock, as I feel justified in doing so if I view a decision as unnecessary, such as Infograms’ decision to follow up their subpar Alone in the Dark and Haunted House reboots with a reboot of Asteroids… Asteroids: Outpost, an Early Access sandbox MMO with an emphasis on survival based gameplay, because that’s what one thinks of when imagining the game where you are a triangle trying to blow up rocks and not die. Really, this is just parading around a corpse that has become a skeleton, and putting a tacky dress on it, though such a comparison is apt for Infogrames in general.1 School Days PG Murder

Though, if you bring back old ideas with the same creative staff, you will likely get some degree of praise as, loe and behold, Banjo Kazooie‘s spiritual successor is in development! What do we know about it? Nothing but the fact it will involve two characters who are likely connected in some physical manner, as there are four eyes in a teaser image… Yeah, I really am not a fan of teasers, as they are just a mere taste of what is to come. Though, a lot of the time a teaser can be leading up to absolutely nothing, such as that Bioware multiplayer title, Shadow Realms, which is now in the toilet. Yes, it could be revived, but I honestly care little either way.2 Mari Apathy is the bestest feeling go and have some you piece of fucking shit bastard

I also do not care for news about arcade only titles, as they house a very small chance of ever leaving Japan, namely a new Final Fantasy Dissidia. Instead my interest would be captured by Soldier’s Soul, assuming the title is indeed by From Software, though I would question who thought up the title if that is the case. I generally dislike anything that implies a military background, as it is simply not something glorious, and is a pain filled existence where death can come and take you with a single- oh, wait, this actually makes a lot of sense…3 Snafu Yeah Now I'm feeling better cool nice fine fresh gumdrops

On the flip side of the logic coin, Capcom is working on ten of them at the moment, when they have not launched a single successful online title as of yet. They also have not released much in recent years, at least compared to their track record, meaning they certainly would not be able to hold an E3 press conference, like ZeniMax will. What will be discussed? Probably Dishonored 2, Doom 4, and potentially Fallout 4… And, I dunno, that Evil Within DLC, assuming it is not out yet? Oh, and some multiplayer stuff, because they devoted 200 million into an MMO, or something stupid like that.4 Kill Time Aww that is so cute adorable do it again smile heart

They probably will announce a smaller, more ambitious sounding title than what ZeniMax normally does, and it will not end up purusing its full potential due to a number of reasons, similar to how Peter Molyneux’s title have not lived up to the expectations he set himself. The man is honestly not a bad game developer, but his faith in his team being able to pull off the most ambitious things in the world is what he will sadly be remembered for above the title that he created of recently, which were not necessarily bad, except for maybe Godus, which was originally going to change one player’s life, but two years later, that promise has not been made. I believe that the original idea was that one person who reached the end of the Curiosity experiment from way back when would get some of the profits from Godus and be a major component in its development, but that, and several things the Kickstarter for the title promised, have not been made. Also, the company, 22 Cans is now working on something else, when Godus is still not properly completed. Molyneux also said that he is done with talking to the gaming press, but I feel as if it would be appropriate to respond with one of the few German phrases I remember, ich glaube ihm nicht (I don’t believe him).5 HeroJob You really expect me to believe this garbage yo ass sound re re as shit boyd bullshit

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